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Michiana CRUISERS Gold18U ASA Gold Girls Fastpitch Softball
27 Ellen Amodei 2010  IN   2B, OF, SS, C Elle5801@comcast.net 
12 Tara Buchanan 2008  IN  SS, 3B, 1B tara_buchna_2@hotmail.com 
 1 Alli Catanzarite 2008  IN  C, OF, 1B, U allicat2@mindspring.com 
 6 Jessie Creakbaum 2008  IN  CF, OF, 3B jmariecreak6@yahoo.com 
 4 Alex Dunfee  2008  IN  C, 3B, 1B  Afd189@aol.com 
21 Ashley Ellis  2008  IN  CF, LF, RF  a.ellis01@yahoo.com 
11 Cricket Fisher 2008  MI  SS, 2B, OF CRICKfishr@aol.com 
 8 Ashley Gates 2008  IN  CF, RF, 1B, C   greatcatcher31@comcast.net 
 7 Angela Gillis 2008  IN  P, 2B, SS, 3B allstarangel7105@aol.com 
32 Maria Gillis 2009  IN  P, 3B, C, OF SpOrTzStAr1215@aol.com 
26  Alexa Jack  2008   IN   1B, 3B  bsktbal308@yahoo.com 
 2 Sam McCarty 2009  IN  2B, RF, LF  wickedhitter02@aol.com 
33 Megan Olson 2008  IN  OF, 2B megan00308@comcast.net
35  Sarah Patterson  2008  MI  P, 1B  rizeball35@yahoo.com 
 5 Libby Romstadt 2007  IN  C, IF, OF  

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Michiana CRUISERS Gold

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  • 27           Amodei, Ellen                       2010       2B, OF, SS, C       John Adams High School of South Bend, IN                 Ellen is one of our youngest players, but her skills exceed her age.  She is versatile on defense, playing both midfield positions and every outfield spot.  She has quick bat speed and hits with surprising power.  She is a heady and aggressive base runner, not afraid to take the extra base.  She has played travel ball on several teams over the past few years including NSA/ASA/Little League 14U-16U/HS summer travel, and with her high school team as an incoming freshman.  Her teams have done well, the 2006 team placing 4th in World for 16U for which team Ellen started at 2nd and had a batting average of .293.  GPA 3.8, takes honors courses.  R/R. 
  • 12           Buchanan, Tara                  2008       SS, 3B, 1B             LaPorte High School of LaPorte, IN                Tara is an aggressive player, an outstanding shortstop, dives for balls, hits with power in the 3 or 4 spot.  Tara has played softball for many years for both school and travel.  She has played varsity for her high school varsity team since Freshman year, where she plays shortstop and occasionally 3rd.  Tara has been a leader on her teams for hitting and fielding.  All of her teams have placed well, and she is the key reason why.  In 2006 her NSA Indiana Raiders team won State Champs and World Series; and in 2007 she played for Railcats which won ASA 16U State Champs.  She is enthusiastic, self-motivated, is an overall great player, and can play in multiple positions.  Sarah also is a great basketball player for her High School team.  GPA 3.0. R/R.   
  • 2            Catanzarite, Alli                   2008       C, OF                      James Whitcomb Riley High School of South Bend, IN             Alli has been playing softball for several years, including travel softball.  Her most recent team has been Indiana Inferno, where she plays primarily catcher.  She continues to play with Indiana Inferno, an NSA “A” team, but plays with Cruisers in extra tournaments as her schedule allows.  With Inferno she participated in the 2006 NSA World Series, and won many local tournaments.  She also played with the 2006 16U Sr Division Little League team from Indiana which won the Regional Championship of 14 States, then went on to place 4th in the World in Delaware.  Alli will be a 3 year varsity starter this coming season; she can play any position but pitcher has a strong accurate arm; is a good contact hitter; and is overall a smart softball player.  GPA 3.0.  R/R. 
  •   6            Creakbaum, Jessie           2008       CF, OF, 3B            Bremen High School of Bremen, MI                                Jessie is an experienced outfielder with great speed and range.  Jessie has a strong outfielder's arm primed for many assists.  She has played softball since she was young, including travel ball for the past 6 years.  She starts for her high school team, and she also plays basketball.  Her most recent travel team advanced to 2006 NSA World Series, and had won or placed in several other tournaments attended in the summer 2006.  She is a line drive hitter, will sacrifice her body on the base paths, is extremely dedicated to the game of softball.  Jessie is a real "gamer."  She always gives the full 100%.  GPA 3.8,  R/R.  
