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Please make sure that you read Parts II, III, and IV!  (It is easy to forget to do this after having registered your child in Part I.)


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••••• SPRING 2018 Season •••••• Registration is now available ••••••

The Spring 2018 Microsoccer season began Saturday, April 14. Teams will generally practice and play every Saturday through June 16, weather permitting. 

Online Registration for Spring 2018 continues to be available, although your choice of placement may be limited.

Keep scrolling down for further details (but make sure you read all of the details as you go)

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Microsoccer takes place at RAYMOND PARK (sometimes referred to as Corcoran Playground).  

Raymond Park is bounded by Walden St. on the north, Raymond St., on the east, and Upland Road, on the South, in an area that straddles the Avon Hill area and North Cambridge. 

Raymond Locus 7x11

How to get to Raymond Park by Subway

The easiest way to get to Raymond Park by subway is to take the Redline to Porter Square. 

It is then approximately a ten-minute walk from the Porter Sq. redline stop (walking straight up Upland Rd.) 

Porter to Raymond Map

• • • • • • • • • • • • T E N • S T E P S • TO • S U C C E S S • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ten (10) Steps to a Successful Microsoccer Registration.

Before registering, please carefully read all ten (10) of the following steps, even if you have been through this process before!  If you do that, then everything should go smoothly. (However, if you don't, all kinds of things can go wrong.)


1.  Check to make sure that your child is the right age!    

Eligibility for Prospective Players in Cambridge Family Microsoccer Players — FALL, 2017 and  SPRING, 2018

(a) It is simple; your child does not require prior experience;

for most of the children, Microsoccer will be their first exposure to soccer and - in many cases - any organized sport. 

Cambridge residency is NOT required.  


(b) The only rule is that, to be eligible to play Microsoccer for the FALL, 2017 season and SPRING, 2018 season is that your child should be age eligible, i.e. born between 8/31/2011 and 9/1/2013 (i.e. you child should be 4 years old but no older than 6 by September 1, 2017).

(If your child was age eligible in the Fall of 2017, then he or she will still be eligible for the Spring of 2017. I.e., the age eligibility8 determination operates on an academic year schedule).


(c) If your child is slightly too young, but you want him or her to play, then review the Underage Waiver Policy which can be found in the HANDOUTS section of this site.  If after carefully reviewing the policy you are interested in obtaining a waiver, then please send us an email describing your child and why you think Microsoccer would be appropriate for you child. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. We will contact you to discuss what seems appropriate in your child's case following submission of a waiver application. 


(d) For those of you who share your parenting, please do not assume that your spouse, partner, or ex has taken care of registration !!!  You must verify any such assumption. The ONLY reliable way to be sure that your child is registered is if you have received an email from confirming the registration or an email from the Microsoccer Registrar.  


•• What to do if your child is too old for Microsoccer ••

2.  If your child is too old for Microsoccer, try Cambridge Youth Soccer (CYS).  If your child is too old for Microsoccer, you should check out Cambridge Youth Soccer — a separate organization, not affiliated with Cambridge Family Microsoccer — which you can reach at


3.  We Need Team Officials., i.e.:


Assistant Coaches, and

                                    Team Managers

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, PHILOSOPHY, AND MANDATE. With few exceptions, Microsoccer coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers are all parents of children in Microsoccer. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization, and frequently teams have more volunteers than positions available. Sometimes, however, there are teams with an insufficient number of parent volunteers at the beginning of the season and this can hobble the ability of a team to get off to a good start. Consequently, each family should be prepared for at least one parent to participate and contribute in this collective effort. (US citizens might think of this mandate being like jury duty — a civic duty one can escape for long periods of time, but which must eventually be fulfilled).

ORGANIZATIONAL RESOURCES: For those parents who are willing — in principle — to volunteer, but who are shy (due to lack of experience), we have a rudimentary coach training and mentoring system, which should be sufficient to get any team working well.

ORGANIZATIONAL NEEDS: In order to functional properly, each team needs the following three (3) volunteer positions to be filled at the beginning of each season:


The coach is the primary instructor for the team. Ideally, the coach should be someone who actually has played soccer and knows something about it. That said, the coach does not actually need to be a skilled player himself or herself, and previous coaching experience is not required.

Assistant Coach.

