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Monday, January 21

Welcome to Mickey Vernon Little League. Chartered member of Little League International since 1955. Located in Lower Chichester Township, Pennsylvania at Hewes Avenue Park.
Named for famous local professional baseball legend Mickey Vernon. Serving the communities of Linwood, Marcus Hook, Boothwyn, Trainer, and parts of Aston and Bethel Townships.

We take registrations up to Opening Day of each year. No child is ever turned away because of financial difficulties. For 2010 our registration fees were revised. Tee Ball and Coach Pitch playeres can register for just $30. Players in the Minors and Majors divisions pay a registration fee of $55. Our Teener League players are charged a flat fee of $150. Each family is charged an administrative fee of $35 which is wholly refundable after meeting the 8 hour volunteer requirement.

Mickey Vernon Little League is named after one of the finest baseball players to have played in the Major Leagues and one of Delaware County's famous citizens, Mr. Mickey Vernon.  Mickey passed away in 2008 at at the age of 90.  He was an inspiration to thousands of children over the years. We are proud to be named in his honor.



The Natural

Saturday, March 7
Tryouts Postponed

Due to the unusual snowfall and ice storm that occurred this week, tryouts for Sunday March 8 are cancelled.   The fields are still covered with snow and the parking lot is unplowed.   Hopefully the sun will melt the snow away before Tuesday evening when we will try to do tryouts once again.  Tryouts will be tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday March 10 from 6pm to 7pm for Majors and Minors.   Please note this change and pass the news on to all concerned.   
I thank you for your patience in dealing with the current weather conditions.  

Wednesday, May 5

We are in the process of moving our website to a new address.   Our new website is www.eteamz.com/MickeyVernonLittleLeague1.   Please bookmark this new address and see the changes we have made to the site.   Team sub sites are now added and highlights and scores can be reported by the coaches for posting.   We also will be able to mass email from the site and within the teams once we get all the information downloaded.   So from now on all updated and new information will be posted on the new web address.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

Friday, April 16
Picture Day Sunday April 18

Mickey Vernon Little League's annual Picture Day will be held Sunday afternoon April 18 at the fields at Hewes Avenue.  A schedule is posted on the website and coaches and team parents have been given the schedule for distribution.  Please refer below to see when your team is scheduled for team and individual pictures. Extra brochures are available at the concession stand. 
              Mickey Vernon Little League Picture Day Schedule
             SUNDAY   April 18, 2010  

Picture Schedule - Tball  
  2:00 Green & Gold  
  2:15 Orange & Lt Blue  
  2:30 Red & Purple  
  2:45 Royal & Navy  
  Picture Schedule - Rookies  
  3:00 Orange & Gray  
  3:15 Gold & Red  
  Picture Schedule - Boys Minors  
  3:30 Gold & Gray  
  3:45 Orange & Red  
  Picture Schedule - Boys Majors
  4:00 A's & Orioles
  4:15 White Sox & Cubs
  Picture Schedule - Girls Softball  
  4:15 All Teams  
  Picture Schedule - Boys Teeners  
  4:30 All Teams  








MVLL featured in RedSox Mag
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Tuesday, April 6
Boston Red Sox Alumni Magazine Praises MVLL

Our Opening Day Ceremonies last year garnered enough attention that the alumni magazine of the Boston Red Sox printed an article on MVLL's honoring of our namesake and friend, Mickey Vernon.  As a member of the Red Sox in 1955-56, Mickey formed a powerful one -two punch with Hall of Famer Ted Williams, baseball's last .400 hitter.  His time in Boston is well remembered and he is still revered around New England. It is an honor that the Red Sox organization thought enough of our dedication to make sure all the alumni knew and read about what we did to honor one of baseball's greatest men. With their permission it is presented here for all to read.  Comments are most welcome.

Monday, April 5
Opening Day Parade route and Parking Reminders

On Opening Day, all players will report to Columbia Avenue for parade staging.  Tee Ball players will ride on fire engines and floats as long as we have enough room for them.  All other teams will march the parade route. The route will take us down Chichester Ave. to Laughead Ave. to Market St. back to Chichester Ave. to Huddell Ave. to Edwards St. to the Park.  The length of the route will take approximately a half hour to finalize.  All teams should arrive at the park around 11 am.  Ceremonies will take place immediatley following the parade.  The ceremonies should last another half hour or so.  A break for lunch and then at 12:30pm we will commence with our Exhibition schedule.  Things should wrap up about 4 pm.

