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Jenks Trojans Mighty Maroon Football
Jenks Trojans Mighty Maroon Football  
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Jenks Trojans Mighty Maroon
Tom Graham
Jenks, Oklahoma

Welcome Moving Script
to the website of Jenks, Oklahoma's
Jenks Trojans Mighty Maroon Football Team

The Mighty Maroon website is maintained for the enjoyment of the Mighty Maroon team, parents, family, friends, fans and fellow competitors. The Mighty Maroon are members of the Jenks Trojans Athletic and the (INFC) Indian Nations Football Conference and are proud to represent the Jenks Oklahoma community.

Bob Graham at ISU in Uniform
Tuesday, November 10
Bob Graham - Last of the Mighty Maroon - Signs with Iowa State

Grant Goodwin leaves Colorado School of Mines transfers to Oklahoma State


Thursday, September 17
Trojans defeat Redskins in final regular season meeting; 27-25

Bob Graham, the last of the Mighty Maroon Trojans, was named a Team Captain for the 2009 season. Bob currently has 10 football scholarship offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Louisville, Toledo, Air Force, Wyoming, Colorado State, North Texas State and Western Kentucky.

Saturday, July 4
Mighty Maroon Seniors Moving On........

Left to right: Grant Goodwin, Colorado School of Mines (football), Brett Smith, OU, Bob Graham, Jenks Senior, Brian Johnston, Air Force Academy (football), Austin Laskey, OU

2008 Mighty Maroon Cropped
Mighty Maroon end Jenks playing days

The Mighty Maroon Alumni completed their senior season as 2008 6A State Champions Runner-ups.  They earned championships as sophomores and juniors.  Those pictured are: Grant Goodwin signing to play football at the Colorado School of  Mines, Brian Johnston signing to play football at Air Force Academy, Austin Laskey who finished his high school athletic career wrestling and plans to attend college at OSO or OU, Bob Graham a junior, will be back with the Trojans for the 2009 season. Chris Ray an academic all-star having never earned any grade lower than an A in high school and will attend OU to become a doctor. Not Shown: Justin Anderson finished his basketball playing career with a 2009 - 6A runner-up title and headed to college in Durango, CO. Not Shown: Brett Smith is now playing Jenks Ruby with plans to play ruby at OU. Note: A former Mighty Maroon Alumi D.J. Lyles, who also signed to play football at the Colorado School of Mines

2008 Mighty Maroon Alumni
Mighty Maroon Alumni prepare for 2008 Playoffs

Might Maroon Alumni Grant Goodwin, Brett Smith, Chris Ray, Austin Laskey and Bob Graham following the 2008 Maroon and White Spring Game.  Not shown is Brian Johnston.  This is the Mighty Maroon's senior year.

2007 Trojans Win 12th State Championship

Goodwin, Graham, Smith, Ray, Johnston contribute throughout season.

2007 BTW 32 Goodwin WEB BORDERED
Grant Goodwin scores 3 TDs vs BTW
Sunday, August 19
Former Mighty Maroon Star - Grant Goodwin - Tulsa World Article

2007 Offseason Sleds Goodwin
Sunday, April 29
Mighty Maroon Alumni in 2007 season

Mighty Maroon Alumni Grant Goodwin leads the sled pull during an April offseason workout. The 2007 season welcomes back Mighty Maroon Alumni Eric "Bob" Graham who had played up a grade during his Mighty Maroon playing days. Graham joins Goodwin, Chris Ray, Brian Johnston and Brett Smith as the only Mighty Maroon Alumni to continue playing Jenks Trojan football. Former quarterback Justin Anderson has now focused on basketball.

Championship Rings 2006 Both Shots
Might Maroon Alumni earn 2006 State Championship

Anderson, Goodwin, Ray & Smith complete sophomore season with 2006 state championship rings. Trojans earned their 11th state title. Graham, freshman, re-joins the Mighty Maroon Alumni for the 2007 season. Click on the logo to visit the website.

2006 Mighty Maroon Alumni
Mighty Maroon Alumni 2006

Left to right: Grant Goodwin, Justin Anderson, Brian Johnston, Chris Ray, Eric "Bob" Graham, Brett Smith.

Sunday, July 23
Former Marroon, White, Black & Silver Players - Click Here


Sunday, July 23
Chris Ray 2006 Roster Picture - Click Here

Sunday, July 23
Brett Smith 2006 Roster Picture - Click Here

Sunday, July 23
Brian Johnston 2006 Roster Picture - Click Here

Sunday, July 23
Grant Goodwin 2006 Roster Picture - Click Here

2006 Football Season Coming Soon - Click Here for Jenks High School Website

Mighty Maroon Alumni at the 2006 Trojan Booster Club Sophomore Introductions. Clockwise, Upper Left: Chris Ray, Upper Right: Grant Goodwin, Lower Right: Brett Smith, Lower Left: Chris Ray


2006 Bob Hog Jousting Champion
Hawg Jousting Champions, Jenks Freshman "Bob" Graham & Berryhill Sr Dustin Ennis
Eric "Bob" Graham Wins 2006 "Hawg Jousting" Award at O-Line Camp

Freshman Eric "Bob" Graham won the Freshman 2006 Jenks O-Line Camp Hawg Jousting Competition at the 2006 Jenks O-Line Camp. Click on the title or picture to see more camp pictures.

Jenks Booster Club Website

2005 Coach Martens
Extra League Cuts Freshman Football Attrition Rate

Click on the title or picture to read the complete Jenks Gazette article with many of the Mighty Maroon players noted.

