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Last updated
07-31-15 05:53 PM
Get Directions to MiddleEssex SoftballNorth Reading Local Weather
MiddleEssex Softball
Jeff A. Strong
(978) 664-2708
Middle Essex Softball League
67 Burroughs Road
North Reading, Massachusetts

MiddleEssex Softball

Middle Essex Softball League 2015

This page was last updated on Wednesday at 8:05 PM

Teams may play make up games for rain outs up to and including Tuesday, August 11th.  The standings will become official following play on that day. 

The tickets have been purchased for our league's night at Fenway Park on August 18th.  All tickets have been claimed.  For those going to the game, keep an eye on the website in early August for information.  We will have a couple on field opportunities and of course everyone will get a bobble-head or some similar token.

Attention all coaches-- Information related to the All Star Games is posted in the My Site News section.    All teams now have a coach assigned.  Thank you to those who volunteered.   All teams should be firming up their representatives to the All Star games and communicating with the coach listed for your group.... Please provide the names and positions of your players.  Many All Star coaches are emailng to report some teams have not contacted them.  The system is designed for each coach to make that one connection instead of one coach connecting with a long list.   PRESIDENT'S RANT -- THIS IS STILL A PROBLEM.  Lots of logistics are involved in planning this day... It is important that EACH team provide this information now.  Team's that fail to do so, should re-read the section in the bylaws regarding the All Star Game. Thank you! 

DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The following chart represents the number of champions that will be declared per Division.  Because teams don't play against all opponents, the championships are decided simply by earning one of the top winning percentages.  18A= 1, 18B= 2, 14A= 2, 14B= 3, 12A= 2, 12B= 4, 10B= 4.  Good Luck to all teams. 

TOURNAMENT in Winthrop:  The Battle at the Beach for 12U, 14U and 16U will be held August 7-9.  Email coach Dave Guffey ( )for a flyer and additional information.   

SOFTBALL CAMP:  I have information that I can send to anyone interested.  It runs the week of July 27 at Breed Middle School in Lynn.  Mention Middle Essex Softball League if you apply... Thanks. 

  From this point forward we will be enforcing the rule that says you must play by your schedule or take a forfeit.  {Possible exceptions for local All Star play - Seek approval if this applies to your team}. 

Instructions for posting scores can be found in the coaches packet.  Please post the score within 24 hours!

AT NO TIME... should anyone attempt to add a schedule to the website for any reason.    

If you add players to your website, you must use full names.  Ashley B. becomes too confusing... Those with just initials will be deleted.

A new rule was voted in at the annual meeting for 10B.  Corner infielders (1B and 3B) and the pitcher are now required to wear a protective face guard.  The league strongly encourages their use in other Divisions.

The registration fee will remain at $475/per team this year.  An increase is planned for next year.

Like us on doing a search for Middle Essex Softball League.

HANDOUTS--- Select this tab to find...  Team Registration Form -  "Cheat Sheet" for Insurance Registration - A copy of our Zero Tolerance Policy - A Power Point Presentation that provides information about the league - The League By-Laws - List of Umpire Assigners (2014)

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Mon 8/3 Softball-Fastpitch Wakefield Warriors Red 12B vs. Reading Rockets 12B 6:15 PM Veterans Field - Wakefield
Mon 8/3 Softball-Fastpitch Medford Outlaws 12B vs. Watertown Panthers 12B 6:15 PM McNally / Webster Park
Tue 8/4 Softball-Fastpitch Wellesley Raiders (Black) 14B vs. Wellesley Red Raiders 14B 6:15 PM Lee Field
Tue 8/4 Softball-Fastpitch Cambridge Cardinals 12B vs. Medford Outlaws 12B 6:15 PM Danehy Field #3
Tue 8/4 Softball-Fastpitch Wakefield Warriors White 10B vs. Marblehead Magicians 10B 6:15 PM Mapleway # 2
Tue 8/4 Softball-Fastpitch Arlington Bandits 12A at Everett Riptide 12A 8:00 PM Glendale Park - Field A
Wed 8/5 Softball-Fastpitch Arlington Bandits 12A vs Somerville Tsunami 12A 6:15 PM Bishop School
Wed 8/5 Softball-Fastpitch Newton Panthers 14B vs. Wellesley Raiders (Black) 14B 7:15 PM Albemarle Field
Wed 8/5 Softball-Fastpitch Methuen Majesty Blue 12B vs. Wakefield Warriors Red 12B 8:00 PM Burnham Road Complex - Field #3
Thu 8/6 Softball-Fastpitch Lynnfield Blue 12B vs. Wakefield Warriors Red 12B 6:15 PM Lynnfield High School
Thu 8/6 Softball-Fastpitch Lynnfield Blue 10B vs. Wakefield Warriors White 10B 6:15 PM Lynnfield Middle School
Thu 8/6 Softball-Fastpitch Everett Riptide 14B vs. Cambridge Cardinals 14B 7:15 PM Glendale Park - Field A
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Mon 7/27 Softball-Fastpitch Concord-Carlisle Patriots 14B vs. Wellesley Raiders (Black) 14B 6:15 PM Emerson Softball Field / Concord
Mon 7/27 Softball-Fastpitch Arlington Bandits 12A at Billerica Bratz 12A 6:15 PM Shea Fld, Billerica Boys & Girls Club
Mon 7/27 Softball-Fastpitch Wilmington Wildcats 12B: 0 - Medford Outlaws 12B: 2 6:15 PM West Intermediate School Field
Mon 7/27 Softball-Fastpitch Chelmsford Blue Crush 12B (White) vs. Wakefield Warriors Red 12B 6:15 PM Southwell Park - Crane Field
Mon 7/27 Softball-Fastpitch Merrimac Wildcats 18B: 10 - Triton Tide 18B: 9 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Donahue School
Tue 7/28 Softball-Fastpitch Everett Riptide 14B: 0 - Beverly Panthers 14B: 15 7:15 PM Glendale Park - Field A
Wed 7/29 Softball-Fastpitch Tri-Town Titans 14B: 11 - Everett Riptide 14B: 10 6:15 PM Klock Park South
Wed 7/29 Softball-Fastpitch Wakefield Warriors Red 12B: 7 - Chelmsford Blue Crush 12B (Blue): 10 6:15 PM Mapleway # 1
Thu 7/30 Softball-Fastpitch Arlington Bandits 12A v Woburn Crush 12A 6:15 PM Peirce Field
Thu 7/30 Softball-Fastpitch Medford Outlaws 12B: 3 - Winchester Sachems Red 12B: 15 6:15 PM Columbus Park
Thu 7/30 Softball-Fastpitch Wellesley Raiders (Black) 14B vs. Medford Mad Dogs 14B 7:15 PM Hunnewell Field View Our Guestbook | Sign Our Guestbook
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