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San Jose, CA
San Jose, California


Please check the Website often for changes to practice times, updates, news, etc. GO METRO!

Tuesday, February 11

Metro San Jose will have 2 high school teams this Spring and Summer.  The plan is to play local as much as possible and develop the players in the program. The plan is to have 2 practices a week which will consist of skill development and increasing each players basketball IQ. Jordan Wang will coach the Red team and Wade Nakamura will coach the Black team. They will be assisted by a number of different guest coaches throughout the spring and summer.

Monday, August 12
Metro San Jose Hard Work

Both the Silver and Black teams showed their youth throught the viewing month of July. Both teams gained valuable experience against good competition in Oregon, Arizona, and EBX. The focus was always on learning the game and development on and off the court. Every player learned that the competition is fierce across the nation and the only way to get ahead is to put in the time and work.

Goodluck to the 2 Sr's in the program Nadene Hart and Angela Silver as they seek out the best academic and basketball opportunities for themselves. They will definitely help some good program out there.

The coaching staff would like to thank all the players, parents and families that showed their support for Metro San Jose throughout the Spring and Summer. It is a big commitment, so thank you.

Saturday, May 4
Metro HS

Metro HS Silver is working hard every practice and getting better.They should do well at the Bulldawgs May 11-12th tournament and Strictly Hoops May 25-26th.

Metro Black went 3-0 in the Sac Showcase and is steadily improving and gaining experience with every game. Setting goals with every practice and working on individual skills and basketball IQ.

Saturday, May 4
Metro 7th

Metro 7th grade team is working hard to improve with every practice and every tournament. The focus should be on getting better, not wins and losses. The coaches appreciate the girls who have been committed to getting better. The next 2 tournaments are Bulldawgs May 11-12 and Stictly Hoops May 25-26th.

Saturday, May 4
Congrats to Courtney Danna and Irene Chavez

Congrats to these young ladies on their signing of NLI.

Courtney signed with UC Merced and Irene signed with UC Irvine.  Both of these great PG's will do great things at the next level. They have worked hard to become great leaders on and off the court and have no weaknesses on the court. Both were named 1st team All League and All CCS. 


Thursday, April 18
West Coast Showcase

11:40am Metro HS Silver vs. Jam On It at Albert Einstein Middle, Sacramento

1:40pm Metro HS Black vs. Showtime Hoops at Rosemont HS

4:00pm Metro HS Silver vs. TCSC Warriors at Rosemont HS

6:20pm Metro HS Black vs. Bay Magic at Rosemont HS

Thursday, April 11

A BIG THANK YOU to those that donated to Metro San Jose. Some people just chose to donate and or sponsor instead of particiapte in the fundraiser eteamsponsor. Your generous donation is appreciated. Thank you to those of you who entered emails and did participate in the fundraiser. Those spalding basketballs we use that have Metro San Jose laser engraved on them are part of what your funraising dollars go towards. The jumpropes, heavy balls, gym time, etc. 

Thank  you

Sunday, March 10
Tournaments Tentative Schedule for Spring and Summer 2013

April 6th-7th- Strictly Hoops  (Marin)
April 13-14th SC Quakes  (Santa Cruz)
April 20-21- 7th Strictly Hoops  (Marin)  and HS Black and Silver Sactown Showcase NCAA Viewing (Rosemont HS)

April  27-28th MRC (San Francisco)

May 11-12- Bulldawgs (Peninsula)
May 25-26 Strictly Hoops (Marin)
June 1-2 -CA Ballaz (EastBay)
June 8-9th CA Stars (East Bay)

June 29-30 HS Teams Norcal Sparks (Stockton)

July 6-9 Black and Silver NCAA Oregon Trail 

July 10-12 Black at NW Summer Showcase (Seattle)

July 22-25 Silver MSNM (Rocklin) Black at Phoenix, AZ Nike Oasis Invitational

 July 27-29 EBX Summer in the City (East Bay)

 These tournament dates are subject to change.

Thursday, March 28
HS Player Rankings and Reality

A good read........selfishness is rampant.