2005 Jenks Freshman Football Team Reduce
Might Maroon Freshman End 2005 Season White 8-1 & Maroon 7-2

Jenks White Beats Union White, 21-14, In Final Season Game. Anderson's touchdown passes to Laskey & Crews highlight exciting comeback victory. Click on the title to visit the Freshman webpage.

Sooner Classic
Highlight Video - Sooner Classic Championship - Click Here

See Sooner Classic Jenks Trojan Football History...

The highlights of the 2003 Union Sooner Classic Championship game between the 7th grade Jenks Maroon and the Wichita Cowboys are now available for everyone to see over the Internet. As a courtesy to their customers, Digital Media Technology, producers of the official Union Sooner Classic videos, has provided the Video Highlights of the Sooner Classic 7th Grade Championship over the Internet. Click the championship trophy of headline to view or visit their website at purchase the Video Highlights and the game footage, you can contact DMT at 918.582.9383. The video is only $25 and is available on DVD and VHS.

2005 Chris Grant Justin Brett
Former Mighty Maroon Players Now Trojan Freshmen

Several of the 2003 7th Grade Mighty Maroon Alumni are now Trojan Freshmen. Pictured above, left to right, are Grant Goodwin, Chris Ray (Wearing the vintage Mighty Maroon t-shirt), Brett Smith and Justin Anderson (Also wearing the vintage Mighty Maroon t-shirt). Other alumni playing include Brian Johnston, Trent Tyndall, Alex Hard, Derek McCrory, Aron Hawkins, Austin Laskey, Patrick Benson and Gannon Brooks. Eric "Bob" Graham, white jersey in the picture below now enters 8th grade school ball. Additional pictures can be found on the Jenks Trojan Football website


Championship t-shirt logo

Saturday, April 2
Mighty Maroon Alumni 2005

The Mighty Maroon Trojan Alumni are preparing for their 2005 Freshmen football season. Coming off their 2004, 9 win and 1 loss season, the Trojans now merge into one team. Look for the 3005 season to be an exciting year.

Hands clapping
One Loss 2004 Season for Mighty Maroon Alumni

The Mighty Maroon Alumni finished the 2004 season with one loss. The eighth graderes completed their season with a 7-1 record and Bob finished the seventh grade INFC season with a 10-1 record. The third through eight grade Mighty Maroon record stands at 83-14 and the second through seventh grade record for Bob stands at 86-14. Congratulations to the Mighty Maroon Alumni for a great 2004 season.

Attitude Counts
Babe Ruth Was Right

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club wont be worth a dime.
-Babe Ruth

2003  Team Picture
2003 - 7th Grade Mighty Maroon

* Season Record: 19-0
* 2003 INFC 7th Grade Champions
* Undefeated INFC Division Champions
* 2003 Academic Team Champions
* 2003 Sooner Classic Champions

Roster: Justin Anderson, Patrick Benson, Gannon Brooks, Parker Dooly, Corey Fanning, Burns Getchell, Grant Goodwin, Eric “Bob” Graham, Alex Hard, Aaron Hawkins, Brian Johnston, Stephen Kane, Brandon Land, Austin Laskey, Matthew McCombie, Derek McCrory, Ian Morris, Chris Ray, Emilio Rodriguez, Brett Smith, Trent Tyndall

Head Coach: Bill Anderson
Assistant Coaches: Tom Graham, Wesley Kane, Mark McCrory, Curtis Smith

6th Grade Mighty Maroon Team Picture Med
2002 - 6th Grade Mighty Maroon

* Season Record: 17-3
* INFC Playoffs
* Undefeated INFC Division Champions
* 2002 Academic Team Champions
* 2002 Sooner Classic Champions
* Kansas City Labor Day Tournament

Roster: Justin Anderson, Bo Brown, Josh Chesnut, Justin Cupp, Parker Dooly, Nathan Gallup, Grant Goodwin, Eric Graham, Alex Hard, Aaron Hawkins, Brian Johnston, Stephen Kane, Brandon Land, Austin Laskey, Matthew McCombie, Derek McCrory, Ian Morris, Chris Ray, Justin Smith, Brett Smith, Trent Tyndall

Head Coach: Bill Anderson
Assistant Coaches: Mark Laskey, Tom Graham, Mark Chesnut, Wesley Kane, John Seibler, Mark McCrory, Curtis Smith

5th Grade Mighty Maroon Team Picture Med
2001 - 5th Grade Mighty Maroon

* Season Record: 16-3
* INFC Playoffs
* Undefeated Division Champions
* 2001 Academic Team Champions
* 2001 Sooner Classic Championship Runner-ups
* Kansas City Labor Day Tournament

Roster: # 0 Bo Brown, # 2 Austin Laskey, # 7 Justin Anderson, # 8 Brian Johnston, # 10 Justin Smith, # 16 Nathan Gallup, # 18 Parker Dooly, # 23 Josh Chesnut, # 24 Taylor Coman, # 33 Chris Ray, # 35 Trent Tyndall, # 39 Ian Morris, # 52 Brett Smith, # 55 Alex Hard, # 65 Matthew McCombie, # 68 Derek McCrory, # 77 Curtis Apathy, # 88 Stephen Kane, # 90 Eric Graham

Head Coach: Bill Anderson
Assistant Coaches: Mark Laskey, Tom Graham, Wesley Kane, Mark Chesnut, John Seibler, Curtis Smith