MVLL requests that all parents park their vehicles at designated spots in the complex.  Parking is limited so the Township has lifted its ban for parking on Hewes Avenue for Saturday only.  Please obey all traffic laws in this regard.  Parking on the grass is strictly prohibited and you will be ticketed.  The fine is a hefty $75 or it may be more.  Your pet is not permitted to be on a leash or unleashed in the park.  Again please be aware that this action too is prohibited and susceptible to a fine. 

MVLL requests that when entering or exiting the park please do so at a safe manner.  Our speed limit in the park is 5 mph.  That is to insure that no child gets hurt by any motor vehicle.  Be aware the authorities will enforce this law to protect its smallest citizens.

Parking along the fence area is not permitted in the Tee Ball area.  Cars who park along the fence area in the softball section do so at their own risk.  MVLL is not responsible for your car being damaged by a batted ball.  It is clearly marked that parking in the fence area is prohibited.

Use the tennis court parking lot when necessary.  We know it is a walk but it is a very short walk.

Respect the fact that on Opening Day we will have honored guests who will require special parking privileges.  Spaces marked off for these purposes will be necessary.  Please do not cause a disturbance over our use of the parking facilities.  We expect a large crowd. We expect a friendly and safe crowd.   Make everyone feel like they are family here at MVLL. 



Tuesday, April 6
Mandatory Coaches Meeting on Tuesday

A  mandatory Coaches meeting will be held this Tuesday evening at the Concession stand beginning @ 7:30pm.  
All coaches must attend.
Agenda will include Opening Day schedule, Field Duty, equipment care, in season practices, rainouts, and rosters.
Uniform pickup will also be held then and only then.
Do not pick up uniforms before 7:30pm.
Game schedules will be given out when they become available.
This is an important meeting and is crucial someone from every team is present.

Monday, April 5
Field Days Scheduled This Week

All volunteers  are requested to help with field duty to prepare our fields for play on Opening Day.  On Wednesday April 7, Thursday April 8, and Friday April 9 we will be working on select fields to get them in playing shape and safe condition for our children.   Please bring with you shovel, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc. to move dirt and fill holes.  We will need people to pick up trash and clean dugouts.  Trim weeds and unwanted grass from fences.  Put up signs and paint lines.  It will be a massive Spring Cleaning event to make everything look great for Opening Day and for the coming season.  Please report at 6pm on each day and we will direct you to what needs to be done.  With everyone's help we should have professional looking fields in no time.

Monday, April 5
Team Parents Please

All Team Moms and Dads should stop by Monday April 5 or Tuesday April 6 to register yourself with the League.  We need your information so we can contact you with any League happenings that need to get out to all the parents.  This week we will need you to pick up Opening Day schedules  and start getting your parents to sign up for concession stand duty.   The Team Parent is a most important part of the Little League experience.  You are the link between the Board and the Team.  Your coach has enough to worry about without being responsible for getting League information to the Team.  A good Team Parent is essential to having a great season.    Make it a point to stay on top of what goes on in the League and make sure everyone on the Team is aware.   Thank you so much for volunteering to be our Team Mom or Dad.

Monday, April 5
EDCO 15-17 Signups this week

All boys ages 15 through 17 years old who wish to play EDCO  baseball are asked to attend a meeting on Monday eveining at 6pm at Hewes Ave.  Sign ups will be taken at this time and depending on the number of boys intereted in playing we will form at least one team and maybe two teams if we have the numbers.  The cost of registration is $150  which includes a uniform, insurance, and all league costs and umpire fees. MVLL is dedicated to providing an outlet for all teen boys who wish to play baseball at a higher level.  Please tell your friends and join us for a very exciting and competitive season.


