Milton Aces Volleyball Club: Photos

Tuesday, January 5

Eteamz has a new photo policy and it causes us to use too much space on our site so I have disabled the eteamz albums page on our site.

 I have moved all photos which were uploaded to our site to .

 Our username is:

and our password is:  milton 

 Once logged in you can upload view any photos you like. 

When naming albums please use the following format: 

yyyy-mm-dd team name and then you can add whatever description you would like. 

Example:  2011-01-08 14 Black Waukesha

Labeling the albums this way should keep all of one team's albums for the year together and easy to find.

You may upload as many photos as you wish to this site.  They will never be deleted from this site. 

 If you want to order photos please "share" the album to your own email address so that you can order them from your own account.  If you do not have a shutterfly account you will need to create one to do this.  It is easy to create an account and free.  I have been using shutterfly for over 10 years and find that they are a good company from which to order.  Their free downloadable software is also easy to use.

One last thing...It hasn't been a problem in the past but we reserve the right to delete any offensive images.

 Let me know if you have any questions.


Mareeda McCarthy

 P.S.  Repeat, do not order from the club account ... if you do you will need to put your credit card # in and anyone with this account's password (everyone) will be able to see it.  You need to make your own account and share the photos from the Aces account with yourself.

If you need help with this let me know and I would be glad to talk you through it.