4th Grade Mighty Maroon Team Picture
2000 - 4th Grade Mighty Maroon

* Season Record: 13-3
* INFC Playoffs
* Division Runner-ups
* INFC Pre-season Tournament Champions
* 2000 Academic Team Champions
* Arkansas Little League State Football Championship Post Season Tournament

Roster: Justin Anderson, Curtis Apathy, Dylan Bilby, Josh Chesnut, Taylor Coman, Jarrod Crews, Parker Dooly, Nathan Gallup, Eric Graham, Alex Hard, Stephen Kane, Austin Laskey, D.J. Lyles, Matthew McCombie, Derek McCrory, Ian Morris, Chris Ray, Matt Siler, Justin Smith, Brett Smith, Trent Tyndall

Head Coach: Bill Anderson
Assistant Coaches: Mark Laskey, Tom Graham, Wesley Kane, Mark Chesnut, Curtis Smith

1999 Mighty Maroon Team Picture SFile
1999 - 3rd Grade Mighty Maroon

* Season Record: 11-4
* INFC Playoffs
* Division Runner-ups

Roster: Justin Anderson, Austin Bennet, Dylan Bilby, Josh Chesnut, Taylor Coman, Nathan Gallup, Eric Graham, Alex Hard, Stephen Kane, Austin Laskey, Justin McCaskill, Matthew McCombie, Derek McCrory, Chris Ray, Eric Sams, Steven Sherwood, Justin Smith, Brett Smith, Logan Taylor, Trent Tyndall, Cole Wackenhuth

Head Coach: Bill Anderson
Assistant Coaches: Mark Laskey, Mark Chesnut, Curtis Smith, Carl Coman, Tom Graham, Jackson Taylor, Mark Wackenhuth

Mighty Might Team Picture
1998 - Mighty Mite Football

#1 Kaleb Hampshire, #3 Drew Elliot, #6 Jonathon Darley, #12 Brandon Orr, #13 Chris Knapp, #15 Greg Steiner, #17 Colin Metcalf, #20 Eric Graham, #22 Spencer Worth, #26 Rob Smith, #63 Michael DeMarco, #88 Ethan Garner, #92 Ben Moore, #99 Brandon Shupick

Football Players Tackling
3rd - 7th Grade Mighty Maroon Team Player History

The following players were members of the Mighty Maroon between the 3rd and 7th grades. Of the 20 original members of the 3rd grade Mighty Maroon, 10 played all five years with the team. Those players were Justin Anderson, Eric "Bob" Graham, Alex Hard, Stephen Kane, Austin Laskey, Matthew McCombie, Derek McCrory, Chris Ray, Brett Smith and Trent Tyndall. Parker Dooly and Ian Morris finished their career with the Mighty Maroon after joining in the 4th grade. Brian Johnston, Brandon Land, Grant Goodwin and Emilio Rodriguez were "Protects" who finished their career with the Mighty Maroon. The list of players and the grades they played is as follows:

1.   Anderson, Justin - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
2.   Graham, Eric 3rd - 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
3.   Hard, Alex - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
4.   Kane, Steven - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
5.   Laskey, Austin - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
6.   McCombie, Matthew - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
7.   McCrory, Derek - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
8.   Ray, Chris - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
9.   Smith, Brett - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
10. Tyndall, Trent - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
11. Gallup, Nathan - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
12. Smith, Justin - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
13. Chesnut, Josh - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
14. Coman, Taylor - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
15. Bilby, Dylan - 3rd, 4th, 5th (half-season)
16. McCaskill, Justin - 3rd
17. Sams, Eric - 3rd
18. Sherwood, Steven - 3rd
19. Taylor, Logan - 3rd
20. Wackenhuth, Cole - 3rd
21. Bennet, Austin - 3rd
22. Dooly, Parker - 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
23. Morris, Ian - 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
24. Apathy, Curtis - 4th (Protect), 5th
25. Crews, Jarrod - 4th
26. Siler, Matt - 4th (half-season)
27. Lyles, D.J. - 4th (Protect), 5th (half-season)
28. Johnston, Brian - 5th (Protect), 6th, 7th
29. Brown, Bo - 5th (Protect), 6th
30. Goodwin, Grant - 6th (Protect), 7th
31. Hawkins, Aaron - 6th, 7th
32. Land, Brandon - 6th (Protect), 7th
33. Cupp, Justin - 6th
34. Bellatti, Nick - 7th (pre-season)
35. Benson, Patrick - 7th
36. Brooks, Gannon - 7th
37. Fanning, Corey - 7th
38. Getchell, Burns - 7th
39. Mangrum, Nathan - 7th (half-season)
39. Rodriguez, Emilio - 7th (Protect)

Mighty Maroon Won - Loss Records

Total 3rd Grade: 11-4
Total 4th Grade: 13-3
Total 5th Grade: 16-3
Total 6th Grade: 17-3
Total 7th Grade: 19-0
Total All Grades: 76-13

         Jenks Trojans
       Mighty Maroon
             7th Grade
             7th Grade
       INFC Division I

            7th Grade
         JTA Academic

            7th Grade
         Sooner Classic


1965 Football Picture
1965 - When the "Old Man" Started Playing Football

This is how 3rd grade youth football looked almost 40 years ago. Many think our Coach Anderson was tough, you should have been coached by Coach McMurtry.

