Mid-City Little League of San Diego, California: 2014 Mid City Board of Directors

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  2014 Mid City Board of Directors
    2014 Mid City Board of Directors: Position: Email: Phone:
    Rick Thurman President  rick.thurman@bbvacompass.com  858-337-0259
    Drew Hubbell Vice President & Field  drew@hubbellandhubbell.com  619-971-0446
    Mark Rowland Treasurer  marowland@aol.com  619-516-4663
    Heidi Dromgoole Secretary  dromgoole1@cox.net  
    Craig Wilsie Player Agent/Equipment Mgr  cwilsie@gmail.com  619-917-9305
    Eric Alvarez Umpire-In-Chief  ericlvrz9@gmail.com  
    Jessica Romero Sponsor & Snack Shed Coordin.  jnr2620@gmail.com  619-948-4495
    Michael Lofts Field Maintenance  m.lofts@cox.net  
    Tim Blood Information Officer  tblood@bholaw.com  619-338-1100
    Joe Mansfield Majors Div Coord./Equip Mgr    619-571-1974
    Izzy Yeo Minors Division Coordinator  Theyeos1904@gmail.com  619-818-1625
    Richard Gates CAPS Div. Coordinator  Richard.Gates@sdcounty.ca.gov  619-280-1929
    Filipe Sanchez Safety Officer  thesanfamily@gmail.com  
    Leti Sanchez Safety Officer    
    David Baron Member-At-Large    
    Jim Fritz Member-At-Large  jfritz@sun-graphics.net  
    Lisa Fritz Member-At-Large    
    Steve Hubachek Member-At-Large  sfhubachek@live.com  619-540-9486
    Kevin Kelly Member-At-Large  kevinjkelly369@yahoo.com  858-999-5167
    Marlin Rice Member-At-Large  mrlnrc7@gmail.com  619-787-4873
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