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An official program of the Boston YMCA (a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization) located in Boston, Mass. Established in 1997.

On the basketball court, we compete in the boys (13/7th grade - 17/11th grade) & Girls High School division. Off the court, we offer academic support and guidance for all of our student-athletes.

Thursday, April 23
Spring update

Boston, MA - Metro Boston 15U & 17U teams will be competing at the Basketbull Northeast Live event held in Springfield, MA on April 24-26, 2015.  Prior to this live period session, Metro Boston competed at the Hall of fame Invitational (CT) and Hoop Group Spring Jamfest in PA.

Click on the link for the Northeast Live event schedule. 

 More news to come in the upcoming weeks..... 

Fall League
The Citi Team Fall League
Friday, September 12
Fall League - Starts October 4th/5th

Metro Boston is running a Fall League starting October 4/5th through November 23, 2014.  It's open for team sign ups or individual sign ups (we would place you on a team).

Games will be stop time - 32 minutes! Certified Refs!

Check out the flyer!

 If interest, email me: (mo_metroboston) for more information.

Should be fun, competitive & solid hoops!

Wednesday, August 20
Metro Boston Summer Recap – July 2014

Boston, MA: Another summer officially in the books! Once again we covered all 3 live periods in July and had numerous teams competing and experiencing the circuit, in the unique form we, Metro Boston, do it! In the Boys division, we had 2 junior teams, a sophomore team, a freshmen team and we also kicked off a Girls team to be active during in the third session!

Lifetime memories and bonds are built during this crucial timeframe.  It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, support, commitment, etc.  I’m thankful & grateful for all the donors that contributed to make these trips successful.  These trips are not easy to pull off!  Every year is unique & this past season was no different than season past.

I have to publicly, once again, say thank you to:

·         The Metro Boston Alumni (too numerous to mention!)

·         My volunteer coaching staff: Oscar Lopez, Didier ‘D’ Dinh; Cory McCarthy; Jonathan Depina; Henry Stevens; Eggie Searcy;

·         The parents of all the kids in the program; Thank you in believing & trusting your child with us!

·         Above all, each member of the program: your commitment & dedication is truly appreciated!

·         The YMCA – Wendy Zinn! Truly appreciate your support!

·         The Citi Team – making a difference!

·         Adidas – nothing but love from my brother from Oakland!

·         Wahlberg Youth Foundation – Jimbo & Mark (Dorchester’s own)

·         Last but not least – my family for providing me with the opportunity to share me with others!


Click on the link to see a pictures recap of July:

The events attended were as follows:

Springfield, MA – Basketbull once again hosted us (9-11th grade Boys teams) at the birthplace of the game of basketball during “Live Period Session 1”.  A great event with a ton of teams competing in front of college coaches with teams from the Northeast and Canada.

Springfield, MA – Basketbull once again hosted our freshmen team at the birthplace of the game of basketball during “Live Period Session 2”.  A great event with a ton of teams competing in front of college coaches with teams from the Northeast and Canada.

Louisville, KY – This was our first year in the Eddie Ford Hoopfest event during “Live Period Session 2” (10-11th grade Boys teams – 3 in total). A solid event with a ton of teams competing in front of college coaches and against teams from the Midwest & South.

Louisville, KY – AAU Super Showcase Gold & AAU junior Nationals Division I: Once again we competed in both events during “Live Period Session 3” (10-11th grade Boys teams – 3 in total).  A premier event with a ton of teams competing in front of college coaches and against teams from all over the U.S.

Springfield, MA – Basketbull hosted a Girls event at the birthplace of the game of basketball during “Live Period Session 3”.  This was the inaugural event for our Girls program.

Metro Boston July 2014

Monday, June 9
Metro Boston's latest Program video!

Check out Metro Boston's latest video on!

A compilation!


Monday, June 9
Metro Boston 2014 Season Recap - Part 2

Boston, MA - Here is a brief write up on how our program is doing this year (2014 - Part 2).

We continue to build another solid year as we enhance our program.  Last year, with our competitive basketball schedule, we had five (5) guys sign Division I scholarships.  I love the fact that most of those guys didn’t have a name prior to joining our program, but through hard work, eagerness to learn and making the commitment to our style and development program, they reaped the benefits.  We were one of the few clubs in the state and possibly region that accomplished this fete.  As I tell people, our basketball schedule must work and I tell folks that this is rare, but we must remain proud of this fact. 

As I previously stated, new programs appear, some re-invent themselves, other programs continue to compete and a few programs close up shop, we continue competing and delivering results since 1997. A proud fact: A volunteer based program striving to develop the complete student-athlete: Same Name, Program, Results! We’re not a profit-program or a program seeking to use other teams to fund a hi-level group. Everyone here competes at the hi-level; we win some and we will lose some (same as things that happen in life). We seek to give everyone an opportunity as long as you earn it in the gym and in the classroom.


Program expanded to include a Metro Boston Girls team (high school division).  More to come with this as the season progresses.


Coaching Changes: Jonathan Depina (15U Head Coach), Cory McCarthy (16U Head Coach) & 17U will consist of Didier Dinh, Cory McCarthy and myself.  Anthony Searcy (Coach), Henry Stevens (Coach) will provide assistance throughout the various age divisions.  Coach Bob Ahearn (12U Head Coach) will remain in tack along with Mr. Brewington.  Every coach & person involved in the program has a college degree, works a solid profession and is volunteering for the right reasons!


Our home base is officially open in June. Brand new Scoreboard, floors, basketball rims, lights, central air conditioning & heating is included at the new sight!  We are truly blessed and the kids are definitely spoiled!

Season Recap (May/June):


Metro Boston 17U continued to gain ground and improve.  At the Hall of Fame event, 17U Cory had to forfeit the Championship Game in order for kids to return back to school in time. 

Metro Boston 17U competed in the NERR Super 16 event held in CT.  The team lost in the Championship Game to New Heights.  Metro Boston beat Drive for Stardom, USAD, NY Jayhawks, & had lost to TMT (CT) but keep the game close to advance based on a 3-way tie and points differential.

Metro Boston sent all 4 teams to the Providence Jam Fest in May.  All teams competed and lost a few tough games.  Growing pains as I call it.

Metro Boston 15U had a tough showing earlier in the month at the AAU Massachusetts tournament due to injuries.  Metro Boston beat Boston Warriors and lost to Mass Elite.  In the play-offs Metro Boston fell to Boston Spartans.  The 6 guys competed and gave it their all.  It’s all you can ask for.


12U won the Bay State Magic tournament held in Roxbury, MA.  Team went undefeated (their second championship in only their first year of competition.  Tough young kids adjusting to the circuit and playing at a level above town leagues.

15U lost in the Championship Game of the BABC Boston Shootout event to Albany city Rocks by 6 points.  Earlier in the tournament, Metro Boston beat BABC West in the opening game of the tournament and BABC 15U in the semi-final game to get to the championship game.

We have scheduled a few more events for the teams to compete as we continue to prepare working towards July’s events. We continue to be competitive and continue to work through our deficiencies and work on developing our members of the program.

We have 2 more events to prepare for and then the month will come to a conclusion.  Then it will officially be July!  Once again, we will be busy throughout the month!  As seasons past, we will play at high level events.

More to come as the season goes, so stay tune!

Monday, June 9
Metro Boston alum Shabazz Napier interview at NBA Combine!

Check out Metro Boston alum Shabazz Napier (UConn) on the net at the NBA Draft Combine in May 2014 .  Interview was conducted during the combine!

Simply click on the link (in the header) to get directed to the video!

A Metro Rider!


Monday, May 12
Spring 2014 Recap!

Boston, MA - Here is a brief write up on how our program is doing this year (2014). 

I’m very proud to hear from all the Metro Boston alums this past winter.  We have an NFL champ (Seattle Seahawks), an NCAA champ (UConn), a Final 4 attendee (Kentucky), a lawyer, college coaches, high school coaches, pro scouts, sales reps, a lawyer, managers, supervisors, professional players overseas, guys graduating from college this spring, guys attending college, fathers, big brothers, etc.  We’ve served as mentors, coaches, supporters, etc.

It’s been a solid year and we continue building and enhancing our program.  As new programs appear, some re-invent themselves, other programs continue to compete and a few programs close up shop, we continue competing and delivering results since 1997.  A proud fact: A volunteer based program striving to develop the complete student-athlete: Same Name, Program, Results!  We’re not a profit-program or a program seeking to use other teams to fund a hi-level group.  Everyone here competes at the hi-level; we win some and we will lose some (same as things that happen in life).  We seek to give everyone an opportunity as long as you earn it in the gym and in the classroom.


Program expanded from 2 team (17U & 16U) to include an additional 3 teams (17U team, a 15U team & 12U team).  My role in fund raising has increased to try to help raise as much money possible to assist the program. 

We have alumni that have graduated from: William & Mary, U Penn, Columbia, Harvard, St. Lawrence, Le Moyne, UConn, Boston College, Quinnipiac, Lafayette, Tuskegee University, St. Michael’s, St. Anselm College, Bridgewater State, Virginia State, Trinity College, Westfield State, etc. 

Currently we have alumni at places like: Babson College, Lehigh University, Bryant University, Wagner University, Framingham State, Worcester State, Endicott College, Trinity College, Missouri State, etc.


Mo Vasquez – my role continues to evolve within the program.  I coach within the various age groups (as an assistant coach or head coach), I fund raise, I serve on a Board, A Budget Director by profession, a Bentley University graduate, a father, a hubby, a big brother, an uncle, a program founder, coordinator, van driver, mentor, an advocate, supporter, etc.

Expanded roles for Jonathan Depina (15U coach), Didier Dinh (17U head coach), Henry Stevens (16U Head Associate Coach) and changed Oscar Lopez role from active coach (16U) to administrative personnel.  New to the program, Cory McCarthy (17U Head Coach), Anthony Searcy (16U Head Coach) and Bob Ahearn (12U Head Coach).  Every coach & person involved in the program has a college degree, works a solid profession and is volunteering for the right reasons.


Our home base is expected to be officially open later this month (May).  Brand new Scoreboard, floors, basketball rims, lights, central air conditioning & heating is included at the new sight!  More to come on this…

Season Recap so far:


Tryouts started a bit late due to Massachusetts State tournament & prep school tournaments.  We had over 58 Juniors; 40 Sophomores & 20 freshmen attend the OPEN try-outs (no fee was charged!!!).  We had to make hard cuts because we needed to ensure we have the funds to support as many kids as possible.  We try to give everyone an opportunity; this can be hard at times.


We attended various events throughout the month.  Each team competed at high level events and the high school teams competed in an OPEN Live period event sanctioned for NCAA coaches to attend.  A few kids have started to receive write ups and interest from college coaches based on their performance on the basketball court.


We have scheduled a few more events for the teams to compete as we continue to prepare working towards July’s events.  We continue to be competitive and continue to work through our deficiencies and work on developing our members of the program.

More to come as the season goes, so stay tune!

Thursday, March 6
Metro Boston Try Outs Information!

Boston, MA - Metro Boston try-outs information is as follows:

Date: Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:45 PM: Freshmen Try-Outs

Time: 3:45 PM - 6:00 PM: Sophomores/Juniors Try-Outs 

Site: New Mission High School

Address: 655 Metropolitan Avenue, Hyde Park, MA

Try Out Fees: NONE


PS: If your high school team is still in the high school state tournament, do NOT expect to participate! No exceptions!

Bring: Positive attitude, sneakers, reversible jersey & be ready to work!

Tuesday, February 11
Metro Boston Try-outs Information 2014

Boston, MA - Metro Boston will be conducting try-outs on Saturday, March 8th & 15th from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at New Mission High School located on 655 Metropolitan Ave, Hyde Park, MA 02136.

Try-outs will be split as follows: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.: Current Grades 8-9 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Current Grades 10-11* *(kids going to prep school for the school year 2014-2015 will be eligible to participate as long as they do not turn 19 on or before 9/1).

For additional information, contact coach Dee at

According to Coach Mo, "It's that time of the year when we start to work with new student-athletes and extend the Metro Boston family. As usual, this upcoming season will be a great year as we've continued to expanded our program and continue to have solid 'sponsors' with the program. This year, we've taken the program up another level and are looking to add new elements to the program. We continue to maintain our staff and added new blood to the mix (with solid coaching experience and success developing student-athletes). Once again, I’m proud of the fact that people recommend student-athletes to be a part of our program because we deliver results on-and-off the court.

As I’ve said in the past, we've been doing this since 1997 and have had great success over the years. We want to continue this tradition. We offer a great program for kids that are willing to work for it and get after it. We've placed a great amount of kids into colleges and/or universities throughout the country. Our schedule is a real good one as always and we want to continue building off the prior years' results. I can't wait to start the New Year and continue moving forward with developing the next group of student-athletes in our program."

Date: Saturday, March 8, 2014 & Saturday, March 15, 2014

Site: New Mission High School

Time: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. - 8th/9th Graders

4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. - 10th/11th graders

(registration starts by emailing Coach D:

Bring: your sneakers, shorts, a reversible jersey and above all a positive attitude and a great work ethic!

Friday, December 20
Happy Holidays & Thank You!

Boston, MA - The Metro Boston program would like to wish everyone a Great Holiday season and a Prosperous New Year!  Below are a few words from Program Director, Founder, Coach, Mentor, Fundraiser, etc. Mo Vasquez.“2013 was another solid year for us.  To think, we've been doing this since 1997.  I'm happy for all the things we accomplished and all the student-athletes in our organization.  I'm grateful to our entire dedicated volunteer-based staff: Coach Oscar L., Dee D., Henry S., Jonathan D., Shabazz N., Courtney Y. (when available!), Dwight B., etc.  Thankful for programs like the Boston YMCA, Beyond Belief and the numerous high school coaches that believe in our program.  I'm proud of all the alumni that have checked in, provided me with feedback on how we impacted their lives and donated time and money.  We (Metro Boston) are truly blessed for sharing our philosophy, approach to the game, life and above all growing together in this community.