2003 Mighty Maroon Awards Celebration

Among the players, coaches, family and friends the end of an impressive era of Jenks football came to an end. With outstanding preparation and planning from Sarita Goodwin and Lee Ray, the 2003 Mighty Maroon Awards Celebration was huge success. Each player received a personalized plaque reflecting their entire playing careers that are Hall of Fame quality that can be kept for a life time. Look for more season wrap-up information to come.

2003 Mighty Maroon Game Schedule - Scores

Date Opponent Location Time Score
08/09 BA White Jenks H.S. 6:00 18-6
08/09 Sapulpa White Jenks H.S. 8:00 30-0
08/16 BA Black BA Kirkland 3:00 36-0
08/16 Owasso Silver BA Kirkland 5:00 38-6
08/23 BA Black Jenks JTA 6:00 38-0
08/30 Labor Day Off Off Off
09/06 Owasso White Owasso 4:30 30-8
09/13 BA Silver BA HS 7:30 30-6
09/20 Owasso Red Jenks JTA 6:00 32-0
09/27 BA Gold Jenks H.S. 1:30 26-0
10/04 Union Black Union Old H.S. 4:00 42-6
10/11 SS Gold Jenks JTA 6:00 32-0
10/18 Union Crimson Union Old H.S. 2:30 50-12
10/25 Owasso Black Jenks H.S. 5:00 40-0
11/1 INFC Playoffs Stillwater Jenks H.S. 12:30 24-0
11/4 INFC Playoffs Jenks Black Jenks H.S. 6:30 28-8
11/8 INFC Finals Jenks White BA H.S. 8:00 12-6
11/15 Sooner Classic Wagoner Sooners Union Tuttle 4:45 48-0
11/15 Sooner Classic Owasso White Union Tuttle 10:30 50-20
11/16 Sooner Classic Championship Wichita Cowboys Union Tuttle 6:00 18-14

2003 Sooner Classic Championship
Jenks Maroon 2003 Sooner Classic Champions
Jenks Maroon 18 - Wichita Cowboys 14 - Championship Finals

For the second straight year Jenks Maroon won the Union Sooner Classic Championship by defeating the Wichita Cowboys. The Cowboys had only lost two games in four years, those being two being at the hands of Jenks Maroon, both in the finals of the Union Sooner Classic. In this year’s battle, the Cowboys lead the game until thirty-four seconds left in the game when the Maroon line busted a hole for Grant Goodwin to power his way into the end zone for a 12-8 lead. The Cowboys then came back with three powerful runs to score with nine seconds left in the game and the potential 14-12 victory. However, the Maroon Trojans would not be denied and with nine seconds remaining in the game Justin Anderson threw the "Quick Score Special" to Jason Turner and he ran into the end zone as the final seconds clicked off the clock to win the game 18-14. The Maroon Trojans all played a great game and Justin Anderson was named as the Sooner Classic “Most Valuable Player” for the Maroon team. There is no doubt that the Maroon Trojans played one of the most exciting football games in the history of the Sooner Classic and the game will be talked about for years to come. Congratulations to the Maroon Trojan Team for such an outstanding accomplishment.

Carrying corporate sponsorship of Dan White's Snap-on Tools, the Jenks Trojans 2004 Sooner Classic Team was formed with all Jenks players from Jenks Maroon, White, Black and Silver. Team Coaches were Head Coach: Bill Anderson, Assistant Coaches: Kyle Litterell and Curtis Smith. Team Assistants: Marty Turner, Mark McCrory, Tom Graham, Billy Goodwin, Glenn Jones, Tyrone Lynn and others. The team roster is as follows:
   Justin Anderson - Jenks Maroon
   Grant Goodwin - Jenks Maroon
   Derek McCrory - Jenks Maroon
   Eric Graham - Jenks Maroon
   Chris Ray - Jenks Maroon
   Trent Tyndall - Jenks Maroon
   Alex Hard - Jenks Maroon
   Brett Smith - Jenks Maroon
   Patrick Benson - Jenks Maroon
   Brian Johnston - Jenks Maroon
   Ian Morris - Jenks Maroon
   Burns Getchell - Jenks Maroon
   Stephen Kane - Jenks Maroon
   Gannon Brooks - Jenks Maroon
   Jason Turner - Jenks White
   Robby Williams - Jenks White
   Bobby Bradley-Parker - Jenks White
   DJ Lyles - Jenks White
   Jake Hathaway - Jenks White
   Jordon Towers - Jenks Black
   Ernest Colbert - Jenks Black
   Gabe Lynn - Jenks Black
   Cory Little-John - Jenks Black
   Chad Smith - Jenks Black
   Logan Rowe - Jenks Silver

For your Snap-on tool needs contact Dan White at: 918-296-9777 (Home), 918-636-0335 (Cell) or 918-296-3335 (Fax)


Jenks Maroon 50 - Owasso White 14 - Semi Finals

Starting at 10:45 Saturday night and ending in the fog at 12:30 Sunday morning, the Maroon Trojans played long time foe, the Owasso White Rams. Coming off an over powering win against the Wagoner Sooners, the Maroon Trojans were slow to begin and allowed the Rams to take a 14-0 first quarter lead. The Maroon Trojans responded to the Owasso challenge by taking a 16-14 lead into halftime. As the fog rolled into Union Tuttle Stadium, the Trojans came out of their own fog to score 34 second half points to leave no doubt as to was in control of the game and gain their third appearance in the finals of the Sooner Classic. While the Jenks Maroon and Jenks White Trojans had defeated the Rams earlier in the year, the Rams were the only opponent to defeat the Jenks Black Trojans in the regular season. With the opportunity to avenge the Owasso loss and seriously address the post game email smack given to the Jenks Black team by the Rams. The Jenks Black players, along with their fellow Trojans, were more than eager to send a statement to the Rams by ending the game with a couple of exclamation points, thus leaving the Rams literally in the fog.   

