Missouri Rockets Girls Basketball: About Us

The Missouri Rockets Girls Basketball Club was established in 2002.  The Club is focused on hard work and girls whose first love is BASKETBALL. That is what has helped make this one of the most successful programs in Missouri. 

The club is NOT committed to making money, but making every girl who plays here the best player she can be on and off the court.  We expect hard work, a positive attitude, a team attitude, and a commitment to be the best player you can be and you will be pushed to be that player.  We are a very competitive club that expects to win every time we step on the court. 

We are a Missouri Rockets TEAM, not an individual.  You win as a Rocket and you lose as a Rocket.  TEAM always comes first. 

Our first three Rocket players to go all the way through the program from 6th grade to high school were Jill Sutton (Warrenton), Leanne Robison (Community R VI), and Kathleen Scheer (New Haven).  All were all- time leading scorers at their high schools and had really good college careers,  Kathleen is our most notable former player, she played all four years at Duke, and is now playing pro basketball in Australia. 

Players from all areas of the state have played for the Missouri Rockets - Hailee Deckard (Naylor), Hailee Parks (Sullivan), Megan Aubuchon (Winfield), Julie Meyer (Borgia), Andrea Seabaugh (Rock Bridge), Blake French (St. Charles West) - just to name a few.

We've had several All-State players and players who went on to play in college, we don't post as many as some clubs, because we try and develope most of our girls thru our system, and you must play a minimum of 2 years in the program to be considered, we do not raid other clubs as some do, and promise them everything, all we promise is a chance to play a lot of basketball, a chance to not only become a better player but person also, and memories and friends that will last a lifetime. You will be pushed and if you listen and work at it you will become a better player.  

If you think you might want to be a part of the Missouri Rocket club, you can contact us any time.  Remember, to be a part of it, you must lovet to play BASKETBALL and do what it takes to be part of a winning TEAM.

The Missouri Rocket Girls Basketball Club is looking for players in the 4th-11th grade.  If interested, contact Jim Sutton at rocketsbb@rocketmail.com or call 636-433-5959 or 314-974-3369