I can proudly say we have alumni members coaching at the middle school, high school and collegiate level (Division I & III).  We have alumni playing at various level in college: Division I, II & III from UConn, Quinnipiac, Lehigh, Missouri St, Sacred Heart to Babson College and Endicott College.  We have guys playing professionally overseas and even in the NFL.  We have an alumni working for an NBA organization.  We have a lawyer, various businessmen, educators in the public and private sector, union laborers, etc.  We have many college graduates from Ivy League schools, public and private college/universities.  These are all facts I love sharing with program members, donors, etc.  One day, I might be working for one of the alumni members from the program.  I have to say, I must be getting old that today I’m coaching my former player’s children!The kids that have been in or are in our program know that we truly care for them as a person, before an athlete.  The past few years with The Citi Team behind us and with a motto that speaks volume, Family First we’ve expanded and grown as a program.  Our intentions are to continue this trend!  I’m truly blessed and THANKFUL to everyone that contributes to our organization.  It’s never easy, especially in this circuit, but we hold ourselves to a platinum standard and we measure ourselves against that same standard.

The brand is clear, Metro Boston: Developing the Complete Student-Athlete.  We represent this city, organization and brand to the highest degree.  We roll up our sleeves, put work in the classroom & gym, and we give it our best on & off the court.  Then we will let the chips fall where they may!  Not only are we going to compete, we are going to play where and when it matters.  You can ask the 140+ members that have been in the program and to this day, come back and give back.  I don’t need to put my college degree or credentials on the line.  We can’t control everything, but we can control what we do!  God bless everyone, as much as he’s blessed me this year.

In regards to 2014 Team Try-outs, we plan on posting the information in late January 2014.  So stay posted...

Metro Boston 2013 team picture!
view full size
Friday, August 2
Metro Boston Team Picture (Orlando, FL) 2013

Here is a team picture of the guys in Orlando, FL (July 2013).

Thursday, August 1
Thank You!

Boston, MA – Metro Boston (twitter: @Metro_Boston) wrapped up another solid “Live Period” summer as a program.  The program has been doing this for quite some time (since 1997 to be exact).  Every season starts in March and the basketball aspect ends in October.  The program covers both “Live Periods” (April & July) to ensure the kids in the program receive the exposure to potentially receive an athletic scholarship.

According to Coach Mo, “We stress the importance of delivering academically in the classroom and earning it on the basketball court.  This aspect of the program has never changed.  We hold the kids accountable from start to finish because this is what matters in life.  Their reward is hitting the circuit when it matters most.  Last month (July), we took two teams out on the road throughout the entire month.  We started in NY (Basketbull) and ended the run in Orlando, FL (AAU Super Showcase/Nationals).  This has never changed, nor has our name.”

Coach Mo goes on to add, “That being said, our journey doesn’t end there for the kids in our program.  In the fall, we continue working on the development aspect to get kids ready for their respective high school seasons.  Throughout the winter we ensure the kids take care of their academics and provide guidance.  This doesn’t stop with the kids in high school.  We’re also doing this with the kids that are in college.  We’re checking in on their academics, athletic performance and on occasion providing a push to ensure they remain on track and in the right direction. 

I love the fact that our alumni continue to give back to the program and find time to help out in which ever manner they are capable of assisting.  I love the fact that we have supporters throughout this country believing in our program and providing a hand.  For all this I am grateful and thankful.  I have to say thank you personally to all the 2013 kids in our program:  Miles, Jameilen, Bobby, Travis, Willem, Malcolm, Jafar, Charlie, Mike, Bennett and our late addition Johnny.  Also, Steven, Erick, Oscar, James, Armani, Doneziti, Jason, Jesse, Jack, Hilal, Jayden, Solomon and Anthony.  I can’t forget the volunteer coaches, Dee, Oscar, Henry, Shabazz and Dan.  Thank you to the YMCA, The Citi Team and Adidas.  Thank you to event coordinators: Basketbull, NERR, AAU, Hoop Mountain, Hoop Group, etc. and all the college coaches recruiting our kids.  I’m truly blessed to have you in our lives.”

Contact info:  Program Director/Coach Mo (

Friday, June 7
Dan Leibovitz joins the Metro Boston program!

Boston, MA - Metro Boston’s summer schedule just got better with the addition of a highly experienced coach to the staff.  Dan Leibovitz has agreed to join the Metro Boston program and serve as a volunteer coach and mentor throughout July!  He will be a great addition with Coach Oscar (Lopez), Coach D (Dinh), Courtney (Young) and Coach Mo for this summer’s run.

Coach Leibovitz will bring over 16 years of collegiate (D1) & professional (NBA) coaching experience to the program.  He was recently coaching with the Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) under former Head Coach Mike Dunlap.  His prior experiences include his time as an asst. coach, under legendary college coach, John Chaney at Temple University (A-10) and a few years at UPenn (Ivy).  Coach Dan has also served as Head Coach at the University of Hartford (America East) from 2006-2010.  More importantly, Coach Dan has a wife, Nancy, and 3 children of their own.

According to Coach Mo, “I was excited when I got the call from Coach Dan.  He asked me if I had an opening in my program and that he was willing to volunteer time at any capacity to our program.  I asked him, ‘Why us?’  His quick response back was, ‘Mo, why not.’  I said, ‘Welcome aboard, we will definitely appreciate your time and effort.’  As for the changes to our staff, it will be very minimal since we pretty much run the program as a unit/team.  The major difference is I will probably become more of a statistician and finally use my college degree from Bentley University on the basketball side of my coaching career.  I only get to use my Bentley degree throughout my professional career in the private & public sector.

This addition speaks volume for our program when someone of his caliber, with very solid credentials, will serve as a volunteer coach and mentor in our program.  As a program, on the basketball side, we’ve done a great job since 1997, but there is no way that I could turn this offer down.  I’m already planning a few summer workshops for the kids with Coach Dan.  I’m sure they will pick up some new tips, drills and a different view of understanding the game.  He will provide them with perspective on expectations of college & professional coaches, etc.  Dan will pretty much run point for the 17U team throughout our events in Orlando, FL. and assist with the 16U team as long as a professional team or university doesn’t scoop him away.”

Coach Mo goes on to add, “We’re very fortunate because our alumni always make the effort and time to stop by an event or a team practice we are attending to share their personal experiences and provide the kids with feedback on the game.  We’ve had guys come back and help coach teams, like Shabazz Napier (UConn) with the 16U team and Dwight Brewington (PC/Liberty) with an even younger group. ”

As for basketball events this summer, Metro Boston members will be participating in the following events: Hoop Mountain Camp (RI), Hoop Group Elite Camp (PA), Basketbull Invitational (NY), AAU Super Showcase & Nationals in Orlando, FL.  Metro Boston will be competing in the 16U & 17U divisions this summer. 

Metro Boston was established in 1997 and is a volunteer-based program with great success placing student-athletes at Division I, II, & III schools throughout this country.  There are well over 100 alumni in the program which we are fortunate to call ‘family’!

Thursday, June 6
Metro Boston to add a new coach to staff for July!

Boston, MA - Metro Boston will be adding a new coach to the staff for this summer.  More to come on this....

Thursday, June 6
Metro Boston Summer schedule to be published soon!

Boston, MA - Metro Boston will be publishing it's summer basketball schedule soon (later this month).

Our apologies for not updating this page sooner but stay current, please feel free to follow us on twitter under "Metro_Boston".

Metro Boston '97
Metro Boston '97
Wednesday, January 16
Metro Boston Try-Outs Update

Boston, MA - Metro Boston will be conducting try-outs in late February & March 2013.  Metro Boston is expanding into the middle school division for 2013.  More to come on this in the coming weeks. 

The 8th grade group will be held at two different locations (Cambridge & Boston) .  The high school division teams will have try-outs in March 2013.  Try-outs will be for grades 9 - 11 (kids going to prep school for the school year 2013-2014 will be eligible to participate as long as they do not turn 19 on or before 9/1).

According to Coach Mo, "It's that time of the year when we start to work with a new crop of student-athletes and extend on the Metro Boston family. This upcoming season will be a great year as we've expanded our program and have strengthened our 'sponsors' to the program. This past year, we took the program up a level and in 2013 we are expanding and adding another new element to the program.   We continue to maintain our staff and add new blood to the mix. 

As I’ve said in the past, since 1997 we have had great success.  Same team name and Director.  I’m proud of the fact that people recommend student-athletes to be a part of our program because we deliver results on-and-off the court.  We want to continue this tradition.   We offer a great program for kids that are willing to work for it and get after it.   We've placed a great amount of kids into colleges and/or universities throughout the country.   Once again, our schedule will be a real good one as always and we want to continue building off the prior years' results. I can't wait to start the New Year and continue moving forward with developing the next group of student-athletes in our program."

Date: TBD

Site: TBD

Bring: your sneakers, shorts, reversible jersey and above all a positive attitude and a great work ethic!

Thursday, December 13
Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for 2013!

Metro Boston wants to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Great New Year!

According to Coach Mo, "2012 has been great to us.  Alumni, like Dwight Brewington and Shabazz Napier, have come back to assist coaching.  Alumni continue to help out and give back to the program.  Also, we expanded and took the program up a level.  The Citi Team has made this possible and we're in the works of expanding into different directions in 2013.  I'm very excited for the things in the works and I'm very grateful for everyone involved in the program as a volunteer, doner, etc.  I'm grateful for the YMCA, tournament directors, scouting services and college coaches that always provide us the opportunity of competing and showcasing our talented kids.

It's great to see the program once again bring new talent and give more kids the opportunity to pursue their dreams and be a part of a great program.  We've maintained our integrity and work ethic since 1997 and I'm always telling people this isn't easy to do, but the returns are greater.  It's never easy to live above board, hold everyone in the program accountable and require a certain level of expectations in the classroom, on the basketball court and in society.  It's easy to cut corners, which can result into short term success.  I call this a microwave effect: quick & unhealthy.

Once again, best wishes and a great New Year!"

Don't forget to Follow us on:

twitter: Metro_Boston

facebook: MetroBostonBasketball

Wednesday, November 21
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone across the US!  Enjoy your family, turkey, football and hoops!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone serving throughout this world!  We are very thankful and greatful for what you do, day in and day out! 

Metro Boston '97
Metro Boston '97
Wednesday, November 21
2012 Recap & Thank You!

2012 Recap

Once again, I want to thank everyone that continues to provide us with an opportunity to provide a program that benefits the kids, not the adults.  This goes out to all (I’m sorry but there are too many to mention by name) the event coordinators, tournament directors (you know who you are – we’re always at your events!), the YMCA (home base!), The Citi Team, and the volunteer staff that provides their time and services to make a difference in a young man’s life.  I can’t forget the alumni for giving back to the program.  That speaks volume!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and appreciate you!

Athletically, we had a very solid and productive year.   The 17U and 15U teams participated in all open period NCAA Division I sanctioned events throughout New England and in Orlando, Florida.  We don’t measure our success by wins and losses.  We measure them with the development and bond we create with the kids that eventually become young productive and positive men in the community.  We let the games speak for themselves; it’s the things that happen off the court that matter most!

The 17U guys had a 9 game winning streak, the longest in the program that expanded over two events in Orlando, Florida.  In this game span, Devon Thomas hit two game winning buckets after the team being down or tied in the final seconds of the game.  In another game, Miles Wright (Tabor Academy ’14) nailed a 3 pointer from the corner to win the game.  Jameilen Jones (BC High ’13) was on fire and defended a smaller guard game in a win over VA Assault.  Malcolm Brent continued to improve and make big shots and Jafar Kinsey (James-Dewitt ’13).  Greg Senat (Marianapolis ’13), Nate Anderson (New Mission ’13) and Paul Brooks (Putnam Science ’13) played big in the paint and defended it well throughout.  Charlie Collins (BC High ’13), Deonte Flounory (Natick HS ‘13) and Stephen Basden (Govenors ’13) provided the spark throughout the run with their defensive and rebounding presence.  They provided scoring during key stretches as well.  We had a few guys that played through injuries and put their full effort for the team.

The 15U group, coached by Oscar Lopez, had success throughout the entire timeframe and they did it with a lack of height.  I’m very proud of the younger group because they often did it with only 8 guys.  They played hard, together and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the experience.   They made quite a few Final Fours at various events they attended throughout the year, despite the lack of size and depth and had a Metro Boston alumni (Shabazz Napier) assist the coaching staff during an event in Connecticut!  Steven Collins (Lynn English HS), Oscar Lopez (Reading HS), Dadae Jones (West Roxbury), Marcos Echavarria (St. Marks), Justin Assad (Pingree), Raekwon Coles (East Boston), Doneziti Fernandes (Madison Park), Anthony Gilardi (Malden), and Stephen Dailey (Roxbury Latin).   We had a few guys that didn’t finish out the entire run and we wished them the best.

This fall we added a 14U team, coached by Dwight Brewington.  They are in the early stage of development and we will be expecting big things from them on and off the court!

Academically, a few kids have already signed National Letter of Intents to pursue higher learning at the next level.  We’re in the process of assisting a few other guys to also chase this same dream.   It’s never easy but we give it all we have to try and get it done for everyone.

