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FC Milpitas

Competitive Committee Members
BJ Navarro, MYSL Competitive Director
Luis Orbegoso, Member at Large, Competitive Team Manager
Dean Mandolado, Member at Large, Competitive Coach
Jue Moua, Member at Large, Competitive Coach
Joe Lowry, Vice President MYSL

Steve Koehler, US Club Liaison

FC Milpitas Uniform Coordinator
Glenn Ancheta 

FC Milpitas CompetitiveTeams

Milpitas Youth Soccer League (MYSL) offers two programs for its youth soccer players.  The "REC" program (Division 4) is the recreational arm of the League.  The 2nd, FC Milpitas Competitive ("Comp") program is an advanced form of soccer.

Comp players are required to "try out" for teams and be invited by the coach to join these teams. Player tryouts are conducted each year. With each higher level of competitive play, players usually possess a stronger combination of natural athletic ability, motivation, and experience together with parents willing to make a greater commitment in time and money. In addition, competitive teams do not guarantee playing time, as the recreational leagues do.

The CYSA Cal Soccer League (CCSL) offers the opportunity for comp teams to play in a state wide league with top level state premier division as well as the option to play local.  The main aim of the state wide premier league is to give top soccer teams in Northern California an opportunity to play at the highest possible level.  The league is open to all soccer teams from Bronze to Premier Level ages U8 – U19.  CCSL offers fall, spring and winter leagues to accomodate the changing needs of the Northern California soocer community. Starting with the U8 age group, the relegation / promotion of teams will begin, and playing league standings will be kept during the Fall season with awards being provided. MYSL forms new teams in the Spring season, after the all league tryouts. Comp teams play both Spring and Fall seasons in MYSL. If your son or daughter wants to take their game to a higher level and they were not not available for the all league tryout, contact the MYSL Competitive Director for a team practice tryout. 

CCSL Region, Bay and Coast Team Registration/Website



ENGLISH: BJ Navarro @, 408-309-1281

ESPAÑOL: Luis Orbegoso @, 408-499-9239

MYSL FC Milpitas Competitive Teams

Fall 2014-Coaches/Teams

Prepared by BJ Navarro, MYSL Comp. Director: 07/20/2014

Fall Age Bracket  Born After CCSL                 Spr 14               Bracket  Team Name                            FC Milpitas NAME YR Coach Phone Email Team Manager Phone Email
    CRL Premier              
U18 Boys 7/31/96 Premier FC Milpitas Elite 96 David Duarte  408 515-6364 Glenn Ancheta 408 391-7520
U17 Girls 7/31/97 Silver Elite FC Milpitas MXG 98 Ross Vartain (New) 650 796-1133 Barbara King 408 313-4770
U9 Boys 7/31/05 Copper FC Milpitas Aftershocks 05 Jason Starbird 650 465-3331 Anna Lee 415 828-8192
U9 Boys 7/31/05 Copper FC Milpitas Warriors 05  Victor Miramontez, Jr. 408 512 4410      
U10 Boys 7/31/04 Bronze FC Milpitas Zorritos 04 Gabriel Miramontez 408 508-9758 Erika Miramontes 408 876-8028
U10 Boys 7/31/04 Bronze FC Milpitas Platanitos 04 Ton Ogi-Robbins 510 717-8472 Mike Kihmm 408 482-8183
U11 Girls 7/31/03 Bronze FC Milpitas Galaxy 03 Dean Mandalodo 408-210-5992 Nikita Metrani 972 467-0200
U11 Boys 7/31/03 Bronze FC Milpitas Vipers 03 Jeu Moua 408 332-9937 Raj Pasi 408 223-5953
U12 Boys 7/31/02 Bronze FC Milpitas Celtics 02 Miguel Rocha 408 307-3214 Sheela Pasi 408 439-4430
U13 Girls 7/31/01 Copper FC Milpitas Dynamite 01 John Dellandre 408 802-7428 Cheryl Oldam 408 440-7273
U13 Girls 7/31/01 Silver FC Milpitas Wildcats 01 Dean Mandolado 408-210-5992 Umesh Pol 408 472-9383
U14 Girls 7/31/00 Bronze FC Milpitas Stars 00 Rich Vargas 408 718-1188 Debbie Silveira 408 504-6716
U14 Boys 7/31/00 Bronze FC Milpitas Hawks 00 Mariano Robles  408 497-4066 Beatriz Plascencia 408 946-5114
U15 Girls 7/31/99 Bronze FC Milpitas Panthers 99 Andrew Wallace (New) 408 627-5487 Freddie Cacao 408 464-3438
U16 Boys 7/31/98 Bronze/Silver FC Milpitas Mavericks 98 Paul Espinola (New) 408 202-2613 Cheryl Oldam 408 440-7273

MYSL Competative Coaches Application

 MYSL Competitive Coaches Application 

Applications are Due Jan 4, 2014 

Important Competitive Team handouts

      Document Name

Link to download file
FC Milpitas Uniform Policy COMP Uniform Policy
FC Milpitas Uniform Order COMP Uniform Order Form
FC Milpitas Uniform Pricing COMP Uniform Price List
FC Milpitas Warm up uniform Order COMP Warm-Up Uniform Order
CCSL Rules CCSL Rules for COMP
FC Milpitas Live Scan Form CYSA Live Scan Form
FC Milpitas Tryout Form COMP Tryout Form


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President's Cup - NEW THIS YEAR (upper D3 and lower D1 teams) State (D1)

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