Michiana Cruisers Gold: Recruiting Links

Wednesday, September 13
This page contains links to information on the recruiting process.  For members of our team, we also have sample letters for players and their parents to send to schools, sample player profiles, timetables, and many links to other resources, available on the "Recruiting Forms" page.  Check back regularly.  There are also other links available on the "General Links" page, please visit that page also.

While it is one of our goals to have each player successfully play beyond the high school level if that is their desire, and while we can initiate some contacts and try to make the connections between the events and places the players will be best seen by college scouts, it is ultimately the effort also of the player and her family to continue in this pursuit.  We will help as we can in this process, and provide you with the best materials and resources we can obtain to help in this process.

Wednesday, September 13
CLICK HERE: Fastpitch Recruiting Web Source

Has numerous links, articles, and resources for college prep, college recruiting, and college contacts, Cathy Aradi's site.  This will keep you busy for hours.

Wednesday, September 13
CLICK HERE: Recruiting Articles and Links from Houston Power
Good Resource.  Many good articles on recruiting, with timetables and with many links.

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