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Friday, September 14
Next Meeting

The Next Meeting is


The Following are the dates for the balance of the year:

February 6, 2019

7:00 PM 


February 20, 2019-New Coaches Meeting

7:00 PM 


March 6, 2019

 7:00 PM 



April 10, 2019

Time To be announced 



All meetings are held at the:

Protocol Restaurant 

6766 Transit Road

Williamsville, NY 14221 

Tuesday, November 27
2019 Insurance (New Policies and Renewals)

Joe K. has sent out the following:


Dear 2019 MGSL Teams,
This email address the MGSL insurance plans for the 2019 season.  For those not fully aware, limitations on the NSA/WestPoint insurance have been brought to our attention.  Other organizations have opted out 100% from the NSA/Westpoint program.
You have options
1) Continue with NSA/WestPoint as in the past, accepting their coverage as is - Purchase
    through Joe Komoroske
2) Contact Sadler Insurance see below - Columbia, SC 
3) Contact Donald Houck see below - Amherst ,NY
4) Research your own
Pricing - the 2019 MGSL NSA/WestPoint insurance package as in the past will be $170.00 per team for those 18U an under
              Sadler will probably cost you less, particularly for 10's and 12's
              Donald Houck will quote you based on your specific needs.  Ask Joe K for the
              application form
NSA limitations -
The NSA policy will cover the teams during practice and sanctioned play of softball.
                               (Sanctioned play is defined as - Must have rules and regulations in place)
Friendly’s, Round Robbins and scrimmages are not covered under the NSA policy.
There is more NSA/WestPoint information below the contact lines
Optional contacts
Sadler & Company, Inc.
Angela Wynn
PO Box 5866
Columbia, SC  29250-5866
Office Phone: 1-800-622-7370
Office Fax: 803-256-4017
Donald L. Houck, Jr.
1940 Eggert Road
Amherst, NY 14226
t. 716.835.2525
f. 716-835-7808
Additional NSA/WestPoint details
 A closer look at the certificates indicates that the Metro Girls Softball League, Inc. is an additional insured under the NSA policy. This means that Metro and the teams that have opted into the NSA coverage share in the policy liability limit which appears to be a maximum of $3M per occurrence and a maximum of $4M available during any policy year. The $4M aggregate (max per policy year) is fine unless there are lawsuits whose cumulative total exceeds $4M.
The policy does not appear to include: Crime coverage (theft of money and/or employee or volunteer
dishonesty) nor is there insurance for business personal property (equipment, bats, balls, any other items owned by the teams).


Tuesday, June 12
GHOST bat Revised


The Ghost Bat notification below is under review for the 2019 season Ghost bat issue is under review for the 2019 season 

A USA/ASA bat test report was published on 6/28/18 and sent to the MGSL on 7/5/18.  The results of that report/testing are not fully agreed with.  For the time being the blue/gray labled Ghost bat is suspended for MGSL games.

The GOLD Ghost bat is 100% illegal for MGSL play.

2019 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat -10oz USSSA FP19GHU10

The 2019 USSSA Easton Ghost brings a new meaning to "hot right out of the wrapper", as this bat truly has ZERO BREAK-IN needed, with a design that has never been seen before! The game-changing Double Barrel Design, which combines an inner barrel with the lowest legal compression possible, along with a Soft Outer Barrel, and you have extreme pop and performance from day one! The handle and barrel are fully composite, as Easton uses "XTX" (Xtra Tough Resin Matrix), which is a first class carbon fiber composite material for a durability that lasts day in and day out. The Ghost is made as a 2-piece, and the barrel-to-handle is connected with Easton's ConneXion Technology that has been redesigned to enhance the overall feel and eliminate that unwanted sting/vibration from getting to the hands. Get your Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat today, right here at!

2019 USSSA Ghost Fastpitch Softball Bat Features: 

  • 2-Piece Bat Construction (ConneXion)
  • 100% XTX Composite Design
  • Double Barrel Design
  • Soft Outer Barrel
  • 1.2mm Hyperskin Diamond Bat Grip
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Ultra-Thin 29/32" Handle
  • 2 1/4" Barrel Diameter
  • -10oz Length to Weight Ratio
  • 1.20 BPF USSSA, NSA, ISA Approval ONLY (Not Approved for ASA or ISF)
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Monday, August 6
End of the season - Escrow checks


As of 11/25/18 - All checks have  been cashed. Thank you.