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Tuesday, March 30

This weekend Mickey Vernon Little League will be staging their annual Easter Flower Sale.   Beginning Friday April 2 in the afternoon and continuing until Sunday afternoon on April 4, we will be displaying all the floral favorites that everyone enjoys on this occasion.   Spring flowers, Easter lilies, tulips,planters, and bouquets will be on sale for the whole community.  Our sales location is on Market Street in Linwood at the old Bank building situated next to Ward Funeral Home. 

Here is the first opportunity for you to achieve hours toward your refund of your administration fee of $35. Volunteers are needed to help with the sales throughout the weekend.  Please contact Mr. Onaris Waters @ 215-519-1604 to schedule yourself as a volunteer.  Remember you need a total of 8 hours per family of volunteer time at the concession stand , fundraisers, or field duty to be eligible for the refund.

Tell your friends and neighbors about our Easter Flower Sale.  The proceeds benefit the players of the League and goes toward the cost of uniforms and equipment and field improvement.  Our selection of flowers is one of the most varied around and they always bring a smile to those you give them to.  Cemetary  flowers and crosses will be available too.




Monday, January 11
2010 Registration Begins for Mickey Vernon Little League


January is the month where we begin to make plans for the upcoming baseball season.  By now you are wondering when registration for the 2010 season will be held.   And more importantly how much will it cost?   Good news for everyone is the Board has been quite busy and went over the 2009 season and how we could improve.  As you are well aware  the economy has made it difficult for a lot of organizations to hold costs down and still offer the same services.  Mickey Vernon Little League of course is affected by these hard financial times.    Yet after much discussion the Board elected to increase only the concession stand or administrative fee that is charged per family and not per player as some Leagues are accustomed to do.  It is still wholly refundable at the end of  the year as long as the volunteer time requirements are met.    So in effect, registration fees did not increase for TeeBall, Rookie, and the Major and Minor Baseball and Softball programs.  Mickey Vernon Little League kept the line on the cost of playing.   Bottom line   TeeBall and Rookie players (ages 4-7) will be charged just $30 for registration.  Major and Minor Baseball and Softball (ages 8-12)  will be charged $55 to play at MVLL.  REGISTRATION FEES REMAIN AT THE 2009 LEVEL.!!!   How is that for providing an affordable place to learn and play baseball and softball!!   
There is an increase to play at the Teener level and at the travel Softball level.  Last year we incurred a heavy burden in the Teener program because of rising uniform umpire, and league registration costs that depleted a lot of our funds. Because of this we had to increase the fee for a Teener/Travel player in order to align the costs to be evenly distributed throughout the League.   Players at these levels will be charged $150.  Not a large increase but an increase to alleviate the burden on the League.  We hope that families in this program understand our need to address this situation.  
The administrative/concession stand fee will be increased this year to $35 per family wholly refundable after members of the family volunteer their time at fundraisers and the concession stand throughout the season.   The hourly requirement this year will be 8 (eight) hours per family with mandatory volunteer time required at the Easter and Mother's Day Flower sales.   This fundraiser provides us with nearly 50% of our funds for the operating season.  It is the most important fundraisers of the year.  That is why we are making it mandatory to provide time at one or both of these sales.   Other fundraisers will be offered throughout the season including a St.Patrick's Day Beef and Beer  at Linwood Fire House in March and a Coaches' Breakfast at Applebee's  to be scheduled in April.  The Board is considering other functions like a Car Wash, Trivia Night, and any other ones you may think will help the League.
Also we are bringing back the Sponsor Incentive program for those of you who work for or own a business in the community.  If you can have your business sponsor a team for $300 or more we will waive all registration and administrative fees.  The more sponsors we get, the more we can provide the children with new equipment and better facilities.  Contact a board member for more information on this program.  The sponsors are our lifeblood that sustains us throughout the season.  Uniform costs are expensive and continue to rise each year.  A team sponsorship helps us give the children a better experience.  Please consider participating in this incentive program.  It benefits everyone.
2010 is our 55th Anniversary season and a few surprises are scheduled for Opening Day and the Parade to commemorate this occasion.  
So without further ado the 2010 Calendar is as follows:
 January 26   Registration 7:30-9pm @ Linwood Youth Center
 January 30  Registration 10am-12pm @ Linwood Youth Center
 January 31  registration  12pm-2pm @ LYC
 February 2   Registration and Umpire Clinic  7:30-9pm  @LYC
 February 9   Registration and Umpire Clinic  7:30-9pm  @ LYC  Board Meeting
 February 16 Registration and Umpire Clinic  7:30-9pm @LYC
 February 23  Registration and Umpire Clinic  7:30-9pm @LYC
 February 27  Registration  10am-12pm  @ LYC
 February 28  Registration  12-2pm  @LYC
 March  2     Registration 7;30-9pm @LYC
March  9       Board Meeting   7:30pm  LYC
 March 13    Tryouts  and St. Patty's Day Beef and Beer
 March 14    Tryouts
 March 20    Callbacks
 March 21    Callbacks  and Draft
 March 22    Practices begin for Major and Minor Divisions and Rookie Division
 March 29    Practices begin for TeeBall
 April 2,3,4    Easter Flower Sales
 April 10     Opening Day  55th Anniversary
 April 12    Regular Season begins
 May 7,8,9  Mother's Day Flower Sales
 June 7      Playoffs
 June 11    End of Season