As for 2013, we will continue to do what we’ve done since 1997 (same name, only uniforms have changed!) which is provide an opportunity and environment for kids that are positive, educational and competitive.  Our program speaks volume on the National level and I’m very proud of the fact that we’ve continued to grow and put a quality product on and off the court.  I’m proud of the fact that we’ve never had to change it to hide or avoid issues.  It’s a 100% volunteer based program with no hidden agendas.   It’s not for everyone, but everyone that makes the commitment enjoys their time here and knows that the Metro Boston “#FamilyFirst” program is real.  We’ve developed players that have become household names.  Like family, we will have our ups and downs but we will remain in your corner through thick and thin and move in the right direction!

God bless and have a great Thanksgiving and upcoming Holiday Season!



Mo Vasquez

Program Director


This is a letter from Program Director, Mo Vasquez. Coach Mo Vasquez has been the Program Director since 1997 and continues to lead this program into the upcoming 2013 season! He has worked in the private sector for multinational corporations over 18 years and for the state the past two years. He is a Bentley College graduate (today it is known as Bentley University) that has been born and raised in Dorchester (Boston), Mass. and a BPS (Boston Public School-South Boston HS) and Bridgton Academy (ME) alumni.  He has a proven track record of assisting in the development of young men and has the credentials to support it!

Wednesday, August 1
July 2012 Recap - Metro Boston Juniors

Event recaps from July 2012:


Hall of Fame Invitational (Springfield, MA) -

Team goes 2-2

·         Beat Albany City Rocks – Metro Boston started the event with great energy and intensity.  This was a complete team effort on both ends of the court for the win.  Deonte Fluonory lead team with 13 points.

·         Lost to NYC Jayhawks – Metro Boston got off to a bad start and couldn’t recover to pull of the win.  The team made mistakes that made it difficult to get in rhythm.

·         Beat Team Albany – Metro Boston recovered from an earlier loss to NYC Jayhawks.

·         Lost to JB Hoops – Once again the team got off to a bad start. The team made a run to get within striking distance but couldn’t pull it off.  According to coach Mo, “you have to give JB Hoops credit, they play hard and gave it everything they had.  They are a good team.”


According to coach Mo, “Players arrive from individual camps to compete in the first team event during the opening period of ‘live’ event.  College coaches in attendance from universities and colleges throughout the entire U.S.  It’s tough to get the kids re-adjusted without practice time.  It’s almost as if we have to re-program them.”


Super Showcase (Orlando, FL) –

Team goes 6-2

Pool Play:

·         The team had a rough start falling to Gulf Coast Elite (Texas) in opening pool play.  The team came out flat and didn’t recover.

·         Lost to Rising Stars from Chicago by 1 point on a controversial call in the closing seconds of the game.  A hard fought game back and forth.  Greg Senat and Devon Thomas led the charge and kept the team within striking distance.


Team winning streak @ 6 and wins the Bronze division of the event.

·         Metro Boston beat Orlando Extreme in the final pool game.  The team finally put together a complete game from start to finish.  The front court players made a difference.  Greg Senat, Nate Anderson and Paul Brooks started to completely control the paint.  They finished inside and moved the ball real well.  The reserve guards, Deonte, Stephen and Charles had major contributions on both ends of the court.



·         Beat Charlotte (NC) Reign – 1st round: bracket play – Devon Thomas got fouled, as he was attacking the basket, with less than 1 second left in the game and hits the first free throw to win the game.  Devon received the inbound pass and went full length up the court with 5.9 seconds left in the game.

·         Beat CT Select – 2nd round: bracket play – Devon Thomas scores the winning basket as time expires on a reverse layup.  He pushed the ball up the full length of the court with less than 10 seconds left in the game.  This was the second game in a row that he pulled of the win for Metro Boston.  Jafar Kinsey provide a spark off the bench in the 2nd quarter to provide relief for Devon Thomas and keep Metro Boston within striking distance.  Greg Senat and Nate Anderson were big in the paint.

·         Beat Team Redemption (VA) – 3rd round: bracket play.  Metro Boston started this game slow but picked up the intensity when Stephen Basden entered the game.  Stephen Basden provided the team with a spark on both ends of the floor.  He applied solid pressure to the opponent’s wings, finished baskets and rebounded the ball real well.  Also, he saw the floor real well.  Once he set the tone, the team picked up their intensity and started to play ewll.

·         Beat Virginia Assault (VA) – Final four of bracket play: Metro Boston had a complete team effort in this win.  A solid, defensive effort from the wings to seal the win.  Jameilen Jones hit a key three pointer in the final two minutes to seal the win and had two solid back to back defensive stops.  According to Coach Mo, “This kid played through an ankle sprain and not once complained.  He got after it on both ends of the court.  He continues to improve his perimeter game and had a very good mid-range game.  He is only going to get better.  Another kid that did a hell of a job was Paul Brooks.  He is a 17 year old kid that just recently grew 7 inches.  He has gotten better and better since we started in March.  He has great upside and can become a very solid ball player.” 

·         Beat Queens City Prophets (OH) – Championship game: Metro Boston competed from the opening jump ball until the final buzzer in this game.  According to coach Mo, “This game was played on the main court and the kids enjoyed themselves.  They played hard and finished.  A great win and the medal ceremony was a pleasure to be a part of.  I tell you, Disney does it right!”  Miles Wright led all scorers with 24 points in the win.  He got the team going on his alley-oop dunk from Devon Thomas in the 3rd quarter.  On the defensive end, Charles Collins stepped up for us.  He provided us a spark in the second quarter.


AAU Division I Junior Nationals (Orlando, FL)

Team extends winning streak to 9 before falling to NJ Road Runners in the second round of the play-offs in the Division I Championship bracket.

Pool play:

·         Beat Team Thad (Thadeus Young (TN)) – Miles Wright scores the game winning three-pointer with less than 3.0 seconds in the game with the assist from Devon Thomas to give Metro Boston a 70-69 win in the opening pool play game.  This game went back and forth in the final 2 minutes.  Metro Boston was trailing by 5 points with 1:47 left in the game when Miles Wright hit two big three pointers in the closing minute to give Metro Boston the win.

·         Beat Rising Stars (Chicago) – Metro Boston avenged a loss in the previous week on a controversial call by winning 61-50.  This team played great defense from the opening jump ball to almost the final buzzer.  The last two minutes of the game, the team let down a bit and provide their opponent an opportunity to make the game closer.  Jameilen Jones and Charles Collins provided the defensive intensity to control this game.  Nate Anderson played real well on both ends of the court.  He scored on the wing and in the paint.

·         Beat Team Florida – Metro Boston beat Team Florida by a final score of 73-47 on a game where the opponent protested Metro Boston’s light grey uniforms despite the away team wearing Black & White uniforms.  It’s a rule in the AAU Nationals that the home team must wear white.  Unfortunately for Metro Boston, the team only had Black (away sets) and light Grey sets (home) this year.  We won’t make that mistake next year!  We had to wear White T-Shirts with numbers printed on them to avoid technical fouls.



·         Lost to NJ Road Runners - Metro Boston was within three points with 5 minutes to play but unfortunately made some costly mistakes that the NJ Road Runners capitalized on.  The Road Runners made a 12-0 run that sealed the win for them.  The game was humbling as it ended the Metro Boston winning streak at 9.  The guys seemed to run out of gas and played flat for an 8 am start.


·         Beat DH12 Warriors (FL) – Metro Boston bounced back with a win and ended the Jr. Nationals with a 4-1 record in the Division I bracket.  This win was a full team effort offensively and defensively.  Malcolm Brent led team in scoring with 21 points, going 3 for 4 from three-point range.  The reserves made the difference in this game.  They maintained the lead and provided a spark in the 2nd quarter to open up the game.  Deonte Fluonory, Charles Collins, Stephen Basden, etc. all provided the spark and held their own.  The team ended the tournament early, after the win, to head back to Boston, MA. 


According to Coach Mo, “The kids had tickets to leave on Sunday because of the cost and I told them not to change them.  We had a great run and I was proud of them. 


All year we’ve played second fiddle to other programs and have flown under the radar screen.  Yet, we always find a way to provide the exposure and compete at a high level.  Our schedule is competitive.  These kids were great and maintained a 9 game winning streak through two highly competitive national events in front of college coaches.  There are no gimmicks with our program.  Every year we maintain the same name and provide the same opportunity to all of our kids.  We make a commitment to our players and don’t recruit over their heads.  This is pretty much the same roster we’ve had since early May.  I’m proud of the things they accomplished this year and had a great month of July when it mattered most.”

Wednesday, July 11
Q&A session with Program Director

Boston, MA - Catching up with Program Director, Mo Vasquez

How are things?  It’s been a long time since we last heard from you.

Things are great.  My family has grown.  The program has grown and the talent level we develop continues to grow.  We’ve been very busy this year and once again, were off on the road in July.

Your web page has been rarely updated.  Why?

It’s been tough.  We’ve been very busy this year with both of our teams.  There was a span where we practically played every weekend in a month.  Then weekdays I’m working, as are all the other coaches in the program.  I have to do a better job with the webpage but it’s tough with everything I’m involved with.  We all have families, careers and a little volunteer-based program named Metro Boston.

The kids and their relatives in our program know what we’re doing and how we have done.  The college coaches have seen us and have been calling for information on our July schedule.  We’re still getting things done.  That will never change.

From the spring season, what was a key highlight?

I would say seeing our alumni back at either practices or tournaments.  For example, we played at a tournament in Connecticut and Shabazz Napier was with the teams throughout the event.  That kid has come a long way and is still in the process of developing as a player and person. 

We’ve also had guys like Marcus Grant (Boston College), Stevie Mejia (URI/Hofstra),  Ike Azotam (Quinnipiac), David Mack (Babson College), Troy Robinson (Bryant University), etc.  I know I’m forgetting a ton of guys and their gonna kill me.  I’m sorry!  I’m apologizing up front!

Here’s a key fact: a Metro Boston alum has been a member of the last two NCAA National Champions.  Shabazz at UConn (2011) and Sam Malone at Kentucky (2012).   I love that fact.

How about the teams?  Any highlights from the spring?

Our freshmen team has been to many final four at the events they’ve attended.  We’ve lost to teams like Riverside Church (NY) twice, Team Scan (NY), BABC, and Connecticut Elite.  We’ve beaten teams like Mass Rivals, Rhode Island Hawks, Connecticut Select, Maine Nation, The Shooting Stars, etc.  

Our Junior team has been as competitive and successful as teams in the past.  Currently they are all pretty much receiving interest from schools.  A majority of the schools are scholarship schools (Division I and II).  I can’t sit here and name them because the list will take some time to generate.  July is critical for the kids.  We know this and this is why we’ll be on the road throughout the month.

Are you ready for July?

Of course.  We arrange this part of the schedule first.  Everything else, besides April, is irrelevant.  If you’re not playing in July then I’m not sure why you should consider basketball as an option.  This is the time frame when the college coaches actually get to see you play.  This month can make you or break you.  Not to say there aren’t great events to attend throughout the year but this month is critical along with April now.

AAU has been in the news lately.  Thoughts?

Other AAU clubs are in the news.  Some for good things, others are in the news for bad things.  All I know, is we continue to grind it out and develop talent.  We continue to get great kids in our program, year in and year out.  I can’t complain.  We do things right so we don’t get a lot of press.  You know how it is; only train wrecks sell newspapers.  You rarely see or hear about the great things going on.  I don’t need my face or name in the market to establish myself.  I don’t need to make empty promises, sell a bogus dream or lie to a kid just to get him to play for us.  We truly go with what is in the gym.

What’s going on with your Junior team?

Our 17U team has been solid throughout the entire year.  The only problem I’ve had is we haven’t had a full roster throughout the course of the year.  It’s either SATs, proms, graduation events for relatives, etc.  It’s also tough with the prep school kids.  We ensure they get back on campus prior to curfew.  No event is bigger than school – that’s my motto. 

As far as July goes, we will have no distractions.  Everyone is expected to attend and participate.  We’re only taking 11 guys due to some players missing practices and events.  I tell all our kids, if you don’t attend practice then you can’t play in tournaments.  I understand school requirements and family commitments but there is no reason for kids to miss a majority of the practices.  I have little tolerance for missed practices.  It’s unbelievable how a kid can take a 1-2 hour bus ride to our practice but the local kids can’t make it down the street.

What’s going on with your freshmen team?

Our freshman team (15U) has had about 8 guys throughout the entire season.  We’re actually making the July run with approximately only 7-8 guys in the 15U division.  It will be tough on the young kids but I didn’t want to hinder their development and progress by having them sit idle.  We made a commitment to the team.  They’ve made a commitment to the organization.  I told them to stay the course and you will develop as a player and play in top level events.  The 15U team has been to at least 6 different final fours in the tournament they’ve played in.  I’m proud of them.  That team is missing a few front court players.  Hopefully in the near future we can add players to that team to strengthen the group.  It’s unbelievable to see kids sit on the bench for other organizations or play in lower tier events that could actually play with us.  Before you know it, their high school career passes them bye and it’s too late.

Why are you having a hard time getting players?

I don’t know why.  We’ve been at this since 1997 with the same team name.  We’ve placed a ton of kids at universities and colleges throughout the US.  I’m starting to get relatives from kids we’ve coached in the past.  College coaches recommend our program to kids.  We must have done things right that people are willing to send their younger siblings, relatives and friends to our program.  We’ll continue to work at it and develop student-athletes.  We play everybody.  Everybody gets a chance to play.  We try to keep each of our roster at a max number of 12 kids.  This is who we are.

Any final thoughts?

Not much for now.  We’re focused on delivering results in July.  The kids will once again get a chance to compete at a high level.  I can’t wait to hit the road and handle our business.  Once July is complete, we’ll be looking to get ready for the fall.  I can’t believe I’m already looking forward to this fall. It’s on July!


