Minnesota Finishers: ABOUT US

Monday, September 27
The Minnesota Finishers Girl's Basketball program was started by Minneapolis native Shannon Finis to create more opportunities for girls to play in the offseason competitively. The first and foremost goal of the Minnesota Finishers is to provide a positive experience through basketball. We hope to inspire our girls to follow their dreams in basketball, school and life by improving their skills on the floor and making sure they get it done in the classroom! Our philosophy is that BASKETBALL is LIFE. There are so many aspects of daily life involved in this simple game and we want our girls to learn the important lessons basketball has to offer. Basketball can literally take you anywhere!
This will be the 4th summer of the Minnesota Finishers.  We have been fortunate the past few years having some great kids come through helping us to build each year.  2011 is looking very promising with some of our girls returning and new girls entering the program!
What sets the Finishers apart from other programs?
So many girls and parents are looking for programs that provide maximum exposure for their daughter in hopes to gain a college athletic scholarship.  No program can guarantee that, therefore that is not our focus.  Our focus is building the complete athlete on and off the floor.  We want to provide each girl that enters the program with a positive experience and skills and lessons that will last a lifetime.  We will be having program wide and team events as well as participating in a community service project.  Last year we did feed my starving children and it was a huge success and a lot of fun!  If playing in college is what you want we will help you get there through skill development, confidence building, playing with and against good competition, making sure the student athletes are doing well in school, providing info on proper nutrition and strength training, aiding in recruiting through taking stats, getting in good tournaments and contacting coaches.  So being a Finisher means you get a lot of positive and individual attention on and off the court to help you become the most capable and confident person you can be in reaching and attaining all of your dreams. 
Do you have what it takes to be a Finisher?
To be a Finisher you have to have heart, determination and the will to continually reach and surpass your goals.  We expect absolute commitment to your team as well as yourself!  Coach Pat Riley says it best, "There are only two options regarding commitment; you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between."  If you can't give 100% all the time, why bother? 
By "absolute commitment" we stress a commitment to your team meaning you are at practices and games pushing yourself and your teammates.  A commitment to yourself goes beyond the court.  We expect our girls to get it done outside of basketball by getting good grades, eating healthy, getting proper rest and making good decisions to help put you in a better position to be successful in all of your endeavors.
Our main goal is to provide a positive experience for each athlete through improving skills, building confidence and creating opportunities.  Our coaches are all former female athletes.  We aim to provide positive role models, women that have been where you want to go! 
Each team will practice twice a week and  there will be skill clinics held on Sundays (on non tournament weekends) for all players interested.  For the older girls: some will be invited to play with former and current college and former pro players throughout the summer. Playing against women at this level will greatly improve skills and confidence.
 If you have what it takes to be a Finisher or want more info, email Shannon at mnfinishers@yahoo.com