Milton Aces Volleyball Club: Player/Parent Meeting

Saturday, November 16

Player/Parent Meeting

 The meeting has the following requirements:


    1)     Player and at least 1 parent must be present at this meeting.
    2)     Payment of Club fees - fees must be paid in either 1 or 2 installments (or 3 if playing on elite teams - click here for more Fee Information) Checks or cash are accepted.  Post-dated checks are required for making 2 or more installments.
    3)     Aces' Tournament Worker Insurance - A post-dated check made out for $40 which will be given back upon completion of worker duties or cashed if you are unable to work.
    4)     Parent/Player Manual signature page. Click here to download & view the Manual -  and click here to download & print the signature page.
    5)     Depending on your uniform needs: Aces Spirit Wear and Uniform Apparel will be available for ordering at the meeting or online.
    6)     Team Parent Representative - Each Team will need to designate a Team Parent Rep before the meeting ends. Click here for the Parent Representative Info Form