  •  4            Dunfee, Alex                        2008       C, 1B, 3B               Penn High School of Mishawaka, IN               Alex is an excellent softball player.  She is mainly a catcher, can also play 3rd and 1st, and has versatility to play in other needed positions with great defensive skills.  Alex is a great power and clutch hitter, usually 4th in the line-up.  She has played ball for many years for summer travel and school.  She has played varsity for Penn High School since her freshman year.  In 2007 as a Junior she was awarded 1st Team All Conference Catcher, and 3rd Team All State Catcher.  She most recently played with Mystiques for three years, was chosen for the All Star teams in both Colorado and Compuware tournaments.  She has won the Sportsmanship award in her high school.  She has also played basketball at the varsity level all her high school years.  At every level of her softball career, she has not only succeeded but excelled.  She says softall is her love, passion and dream, and would love to live this dream in her college years.  GPA 3.75, takes honors courses, R/R. 
  • 21           Ellis, Ashley                          2008       CF, LF, RF             Noblesville City High School of Noblesville, IN              Ashley is a supurb player, a left, slapper, leadoff hitter, centerfielder.  She ahs won numerous awards, varsity since freshman year, her freshman year she made 2nd team all ledger (conference), sophomore year 1st team with .568.  She has played travel ball for several years, recently with the Indy Crush before coming to Cruisers.  She has a strong work ethic, on the field and her teachers also say in the classroom.  She has speed, range, glove, and a cannon from centerfield.  She has a great love for the game, and has a positive and cheerful attitude.  She is a very dedicated player, drives 3 hours away to attend practices every Sunday, and is committed to the game of softball.  GPA 2.67, L/R. 
  • 11           Fisher, Cricket                     2008       SS, 2B                    Niles Senior High School of Niles, MI                             Cricket is the starting shortstop on Niles Varsity, but is also adept at 2B.  She has played on the Varsity team since her freshman year.  She has also played travel ball for several years on several winning teams.  Some of her recent successes include: 2006-16u NGBSA Tournament Champions, 2005-Summer Slam Fest 14u A/B Division, Champions-CCAC Warsaw, IN, NSA Super World NLT 14u Champions-Potterville Michigan, 14u Champions Harris Heat Invitational, 14u State Champions B Division NSA-Metro-Lansing Area, 14u 1st Place-CCAC Warsaw,IN  GPA 3.4, R/R 
  • 8              Ashley Gates                       2008       OF, C, 1B               John Adams High School of South Bend, IN
    Ashley Gates is versatile player who fills more than a utility role because she becomes nearly impossible to unseat at any position where she finds a home. A three-year varsity starter at John Adams High School where she has been a key player on two sectional champion teams, Ashley is slated to move from the outfield to full-time catching for her senior year. She has a strong arm and was in the double-digits in assists from right field in her junior year. Offensively, Ashley hits with power in both outfield gaps and has been a clutch hitter in both high school and on her summer teams. She was a key member of the 2006 16U World Series from South Bend.
  •   7            Gillis, Angela                        2008       P, 2B, SS, 3B        John Adams High School of South Bend, IN
  • 32           Gillis, Maria                          2009       P, 3B, C, OF          John Adams High School of South Bend, IN Combined info:   Sisters Angela and Maria Gillis have an extensive history of pitching in tandem, alternating from game to game and within games in a host of local and national tournaments.  In 2006 and 2007 they also alternated between the circle and as position players for their high school team.  The have been the centerpieces of several high level championship teams, including – 2004 World Champs Jr Division Little League (14U), 2005 Regional (14 states) runners-up, in 2006 4th in the World Sr Division (16U), State Champs 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2002 4th in World Little League 12U; their team already qualified for 2007 ASA Nationals, but the team declared Gold status; also plays for summer HS travel team every year along with other summer league and summer travel; and played for additional NSA/ASA travel teams summer of 2006 and prior which also qualified for World Series.  Both girls have pitched perfect games at every level.  Both are true gamers and have been called "warriors" by some other coaches, and are seen as the ones to pitch in a tough spot or tight jam because they never lose their mental control.  Both can play all positions when needed, except Angela does not play catcher. Angela (08) is a line drive hitter with power in the gaps and adept bunter up both lines.  With low strikeouts, she makes an excellent 2-spot hitter, and batted .385 the 2006 season, over .400 for 2006-2007 travel ball.  As a pitcher, Angela has a great drop ball, screw ball, curve, rise and change-up.  She plays shortstop, 3rd and 2nd when not pitching, and is considered a great midfielder.  In her 2007 high school post season tourney, she threw 31 straight shut-out innings taking her team to state quarter-finals and regional runners-up, had an overall high school pitching record for 2007 of 14-3, and received MVP as a Junior; in 2006 World Series as one of the final 9 teams, she threw a 1-hitter against the Orange County Calif team.  Scholar Athlete Award, GPA 3.62, takes honors and AP courses, R/R.Maria Gillis (09) is the prototype power hitter, perfect as a 3 hitter or in the cleanup spot.  In 2006 she was the first freshman in history at her HS to hit a home run, with a total of 3 home runs the 2006 April-July season including one grand slam; then another at Rising Stars Fall 2006; and 3 more April-May 2007 during HS season; then another June 2007 at Compuware, and at each subsequent tournament, Toledo, Boulder Independence Day, Orland Park, Regionals, for a total of 17 home runs in a little over a year.  Always played Varsity in HS, received 2nd Team Conference Award as a sophomore, Honorable Mention as a freshman.  She usually hits in the 3, 4 or 5 spot, overall batting average .508.  She generally plays 3rd or catches when not pitching, has quick hands around the corners, but can and does play anywhere.  Her wins as a pitcher are extensive, she has a rise ball, drop, screw and a great change-up.  Scholar Athlete Award, GPA 3.5, takse honors and AP courses, R/R. 