The assistant coach helps the coach run the practices and takes over whenever the coach is unavailable (due to absence, or if the coach is acting as a referee for a game). The requirements for being an assistant coach are generally similar to the requirement for being a coach, but can accommodate less previous soccer experience.

Team Manager.

No prior soccer experience is necessary. Duties include tasks such as:

(1) The coordination of a snack list so that team parents — on a rotating basis — bring snack for the whole team to every single game.

(2) Coordinating communication among team families and coaches about who will be present or absent on particular dates, and arranging for appropriate coverage.

(3) Helping the Commissioner with the maintenance of team rosters by keeping track of actual attendance and serving as a conduit for transfer requests if a family wants their child to either join or leave a team. 

Don't be shy about volunteering! 

Note: From the point of view of Mass Youth Soccer, each of the positions are deemed to be officials of Microsoccer and must be filled by persons who are willing to have their names submitted for a routine criminal background check.

Note to Coaches & Assistant Coaches

** Note to Coaches & Assistant Coaches** 

Important principles to remember during practices: 

(i)   Correct Number of Adults Coaching. Each team should have both a coach and assistant coach each week during the entire practice.  If the “official” coach and/or assistant coach is absent, late, or non-existent, please let the Commissioner know ASAP, and in the meantime, actively solicit the help of one of the many adults around so that there are two (2) adults actively involved in running the practice. 

(ii)        Small Groups. If there are 6 to 8 kids on a team, you should be spending most of the time with them broken into two (2) smaller groups of 3 to 4 kids.  That way each kid gets more individual time and more "touches on the ball."  You want to keep them moving and occupied, especially if the weather is not great.  One thing that often works is to have half the team working on shots on the goal (and goal tending), while the other half works on basic passing, throw-ins, dribbling, or plays a game like “monkey in the middle”.

(iii)      Socialization and Names. A key element to a kid becoming a “team player” is learning to interact and cooperate with other kids.  Most kids can’t remember the name of their team members for more than five minutes, much less from week to week.  Therefore it is recommended that at the beginning of each practice you go around and introduce yourselves again and then have the kids introduce each other.  Then, when you get to passing drills, have the passer call out the name of the kid to whom he or she is passing.  This helps them both learn their names and talk to each other.

•••• W-I-T-H-D-R-A-W-A-L ••••


If your child decides that he or she does not want to participate, or if you decide that your child has other obligations or priorities, then please notify us by e-mail ASAP (whether or not you need advice).

At that point there is the following choice to make:

        For those who are sure that their child does not want to participate and who are thus planning on having the child not attend, we can take him or her off of the roster.  (The Commissioner can then offer the space on the team to another child who is waiting to enroll or who wishes to transfer to that team.)

 •       For those who doubt that their child will participate, but who nonetheless plan to bring the child to Microsoccer most weeks, we can keep the child on the roster but may add an extra player to the team, if it needs more strength.

Once you have registered your child, we do NOT issue refunds, absent truly compelling circumstances.  Unuses fees will be applied to scholarship participants.

••••• C-O-N-F-I-R-M-A-T-I-O-N-S •••••


You must receive an e-mail Confirmation of Registration!

(A) Every year, some parents whose children were registered in the fall season show up in the spring season and mistakenly claim — with great certitude — that they (or their spouse) has already registered their child.  To reduce the chances of unnecessary acrimony on this point, we are now asking all families to bring a printout of the e-mail registration confirmation (or any other documentary proof that registration has taken place).  

(B) Online registration works 90% of the time on a first try. 10% of the time it takes a second (or ocassionally third) try.

(C) If, following your attempt at online registration, you do not receive an e-mail from or confirming that your child has been registered, then you should assume that your child is NOT registered and should try again.  (But do check your spam box first!) 

(D) If you are uncertain whether your child's registration has been completed, please send an e-mail inquiry to  If you have not received an e-mail confirmation from and the registrar can confirm that you are registered, then the registrar will send you a special Confirmation of Registration.

---------------------- C-A-U-T-I-O-N -------------------------

6. Caution about’s "special offers"

Registration is done through We have used their service for several years, and generally found it to be effective and convenient. However, when you register you may be offered some kind of "special offer" to join some kind of discount club that Active offers for $79.95 (or some other price) per year.  Microsoccer does not endorse it in any way. 

