Cambridge Family Microsoccer: Welcome

Scrimmage 72
Monday, May 11

Welcome to Cambridge Family Microsoccer!

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Following an extraordinarily long winter, Microsoccer kicked off the spring season Saturday, April 18th and is currently ongoing.

Basic Information about Microsoccer:

Schedule. Microsoccer meets once a week for 90 minutes per session, and there are expected to be two sessions every Saturday during the spring 2015 season, weather permitting.  On Saturdays, Session 1 runs from 9:00 am to 10:30 am, and Session 2 runs from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon. In order to participate a child must be enrolled in one of these two sessions prior to playing.  

What happens? Once enrolled, each child is assigned to a team and normally will stay with the same team for the entire season.  Each team is run by parents who have been assigned the roles of coach, assistant coach, and manager. During the first half of each weekly session the children are given basic instruction in how to play soccer and practice these skills. During the second half of the session the children will engage in a scrimmage game, usually against another team.

How Long is the Season? 

The Spring 2015 Microsoccer season began Saturday, April 18, and runs every Saturday through Saturday, June 12, for a total of nine sessions, weather permitting. 

Age Eligibility for Spring 2015

To be age eligible for spring 2015, your child should have a birthdate that falls between 8/31/2008 and 9/1/2010. (Any child who was age eligible in the fall of 2014 is still eligible for spring, 2015.)

More details - including a registration link - can be found in the Registration & News section (look at the top of your screen on the left hand side).