Police Officer Michael J. Buczek Little League: "MR. B."

Saturday, December 11
Why was "Mr. B." so special?
Johnny MrB and Little League Players

Why was "Mr. B." so special to the Buczek Little League? He was Police Officer Michael J. Buczek and Mary Jo's father, Sgt. John Moynihan's dear friend and an advocate for the good people of Washington Heights.

Why? Because Police Officer Michael J. Buczek loved his job with the NYPD and the good, law-abiding residents of Washington Heights. The neighborhood was much different in 1988- drugs and criminals seemed to rule the streets. Michael received many commendations in his short career and was known for his love of laughter and his big heart . He gave a young mother money to buy her daughter a First Communion dress and would often buy burgers for hungry, poor people. He didn't make a ton of money, but Michael was raised by Ted and Josephine Buczek "Mr. & Mrs. B." to be kind and generous to those less fortunate.

On October 18, 1988, 24 year-old Police Officer Michael J. Buczek was killed by drug dealers in Washington Heights. Neighborhood residents were afraid of the drug dealers and afraid to talk to the police about them, too.

Rather than let sadness consume them, Officer Buczek's family committed themselves to changing the community that Michael served and loved for the better. In 1989, Officer Buczek's family created the Police Officer Michael J. Buczek Little League to continue Michael's service to the Washington Heights community and to strengthen the community's relationship with the NYPD.

"Mr. B" poured his heart into making a safe haven for the children of Washington Heights, whom he called "his little munchkins." He envisioned a place they could interact safely with each other and good role models. Lobbying city politicians and businesses tirelessly on behalf of these youngsters, “Mr. B” transformed a run down, dusty lot into a ball field the children today are proud to play on. The state-of-the-art Michael John Buczek Ball Field located at Fort George (193rd) and Amsterdam Avenue is equipped with lights and Astroturf, thanks to the generosity of ADCO Lighting Company and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's support.

Every year, two parades are held in Washington Heights-  each April, the Police Officer Michael J. Buczek Little League Opening Day Parade & Celebration;  and every October 18th, the Memorial March & Mass to remember the day Officer Buczek and Officer Chris Hoban lost their lives.

We lost Mr. B in 2010, but his dedication, and Michael's memory, lives on through children on Washington Heights, along with Mary Jo Buczek, Sgt. John Moynihan and the Police Officer Michael J. Buczek Little League and Foundation. Mary Jo and Sgt. Moynihan continue the good work of the Buczek Little League and Foundation, as a lasting tribute to the memory of Officer Buczek and "Mr. B’s" commitment to the residents of Washington Heights.

"Mr. B" really was that special.