Likewise may also offers you some free opportunity to become an member, claiming that it is "recommended." Again to be clear, Microsoccer does not "recommend" it in any way. It is not necessary to become an member in order to register. On the other hand, if you do avail yourself of any of these extra features, we would be interested to hear from you as to whether they were a good experience or not.

Likewise, Microsoccer takes no view as to whether you should participate in any magazine subscription promotion that Active may offer.

••••••• D-A-T-A _ E-N-T-R-Y •••••••

7.  Note on Entering Child's Name, Date of Birth and Gender (but later on your date of birth) when Filing Out Form

Please note that the "First Name" asked for on the beginning of registration form is your child's name, NOT YOURS. (Your name will be asked for later on in the form under "Parent Name.") Also, please make sure you are entering the name of the correct child. (One spring we had one family in spring whose child was registered the entire spring under the name of the child's sibling, a fact that was only discovered when a trophy with the wrong name was presented at the end of the spring season).

On the other hand, at the end of the registration form — where it asks you to “complete your billing information” — it will ask you for your birth date.  If you mistakenly put in your child’s birthdate, the system won’t let you register, because it will think that the form (and credit card information) is in not being filled out by somebody who is not old enough to legally do it.   Except for those parents who are willing to submit their information for CORI background checks, Microsoccer thinks that is overreaching for unnecessary data with this question (they could simply ask whether you are at least 18 years old) and doesn’t care whether the date of birth that you enter for yourself is accurate, as long as it lets you register.  

•••••••• P-L-A-C-E-M-E-N-T ••••••••


*** ALERT REGARDING PLACEMENT REQUESTS *** If you are requesting that your child be on the same team as another child or coach, please be aware of the following:

(a)           Once the season has begun and teams have been formed it is VERY difficult to honor any requests. (Thus the importance of timely registration!)

(b)           When possible we try to at least match your child with one (1) specific other child or coach. Do not make general requests like "all my teammates from last season" as such a request is overbroad and not specific enough without requiring the register to do a lot of research. It is ok to make requests like the following: "please put my child with Sam Smith or Jenny Jones or Albert Alewife" (note the use of "or" rather than "and").

(c)           The child or coach you are requesting must also be registered.

(d)           The child or coach you are requesting must be in the same session. If the requested child is in a session that is full, then you may ask the family of that child whether they would like to transfer in to the session that is available, but this is tricky and must be negotiated through the Commissioner!

(e)           When identifying a child, please make sure that you are using the child's correct last name (last year we had a lot of requests for children by the mother's last name when the children were registered by the father's last name). 

••••••••• P-R-O-B-L-E-M-S •••••••••


If you have not been able to make online registration work, then first try the steps listed below where it says : •• IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH THE REGISTRATION LINK ••

If you have followed those instructions (making carefull notes as you go) but continue not to succeed, please e-mail us what your experience was and what browser and version and computer or device you were using. When there have been problems over the years, we have so far been unable to detect a consistent pattern, but we are always on the lookout for one. Having the details is critical to identifying any consistent pattern or theme that may exist.

E-mail should go to


•••••••••• CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ••••••••••


To register, click on the link ABOVE where it says

••••••••••  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  •••••••••• 

Cost: For SPRING 2018, the cost for enrolling in Cambridge Family Microsoccer is $75 plus a processing fee to (approximately $5.38) for a total of approximately $80.38.  If you are unable to register online and require a paper application, then the total charge for the registration will be the same as for online registration.

DISCLAIMER REGARDING "SPECIAL OFFERS": In the registration process, you will be offered certain choices by which are not part of the Microsoccer registration.  (These offers have been inserted by withoutMicrosoccer's specific consent or approval.)  If you want to avail yourself of any of these options, it is entirely up to you, but they are NOT recommended by Microsoccer.


(A) Have you clicked on the link above where it says "••••••••••  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  •••••••••• " ?

(B) If you did that and it did not take you to the registration link, or if the registration site won't process your payment, then it is important to note and document exactly where you ran into the problem.  Based on experiences that we have had over the years, people occasionally misread the question that the system is asking and don't provide an answer that it expects.  For example, in signing the waiver question, the system needs to be told explicitly that the box being checked is by someone who is at least 18.  


