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Referee Information


USSF Referee Certification Class
MYSL sponsors the California North Referee Administration (CNRA) South Region USSF Referee Grade 8 Certification Course in Milpitas.  
In order to referee youth soccer games in Milpitas a Grade 8 certification is required.  The course is 6 sessions (3 hours each) and includes a standardized USSF exam on the last night of class. 

Advanced registration is required, class limited to 30 participants!

• Mon, Feb 29;  6:00pm - 9:00pm
• Tue, Mar 1;  6:00pm - 9:00pm
• Thu, Mar 3;  6:00pm - 9:00pm

• Mon, March 7;  6:00pm - 9:00pm
• Tue,  March 8;  6:00pm - 9:00pm
• Thu,  March 10;   6:00pm - 9:00pm

Milpitas High School
1285 Escuela Pkwy, Milpitas
Milpitas, CA
To register go online to the class registration link:
Follow these instructions:
Then go:  To register for this course, please Click Here
Don't have a USSF Registration account?
Find yours or Create a new one
Click on:  I have NEVER BEEN registered 
as a USSF Referee, Assessor, Instructor, or Assignor
Read this and check the box
  I meet the requirements above and I am ready to create a new account
Then click on:  Continue
Complete the sign up by entering your data.  

Upon successful exam completion you will be a member of the California North Referee Administration (CNRA) South Region.
You will receive your referee patch, a "Welcome Letter" and instructions on next steps of getting started within Milpitas, as well as receiving instructions on how to get scheduled for referee spots (online scheduler Arbiter).

Advanced registration is required!  Don’t miss this opportunity! Advanced registration is required!  Don’t miss this opportunity!    



Referee Pay Schedule and Game Duration
MYSL youth refereeing is good paying part-time job, especially for our youth. MYSL Referee Pay is as follows.

NOTE: this is for regular league games. Special games, jamborees and tournaments may have a different pay scale.

Age Group $Pay amount Game duration
U8 $20 Center 20 Minute Halves  
U10 Rec $25 Center/$15 AR   25 Minute Halves
U8 - U9 Comp $30 Center/$20 AR 25 Minute Halves
U12 Rec $30 Center/$20 AR

30 Minute Halves

U10-U12 Comp    $35 Center/$25 AR     30 Minute Halves    
U14 Rec $35 Center/$25 AR 35 Minute Halves
U13 - U14 Comp $40 Center/$30 AR 35 Minute Halves
U16 Rec $40 Center/$30 AR 40 Minute Halves
U15 - U16 Comp $45 Center/$35 AR 40 Minute Halves
U17+ Rec/Comp $50 Center/$40 AR 45 Minute Halves

Important! Got a Send Off?

CCSL Red Card (Send off) Procedures

There is a new procedure for send-offs occurring in CCSL games.  ALL Officials must fill out an online send-off report.  If you need to report a send off (red card ) that was given in a CCSL Coast or Bay Division match click here.  Fill out the web based form, hit, submit and a pdf of the send off report will be emailed  to you with additional instructions.   Please do this within 24 HOURS of the match

For send-offs occurring at MYSL games, contact MYSL referee assignor, Bob Yuhara at to report the incident.

Sent off, How do I get my pass back?

If you are a player or coach that received a send off (red card ) in a CCSL Coast or Bay Division match, click here to see a  listing of all send offs given in CCSL Coast & Bay this season.  The pass will be sent to your League President or send off coordinator and will be returned to the team when the suspension has been served.   Please allow 48 hours for the send off to be posted.

click here for links to the new features of the send off system.  The updated web based send off form now is filed in a server that has a public site for players and team officials.  This is the link for the send off form

and this is the link for players and team officials 

This new page allows visitors to search to find their send off.  The new features of the send off reporting should help referees, sent off players and team officials.  It is very important that the send offs be processed in a timely manner and the passes get returned.

For rec matches: fill out the send off report within 24 hours (link below), attach member pass and mail a hard copy to:

  • REC send off report

    MYSC Referee Coordinator 
  •  Bob Yuhara at

  • MYSC Referees Assigned using TheArbiter
    MYSC will offer referees the opportunity to assign games thru MYSL's Abiter portal. Referees with current credentials can log in and assign themselves to games.  MYSL Arbiter will be available by June 29th. To obtain a login and password email Bob Yuhara at .
    In case you are not familiar with how to use the website, here's what you need to do:
    1. Go to

    2. Sign In
    3. On the left under "Schedules", click "Self Assign"
    4. Go to the line for the games you would like to do, and click "Go".
    Bob Yuhara
    MYSC Referee Scheduler


    Useful links for Referees

    Please note that there are several resources on the web including the District 2 referee website, FIFA, and Arbiter (the application used to schedule referees in our league).

    District Websites:
    FIFA Websites:

    Arbiter Website (Referee Scheduling website):

    Referee FAQ's

    At what age can youth take the referee course?

    Ans:  Referee courses are open to adults and youth (ages 12 and up).

    What are the requirements for the USSF Grade 8 Referee Course?

    Ans:  Attend 18 hours of classroom instruction and pass a written exam. 

    What are the current available referee classes in District 2?

    Ans: Milpitas normally host one license course in Spring Season.  For additional scheduled courses, check the California-North Referee Adminstration website, 

    How do I renew my referee license?

    Ans:  Check the California-North Referee Adminstration Under "Registration".


    If I was a licensed referee before, but am inactive, do I have to take the class again?

    Ans:  It depends how long ago you renewed your license.  You must keep your license certification current every year.  Otherwise, your certification level and eligibility to renew are at risk if you do not renew your license every year.  Check the California-North Referee Adminstration Under "Registration".


    What instruction is available to me after I take the referee class?

    Ans:  The California-North Referee Adminstration has detailed information and schedules for Entry-Level clinics, In-Service Clinics, and Upgrades.  As you upgrade your license, the educational and physical standards become more stringent. 

    Can I retake the exam if I do not pass?

    Ans:  Yes.  Being on time and attending all class sessions helps to avoid this situation and pass the exam on the first go-around.