Sunday, August 19
2018 MGSL Champions

Regular Season

10U A - Clarence Red Devils (Greco)

10U B - Lake Shore Eclipse (Mark Dylik)

10U Rookie - Lou Gehrig Lasers (Ryan)

12U A - Cheektowaga Crush White (Hickson)

12U B - Hamburg Xtreme Black (Rogers)

14U A - Southern Tier Elite (Beckerink)

14U B - Fredonia Fury (Schrantz)

16U - Dazzlers White (Piskorowski)

Senior - Evans Force (Al Butlak)



10U A - Clarence Red Devils (Greco)

10U B - North Buffalo Black (Hatch)

10U Rookie - North Buffalo Silver (Gallivan)

12U A - Fredonia Lady Renegades (Lucas)

12U B - West Seneca Magic (Lynch)

14U A - Southern Tier Elite (Beckerink)

14U B - Lancaster Heat White (Czombel)

16U Gold - Orchard Park Starz (Musty)

16U Silver - West Seneca Magic (Antalek)

Senior (Young) - Amherst Thunder (Runfola)

Senior (Older) - Lancaster Heat White (Rouse)

Monday, May 21
PONY Challenge 2018

2018 PONY Challenge

The event was finally played in excellent weather conditions.  (thank you Mother Nature) 

10U Sandlot Saints

12U Amherst Thunder - Kubiak 

14U Orchard Park Starz 

16U Dazzlers White - Piskorowski 

Senior - Lancaster Heat - Rouse 



Thank you for participting !

Friday, July 1
How to contact Metro Girls Softball League

Please direct any softball correspondence to the following address.

Joe Komoroske
Cell 716-912-4066


Dennis Ferris

Friday, November 17
2018 Metro Girls Softball League - Insurance Information -


2018 Metro Girls Softball Insurance Information -

For those returning teams, or new teams considering joining us in 2018, Metro Girls Softball League Inc.  is offering team insurance for the 2018 season. This insurance will be effective January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. The cost will be $170, per team. Teams planning to play in Metro Girls Softball League in 2018 will need to be insured in accordance with the policy limits defined in this 2018 insurance plan. The coverages are as follows:

$3,000,000 General liability (each occurence)

$ 1,000,000 Personal Injury (each occurence)

$5,000 medical expense (any one person)

$4,000,000 general aggregate

$100,000 Excess Accident Medical ($100 deductible)

If your team needs insurance, Metro Girls Softball League will make that purchase for your team in aggregate with all teams submitting payment of $160 by December 15, 2018. Those submitting payment after December 15 will be covered as soon as we can complete the sanction process and insure the teams. In those few cases we may not have coverage for your team by January 1, 2019.

Payments must be received at Metro Girls Softball League Inc., 45 Curley Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127 Checks should clearly state which team is being insured (ie: "Ballerina's 14U (anytown, NY)") & coaches name and address must be included.

Checks should be endorsed to: Metro Girls Softball League Inc. with a notation on the check of "2019 Softball Insurance"

Any questions can be directed to:

Joe Komoroske

Metro Girls Softball

45 Curley Drive

Orchard Park, NY 14127


Sunday, September 15
In Memorium -

Tom Bazinet 9/14/2002 - Co-Founder
Andy Godfrey - 6/3/2017 - Coach - Cheektowaga Crush

Thursday, October 13
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions -

The average estimated cost to play in the MGSL is
$1279.00 per team (12U & older)(two umpires)
$1032.00 per team (10U & older)(one umpire)

League fee - $295.00
Escrow    - $200.00(refundable if not used)
Insurance - $160.00 (you can purchase your own)
Umpires    - $624.00 (13 @ $48, 10U is One man @ $377.00)

Independent teams are welcome in the MGSL. For a copy of the eligibility rules click on HANDOUTS and go to Boundaries. Take note of the "home area" and the out of area player count.

The "out of area" player count was increased as of 1/10/2010

ANY TEAM may join the MGSL. Those teams unable to meet "Home Area" requirement will pay an additional $100.00.

Or Contact
Dennis Ferris at 716-864-7744

or Joe Komoroske at