Cambridge Family Microsoccer: Welcome

Scrimmage 72
Friday, October 30
Greetings and Welcome to the Fall Season!

Welcome to Cambridge Family Microsoccer!


Last Scheduled Day of the Fall 2015 Season: November, 14th



If there is bad weather, please check this page of the Microsoccer website to see whether any scheduled Microsoccer session is being cancelled (rather than making any assumptions).  If Microsoccer is going to be cancelled or postponed, then a message to that effect will be placed here on the website no later than 8:30 AM on the morning of the scheduled game.  If there is no message advising of a cancellation, then you should assume that Microsoccer will be ON, even if it seems counterintuitive.  Even on days when there has been a lot of rain in the period right before a scheduled session, conditions can change quickly, so we have a strong bias towards showing up and hoping for the best.  A true rainout that prevents all play is quite rare.


GENERAL INFORMATION.  Microsoccer has two 90 minute sessions every Saturday morning. Session 1 runs from 9:00 am — 10:30 am. Session 2 runs from 10:30 am – 12:00 noon.


CRITERIA FOR ELIGIBILITY. To be eligible to play Microsoccer for the FALL 2015 season your child should have a birthdate between 8/31/2009 and 9/1/2011.  Neither Cambridge residency nor previous experience is required. (If your child is age eligible in the Fall of 2015, then he or she will still be eligible for the Spring of 2016. I.e., the age eligibility determination operates on an academic year schedule).


For further information, click on REGISTRATION & NEWS tab on the left side at the top of this page.