Jenks Maroon 48 - Wagoner Sooners 0 - Quarter Finals

The Jenks Maroon Trojans opened the first round quarter finals of the 2003 Sooner Classic facing two past Jenks foes in Coweta and Wagoner. While the Sooners looked classic and were big, the Maroon Trojans took command of the game in the first quarter and never looked back enroute to a 44-0 victory. Supported by excellent defense, the Trojans scored on the ground, through the air and off Sooner turnovers in a total team victory. The Trojans advanced to the semi finals to face another long time foe in Owasso White in the final game of the evening.

2003 7th Grade INFC Championship Photo
Saturday, November 8
Mighty Maroon 12 - Jenks White LLOD 6 - INFC Finals

It does not get much better than this... Two well deserving, mutually respected JTA 7th grade teams competing for the 7th grade INFC Championship, live Cox television, being broadcast in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets. Those watching from Union, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Lawton, Midwest City, Moore, Norman and other organizations can only wish they had such a show of their 7th grade football talent. The meeting of the 2003 Jenks LLOD and the 2003 Jenks Mighty Maroon was nothing new as both teams have developed a healthy and competitive rivalry since the teams originally formed in the 3rd grade. Coaches, players and parents have commented for years how great the boys would be together, once they reached the 8th grade, and Saturday nights INFC Final was a preview of the future. Ultimately at the end of the game, the Mighty Maroon lead the LLOD, 12-6 and gained the 2003 INFC 7th grade title. While the Mighty Maroon had the greater score, there were no losers Saturday night, just a great group of 7th grade Jenks Trojans who are all Jenks champions. Saturday night showed that JTA Football is "Where the legends begin." Congratulations to both the Mighty Maroon and LLOD players, coaching staff and parents for five great years of our own version of King of the Mountain.   

Once Gold - Now Totally Maroon

With the collasp of the 6th Grade Gold team coming into the 2003 season, the Mighty Maroon picked up several previous players from that team. Through the draft, Patrick Benson, Burns Getchell and Gannon Brooks were selected to become part of the Mighty Maroon. The heart and dedication of those three players did not go un-noticed throughout the year as each one earned their maroon helmet in becoming a member of the 2003 Mighty Maroon Champion family. There is no doubt that teams that could have selected these three great players, definitely missed their chance. Welcome to the family.

Mighty Maroon 24 - Stillwater 0 - INFC Quarter Finals

Suffering from a Halloween hangover, the Mighty Maroon overcame a horrific 0-0 first half to break away in the second half to defeat a big and tough Stillwater team 24-0 in the first round of the INFC Playoffs. The Mighty Maroon advance to the next round of the INFC Playoffs and will play Jenks Black Tuesday, November 4, 2004, 6:30, Jenks High School.

Mighty Maroon 28 - Jenks Black 8 - INFC Semi-Finals

In a highly anticipated game of two rival Jenks 7th grade teams, the Mighty Maroon defeated Jenks Black 28-8 in the semi-finals of the INFC Playoffs to advance to the INFC Playoff Finals, Saturday night against Jenks White, 8:00, Broken Arrow High School, live on COX Communications Channel 3. The Mighty Maroon scored on it's first possession and held Black to 4 plays and out while gaining a 14-0 halftime lead. Jenks Black scored on a great run by Jordan Towers early in the second half, however his efforts alone could not match the Mighty Maroon's total offensive and defensive team effort. Behind the Mighty Maroon's line, Grant Goodwin scored another two touchdowns to earn a convincing 28-8 victory. While the Maroon vs Black battle was the subject of much talk by some parents throughout the year, the Mighty Maroon left no doubt as to who was the better team of the two. After a 2-8 2002 season, Coach Jones, Coach Lynn, Coach Basden and the rest of the Jenks Black staff are to be commended on leading their team to a much improved 9-2 record for the 2003 season.

Homecoming - Thank You - Lori Morris

From: Mighty Maroon Team Mom, Lee Ray
To: All Members of the MM Seventh Grade(UNDEFEATED)Team

Who could not have noticed the beautiful long stem red roses with greenery and red star ribbon wrapped and secured with a handpainted and individually personalized maroon ornament for each of those pretty Maroon cheerleaders? Thanks go to Lori Morris, mother of Ian, for all her creative and wonderful work!

Also, the roses were from Southern Hills Florist and the lady got them for us at 95 cents a piece. No one was able to beat her price.
She asked me to pass on to everyone at Jenks that I know, that her price on corsages for Homecoming for the older kids is 10 percent off her regular price. Thanks!

Mighty Maroon 40 - Owasso Black 0

The end of 2003 Mighty Maroon's regular season was eventful to say the least. Touchdowns by McCombie, Benson, Hawkins, Ray along with halftime homecoming activities highlighted a wild night of unlimited substitutions resulting in a 40-0 Mighty Maroon victory over the Owasso Black Rams. Undefeated in the preseason, non-division and division games, the Mighty Maroon take their number one seed into the post season tournament. The Mighty Maroon will play a yet to be determined opponent Saturday, Novemeber 1st hopefully at Jenks High School Stadium.