Friday, July 6
Summer Schedule!

Metro Boston will once again be on display throughout the month of July.  Metro Boston will participate in tournaments that are offically NCAA sanctioned by the NCAA.

According to Coach Mo, "Once again, it's that time of the year and we're once again on the road.  We've had a great group this year in the 15U and 17U divisions.  For July, were taking the 15U and 17U teams because they've been together the longest and have been committed throughout the course of the year.  These kids have worked hard, been busy throughout the season and should be ready to go in July.  They bought into the program, team concept and are great kids.

My 15U group only has 7-8 kids going.  It's been like this throughout the entire year.  We've been trying to get frontcourt players to add to the roster but unfortunately they've been sitting idle with other AAU teams.  I could never understand this.

In April, we had an Open division team in place in order to provide opportunities for kids that were looking for a team in order to play in a NCAA sanctioned event.  Recently we've been attempting to put together a 16U team because the interest in our program has grown.  We'll put full emphasis on that age division this fall.  also, our plans are to keep the 15U group going throughout the fall, in the 16U division along with a 17U team (rising Juniors).  More to come on this later."

Metro Boston will be playing in the following AAU NCAA sanctioned events:

Hall of Fame Invitational

AAU Supershowcase (Orlando, FL)

Junior Nationals (Orlando, FL)

Thursday, July 5
Metro Boston to post schedule tomorrow!

According to Coach Mo, "Another year, nothing changes.  We'll particiapte in live NCAA sanctioned events throughout the month of July.  We'll release the schedule tomorrow."

 More to come...

Sunday, April 15
The season is officially started for Metro!

Hartford, CT-Metroboston has officially started the season.  More to come!

Tuesday, February 28
REMINDER - Try-Out Date & Time!

Boston, MA - Metro Boston will be conducting try-outs on Saturday, March 3rd from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Huntington YMCA located on Huntington Avenue (next to Northeastern University).  Try-outs will be for grades 9 - 11 (kids going to prep school for the school year 2011-2012 will be eligible to participate as long as they do not turn 19 on or before 9/1). 

Date: Saturday, March 3, 2012 

Site: Huntington YMCATime: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (registration starts at 6:40 p.m. Don't be late!)

Bring: your sneakers, shorts, reversible jersey and above all a positive attitude and a great work ethic!

Tuesday, February 7
Metro Boston Try-Out Dates!

Boston, MA - Metro Boston will be conducting try-outs on Saturday, March 3rd from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Huntington YMCA located on Huntington Avenue (next to Northeastern University).  Try-outs will be for grades 9 - 11 (kids going to prep school for the school year 2011-2012 will be eligible to participate as long as they do not turn 19 on or before 9/1). 

According to Coach Mo, "It's that time of the year when we start to work with a new crop of student-athletes and extend on the Metro Boston family.  This upcoming season will be a great year as we've expanded our program and have added new 'sponsors' to the program.  This year, we've taken the program up another level and are looking to add new elements to the program.  We continue to maintain our staff and add new blood to the mix. I’m proud of the fact that people recommend student-athletes to be a part of our program because we deliver results on-and-off the court.

As I’ve said in the past, we've been doing this since 1997 and have had great success over the years.  We want to continue this tradition.  We offer a great program for kids that are willing to work for it and get after it.  We've placed a great amount of kids into colleges and/or universities throughout the country.  Our schedule is a real good one as always and we want to continue building off the prior years' results. I can't wait to start the New Year and continue moving forward with developing the next group of student-athletes in our program."  

Date: Saturday, March 3, 2012 

Site: Huntington YMCATime: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (registration starts at 6:45 p.m. Don't be late!)

Bring: your sneakers, shorts, reversible jersey and above all a positive attitude and a great work ethic!

Friday, January 6
Program update

It’s time to reflect a bit and put an end to the nonsense.  The Metro Boston (black & platinum team) Program is here to stay and is not in the business of feeding into the nonsense or BS.  I ask all parents, student-athletes, sponsors, etc. to feel free to contact me if you are ever interested in receiving the facts.  We have no time to waste therefore I’m not getting caught up in lies and nonsense.  I ask everyone to make a difference in someone's life.  We seek to continue improving lives, one step at a time!


My vision for the program since 1997 is to provide more student-athletes the opportunity to play highly competitive basketball with academic support and positive role models.  Since 1997, we have helped place over 100 student-athletes into colleges and/or universities throughout this country.  Over that time, I’ve seen teams come and go and teams change their names because of prior legal issues, etc.  I’ve seen teams tell kids that they play throughout the course of the entire year and before you know it they fold up in June, just before it matters. 


The only major change we’ve had is we went from the Lena Park Community Center to the Huntington YMCA.  During that timeframe, we’ve gotten support from companies like Brand Jordan, Reebok and Adidas to name a few.  We’ve received donations from local legal companies, insurance companies, friends and our alumni.  I’m very proud of the fact that our alumni are stepping up for the future members of our program and take the time to come back and help mentor someone.


As we go into 2012, we’re in the process of expanding our program.  We’ve added coaches to the program in the past and will be adding a few more for the upcoming season.  We’re hoping to expand the program on various levels.  Another element we’re adding is an individual training (Active Skills) component to our current plan, during the year.  In the past, we’ve done the individual training during the fall to get the student-athletes ready for their high school season but with recent changes, we’re seeking to adjust.  We had a trial run this past fall and the student-athletes that attended the program spoke greatly about their experience.


Our basketball schedule speaks volume.  We play when it counts and where it counts.  That hasn’t changed and I do not expect it to change now.  We will practice and we will play; that element is not changing.  We invest time in developing the player and the person – it’s not just about wins and losses with us.  On a few occasions we’ve turned coal to diamonds with the full commitment of the student-athletes we receive and the volunteer coaches that dedicate some of their personal time to giving back to the community.  On most occasions we have taken student-athletes with no names and made them household names.  For example, Ike Azotam (Quinnipiac); Jesse Chuku (Lehigh), Dimitry Coronel (Maine), Zach Chionuma (BU), etc.  This I credit the student-athlete for making a commitment to the program and completing the things asked of them.


The past two years we’ve taken a freshmen group and junior group to the AAU Jr. Nationals in Orlando, Florida to provide both teams the opportunity to receive exposure at an earlier age.  Not many programs in Mass. have done this and I am proud of our supporters providing the kids in our program an opportunity like this.  In the past, guys like Stevie Mejia (URI/Hofstra), Shabazz Napier (UConn), reaped the benefits of participating in our program and receiving this opportunity.  Our motto is simple: You earn it, take advantage.  We try not to segregate by grade.  I recall Dwight Brewington (PC/Liberty) as a high school sophomore student making the All-tourney team at the AAU Super Showcase (juniors division) in Orlando, Florida.  This past season, Aaron Falzon went from unknown to known nationally.  He received his first opportunity of playing up and in front of the college scouts through our program.  He owes this opportunity to his older brother, Tevin (Sacred Heart) that took him under his wing and wanted to keep his brother in a program that is truly ‘family’.


Academically we will continue to provide our program members the assistance and support to improve their grades.  This will not change.  We will continue to provide the life skills training sessions we conduct with individuals.  It is not just about basketball with us.  This, in fact, is the most important element of the program.  I recall the rumors about Shabazz Napier being spread that he would not be eligible.  I’ve been doing this for years and know what a Division I qualifier is.  He not only qualified, he was a key contributor to the NCAA Division I National Champions – Uconn Huskies.  He played every game last year!  This year his role has changed and he is the starting point guard for the defending champs.


As for the upcoming season, time will tell who we have on our roster and who will be the ‘next’ member of the program to have the chance at playing at the top flight events.  Our try-outs have always been open to the public.  We will see who comes back and what new student-athlete is seeking to take their game to the next level!


Have a Great 2012 and hope to see you soon!




Mo Vasquez

Program Director, Co-Founder

The Metro Boston Program


Thursday, December 8
Dimitry Coronel on the web....commitment to Maine

 Check out the interview on Dimitry Coronel on the Hoop Dreams Mag site...

D, sorry we didn't post it sooner! 

Tuesday, November 1
Interview with Jesse Chuku!

Check out the interview on Jesse Chuku on the Hoop Dreams Mag site... 

Friday, October 28
Tevin commitment on ESPNBoston!

Here is another article on Tevin Falzon's commitment to Sacred Heart.


Friday, October 28
Another Tevin F. article on commitment to Sacred Heart!

Here is another article on the web on Tevin Falzon's commitment to Sacred Heart.

Great work, kid!  Stay focused!

Friday, October 28
Tevin F. commits to Sacred Heart! - NERR article

Tevin Falzon committed to Sacred Heart earlier this week.

Click on the link to see the article on NERR!

More to come...

Monday, October 24
Alumni Updates!

Here is an update on a few of the alumni of the program:

Matt Tomaszewski - wrapping his career up this year at Syracuse University.  He played two years in Tampa and has spent the previous two years at Syracuse University.  This is his final year at Syracuse. 

10/24/11 Update:

Salah Abdo - has officially made the men's basketball roster at Boston College as a post-graduate because he graduated from his previous school with one year left of eligibility.

Dave Mack - started his freshman year at Babson College.  Dave will have the opportunity to play right away and contribute.  He is going to a great Business School in the region.

Sam Malone - started his freshman year at the University of Kentucky.  Sam has fully recovered from his knee injuries and is operating at full speed.

10/17/11 Update: 

Stevie Mejia - started his red-shirt Junior year at Hofstra.  Listed as co-captain of the team and is expected to contribute right away.

Shabazz Napier - completed his freshman year with a National Championship at UConn.  Just started his sophomore year and should continue to develop and become a leader on the team. 

Allan Harris - starting his sophomore season at St. Anselms and is expected to contribute than he did a year as a freshman.

Ike Azatom - starting his sophomore season at Quinnipiac from the Northeast Conference.  He is expecting to contribute and resolve an open issue.

Marcus Grant - legit freshmen on the Iowa football roster from the Big Ten.

Breno Giacomini - currently playing in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks.  This is his second year in the organization and fifth year in the NFL.

Corey Cofield is currently working in the professional sector and serving as an assistant coach at Belmont Hill School.

Remy Cofield is currently working in the professional sector and potentially starting his Master's degree program.

Matt Cahill is currently working in the professional sector.  He has passed the legal bar exam.

Dwight Brewington has started his own training organization and in the process in playing for a professional team in Canada.  He has played professionally overseas and in the NBDL.

 More to come....

Wednesday, October 26
Top 15 Point Guards in the Country!

According to, Metro Boston alumni Shabazz Napier is Top 15 point guards in the country.  Check out the link:

Continue the hard work, Sha-Bizz-Ness! 

Monday, October 24
Metro Boston on Youtube: The Super Showcase Event!

Metro Boston video is up on the web, Youtube.  This event is the Super Showcase tournament in Orlando, Florida.

Check out the reel from this past summer!

Monday, October 24
Metro Boston on YouTube: Jr. Nationals 2011!

Another game from the Orlando, Florida event is also up on Youtube.  this is the AAU Junior Nationals event.

click on the title/headline to direct you to the link.

Monday, October 24
Metro Boston on the Web!

Metro Boston was featured on the New England Hoop News site.  The article was posted on October 18th. 

Click on the title to take you to the site.

Monday, October 24
Metro Boston on the Web - NERR!

Metro Boston was featured on the New England Recruiting Report site.  The article was posted on October 18th. 

Click on the title to take you to the site.

Tuesday, October 18
Coronel commitment to Maine!

Dimitry Coronel on the web about his commitment to Maine! 

Check it out! 

Tuesday, October 18
Metro Boston alumni in the Web!

Here is an article on Stevie Mejia from Hofstra!

 Keep up the hard work, Mejia! 

Monday, October 17
Jesse Chuku commits to Lehigh!

Jesse Chuku (Kimball Union) committed to Lehigh University from the Patriot League.  This past weekend he visited the campus during the opening weekend of college basketball.  He had officially visited Vermont.  Unofficially, he visited Northeastern University, Boston University, Hartford and Hofstra.  He was drawing offers and interest from various schools throughout the process.

More to come on this...

Monday, October 17
Falzon visits Sacred Heart!

Tevin Falzon (Winchendon School/Newton North) officially visited Sacred Heart University (Northeast Conference) this past week during the opening weekend.  He has already visited unoffically, New Hampshire, Hartford, Hofstra and St. Anselms. 

 More to come on this.

Wednesday, February 25
The Metro Boston Staff

Dorchester, MA - The 2009 Metro Boston staff has been announced.

The Metro Boston/Lena Park Staff consists of the following:
Mauricio "Mo" Vasquez, Program Director, Mentor & Coach
Courtney Young, Asst. Program Director, Mentor & Coach
Oscar Lopez, Mentor & Coach
Jonathan Depina, Mentor & Coach

According to Coach Mo, "This program has been in existence since 1997. It's an official program under the Huntington YMCA and prior to that with Lena Park CDC. I've been here for the entire eleven years and can't wait to start our 12th season. I've handled the administrative work and fundraising. The program is pretty much run by Oscar, Courtney and myself.

Oscar pretty much is the face of the program. He pretty much coaches the team these days and runs all the basketball operations. Oscar is Metro Boston these days. He handles the Reebok sponsorship.

Courtney is the third in command and has been here pretty much during the whole time as well with the exception of the past two season. He has been off running the family business and is now back in the middle of things. He's viewed as the figure head of the program by college coaches. I've had college coaches call me asking for him.

Jonathan is a former players of mine. Jonathan joined us in 2004 and has been helping out when his work schedule allows it. He is always great to have."

