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HNB Social Media Policy

HNB Social MediaHNB Social Media

Travelling to Grand Manan

A quick little cheat sheet on how to travel to Grand Manan on the Ferry.

Grand Manan TravelGrand Manan Travel

D5 Officiating complaint policy

Coaches and/or Parents who feel that an on ice official has done a game that posed a Risk or Safety issue or feel that there is some other reason to file a complaint will:

(a)        Practice the 24hr waiting period Rule
(b)        The coach will obtain a legible copy of the game sheet from the Referee-in-Chief
(c)        complete a typed statement as to the problem that occurred
(d)        forward the completed statement to the Referee-in-Chief and the Community Club President

D5 Officiating complaint policyD5 Officiating complaint policy

District 5 Complaint Policy.


To have a procedure in place to resolve or report conflicts, safety concerns, not encouraging fair play, harassment, and breach of HNB Code of Ethics, improper conduct or any such complaint. The process will differ from each complaint based on the nature of the complaint, and who is involved.

District 5 Complaint Policy.District 5 Complaint Policy.

Injury Report 2010 HNB

Injury Report 2010  HNBInjury Report 2010 HNB

Club Hockey Canada

Club Hockey CanadaClub Hockey Canada

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