Mighty Maroon 50 - Union Crimson 12

Barry Switzer would have been proud as the Mighty Maroon "Hung Half-a-Hundred" on Union Crimson in route to a Division I, 1st place finish. The Mighty Maroon rolled to a team high 50 points for a final score of 50-12. Through the air and on the ground, the Mighty Maroon left no doubt as to outcome of the game. The Mighty Maroon will face the Owasso Black Rams during the Mighty Maroon's Homecoming next Saturday in their regular season finale 5:00, at the Jenks High School Stadium.

Cook-out - Homecoming Preparations

view full size
From: Lee Ray, Beth McCrory and Lynne Smith,

Sunday, October 12th, 2-5 p.m., Helmerich Park,(75th and Riverside)

This will be fun for the Maroon Football team, the Maroon Cheerleaders, and their families. The football team is responsible for pop, cookies, and chips while the cheerleaders are supplying the rest. Please RSVP to Beth McCrory at 298-3009 by Monday, October 6th, and tell her how many in your family will be there. Then, she can tell you what/and how much of it to bring.

Aloha Maroon 7th grade Football! Do you have an inflatable palm tree stashed away at your house? How about a toucan? The theme of the Homecoming Parade this year is Tropical Paradise! Boys-find a Hawaiian looking shirt and some sunglasses. Leis will be provided. The parade is Friday, October 31, and we are doing a combined float with the Maroon Cheerleaders on a trailer over 40 feet long. We will have a chance to paint some posters, etc., for the float at the cookout next Sunday.
One way that everyone is able to help is to bring tropical themed items or decoratons from home to football practice. Lynne Smith will collect them and take them to the cheer moms. The actual float will be assembled closer to the day of the parade.

view full size

Mighty Maroon 32 - Sand Springs Gold 0

The Mighty Maroon hosted Sand Springs Gold at JTA Field Saturday night and came away with a 32-0 victory. Under the lights on a damp field, the Mighty Maroon scored on the ground and through the air to acheive the outcome. The third and fourth quarter was highlited with the dedicated running attack of Burns Getchell in search of his first Mighty Maroon touchdown. On a sad note, the game was delayed in the second quarter due to a Sand Springs player injury. Thanks to all those involved for their medical assistance in getting the player proper medical treatment. While able to move all parts of his body, the player was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Best wishes to the player. The Mighty Maroon will face the Union Crimson Redskins next Saturday at Union's Old High School field.

Mighty Maroon 42 - Union Black 6

After a tough week of practice, the Mighty Maroon traveled to take on the Union Black Redskins at Union field. Implementing a disciplined game plan the Mighty Maroon jumped to a 30-0 halftime lead and substituted freely throughout the rest of the game to a acheive a final score of 42-6. The Mighty Maroon played well as a team and will prepare this week for their October 11th game with Sand Springs Gold.

Mighty Maroon 26 - Broken Arrow Gold 0

The Mighty Maroon defeated the Broken Arrow Gold Tigers 26-0 Saturday at the Jenks High School Stadium. The Mighty Maroon team and fans were treated to the entertainment of both the Maroon Cheerleaders and the 7th grade Pom Squad. The Pom Squad, while not weekly visitors, are always a welcomed addition to the game environment. After a thorough week of preparations, the Mighty Maroon's will face Union Black, Saturday, October 4th, at the Old Union High School field, at 4:00.

United States Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs

Hello to the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.   Grant Goodwin's brother, Trey, is currently training with the USA Weightlifting Team at the prestigious facility. The atheletes on the USA Weightlifting Team are now weekly viewers of the Mighty Maroon game films thanks to the taping and transfer skills of Grant's and Trey's Mom, Sarita and of course good ole FedEx. Look for more information on the Olympic Team members in the future.

Mighty Maroon 32 - Owasso Red 0

The Mighty Maroon hosted the Owasso Red Rams at JTA Field for their first regular season home game of the 2003 season and soundly defeated the Rams 32-0. Starting the game with the second team and using them primarily throughout the game the Mighty Maroon passed and ran to a 32-0 halftime lead. Using players in variable positions to gain valuable playing experience, the Mighty Maroon never looked back in the second half. Playing out of position, eligible linemen Derek McCrory and Brett Smith scored their first touchdowns of their careers during the contest. The Mighty Maroon's next game will be against the Broken Arrow Gold Tigers, Saturday, September 20th.   

Mighty Maroon Cheerleaders - Prepare for Owasso Rams

Thanks to the Mighty Maroon Cheerleaders for their specially prepared Spirit Posters for the Mighty Maroon players prior to their game with the Owasso Red Rams. The candy themed phrases "Rope the Rams", "Score High Against the Rams", "Jenks 7th Maroon Rocks", "Jenks Maroon Razzles" were delivered to the players doors and were a Welcomed Surprise.

Mighty Maroon 30 - Broken Arrow Silver 6

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To quote a line from the movie Remember the Titans, "Leave no doubt", the Mighty Maroon's performance Saturday night against the Broken Arrow Silver Tigers was so complete the Trojans left no doubt about who was at the top of their game. The Mighty Maroon's 30-6 victory avenged a tough 7-6 overtime loss to the Tigers in last years INFC playoffs. Following a great game plan by the coaches and an excellent week of preparation by the Mighty Maroon as a team, the tone for the game was set at the opening kickoff. Behind the effective blocking of the Mighty Maroon line and backfield along with excellent execution in the running and passing game, the Mighty Maroon opened up a 22-0 halftime lead that could not be overcame by the Tigers. The Mighty Maroon defense also played exceptional and consistently held the well-coached Tiger offense to, four plays and out, allowing the Mighty Maroon offense to continue their run to a 30-6 final score. In the end, the game could have been the last in a respectful Maroon and Silver rivalry that began in the 3rd grade. However, don't count out those Silver Tigers as they Mighty Maroon may well meet them again in the INFC playoffs. The Mighty Maroon returns to play next Saturday again the Owasso Red Rams at 6:00, at the JTA Field.