Coach Mo goes on to add, "I want to make one thing clear. If a name is not listed on this list then that person or person(s) are not a part of this program or staff."

Sunday, July 31
Another Successful Summer 2011!

Lake Buena Vista, FL - Another successful summer for the Metro Boston program.  Metro Boston took 3 different age groups to Orlando, Florida to compete in the Super Showcase 15U & 17U age groups and the AAU Division I Junior & Senior Nationals.  The team played in front of Division I, II & III college coaches throughout the second session of the live period.

According to Coach Mo, "Once again, we got it done.  I'm greatful for our sponsors, volunteers, the YMCA and all the kids that are loyal and work hard for the program.  These kids were committed all year and reaped the benefits of attending such prestigious events.  From the young guys, Aaron Falzon (St. Marks School) to the older group Kochi Nzerem (New Mission/Marianapolis School) & Tevin Falzon (Winchendon School).  Roni Fernandez (Charlestown HS), Jesse Chuku (Kimball Union), Dimitry Coronel (Tabor Academy), Tevin Montgomery (BTA), Victor Ayatche (Springfield HS), Stevie Wynn (New Bedford HS), etc.

We did these 4 events with limited players because of the lack of interest this year from kids.  I can't understand how a ton of kids sat home during this past live event period, playing for other organizations that didn't attend a premier event.  It's a bit sad to see and hopefully in the near future kids will realize that hard work, commitment and loyalty go a long way.  Our schedule speaks volume because we attend the right events throughout the course of the year."

Coach Mo goes on to add, "It was also great to hear from a ton of our alumni.  Shabazz Napier (UConn) called me up to let me know he was selected for the 21U USA Basketball team try-outs.  He also called to check in on Roni and the team.  Stevie Mejia (URI/Hofstra) called in to check on the team.  Marcus Grant (Iowa) checked in to see how the Metro Boston Ridaz were doing.  I got to hear from Breno Giacomini (NFL) shortly before the lock out ended.  I got to hear from Matt Cahill (St. Anselm) who passed the bar in MA and NY.  The kids remember the great time we have had here in Orlando, FL in the past and are greatful for the opportunity we provided and experiences we encountered.  I wish them and every other Metro Boston alum much success in their future endeavors and I expect them to swing by the Y to work on the future players." 

 More to come in the coming weeks.... 

Monday, February 14
Try-outs for Metro Boston!

Boston, MA - Metro Boston will be conducting try-outs on Saturday, March 5th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Huntington YMCA located on Huntington Avenue (next to Northeastern University).  Try-outs will be for grades 9 - 11 (kids going to prep school for the school year 2010-2011 will be eligible to participate as long as they do not turn 19 on or before 9/1). 

According to Coach Mo, "We've been doing this since 1997 and have had a great success over the years.  We want to continue this tradition.  We offer a great program for kids that are willing to work for it and get after it.  We've placed a great amount of kids into colleges and/or universities throughout the country.  Our schedule is a real good one as always and we want to continue building off the prior years' results.

I can't wait to start the new year and continue moving forward with developing the next group of student-athletes in our program."  

Date: Saturday, March 5, 2011 

Site: Huntington YMCA

Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (registration starts at 6:45 p.m.)

Bring: your sneakers, shorts, reversible jersey and above all a postive attitude and a great work ethic!

Monday, February 22
Two more headed to college!

Two members of the Metro Boston program have already confirmed where they will be headed to school next year.  Brian Grossman, from Duxbury HS, will be attending Wheaton College in Norton, MA.  Also, Allen Harris, from Suffield Academy (via Catholic Memorial), will be headed to Saint Anselms.

According to Coach Mo, "It's great news for both of these guys.  They get to continue playing basketball at a higher level and above all, get to work towards receiving a Bachelor's Degree from very good academic institutions.  This is what it is all about.  they had a great run last year and are now reaping some of the benefits.

A week prior to committing, I had visited Brian at one of his games and he seemed very happy with his visit to the school.  He told me he had a great time and could see himself not only playing basketball there, but also receiving his degree from there.  I wished him the best and was very happy for his family and his choice.

As for Allen, he had a few other options on the table but decided once he visited the school to end his recruitment.  I told him it's a great school and one of our guys in the past had a great career up there (Matt Cahill (Bridgeater-Raynham)).  I was happy for Allen and he sounded very pleased with his decision." 

Wednesday, February 3
Blessing and Well Wishes to the family

Program Director Mo Vasquez would like to take this time to make the following statement:

"We would like to take this time, to pass our blessing and well wishes to the Crotty family for their sudden death of Mike Sr.  Mike definitely marched to his own drum and volunteered his personal time to help out others.  He ran his program for years and helped out kids in all aspects of life.  We wish nothing but the best for his family.  Rest in peace, Mike." 

Wednesday, January 20
Metro Boston Program Director Mo Vasquez providing perspective on the program and the upcoming year!

First off, I wish everyone a Great New Year and much success.  I want to thank all the volunteers that make this program special and successful.  Oscar, Courtney, Wendy, Rich, Pat, Chris, Kim, and so on.  The list goes on.  My apologies for not listing everyone but I could be here for days typing.  I thank you, the readers, for visiting the team web page and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our alumni, current members of the program, the parents involved in the program and all of our dedicated sponsors.  Despite the economy, you’ve continued to support a great program and continue to provide a great opportunity for the kids in our program.  Once again, I thank you!


As we enter our third decade, we continue to grow and provide kids with an opportunity to develop as athletes and students.  We started in the mid-to-late 90’s and have continued to place kids in schools, develop their talent and above all developed them to become better people.  It’s been fun.  It has been great hearing and seeing the kids from the past that are all grown up now.  It’s great to see them swing by practice on occasions and provide some assistance.  They’ve joined the workforce and have become responsible adults.  It’s great hearing from them on the phone or stopping by the house.


Of course we still face some of the same issues as the first time we started.  For example, there's never enough money.  Can always use additional help and support.  That will never change.  Another challenge is the other AAU teams that continue to recruit our kids after we’ve developed them.  Initially they weren’t good enough for their program but now all of a sudden they can do so much more for them.  This I always find entertaining.  Also, you have the naysayers continuing to take swings at us and fabricating tales.  I’ve heard some real funny stories throughout the years.  We brush it off and continue moving forward and stick to our principles and values.  Those that know us and truly know us appreciate what we are doing and truly support us.


Our plans for 2010 are simple and consistent.  They are to maintain our principles, values, agenda, schedule and academic support.  Athletically, we play a real good schedule.  We provide exposure and compete at a high level.  We have kids that have been ranked nationally in the top 40.  this is because we play at the right events and venues.  We not only play and compete against the big programs in the country, but we’ve had success in beating them as well.  We practice and develop kids at a collegiate level.  We have a proven track record and developed great realtionships with college coaches, recruiters and evaluators.


Academically, we get after it with the kids.  This is the area we are most proud of.  We ensure they follow the criteria to become qualified and focus on their academic priorities in the classroom.  This isn’t easy for every kid, but like in life, nothing meaningful comes without hard work.  We understand the importance of an education and stress this to every member of the program.  We want every kid to have the opportunity to get ahead in life and at least give themselves a chance to succeed.  I’m a strong believer in that.  I graduated from a public school, did a post graduate year at a prep school and received my Bachelor’s Degree from a private university.  I’ve lived in the city my whole life.


We start up in late February/early March depending on the state tournament and prep school play-offs.  We never start earlier than that because the last thing we want is some kid turning an ankle at our practice and then not being able to play in their play-off games.  We will have more to come on try-outs in the coming weeks on this web page. 


Stay in touch and continue to move forward.  Once again, thank you all for staying in touch and supporting the program.  Hope to see everyone out there in the circuit.

Wednesday, December 2
Metro Boston alumni update!

Below is an update on a few alumni from the Metro Boston program:


Jovan Robinson started the season at Lynn University in pursuit of his Master’s Degree.  According to Coach Mo, “I’m very proud of Jovan.  He graduated from Canisius in three years with a Bachelor’s Degree.  He transferred to a DII school to get his Master’s Degree on a scholarship.  Courtney (Young) and Oscar (Lopez) are very proud of this kid.  He is getting a quality education out of basketball.”  Jovan was recently selected Lynn University’s Athlete of the Week


James Cormier is currently the point guard on the Le Moyne University’s (D2) men’s basketball team as a sophomore.  Yes, the Le Moyne team that upsets Syracuse University in November.  Yes, the same Syracuse team that did well in the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament in New York.


Ndubisi Ezeigwe is currently attending Regis College (D3) in Wheaton, Mass.  As a freshman, he has already played and contributed in 4 games earl in the season.  According to Coach Mo, “This kid is a hard working kid and a great person.  I’m very happy for him and his family. They are great people.”


Chris Flores is attending NJIT (D1) in New Jersey.  He has contributed in every game played and started his first game of the season as a freshman.  According to Coach Mo, “He is at a great academic institution.  This kid was from the streets of Dorchester and had some positive people in his corner to make it happen for him:  From his high school coach (Figueroa) to his prep school coach (Vitale).  The guys here of course pushed for Chris as well.  Chris stayed committed to the program and today he is playing at a high level.  I’m very happy for him!”


Stevie Mejia is a sophomore attending University of Rhode Island (D1).  Currently they are the only undefeated team in the Conference.  He plays significant minutes for the team and is currently the sixth man on the roster.  According to Coach Mo, “This is Oscar and Courtney’s creation.  Those guys worked hard with Stevie, especially Oscar.  As I tell the coaches on my staff, the only thing I take credit for are the losses.  I love seeing this kid play.  In my mind, he should be playing more.  He is a great point guard.  He is very unselfish and pushed the ball.  Defensively, he is an animal.  The kid can score from the perimeter but he would rather run and lead the team than shoot the ball.  He still hasn’t unleashed his full potential.  His team runs so much better with him on the floor.”


Breno Giacomini is currently in his second year in the NFL playing for the Green Bay Packers.  Breno, throughout his football career, has been learning various positions.  Breno attended the University of Louisville.  According to Coach Mo, “Here is a kid from Malden playing in the league.  You got to love it.  This kid is a hard working kid.  I have to head out to Wisconsin to see a game, sometime in the near future.  I’m happy for him and his family.


 Keep up the good work gentlemen!

Wednesday, September 30
Shabazz in the news!

Shabazz Napier is providing a diary on the Northstar Basketball website.

 Check out the link to see the posting.

Wednesday, September 23
Ike Azotam on Hoophall Report!

Ike Azotam's commitment on the Hoophall website.  Click on the title to direct you to the link.

Wednesday, September 23
Ike Azotam on NERR!

Ike Azotam's commitment on the web - NERR website.  Click on the title to direct you there.

Tuesday, September 22
Ike Azotam commits!

Ike Azotam (Marianapolis) officially committed last night to head coach Tommy Moore from Quinnipiac College in the North East Conference.

According to Coach Mo, "Coach Moore called me this morning to inform me that 'Ike committed to his program and they are very excited to have him'.  I'm very happy for Ike.  This past year he committed himself to the classroom and the gym.  Academically, he became focused and followed through on his class work.  Athletically, his game continued to improve. 

The scary part is that kid still has significant room for improvement.  He doesn't know how good he could become.  As he begins to commit to the weights and continue working on his basketball skills, he is going to relaize and show people how good he actually can be.  Coach Moore and company got a steal.

He had schools in the America East, North East Conference, Colonial and MAAC recruiting him.  I'm very proud of him."

Keep up the hard work Ike!

Tuesday, September 15
Q&A session with program director, Mo Vasquez

Q&A session with program director, Mo Vasquez from Metro Boston.  This will be a new session that Metro Boston will be conducting on the web with the entire staff.


Let’s talk a little bit about your program.  For the people on the outside looking in, what are three words you would use to describe your program?

Tenacious, Loyalty and Culture.   We are very tenacious because we get after it as a program, a staff and the kids from this program.  In all honesty, the loyalty here, in this program, is big.  We don’t recruit over kids.  We develop talent.  We make every effort and commitment to get it done.  The culture here speaks volume.  The belief, that if you live right, great things will happen.  We work with anyone and everyone.  The key value and concept; to earn it.  It means more.  You learn to appreciate it and it speaks volume.  This is what we teach the kids in the program.  We don’t bad mouth kids to college coaches that are not from this program like other coaches do.  We keep it real. 

You had a great run this summer.  The best run from any AAU team in New England.  Can you reflect back on it?

It was a great run for the kids in the program.  Everyone benefited.  The kids.  The Metro Boston staff.  The parents in attendance and all of the college coaches.  They got to see, as we do every year, the kids get after it and play hard.  The got to see the kids from Boston take it to the top teams in Texas, Florida, New York, etc.  They got to see the kids dig in and leave it all on the floor.  They caught every coach’s attention.  I swear I saw a few of them rooting for us! 


Guys like Allen (Harris), Ike (Azotam), Mario (Monroe), Marcus (Grant) and Shabazz put their name and game on the map.  I tell people all the time, we have a bigger rep in the nation then we do in Massachusetts.  In Mass. It’s all politics.  People are living on history and off the past.  We teach kids how to be better people not just ball players. 

 Shabazz Napier went from nobody to somebody in a span of 4 months.  How did he do that?

It’s been a transformation that started last year.  Oscar, by hook or by crook, made sure the kid got into Lawrence Academy.  He went up there and laid it all on the line for this kid.  I know other programs promised this kid they would get it done for him, but no one else did.  It also didn’t hurt to have a great kid like Stevie Mejia excel at Lawrence Academy to show proof that Boston kids can get it done in the classroom and on the campus.


