CYSA Forms

Document Link Description
CYSA Parent Guidebook (.pdf) A quick guide for parents
CYSA 1606 player roster change form (.pdf) Player change form must be filled out and submitted to league registrar
CYSA 1628 Adult Registration (.pdf) Adult registration form must be filled out and submitted to league Registrar
CYSA 1601 player registration (.pdf) Player registration must be filled out and submitted to club registration coordinator
CYSA 24hr send off report (.pdf) CYSA Referee send off report must be submitted within 24hrs
CYSA Foreign Translation form (.pdf) CYSA Foreign Translation form to support foreign birth certificates 
CYSA Team Manual (link) CYSA Team Manual for 2009-2010(updated 02/24/2009)
CYSA Driver Carpool Form (link) CYSA Carpool form for drivers
MYSL REC Operation(s) Forms
Document Link Description
 NVYSL Constitution (.pdf)  League affliate NVYSL Constitution (updated March 2010)
Club Bylaws (N/A) The Bylaws are currently under construction
 MYSC Spring BOD Contact (.xls) MYSC Board of Director contact information
Spring REC Coaches Manual (.doc) Spring REC Coaches Manual 'Getting started'
Spring REC Coaches Manual Cover (.doc) REC Spring Coaches Manual Cover sheet for coaches binder
MYSC Modified Rules cheatsheet (.doc) Spring REC modified Laws of the Game - condensed version.


MYSC Spring Team Roster form (.doc) REC Coaches fill out team roster.


MYSC REC Code of Conduct (.doc) Spring REC teams are required to review and sign code of conduct form
MYSC REC Registration Guidelines (.doc) Guidelines for Registering REC players. All U12+ PlayThru teams must furnish Player Passes for fall season
Spring REC Calendar & Rainout Policy (.doc) Document outlining Spring REC calendar events and rainout policy
MYSC Spring Player Pass (.doc) Spring REC Play Thru pass applications require MYSC approval
REC Uniform Request form (.doc) Spring REC Uniform application
Team Manager Guidelines (.doc) Guidelines to becoming a team parent/manager

MYSL Competative Operations
Document Link Description
FC Milpitas Comp Coaches handout (.pdf) FC Milpitas CCSL Comp Coaches handout (updated 061710)
MYSL Comp Coach/Team Application  (.pdf) Comp Coaches application for CCSL (application form link). Submit application by January of each calendar year
FC Milpitas Code & Conduct (.pdf) Each FC Milpitas Competitive Team must have Code & Conduct form signed by team parents
MYSL Comp Club Bank Account (.xls) Comp teams are required to manage club finances. Guidelines for managing team funds (bank account, expenses, income)
Document Link Description
MYSL Field Striping Guidelines (.pdf) Reference document for Striping MYSL U6 - U12+ fields
MYSL Field Permits Guidelines   For approved permits please visit the Field Availability page
MYSL field request (.xls) MYSL coaches practice field sign up sheet (final)