Our january Board meeting scheduled for January 12 will be moved to Thursday January 14.  As you may know our friend and Lower Chi commissioner Joe Doyle passed away last week.  Tuesday he will be laid out at Holy Saviour Church  from 9 am to 11 am for everyone to pay their respects with his Funeral Mass to immediately follow at 11:00am.   To honor Joe and his dedication to the community we will postpone our meeting on Tuesday.  Please understand.   

If you are interested in coaching please contact a Board member as soon as possible to initiate paperwork and background check. Also anyone who would like to umpire to alleviate costs of registration please inform the President of your desire.   We have many opportunities for volunteers.  Just ask we can use your help and expertise.

Any questions concerning registration feel free to contact me by email or by phone @ 610-659-4017 after 4pm.

Thanks and hope to see you soon in 2010!

Sunday, June 14
MVLL Dedicates Plaque in Mickey Vernon's Memory Opening Day 2009

Tom Woods, Fred Hembree dedicating plaque on Opening Day with Gay Vernon
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Mickey Vernon Retired Number Sign
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Monday, April 20
Rain Out Procedures

MVLL rain out procedures are as follows:

              1.Opposing coaches must call each other to confirm a " rain out" game.

              2.Coaches are responsible to call all players on their roster to inform them of a " rain out"

              3.To re-schedule a game both coaches must agree to a time and date and then submit that date to the Director of Baseball or Softball for approval of field and umpire availability.

              4.Directors of Baseball and Softball will inform the Board with the changes.

              5. The Board of Directors reserve the right to re-schedule games in the best interest of MVLL

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Sunday, September 28
James B. "MIckey" Vernon Dies at Age 90

Mickey Vernon , two time American League batting champion, a four decade Major Leaguer, and the man whom our League is named after passed away at the age of 90 at Riddle Memorial Hospital after suffering a stroke over last weekend.  Mickey upon his retirement from MLB graced us with his presence at every MVLL opening Day.  His warm friendly manner was enjoyed by many generations of Little Leaguers and their families.  Never refusing an autograph or listening to someone tell him a story about watching him play or about some childhood acquaintance, Mickey gave his individual attention to all who asked of it from him.    Even when Mickey was not feeling well he made it a point to come rain or shine to MVLL's  Opening Day.  His advice to each player was the same every year,"Keep your eye on the ball!".  Although it may seem like a very simple instruction it was much more than that.  It was a lesson for all those future Major Leaguers that no matter what you do in life it takes focus and discipline to do what is necessary to acheive your goals.   Coming from the sandlots of Marcus Hook and Linwood Mickey understood that hard work and love for what you are doing will go a long way in this life.  His humor and easy going way will be sorely missed here at MVLL.  Opening Day will never be the same.  We hope that soon Mickey will be recognized by Baseball's Hall of Fame as one of the greatest human beings ever to grace a baseball diamond not only as a player, coach, or manager but as that "gentleman first baseman"  that everyone here at MVLL loved.  We cherish the memories that Mickey left us and will continue to proudly wear his name across our chests and on our hats. 

Sunday, September 28
"Keep Your Eye On The Ball!"

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