  • 26           Jack, Alexa                          2008       1B, 3B, C               John Adams High School of South Bend, IN                                 Alexa has played well at both corners; she is not afraid to get down in the dirt to go after the ball.  She scoops the ball well and is aggressive in applying the tag.  She has great extension on stretch plays at first.  Alexa has played 1st base on travel teams, high school, and the older divisions of Little League.  As a hitter, Alexa goes for power to all areas of the field and is able to take it deep up the opposite gap.  She has extensive championship histories, to summarize a few, 2004 World Champs for the Jr Division (14U) of Little League, 2005 Regional runners-up for 16U Division, and 2006 played Big League (18U) for Regional Runners-Up against Michigan.  She also plays for their summer high school travel team, and she played for additional NSA/ASA travel teams this past summer and prior summers which have also done well.  GPA 3.1, takes honors courses, R/R. 
  •   2            McCarty, Sammy                2009       P, 2B, 3B, 1B        Marian High School of Mishawaka, IN                Sammy plays well at several positions, 2B, LF, RF, Utility.  She has played varsity through her high school career, has played travel and Little League for many years.  For travel, she played with the Marian Lady Knights 18U.  Her Junior Little League 14U team was World Champs at the 2004 World Series.  She has received academic and athletic honors, also plays basketball, received Northern Indiana Conference Award as Sophomore for Softball.  She is involved in numerous extra-curricular activities.    
  •  33         Olson, Megan                      2008       OF, 2B                    Hobart High School of Hobart, IN    Libby gets down and dirty no matter where she is playing in the field or while on the bases.  She has great speed, 2.71 seconds from home to 1st.  Plays primarily outfield, but also plays 2nd well.  She is a switch hitter, can slap and bunt from the left.  She has been a Varsity starter for her softball team all her years of high school.  She previously received the All LAC Conference Honorable Mention, and most recently the All State Honorable Mention.  She received the 2007 award for most singles, and the 2006 award for the most stolen bases.  Her fielding percent is .947.  Her 2007 summer team won 16U ASA State Champs, with Runners-Up in two other notable tournaments.  Her dream is to continue to play softball in college.  She has a great love for the game.  GPA 2.75, L/R.   
  • 35         Patterson, Sarah                                2008       P, 1B                      Okemos High School of Okemos, MI              Sarah’s love for the game shows every time she steps on the field.  She is an outstanding pitcher.  Her 2007 High School Win-Loss record was 36-2, has been started Varsity since Freshman year, 3 years for each of these: MVP, All Area, All Conference, All District, and Team All State Academics.  2007 All Region.  Her 2006-07 travel team, Grand Rapids Blaze, was 18U Diamonds of the North Champs, Great Lakes Champs, Toledo Independence Day Champs, East Lansing College Exposure Champs, to name but a few.  Sarah was a key player in these championships.  She has been coached in pitching by World Renowned pitcher Doug Gillis for the last 4 years.  She has a rise, drop, curve , screw and change-up.  She hopes to continue playing softball in college.  GPA 3.36, R/R.
  •  STAFF:
  • Manager Pete Gillis                    574-329-0308/272-6306              gillisrealty@sbcglobal.net
  • Coach Mike Amodei                   574-298-9912                             amodei.1@nd.edu
  • Coach Russ Johnson
  • Coach Jay Lauer                        574-339-6321    
  • Coach Meagan Ruthrauff             574-850-5989                            LoveTheeNotreDame@sbcglobal.net
  • Player Information Cindy Gillis     574-329-0241/272-6406              GillisLawOffice@aol.com

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