After that, he put the time in the gym with Oscar and Stevie Hailey to work on his game.  The kid is a gym rat.  He is always working on his game.  He has matured a lot.  He still has a ways to go but he is headed in the right direction.  As long as he continues to follow the plan we set in place for him, he should be fine.  If he deviates, only God will know how it will end.  The kid is top 40/50 in the country.

  What does that mean for him?  Top 40/50.

That means that every college in the country will start to come after him.  It means that all the premier camps in the summer will be after him.  He flat out earned it!  In my eyes, it means that he is starting to receive the recognition for the hard work he put in the gym.  It’s a great accomplishment for him.  He should be proud, but don’t settle.  He has to continue working at it.  I’m proud that he did this all in the black and platinum uniform.  He did it the old fashion way; he earned it!  I told people for some time he was the best point guard in the Northeast.  Now it’s officially out there.

 What schools are recruiting him?

In no particular order.  Right now he has offers on the table from the following schools: UMass, Providence, Rutgers, St.John’s, Miami, Virginia, Houston, Tulsa,  

The other schools showing serious interest are: Villanova, Memphis, Arizona State, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Xavier.


Also, schools like UConn, Pittsburgh, Marquette, Alabama, etc.

There is quite a bit of them.  The list is long.  UMass, Memphis and Villanova have already visited Lawrence Academy to this point.  Many more are heading up there in the coming days/weeks.

 Honestly, can it get any better for him?

This kid went from Charlestown to Lawrence Academy.  That right there is like hitting the lottery.  This was when he hit it big time.  As far as schools go, the choice will be his, but he will need to pick a school that fit’s his style of play and the coach is his type of coach.  Some of the schools I mentioned earlier might fall off because they sign other guards for the 2010 class code.  Others will surface.  Time will tell.  He has to do his homework on each school.  It will be his choice.  As long as he remains here, every school that has called for him, we will inform him.  We don’t hold back schools.  We ensure he follows up with each one of them.

If you are interested in submitting questions, please feel free to email it to the team’s email account on the ‘Contact us’ section.

Tuesday, September 8
Shabazz Napier ranked #44th in the Country according to Athlon!

Athlon College Basketball Magazine for 2009-10 has Shabazz Napier ranked #44 in the country for the Class of 2011.

It's in the news stands now!

Keep up the hard work, Sha-Bizz-ness!

Tuesday, September 8
Shabazz Napier ranked #39th in the Country!

According to, Shabazz Napier (Lawrence Academy) is ranked #39th in the Country. 

Click on the title above to direct you to the site.

Friday, August 28
Metro Boston in the New England Hoops News site!

Metro Boston was recently featured on the New England Hoops News.  Click on the title to direct you to the link. 

According to Coach Mo, "It is good for the kids and the program to get the attention they are receiving.  The volunteer staff in this program make a great commitment to the kids of this program and it shows on the court.  As for the kids, I'm proud how their hard work and effort has generated a great buzz among coaches.  These kids can compete with anyone in New England.  We have proven that throughout the course of the year. 

I don't think we've played an event yet with our entire roster.  I'm hoping the Columbus Day event in Springfield in October will be the first time and last for that group.  People forget that Brian Grossman (Duxbury '10) didn't get the chance to come down to Florida this summer because of an eye injury.  He is a very solid guard that can defend and score.  If we had Brian, I have no doubt we get to the final four.  The other guy we had missing was Milan Drecuc from Wilbraham & Monson '10.  He had a rib injury and went back home for the summer.  With those two guys we have a great chance to finish better than the Sweet 16 round. 

Despite these two guys, we made a great run and gave a good amount of exposure to the underclassmen.  Marcus Grant and Dimitry Coronel are starting to hear from D1 schools.  Rony Fernandez, Roderick Tyler and Carlin Haymon got to experience and play against top level talent and I expect each kid to work hard this fall to continue improving."

2009 Metro Boston Team Picture
2009 Metro Boston
Friday, August 28
Metro Boston 2009 Team Picture

2009 Metro Boston Team Picture:

listed from left to right:

front row: Roderick Tyler (Minutemen '11), Rony Fernandez (Lincoln-Sudbury '11), Carlin Haymon (Rivers School '13), Shabazz Napier (Lawrence Academy '11), Andre King (Sabis Int'l '10), Marcus Grant (Lawrence Academy '11)

back row: Troy Robinson (Brimmer & May '10), Allen Harris (Suffield Academy '10), Sarkie Ampim (Lawrence Academy '10), Mario Monroe (NCC/Brockton '10), Ike Azotam (Marianapolis '10), Dimitry Coronel (East Boston '11)

Players not pictured: Brian Grossman #10 (Duxbury HS '10); Milan Drecuc #30 (Wilbraham & Monson '10)

Coaches: Oscar Lopez, Courtney Young, Mo Vasquez

Location: Huntington YMCA (Boston, MA)

Thursday, August 27
Metro Boston highlight video on Youtube!

Metro Boston has posted a highlight video of the game versus Team Stat (E1T1) on  Click on the title to direct you to the link.

The video is for 7 mins of action on the game played at the AAU Junior Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  The audio is not up, working on correcting the issue.

More videos to come in the coming weeks.


Friday, August 28
Metro Boston work out on 08/29/09 - cancelled!

All, The Metro Boston workout for this Saturday, August 29th, 2009 has been cancelled because of the inclement weather that is expected.

Will update site early next week for next date!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Allen Harris
Wednesday, August 26
Allen Harris is drawing interest from coaches!

Allen Harris (Suffield Academy) is drawing interest from D1 schools.  He will visit Central Connecticut State unofficially next week.  In September, Mike Jarvis from Florida Atlantic is expected to visit Suffield to sit down and have an in-home visit.  Also planning to come up will be Louisiana-Lafayette.  Another school showing interest is Stony Brook.  I’m working on those details at this time. 


Allen also has a numerous of Division II schools interested in his services.  They include New Haven, St. Michaels, Assumption, Newberry (S.C.), UMass-Lowell and a few others.  A majority of those schools have already offered.


According to Coach Mo, “Allen has gone from unknown to known.  At what level he ends up will be up to him.  My advices to the kids are going to the school where you are going to have the opportunity to play right away because it will make your college experience better.  D1 or D2, it doesn’t matter.  You will end up with a full scholarship and go to school for free.  That can range from $30-50,000.00 per year depending on the school.  That is just like hitting the lottery.  Matt Cahill (Bridgewater-Raynham) from our program ended up at Saint Anselms and had a great collegiate career.”


Coach Mo goes on to add, “The difference for him was becoming a member of this program.  He has committed to the workout regiment and continued to improve the entire year.  My only regret with him was he didn’t come a year sooner.  I tell kids all the time, your opportunity to display your talent is but a short window.  You need to seize the moment and be well prepared to take advantage of it.  Allen has put the time in the gym and it has shown.  Here’s another kid that continued to improve under our regiment.


In high school, because of his size and lack of size in Massachusetts high school, Allen was required to play the post.  In our program, Allen played the wing and it gave him a chance to showcase his wing skills that he has worked on.  This kid has a ton of upside.  He isn’t even close to peaking yet.  He proved to the coaches and recruiters that he can handle the ball, when we played him at point forward to relieve Shabazz (Napier) from his point guard duties.  He displayed his three point range as well throughout the events.  He attacked the basket and finished despite being challenged.  Defensively, he did a hell of a job rebounding the ball and defending the post.


 He is very long.  The kid is 6’5 and this works to his benefit.  As Allen continues to improve his ball handling skills, his mid-range game and starts to develop his body (weight training to add 10-15 pounds of muscle), time will tell on how good he will become.  I have no doubt he will continue to head in the right direction.  He listens and is willing to take criticism to make him better.  At the next level, he will be a 3; a wing.”

Ike Azotam
Ike Azotam
Tuesday, August 18
Ike Azotam Update!

Ike Azotam (Marianapolis ’10) started the summer with a bang.  He finished it with a bang as well! 


According to Coach Mo, "As it currently stands, Ike has officially received 5 offers on the table from schools in the NEC, America East and MAAC conference.  I'm waiting to hear from head coaches from a few other schools, because I want him to start narrowing down the list from 12 to 5.  He officially is allowed to only take 5 visits starting in September.  My advice to Ike is take a few visits and make it offical prior to the November signing period.  No need to wait until April if you have solid offers on the table from good schools.  Especially when it was and is the head coach recruiting you throughout July." 


He started at the Hoop Group Elite Camp and was an all star selection.  He led his team to the championship game and won it all.  Upon his return back, the team headed out to Springfield to play in the Hall of Fame Invitational and he did a great job there.  The next day we played in the Showcase games and once again he competed and performed on the main stage.


According to Coach Mo, “Ike not only played well but dominated.  In the tourney games he pretty much was a force against the Expression team and Rod Odom.  Ike showed the coaches what he is capable of doing on the floor.  He is a force on the boards and finishes everything around the cup.  On the perimeter, he did a great job putting the ball on the floor and beating his man to attack the basket.  Ike is no where near his peak.  He is still just scratching the surface.”


On the second half of July, Ike continued his level of play and was a major reason why Metro Boston had a great run in Florida.  In the AAU Super Showcase & Junior Nationals, Ike averaged 18.5 points per contest and began to display his perimeter touch.


According to Coach Mo, “Ike defensively became a force.  This kid has so much up side it is scary.  Every year the kid has improved.  This up coming year at Marianapolis School I have no reservations that his game will continue to develop.  He’s improved his ball handling skills and continues to work on his perimeter shot.  All this and he is still dominating in the paint.  This is what makes Ike so special on the floor.  He has great potential.  As soon as he gets into the weight room, he will be able to add 10-15 pounds of muscle easily that will make him an even better player.


I tell Ike, you don’t know how good you can actually be.  Continue working on your game and you will reap the benefits.  At this stage, he is playing better than Corey Cofield (William & Mary) did and he still isn’t at the level he should be because he is still developing his game.  This is saying much, because Corey Cofield pretty much was Rookie of the Year for the Colonial conference.  He had a solid career at William & Mary.  Ike can potentially do the same and exceed Corey's collegiate career as long as he stays committed to the program and workout patterns we develop for the kids.  Which ever coach lands this kid, he will be getting a diamond in the rough.”

Tuesday, August 18
Ike Azotam ranked 29th in New England!

Ike Azotam was recently rated #29th for the Class of 2010 in New England by the New England Recruiting web site.

According to Coach Oscar, "This is big for Ike, but honestly he should be higher on that list.  He killed a few of those guys ranked ahead of him.  Then again, he pretty much had his way with a ton of guys on the National circuit as well this summer.  Ike has been working on his game here at the Y and it is starting to show on the National level.  Ike can become a beast.  He has all the tools.  He has good size and a solid frame that can add muscle."

Coach Oscar goes on to add, "Ike should be greatful Mo was willing to work with him after the fiasco last fall/winter.  I told the kid all along, you don't know how good you have it here.  At least he was smart enough to admit his mistake and move forward.  He's probably the first and only kid Mo would ever do that with.  Mo's kicked out some high end D1 talent before and I won't doubt it he'd do it again. 

Mo wants the kids to understand the level of commitment and hard work we, here in Metro Boston, provide for these kids.  He wants kids that want to be here.  He also wants the kids to understand that through hard work, good things will happen.  Most of the kids in this program don't come in with a big name, but by the time they are done pretty much every AAU club wants them.  We have something special here developing talent.  The program and regiment works.  It's proven. 

Our schedule is very solid.  We play in front of the coaches and scouts every year.  That doesn't change.  Ask little Carlin, as an 8th grader he's already drawing comments from D1 coaches.  He has a way to go, but in the system and the success we've had developing point guards, he could become something special.  Stevie Mejia (URI) came in here at around the same time as Carlin and look where he is at today.  Everyone told us, Shabazz might not have it.  I told them, we'll see and look at him today, he's got legit offers from Big East, ACC and Atlantic 10 schools.  These offers are from the Head Coach, not assistants.  He also has SEC schools and Big 12 schools calling."

Saturday, August 15
Shabazz Napier ranked #56 on ESPN Super 60 for Class of 2011!

Shabazz Napier is ranked #56 in the country on the ESPN Super 60 report for the Class of 2011.  Check out the link by clicking on the title of this post.

According to Coach Oscar, "Great job, Sha-bizz-ness!  Keep up the hard work.  He's done real well at school this year and this summer, he has shown the coaches and recruiters how good he is on the National circuit.  

It all started at RBK All American Camp.  We went down to Philly and he played real well.  He lead his team to the championship game of the camp.  All this without him displaying his scoring ability.  He does that with us!  He showed the complete package down in Florida with his point guard skills and scoring ability.  He is a solid defender and people often don't give him credit for it.  This kid is special.

 I'm happy for him.  This kid works hard and deserves it!" 

Great job, Shabazz!  Keep up the hard work! 

Thursday, August 13
Metro Boston to conduct workout for 9th grade/15 & under group!

Metro Boston will be conducting a workout on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 at the Huntington YMCA located on Huntington Ave.  The workout will be open for 9th grade/15 & under age group for the upcoming school year 2009-2010. 

Also invited will be the 11th grade/Junior Group (Class of 2011) age division for the 2009-2010 academic year..

Bring a positive attitude and your hard work ethic!  Don't forget to bring your sneakers, a pair of shorts and shirt!

Time: 6:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.

Site: Huntington YMCA (Huntington Ave.  Boston, MA)

Date: Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shabazz Napier
Shabazz Napier
Wednesday, August 12
Shabazz Napier Update!

Shabazz Napier has started the process of 'unofficially' visiting colleges/universities that have expressed serious interest.  He has already visited Providence College (Big East) and UMass (Atlantic 10).  In the coming weeks he will schedule a visit for St. John's, Rutgers and Villanova (Big East).

