Cambridge Family Microsoccer: Links

Modell's Discount Coupon Microsoccer families - CLICK HERE!
This coupon provides a 15% discount to Microsoccer families on all purchases that the holder makes (i.e. not just kids clothes or soccer equipment) through May 11, 2018. If the automatic link doesn't work try: [If you have trouble with this link, please try the HANDOUTS page]

Microsoccer Rules of the Road CLICK HERE!
Microsoccer Rules of the Road is a brief guide to how Microsoccer is structured, organized, and administered, and contains a small number of operational rules. [If you have trouble with this link, please try the HANDOUTS page]

Registration Information
For registration go to the "REGISTRATION & NEWS" section.

If you successfully register, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. If you have technical problems, try at least once or two more before giving up. If you give up, then send us an e-mail explaining exactly what problem you experienced and what browser and version you are using.

Children Too Old for Microsoccer? Click here to go to CYS
For children who are too old for Microsoccer, you should check out Cambridge Youth Soccer, which is a separate organization, not affiliated with Cambridge Family Microsoccer.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Allows you to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, which in turn will allow you to download PDF files from the HANDOUTS section of this site.

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