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Mighty Maroon 30 - Owasso White 8

Sporting their new white travel jerseys, the Mighty Maroon truly were the visitors at Owasso's Ator Field to face the Owasso White Rams. Following an 8-8 tied score at halftime the Mighty Maroon scored three unanswered touchdowns to break away from a tough Ram team for a 30-8 victory. The Mighty Maroon offense scored on the ground and through the air and held the White Rams to one very questionable touchdown reception for the their only score of the afternoon. The Rams provided the Mighty Maroon a great challenge in preparation for the upcoming Division 1 showdown with the #1 seeded Broken Arrow Silver Tigers next Saturday evening at Kirkland Field in Broken Arrow.

White Travel Jerseys Added for 2003

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The much heralded 2003 Mighty Maroon white travel jerseys made their debut while on the road against the Owasso Rams. Thanks to Ron Morris for arranging the purchase of the jerseys and to the parents for their patience in the decision making and order process. The excitement of the boys was obvious making the efforts truly worth while.

Mighty Defense
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Mighty Maroon 38 - Broken Arrow Black 0

Alex Chilling Out
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The Mighty Maroon played the Broken Arrow Black Tigers Sunday afternoon following the cancelation of their Saturday evening game due to a thunderstorm. Despite the hot condititions for the 3:00 kickoff, the Mighty Maroon charged to a 30-0 halftime lead and ended the day with a 38-0 win over the Tigers. On the ground and through the air the Mighty Maroon scored using a multitude of offensive combinations including Alex Hard's first ever rushing touchdown of his Mighty Maroon career. The Mighty Maroon defenses played well throughout the contest and shut out the Tigers using both it's Maroon and White defensive teams. The Mighty Maroon will not be participating in their annual Kansas City Tournament this year and will instead take off Labor Day weekend away from football before preparing for their next game with the White Owasso Rams.

BA Black and Owasso Silver Defeated in Week #2 Scrimmages

Hot Saturday
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The Mighty Maroon continued preparation for the regular season by defeating Broken Arrow Black 38-0 and Owasso Silver 38-6 in week #2 preseason action. The Mighty Maroon scored on the ground and through the air in both games and allowed only one touchdown while running a unlimited combination of players at all positions. The Mighty Maroon begin regular season play against Broken Arrow Black next Saturday.   

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BA White and Sapulpa White Defeated in Week #1 Scrimmages

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After just seven practices the 2003 Mighty Maroon hit the turf at Jenks High School Saturday evening to test their skills against the Broken Arrow Tiger White Team and Sapulpa White during pre-season scrimmages. The Mighty Maroon allowed one touchdown during the two, 40 minute games and scored at will when needed. All Mighty Maroon players saw significant action during the evening providing a great opportunity to try numerous playing combinations in game conditions. The Mighty Maroon's next scrimmages will be August 16th at BA Kirkland Field at 3:00 and 5:00 against BA Black and Owasso Silver.

Mighty Maroon on Channel 8 Sports

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Channel 8's, Ruben Diaz was filming on the side lines of the Mighty Maroon's scrimmage against the Broken Arrow White Tigers. Leading with a shot of the 2003 Mighty Maroon Cheerleaders, the Mighty Maroon's first play of the 2003 season, which resulted in an offensive touchdown, was replayed on the 10:00 Channel 8 Sports. Grant Goodwin, behind the blocking of the Mighty Maroon offense, cleared the corner, accelerated, followed some great downfield blocking and ran untouched into the endzone.

New Helmets Painted - Thanks Kenneth Mangrum

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For the the third year, the Mighty Maroon have set the curve for having Jenks Maroon helmets. Unless you have done, you have no idea as to the effort it takes to disassemble, prep, paint and re-assemble the team helmets. Thanks to Kenneth Mangrum for his time in the final prep and painting of the new comers helmets this year.

2003 - Mighty Maroon in Division I

The Mighty Maroon was placed in Division I, in the second seed position, following a fourth place finish in the the 2002 sixth grade standings. All Divisions are listed on the JTA website. The Mighty Maroon Division I opponents are as follows:
* Broken Arrow Silver
* Jenks Maroon
* Broke Arrow Gold
* Union Crimson
* Owasso Red
* Union Black
* Owasso Black
* Sand Springs Gold

Most likely the 2003 schedule will include two non division games during the year. The 2003 schedules are to be out around August 15th.

Bo Brown - Email Mighty Maroon

As the 2003 season begins with the new additions to the Mighty Maroon family, it would be interesting to know how Bo Brown is doing back East. Bo... I know you check the website. Write us an email and lets us know how you and your family are doing. Also give us an update to your football activities. I am confident those back east have never seen the likes of a Mighty Maroon Trojan. Send us an email.