According to Coach Mo, "The kid already has a few offers on the table.  He has offers from Providence College & St. John's (Big East), UMass (A10), University of Miami (ACC), Tulane and Univ. of Houston (Conf. USA).  A few other guys are expressing serious interest but until we hear it from the head coach nothing becomes official.  We will make every effort to see if he can visit personally some of the other schools further away from the Northeast, but that can be very difficult for him to accomplish.  He will definitely continue to talk to the coaches there and monitor the situation.  The kid is wide open and is in the process of evaluating every school.

My advice to Shabazz will be to make the right choice based on style of play, level of commitment from the head coach and choose the school where you will feel comfortable.  He's already doing his research on schools in regards to players at his position, which is great.  He is also looking into what type of talent the school brings in to play along side him.  He's a smart kid."

Coach Mo goes on to add, "I wouldn't put it past him if he decides early and not wait until after his upcoming year to commit if he feels comfortable with a school and coach.  It has happen in the past with kids in our program.  We've had kids that have committed early to maintain their academic focus and eliminate the recruiting process.  At the end, it will be up to Shabazz to make his decision, whether it is this year or next."

Shabazz has drawn interest from the following schools as well and are expected to visit Lawrence Academy in September.  They are: Big East (Marquette, Seton Hall, Pittsburgh, UConn), Conference USA (Memphis, UTEP), Atlantic 10 (Xavier, Rhode Island), ACC (Virginia, Boston College, NC State), SEC (Alabama, Kentucky, Miss St.), Big 12 (Nebraska, Texas A&M, Oklahoma St., Oklahoma). 

Tuesday, August 11
Metro Boston to conduct workouts in late August!

Boston, MA – Metro Boston will begin to conduct work outs in late August.  Metro Boston is planning on having a 9th grade/15 U team (Class of 2013) and Junior team (Class of 2011) for the upcoming season.


According to Coach Mo, “This past year we had two teams, a Junior (Class 2010) and Sophomore (Class of 2011) team that we ended up combining for the July run because of injuries and fall outs.  This upcoming year we are planning on having two teams again.  We plan on creating a 9th grade/15U team along with the upcoming Junior team (Class of 2011).   As it stands, in the Junior group we will have 6 openings that we will need to fill.


For next year, we pretty much lose 6-7 kids to graduation: Ike Azotam (Marianapolis ’10), Mario Monroe (NCC ’10), Allen Harris (Suffield Academy ’10), Brian Grossman (Duxbury ’10), Andre King (ISL ’10) and Troy Robinson (Brimmer & May ’10).  We also could potentially end up losing Sarkie Ampim (LA ’10) if the right offer comes his way.  He is young and can potentially prep out if it is required.  He was battling injuries all spring but had a real good showing this summer.  I’m hoping he goes straight to school.


Of the vacant positions, we definitely have opening in the Bigs position.  I call them Bigs, because our players don’t just post up.  We let them pop out and expect them to be able to attack the wings as well.  We go inside-out.  They’re a big part of the offense.  So if you are a 6’6+, don’t hesitate to contact us.  But keep this in mind, you will definitely have to work for it.  We get after it in practice and especially games.  That’s it for my recruiting pitch to post players.”


Coach Mo goes on to add, “The buzz we are receiving today will definitely help the future.  Shabazz (Napier) is currently being recruited by major BCS schools in the Big East, ACC, SEC and Big 12.  Also conferences like the Atlantic 10 and Conference USA that are rich in basketball are after him.  Marcus (Grant) is also drawing serious interest from schools in the Patriot League and Sun Belt Conference.  I don’t doubt the Ivy’s will be up next because academically he is doing real well.


Dimitry (Coronel), Ronny (Fernandez), Roderick (Tyler), and Carlin (Haymon) did a good job down in Florida.  They got to experience the atmosphere, play in some games and compete in an older bracket of play.  Hopefully they developed a measuring stick of where their game should be and put the time in the gym.  They are great kids and I’m going to expect big things from them for the upcoming season.  I don’t doubt other AAU clubs will go after these kids, like some of the teams did a year ago.  Hopefully they got to hear it first hand from Ike and others how good they truly have it here and how fortunate they are to have a staff that not only means what they say, but also delivers.  Nationally, we receive the attention of the college coaches and recruiting services.  Locally, that’s a different story for another day.


In the 9th grade/15U group, we are pretty much creating a team because of the level of interest we are starting to receive from kids.  We hope to have a team that wants to compete at a high level and learn the game the right way.  Of course it is all dependent on the turnout and level of commitment we receive from the kids.  We plan to compete not only in Massachusetts or New England, but in the Nation.  I’m expecting to incorporate kids that want to work for it and earn it.  We’re not going to cater to anyone.  We are going to get after it and expect the same from any member of this program.”


More to come….stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 11
Metro Boston on the web!

Metro Boston also got write up on the website from their performance in Florida.  Click on the title above to direct you to the link.

Tuesday, August 11
Metro Boston in the NERR website!

Metro Boston receiving write up on the web by Recruiting website NERR!  Click on the title above to direct you to the link.

Tuesday, August 11
Metro Boston's Shabazz Napier in the news!

Shabazz Napier on ESPN Recruiting by Paul Biancardi. Click on the title above to direct you to the link.

Tuesday, August 11
Napier's performance featured on NERR!

Shabazz Napier's performance versus Team Texas Elite featured on NERR website!  Click on the title above to direct you to the link.

Saturday, August 1
Metro Boston falls in the Sweet 16!

Orlando, FL - Metro Boston's run came to an end in the Sweet 16 of the AAU Junior Nationals.  Metro Boston lost to Jackson (Miss.) Tigers 60-57.  According to Coach Mo, "We had a great run.  If we had Brian Grossman (Duxbury '10) I have no doubt we could've gotten to the Elite 8 if not the Final Four.  Brian didn't make the trip because of his eye injury.  I wish Brian a speedy recovery.  I'll provide more on the AAU Nationals in the coming weeks after I review the tapes.

We played some great basketball in the Junior Nationals.  We beat Team Texas Elite and Team STAT (Each 1 Teach 1) that made some memorable games for the kids and coaches in attendance.  All of the kids stepped up to the challenge and handled themselves well against top talent clubs.  I love those games.  Unfortunately, we had no legs in the Jackson Tiger's game and it showed.  We should've pulled it off.

In the consolation game, I played the reserves against the King James Shooting Stars team to provide them with exposure and exprience in the 17U division.  8th grade PG Carlin Haymon (Rivers School '13) finished with 11 points and 4 assists in 18 mins. of action.  The sophomores battled back from a huge deficit to cut it down within 6-8 points but unfortunately we ran out of time.  Roderick Tyler, Dimitry Coronel, Ronny Fernandez, and Sarkie Ampim did a hell of a job.  A few more minutes and we could have pulled it off.  Shabazz Napier finished with 19 points, 4 assists in 14 mins. of action."

Friday, July 31
Napier drawing National Interest!

Orlando, FL - Shabazz Napier is drawing National attention.  Click on the link to see ESPN Recruiting Analyst Paul Biancardi's comments.

He recently received a scholarship offer from U Miami in the ACC.  I am pretty sure more will follow.

 Keep up the great work, Shabazz!

Thursday, July 30
Azotam having a great Summer!

Ike Azotam (Marianapolis Prep) continues to play well this summer.  It started at his performance at the Hoop Group Elite camp.  He made the all star team and lead his team to the Championship at the camp.

He has offers from the following schools: Robert Morris, Quinipiac, LIU, Hartford, Sacred Heart.

He is also drawing serious interest from the following schools: Drexel, James Madison, Northeastern, Delaware, Niagara, Siena, George Washington, La Salle, Central Connecticut State, College of Charleston, Fairfield.

Other schools in attendance at various games:  Saint Bonaventure, VCU, Boston University 

Thursday, July 30
Napier continues to play impressively!

Orlando, FL - Shabazz Napier (Lawrence Academy) continues to have an impressive summer.  It started at the Reebok All American Camp when he helped lead his team to the Championship game of the camp.  In the AAU Junior Nationals he continues to play well and lead his team to victories.

He currently has offers from the following schools: UMass (Amherst), Providence College, URI, and Robert Morris.

He has serious interest from the following schools: St. Johns, Villanova, Rutgers, Pitt, Virginia, Boston College, Memphis, Tulane, Houston, Xavier.

Other schools in attendance at various games: Kentucky, Tennessee, Marquette, Northeastern, UConn, Florida, Drexel, UCLA, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, South Carolina. 

Thursday, July 30
Metro Boston is undefeated in AAU Jr. Nationals!

Orlando, FL – Metro Boston goes 3-0 in pool play to advance to the AAU Junior Nationals Championship bracket.  Team remains undefeated in the play-offs.

Metro Boston beat Buck County Hawks 61-44

We started this tournament focused and determined to make up for our poor performance in the Super Showcase.  The loss and injury to Shabazz Napier definitely left a sour taste in our mouth.  We regrouped and made a solid push.  Everyone stepped up in this game.  We were focused and handled our business.  From the starters to the reserves, they played hard and played well!

Metro Boston beat Georgia Flight 87-66

We started this game well and had a solid run in the first half.  The Sophomore group (Dimitry Coronel, Carlin Haymon, Ronny Fernandez, Roderick Tyler, Marcus Grant) stepped up in the second quarter.  They held their own.  The not only maintained the lead but they also pushed it up a bit.

Metro Boston beat Team Texas Elite 71-61

We pretty much controlled this game from beginning to end.  Ike Azotam (19 points; 15 rebs), Allen Harris (15 points, 10 rebounds) and Shabazz Napier (22 points, 6 assists) lead the way.  Mario Monroe, Sarkie Ampim, Marcus Grant and Andre King did a hell of a job defensively.  The kids came to play this game. 


Metro Boston beat Fastbreak NYC 74-67

It was a game that we lead pretty much through the last three quarters.  Ike Azotam did a solid job clinching this game with his offensive rebounds and put backs.  Shabazz Napier made the key free throws down the stretch to maintain the lead and Allen Harris finished in the open floor.  Andre King did a solid job stepping up and burying the three and attacking the basket.     

Up next……Team Stat in the third round!  We are the only remaining undefeated team from Massachusetts.

Wednesday, July 29
Metro Boston falls in the Super Showcase!

Orlando, FL – In the Super Showcase, Metro Boston went 2-1 in pool play and lost in the opening round of the playoffs. 

According to Coach Mo, “We started pretty well in pool play Beating the Illinois Titans and Birmingham Storm.  We weren’t playing our best basketball but we definitely dug in and competed.  The kids were shaking the rust off and starting to get into the flow.  Everyone contributed to these wins and made the effort to step up their level of play. 

That third game in the pool definitely took a toll on us versus South Florida Elite.  Not only did it place us third in the pool, but Shabazz (Napier) getting hurt early in that game didn’t help.  That kid is a warrior.  He sucked it up and played through the pain to not let his teammates down.  He was probably at 50 % of himself, and still managed to play lengthy minutes.   

Also, falling to third place of the pool based on points set the kids back.  They felt dejected and it showed in the playoffs.  This continued into the play off game versus the Memphis Stalliones and unfortunately we came up on the short end of the stick.  The only good thing about the play off loss was we got a day to rest before the AAU Junior Nationals.  It gave the kids the needed rest to heal their bodies.”

Wednesday, July 15
Metro Boston goes 3-2 this weekend

Springfield, MA – Metro Boston went 2-1 in the Gold Bracket of the 17UPool Play:

Metro Boston beat NYC Jaguars

Ike (Azotam), Mario (Monroe) and Shabazz (Napier) set the tone on this game.  They controlled the paint and Shabazz did a great job running the team, as he has done the entire year.  Brian (Grossman) did a very good job defensively and offensively he distributed the ball well.  He was attacking the cup too.  Marcus (Grant) stepped in and did a hell of a job on the offensive end. 

Metro Boston beat NJ Pleasant

This was a competitive game early on.  We eventually picked it up defensively and quickly opened up the spread.  Everyone played well in this game.  If our shots weren’t dropping, we at least did something else to make up for it.  For example, Allen (Harris) did a real good job attacking the basket when his jump shot didn’t drop.  He also rebounded the ball pretty good in this game.  The younger guys on the team started off slow but picked it up to close out the game.  They need to understand that every second counts.  They can’t take anything for granted.  Hope they are learning as I expect them to. 

Quarter Finals:

Metro Boston lost to Expressions Elite 17 U

The officiating was horrendous.  This game was ugly from start to finish.  They made a living at the line the entire game and defensively we didn’t play as well as we are capable of.  I have to give them credit; they shot the ball real well.  Billy Baron couldn’t miss.  There big guys hit their perimeter shots and it opened it up for them.  We allowed them to do what they wanted to do.  We didn’t dictate the game as we generally do.  We couldn’t get into a flow because every time we tried to make a run, we quickly gave it back on the free throw line or break away baskets.  We turned the ball over quite a bit this game and didn’t finish the easy baskets.  In the first half alone we missed 10 lay-ups we should have easily made.  I’m not even taking into account the lay-ups we missed in the second half. 

At Quinipiac, Metro Boston went 1-1 In the Super 16 Showcase games

Metro Boston beat Expressions Elite 17 U

This game was the rematch from the day before at the Hall of Fame Invitational.  The difference here was clearly the officiating.  It started off bad, but in the second half the referees let the kids play and we made our run to win this game.  Mario and Ike played real well once again.  Those two kids are starting to dominate the paint like they are capable of.  Brian and Shabazz defensively, once again, did a hell of a job at the top of the perimeter.  Despite Shabazz picking up his 4th foul early in the second half, he finished out the game and got us some key steals to pull out the game.  Marcus and Sarkie (Ampim) played real well coming off of the bench and playing hard defensively.   I hate to blame a game on an official, but when it is 14-2 in a half, the previous game and 12-4 to start this game, it really gets me worked up.  The coaches want to see the kids play and go up and down the court to see how they perform.  They don’t want to see a ticky tack game called and the officials be the rulers of the game.  All I look for is consistency so the kids know what can and can not occur.  Clearly, they called hand checking on one end of the court and on our end, my guard is being pushed out of bounds and not getting the same call.  How can you teach a kid or better yet, let the kid get a feel for the game when the refs are up and down on calls. 

