MYSL: Field Availability Info

Field Availability


Practice fields Spring 2015
Field Days Time   Lights Dates Comment
Cardoza Park  Mon-Thru-Fri  4-9PM  -  3/14-6/30  Approved
Murphy Park  Mon-Thru-Fri  4-9PM  -  3/15-6/30  Approved
Starlite Park Mon-thru-Fri 4-9pm  - 3/1-6/30 In Progress
Strickroth Park  Mon-Thru-Fri  4-9PM  -  3/1-6/30  In Progress
Rose Elementary School  Mon-Thru-Fri  4-9PM  3/15-6/30  In Progress
Randall School  Mon-Thru-Fri 6-9PM   - 3/1-6/30  Approved
Rancho School  Mon-thru-Fri  4-9PM  -  3/1-6/30  Approved
Sinnott Elementary (Upper) field Mon-thru-Fri 4-9PM  - 3/1-6/30 Approved, Coordinate

with Little League

Burnett School Mon-Thru-Fri 4-9PM   3/1-6/30 Approved
Weekend fields: Games
Field Days Time   Lights Dates Comment
Murphy Park Sat-Sun  8AM-9PM   3/1-6/30  Approved
Cardoza Park Sat-Sun 8AM-9PM    3/16-6/30  Approved 
Sinnott Elementary (Upper) field Sat-Sun 8AM-8PM   3/1-6/30 Approved
 Burnett School  Sat & Sun  8AM-8PM   3/1-6/30 Approved

Field Permits Now Posted

Go to Forms to download a copy of your Field Permit.  Remember to keep this with you along with your Field Request Form approved by the Fields Coordinator.

For field locations & diagrams, visit the Locations page for the corresponding field.