Michiana Cruisers Gold: General Links

Amateur Softball Association of America

Indiana ASA Junior Olympics
Site includes Indiana based tournaments

Rising Stars Tournaments, Florida
Fall Showcase October 27-29, 2006
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Boulder Independence Day Tournament
June 27-July 1, 2007

Compuware Classic Invitational
Approximately June 15-18, 2007
Canton, Michigan

Orland Park Sparks Invitational
2007 Tournament date not yet set

Indy Sportzone
Winter indoor ASA Tournaments. Includes Nov or Dec ASA National Qualifier, date not yet determined.

Triple Crown Sparkler Invitational, Colorado
June 26-July 1, 2007, Colorado

OC Batbusters/ Surf City Tourneys
Exposure tournaments sponsored by OC Batbusters and the City of Huntington Beach, CA.
July 2007 tournament is not yet posted.

Did you mean Michiana Cruisers Car Club?
Michiana Cruisers Car Club of Niles, Michigan.   No relation to this team, but is a very nice group of car enthusiasts, and you might have accidentally came to our website but wanted the car club.

Spy Softball

NCAA Division I Member Sports Links
Link enables you to research information on Division I schools.

Fastpitch Recruiting Web Source
This site has some helpful information for players interested in playing college softball.

Softball Search College Information
Helpful information regarding college softball.

National Collegiate Athletic Association

NCAA Clearinghouse
For Prospective Student-Athletes

Indiana High School Athletic Association

College Preparation links
More links regarding college, college prep, and softball from Texas Eclipse.