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Mighty Maroon Helmets - 2003

Similar to the star on the Dallas Cowboys helmets, you don't really become a Mighty Maroon Trojan until you get the maroon helmet. The helmets for the new additions to the Mighty Maroon and a few new helmets will be painted this weekend by Nathan Mangrum's Dad, Kenneth. As a professional automotive painter, Kenneth volunteered his services and is much appreciated. The helmets were stripped and prepped Frinday night and are ready for being transformed into Mighty Maroon helmets. In case you were wondering, the total wholesale cost of the custom mixed Mighty Maroon metallic pearl paint is in excess of $175 per gallon. Thanks Kenneth!   

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First Week Practice - First Scrimmage - First Thunder Storm

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A line of severe thunderstorms shortened the first week of 2003 Mighty Maroon practices. However, after only five hours of practice, the Mighty Maroon lined up for their first scrimmage with their fellow Silver Trojans Thursday evening. With both teams playing a mixture of old and new players it was clear the Trojans were ready to hit someone other than their fellow team players. Returning players remembered their roles well, while the new players learned they still have alot to learn about the Mighty Maroon program. The Silver Trojans, lead by Coach Wilkins, look to be a much improved team from last year with the addition of some great talent and will be another great 7th grade Jenks team. The first week of practice will conclude Friday evening with only four more practices until the INFC preseason scrimmages next weekend. Thanks to Lisa Smith, Gannon Brooks'mother for the great Mighty Maroon pictures.

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First Practice - July 28th - 6:30

The 2003 Mighty Maroon season officially starts Monday at 6:30 - 8:30 with the first practice. The first day practice is "shorts and shirts and helmets." The second day will be announced at practice.

Following the Draft Sunday, each 7th grade team (Maroon, White, Silver and Black), has 23 players. The Mighty Maroon picked up 7 new players for the season who are:

Bellatti, Nick - 2002 - Played at Metro Christian
Benson, Patrick - 2002 - Played for Gold
Brooks, Gannon - 2002 - Played for Gold
Fanning, Corey - 2002 - Played for Jenks Road Christian School
Getchell, Burns - 2002 - Played for Gold
Mangrum, Nathan - New
Rodriguez, Emilo - 2002 - Played for Victory Christian

Our practice field is the first field immediately inside the East gate at the JTA Field. Parents are requested to sit either against the end zone fence or along the East fence. Understanding that as a team, many of us have been together for years and are very comfortable talking together.   Please take the time to introduce yourself to the new parents and make them feel at home with the Mighty Maroon.

With 7 Mighty Maroon Coaches on the field, it is important that your remember the team rule "Parents remain on the sidelines at all times." If there is something you need your son for, please contact a coach. If there is something you need to discuss with a coach, please do so on the sidelines or after or before practice, not on the field.

It is going to be hot. We will water the boys frequently. This means we will go through water like crazy. Parents please help monitor the level of water in the coolers and bottles. If needed fill them up. If we are running out of ice water, go get some.
See you Monday evening!

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Almost Ready for 2003 Season

After hours and hours of work, it appears the Mighty Maroon is ready for the 2003. Many of the Mighty Maroon completed their summer Speed and Condition Camp, Strength Camp, Pad Camp, Big Man Line Camp and overall conditioning. The Coaches have attended the Jenks High School Coaches Clinics and are once again obtaining their Coaches Certification. The practice field has been striped, aeriated, fertilized, watered and mowed and is one of the finest the Mighty Maroon have ever practiced on. Coach Anderson has begun preparing his strategy and the assistants are anxious to obtain his direction. While there are many unknowns going into the season with new player and new coaches, it is the belief the Mighty Maroon will once again field a very competitive team. Stay tuned to the Mighty Maroon website for upcoming activities.

2003 Coaching Staff Announced

The 2003 Mighty Maroon Coaching Staff has been announced and is as follows:
* Head Coach: Bill Anderson
* Assistant Coaches:
- Tom Graham
- Wes Kane
- Mark McCrory
- Curtis Smith
- Billy Goodwin

Coaches Smith and Goodwin join the Mighty Maroon Staff this year following the departure of Coaches Laskey, Siebler and Chesnut. Coach Laskey's schedule does not allow for a full commitment this season. Coach Siebler and son Bo moved to the east coast following the 2002 season. Coach Chesnut and son Josh did not return to pursue their passion of hunting and fishing. The Mighty Maroon appreciates all current and past coaches for their dedication and leadership. Thanks!

Sooner Classic

       Jenks Trojans
      Mighty Maroon
      Sooner Classic


         Jenks Trojans
       Mighty Maroon
             6th Grade
       INFC Division V

            4th Grade
            5th Grade
            6th Grade
            7th Grade
         JTA Academic

Mighty Maroon Win 3rd Straight JTA Academic Award

The Mighty Maroon earned it's second consecutive JTA Academic Award by winning the 2001 JTA 5th Grade Academic Competition. The Mighty Maroon has won it's 3rd straight JTA Academic Team Award for the 2002 season. Led by 10 of 21 staight "A" performances and 6 more with all A's with one "B" the Mighty Maroon once again pulled out an amazing 3.71 overall team GPA. The Mighty Maroon will receive their 20021 Academic Awards at a yet to be announced Jenks function. Congratulations Mighty Maroon on another great academic performance!

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Mighty Maroon 4th Grade Website

The 2000 Mighty Maroon 4th grade website is still available for viewing. Check out the Album section to see how much the Mighty Maroon have grown over the past three years. Click on the Title for the 4th Grade News and Click on the Picture for the 4th Grade Pictures and Video Clips.

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Jenks Trojans Mighty Maroon Football
Jenks Trojans Mighty Maroon Football
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