Friday, March 22

To those parents who are new to the Summer AAU scene. I want to inform you that July is a big month for the two high school teams, so please try not to schedule any family vacations during this month.  Schedule vacations any time in August. July is the one month in the year that is open for NCAA viewing at events by multiple coaches. I have included a link to the NCAA viewing calendar. Also, any potential NCAA athlete D1 or D2 should register for the NCAA Clearinghouse

Sunday, January 20
Metro 7th Grade Team

Metro San Jose 7th Grade Team

7th grade selections: Taylor Togami (committed), Amanda Rice, Jade Knotzon-Kidwell (committed), Grace Billings (committed), Chloe Lojera, Isabel Mendoza (committed), Nichole Streete (committed), Grace Smith, Monika Mizota (committed), Lizzie Moore (committed)

Invited to practice with the team and play in tournaments if needed: Danielle Muscha, Katrina Kavanagh, Cynthia Diaz

Please email Wade Nakamura with confirmation of your commitment by Sunday night 3/17. 

Stay tuned for updates and always check the website for any changes.

Friday, February 22

Metro Black Varsity: Maddie Guidoux (committed), Nadene Hart (committed), Angela Silver (committed), Ashley MacDonald (committed), Mandy Silver (committed), Melissa Fletcher (committed), Maeve Kavanagh (committed), Sadie Allen (committed), Ashley Parsons (committed)......coached by Wade Nakamura and Creighton Lane

Metro Silver Varsity: Rikki Maldonado (committed), Claire Danna (committed), Sara Kaul (committed), Meagan Jaeb (committed), Julie Wang (committed),  MC Simone (committed), Lorraine Jessel(committed), Kerene Straetker (committed), Sadie Allen, Maeve Kavanagh, Ashley Parsons,......coached by Andy Anaya and Fred Yepez

 Girl's listed on both teams will play with both when possible.

 Please email Wade Nakamura at to confirm your commitment to the team by Sunday 3/17.

NCAA Viewing tournaments

April 20-21 TBD either Sacramento or LA both Silver and Black

July -- Oregon, Seattle, Las Vegas, Rocklin, EBX

Sunday, March 17
Registration and Fees...ALL PLAYERS

I need the player registration/medical release form completely filled out and turned in by the first practice. I need to get every player their AAU membership card. Please bring 1/2 payment or full payment to first practice also.

Click on Handouts on the side and you will see player info. and parent permission sheets you can download and print out.



Wednesday, March 20

This is the one major fundraiser for our program. We will be doing the eteamsponsor fundraiser again as it is the least instrusive fundraiser we have ever done. The positive is that the kids just have to enter emails of potential sponsors and eteamsponsor does the rest, including sending a personal thank you from the player and receipt for tax deduction purposes. The negative is that we don't get 100% of the donations from sponsors. If anyone can get direct donations from sponsors that would be better, so if anyone directly talks to potential sponsors let them know it would be better for our program if they donate directly to Metro San Jose because we will then get 100% of that sponsorship. I will give players more information at practices. The more players that participate the better.

Wednesday, April 13
Birth Certificates and Report Cards and Player Fees

I need a copy of your birth certificate and you report card ASAP. I also need payment of fees.

Friday, September 26

Thursday, June 12
Thank You!!!

Thank you to all the players and parents who dedicated themselves to Metro San Jose Basketball in its quest to become a respectable program once again. It takes the support of the parents off the court and the hard work of the players on the court to make the program successful. The wins and losses were not important although we did win more than we lost, it was the experience that meant the most. Because all the players were coachable and had good atttiudes it made it a joy for all the coaches. The constant support of parents is also appreciated especially those who went out of their way to tell the TEAM and coaches they did a good job. You have all helped lay the foundation to the new Metro San Jose Basketball Club.

Friday, May 9

1. Tiffany Ducker- Oregon State

2. Ellen Porshneva- UC Davis

3. Jackie George- Chico State

4. Kristy Halaufia- Azusa Pacific

5. Ashley Oakes- Azusa Pacific

6. Alcha Strane- U. San Diego

7. Genny Anderson- Sonoma State

8. Kiira Rodriguez- San Jose State

9. Nikita Gordon- Azusa Pacific

10. Bianca Benschop- Cal State East Bay

11. Liz Widgren- Holy Names College

12. Kirian Ishizaki- UC Irvine 

13. Nici Gilday- Santa Clara U.

14. Irene Chavez- UC Irvine

15. Courtney Danna- UC Merced

16. Hailie Eackles- UOP

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