(C) If you have done everything correctly, then there is probably a problem with your browser and/or computer compatibility with the system.  In principle, the system can work with Mac's, PC's and standard browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explore.  However, some people have more success with some browsers and or computers than others. Some people who have tried to register from computers that are a part of a network at a university or business have had problems that have to do with security measures that those institutions have taken.  Thus we recommend the following steps:


(1) Try again on a different browser.  That usually works, but if it doesn’t, then:

(2) Try from a different computer.

(3) If you had trouble with a work computer, then try at home (or vice versa).


(D) Although it might be possible, registering from smart phones is generally not recommended.  Among other things, it is important that parents carefully read all the information on this site and phone screens are not well-suited for this.  That said, if you read all this information on your computer but it doesn't work for registering and your phone does, one could try that as a workaround. 

Scholarship Opportunities

11.  Scholarship Opportunities

For children whose families cannot afford the regular price of the Microsoccer program or for whom the cost would be a real hardship, we offer a range of scholarships and discounts. To find out more and receive a scholarship application, please send an email to or call 617-497-7180.  We do not want children young children to miss the opportunity to play organized soccer due to a lack of money.



If there is bad weather, please check both Page 1 of the Microsoccer website and the beginning of the REGISTRATION & NEWS portion of the Microsoccer website to see whether any scheduled Microsoccer session is being cancelled (rather than making any assumptions).  If Microsoccer is going to be cancelled or postponed, then a message to that effect will be placed on the website no later than 8:30 AM on the morning of the scheduled game.  If there is no message on either Page 1 or the beginning of the REGISTRATION & NEWS section advising of a cancellation, then you should assume that Microsoccer will be ON, even if it seems counterintuitive.  Even on days when there has been a lot of rain in the period right before a scheduled session, conditions can change quickly, so we have a strong bias towards showing up and hoping for the best.  A true rainout that prevents all play is quite rare!




Required Equipment
Every child is required to have the following equipment at every practice and every game:

(a) shin guards;

(b) soccer cleats; and a 

(c) Microsoccer t-shirt.

Microsoccer will provide each child with one (1) official t-shirt at the first game. Please make sure you get the shin guards and soccer cleats before the first game! 

It is recommended that each child own his or her own size 3 soccer ball for use at home, but that he or she NOT bring the ball to Microsoccer. (The balls we provide are a shared resource and we don't want the kids to get too proprietary.) 


Note: Modell's Sporting Goods is providing Microsoccer families with a discount coupon (15% discount). To get the coupon go to the HANDOUTS page or LINKS and download it. 

There are many places you might get soccer equipment. Among them are: 

Modell's Sporting Goods 

Fresh Pond Shopping center, 186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, Tel. No 617-441-0050

Olympia Sports

Fresh Pond Shopping Center, 186 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge Tel. No. 617-354-1284

Sports Etc.

1303 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Tel. No. 781-646-1600




Please carefully review the most recent edition of MICROSOCCER RULES OF THE ROAD (available by clicking the link directly above ).  They can also be found at page the Handouts page (see links to the left)

What follows below, is just a PARTIAL sampling:

- Rule about Parent Attendance
A parent or legal guardian should be present with each child in Microsoccer for the entire time of each weekly session in which the child is enrolled.  If your child becomes injured, otherwise distressed, wants to leave, or find a bathroom, you cannot expect anbody else to take care of it.

- Rule about Team Size
Teams should NEVER more than 9 players and ideally no fewer than 7 on the team roster. At any given time there should only be 4 players playing per side, with 1 being the goalie and the other 3 being the offense/defense. ** Please note that at the beginning of the season, the teams often seem a little small. However, by the third week, most will be full.

- Rule about Child Attendance
Families should make a 100% good faith attempt to get their children to each session with the child's (a) Microsoccer T-Shirt; (b) shin guards; (c) cleats, and (d) copy of team roster and schedule, unless they have a very good reason not to. Conflicts due to family travel, sickness, or family events such as bar mitzvah, confirmation, wedding, brit milah, etc., are all good reasons.   However, even if you have a good reason, you MUST NOTIFY YOUR COACH AND TEAM MANAGER IN ADVANCE that your child will be absent for a specific session.

- Rule about Yelling from the Sidelines
Only the Coach, Assistant Coach, or Referee should should shout or otherwise give instructions from the sidelines.