Metro Boston lost to Long Island Lightning 17 U

Neither of the teams shot well in this game.  It was a long wait for us between games and it showed!  We missed a ton of free throws, lay ups and jump shots that we generally hit.  We played flat.  We ended up losing by about 4 points.

Wednesday, July 8
Spring 2009 Recap

Below is a recap according to Coach Mo.


Spring 2009 Recap:


Shabazz Napier 5’11 (Lawrence Academy ‘11) – Shabazz continues to improve on both ends of the court and is as competitive as ever.  Offensively, he can do it all: shoot from the perimeter (30 feet away), create off the dribble, mid-range game and finish going to the cup.  He sees the floor real well and handles the ball as if it was a yo-yo in his hands.  Defensively, he doesn’t get much credit.  The kid can defend the full length of the court and is very quick with his hands.  As he continues to get older, he will get stronger and build up his inner core.  He got his invitation to the Reebok All American Camp the old fashion way, he earned it!  Right now, he is the best point guard in New England.  He continues to prove this night in and night out against the top talent nationally.  He might be the best in the Northeast!


Ike Azotam 6’7 (Marianapolis Prep ‘10) – Ike continues to improve offensively and defensively.  Offensively, he is starting to develop his wing game and improving his ball handling skills.  In the post, he is finishing very strong and aggressively.  Defensively, he is doing a much better job rebounding the ball and helping out on the defensive end.  He still has room to improve his game and he knows it.  The kid works hard and it is showing on the floor.  He would have easily been the difference for us in winning a State title this past spring.


Brian Grossman 6’1 (Duxbury ‘10) – Brian has come a long way.  A year ago we were working on getting back his confidence and shooting touch.  This year, not only is he proving he belongs on the floor with anyone, but he is also making teams pay with his shooting, ball handling and passing game.  At times we’ve put Shabazz at the wing and had Brian run the offense.  He’s become that versatile.  Physically, Brian has gotten stronger.  Brian always had a great work ethic.  Defensively, he is still one of our better man to man defenders.  He is willing to cover anyone.  This kid is going to be a great addition to any team at the collegiate level.


Mario Monroe 6’9 (North Cambridge Catholic ‘10) – Mario continues to improve his overall game.  This kid is very competitive.  He has matured quite a bit and still has a bit to go to get to the level he needs to be at.  I love his competitive nature and wouldn’t trade that for anything.  He is headed in the right direction.  Offensively, he runs the floor well and goes hard.  He has great court vision for a big man and can actually handle the ball a bit and shoot it from the perimeter.  He plays real well with his back to the basket.  Defensively, he can dominate.  His only issue is he can get into foul trouble because he is constantly trying to block everything in the paint because of his teammates failed assignments.  This we need to improve on in order to keep the big man in the floor longer.  This kid is only going to get better when he gets to college and has the daily structured routine and schedule to improve his game.  We can only practice once a week, and he continues to improve.


Allen Harris 6’5 (Suffield Academy’10) – Allen continues to improve every week throughout the spring.  He is hitting the 3 pointer very consistently and his mid-range game continues to improve.  He continues to improve his creation off the dribble and it is showing in games.  We continue to work with him to handle the ball better and at times in the late spring we started to play him at the point forward position because of match ups.  Defensively, Allen rebounds the ball real well and is long.  He has altered a few shots from opponents because of this.  My only regret with Allen is he didn’t play with us a year ago.  In the short time he has been here he has improved immensely and with his work ethic he will continue to get better.  This kid is a diamond in the rough.


Sarkie Ampim 6’6 (Lawrence Academy ‘10) – Sarkie had a setback this spring for us with a knee injury.  Prior to his injury, he was dominating the paint on the defensive end and improved his offensive skills.  He was doing a great job for us in the early spring until his injury.  He was finishing high above the rim and doing a real good job with his back to the basket.  He should have a good summer for us this year.  We are expecting big things for him.  He would have easily been the difference for us in winning a State title this past spring.


Marcus Grant 6’4 (Lawrence Academy ‘11) – Marcus has blown up this year.  He goes from no one knows him, to being selected to the Reebok Breakout Camp based on his performance at the Headliner Camp.  He has been a difference maker for us.  Every week he has improved offensively.  Defensively, the kid was very good when he got here and he continues to improve as well.  He is a great rebounder for a guard, has quick hands and can get up to block shots as well.  Offensively, he is attacking the basket real well and is improving his mid-range game every week.  He can stroke it from the 3 point line comfortably and is a very strong kid (also a star football player for his high school). 


Dimitry Coronel 6’4 (East Boston ‘11) – Dimitry has improved leaps and bounds this year.  He is still a raw athlete and will continue to improve his game because he has a real good work ethic.  He can score from the 3 point range, can get to the basket and has improved his mid-range game throughout the course of the year.  Defensively he has gotten better.  He is blocking shots, rebounding the ball well and has improved his man to man defensive skills.  There have been games this year where Dimitry has actually led the team in scoring.  As he continues to improve his ball handling skills, man to man defensive skills and his basketball knowledge, the sky can be the limit for this kid.  He is a 6’4 shooting guard in the making.

 Roni Fernandez 5’11 (Lincoln-Sudbury) – Roni’s greatest asset is he can easily stroke it from 25’feet away of the basket.  This kid has a deadly shot and can see the floor real well.  Defensively, we need to continue improving his footwork and conditioning.  He has been working at it and it’s starting to show because he is earning time up with the Juniors.  He’s a great a kid and is very receptive.  Time will tell on his development, but I don’t doubt he will continue to improve because current indications and work ethic shows that he is willing to work hard to attain the goals. 

Carlin Haymon 5’8.5 (Rivers School ‘13) – This is the 8th grader that has been backing up Shabazz all year for us and I expect to be the next best point guard to come out of this camp if he stays as committed and loyal as Stevie Mejia and Shabazz have been.  Those are big shoes to fill, but I have no doubt Carlin is capable and up for the challenge.  At times it’s not fair for Carlin, because the other kids are older than him and physically more matured, but he has definitely held his own and continues to improve.  We continue to find him time on the floor to improve his confidence and gain great experience.  He caught a lot of people’s eyes at the Reebok Headliner Camp earlier in the spring.  This is a great learning experience for him.  We have done this in the past with Stevie Mejia and Dwight Brewington.  Both of those guys played up in the Junior division as 8th graders and they turned out great for us.  As long as he stays committed to the program and regiment, I have no doubt things will work out for him.

Roderick Tyler 6’1 (Minutemen Tech ‘11) – Similar to Marcus, he is a kid that is starting to get the attention of recruiting services because of his play.  He has gone from unknown to known in the matter of months.  He is a very good athlete and can finish around the basket easily.  He is a strong kid and rebounds the ball real well.  We are working on improving his ball handling skills to improve his entire game.  I like this kid a lot.  Reminds me of all the kids that have gone through the program, that came here and made a name for them self as long as they are willing to work hard and put the time in the gym.


Milan Drecuc 6’5 (Wilbraham & Monson Academy ‘10) – Milan played real well for us during his time here.  He fought through a tough cold and sinus infection.  Every week he was here he gained confidence of competing at this level and was improving.  Unfortunately for us, he has to go back home for the summer.  He will be sorely missed this summer.  He was a great spark plug for us off the bench.  He was capable of playing on the perimeter and in the interior.  Defensive his man to man skills were pretty good and did a great job on team help defense.  He rebounded the ball real well and was very hard going.  His perimeter game would have definitely helped us this summer because it allowed us to open up the paint for guys like Ike and Mario.


Team Addition(s):

Troy Robinson 6’7 (Brimmer & May ‘10) – Troy joined the team in June.  Time will tell how he fits in to the team.  I have no doubt he will give us the effort we need to succeed and things will work out for Troy.  He is very athletic and does a pretty good job defensively.  Offensively, he can actually face the basket from what I’ve seen and can finish around the rim.  He seems very versatile.  Time will tell.


Andre King 6’1 (Sabis Int'l '10) – Andre joined the team in July.  Time will tell how he fits in to the team.  I have no doubt he will give us the effort we need to succeed and things will work out for Andre.  He is a very strong kid, he can shoot it and does a pretty good job defensively.  He is very receptive and picks up things quickly.  As in Troy, time will tell but I have no reservation on either of the guys getting it done.

Tuesday, July 7
Metro Boston Update!

Dorchester, MA – Below is an update on the Metro Boston schedule for the upcoming summer season.


Summer Update:



Here is a list of the Metro Boston members that are attending camp this summer:

Marcus Grant (Lawrence Academy) – Reebok Breakout Camp/Top 75

Allen Harris (Suffield Academy) – Hoop Mountain/Top 75

Troy Robinson (Brimmer & May) – Hoop Mountain All Academic Camp

Mario Monroe (North Cambridge Catholic) – Hoop Group Elite/Top 75

Ike Azotam (Marianapolis Prep) – Hoop Group Elite/Top 75

Shabazz Napier (Lawrence Academy) – Reebok All American


Tournament Schedule:

Hall of Fame Invitational (Springfield, MA) – July 11-12

Super 16 (Quinipiac, CT) – July 13

Super Showcase (Orlando, FL) – July 23-27

AAU Junior Nationals – D1 (Orlando, FL) – July 26 – Aug 1


According to Coach Mo, “We work hard on getting our team in front of the coaches at all levels.  I’m proud of the fact that we did it once again, despite the economy.  I reached out to 40 friends, and just about all of them have come through for the kids in this program.  I'm very greatful for the support we received from our community and the people from this state. 

It would be easy for us to use the economy as an excuse for not attending the premier events this year.  It’s the best excuse in the book these days.  If you are not at the NCAA sanctioned events, then it will be very difficult to get evaluated this year.  Especially since they cancelled the Spring ‘live’ period (April).


All and all, we stayed very busy this spring and we will continue our efforts throughout the summer and remainder of the year.”

Monday, May 18
Metro Boston 4-1 in Springfield, MA - Hall of Fame Invitational

Springfield, MA – Metro Boston went 4-1 in the Hall Of Fame Invitational this past weekend (May 16-18).  The team made a good run and unfortunately came up a bit short in the end.


According to Coach Oscar, “We played real well, unfortunately we ran out of gas at the end.  It was tough once again not having everyone there (Sarkie Ampim – injury; Brian Grossman – personal commitments).  Once again we played up some of the younger guys and they did pretty well.  We have to continue developing them and get them time on the floor to develop.  This coming week at the GymRat Challenge in Albany, NY will be big for them and us.  They will play in the Sophomore & Junior divisions.”


Coach Oscar goes on to add, “On Saturday, we came out a bit flat and got it together.  The younger guys did a good job to get us started.  They pushed the older kids to get after it with their intensity.  Once the older guys saw that, they started to play the level of basketball that we are capable of playing.  On Sunday, we played a few tough games against all the Connecticut teams we faced.  The Conn. Select game was a tough one for us.  We missed a ton of free throws and lay-ups and it allowed Conn Select to not only stay in the game but actually lead it with 3 minutes and change left in the game.  We were down by at least 6 points and Allan (Harris), Mario (Monroe) Milan (Drecun) and Ike (Azotam) did a hell of a job on the boards.  Marcus (Grant), Dimitry (Coronel), Shabazz (Napier) did a solid job on the perimeter as well as assisting with the rebounding.  They stepped up defensively and together we all got it done.


Shabazz hit two free throws with 5 seconds to go in regulation to tie the game and let us go to overtime.  Once in overtime, we pretty much controlled the tempo and become much more effective in our offense to seal the win.  Shabazz had a stellar game; boy can that kid go!  He ended up with 47, 10 dimes and 8 rebounds.  Not to mention, he played the last 12 minutes of that game with 4 fouls.  Ike and Mario were big in the paint.  Offensively Ike ended up with at least 14 points, 16 rebounds and 7 blocks (Ike makes all of his lay-ups, he easily ends up with 30 points).  Mario defensively had a double-double (10 blocks and 15 rebounds – 4 points shy of a triple double!).  Allen did a hell of a job running point and attacking the basket.  He easily ended up with at least 8 assists in that game; hitting Shabazz, Ike and Marcus (Grant).


Unfortunately, this game took a toll on us.  We ran out of gas against CBC (that was our third game of the day (9:15 a.m./12:00 p.m./2:15 p.m.) and only their second).  We actually led pretty much the entire game but with 6-7 minutes left in the game, fatigue set in and we started to make a few mistakes we wouldn’t have other wise.  We ended up losing the game by 6 points.  Not having Sarkie & Brian was tough this weekend.  All in all, it was another successful weekend as we continue preparing for the July run”.



Metro Boston beat Rhode Island Hawks

Metro Boston beat Drive for Stardom (CT)


Metro Boston beat Conn Basketball Academy

Metro Boston beat Conn. Select – in OT


Metro Boston lost to CBC by 6 points

Thursday, May 14
Metro Boston finished in 2nd Place in AAU Junior States!

Kingston, MA – Metro Boston had a great run this past weekend with only 8 guys.  Unfortunately, they ended up losing in the championship game of the 17U/Juniors Mass. AAU State Tournament held in Kingston, MA to BABC as the lack of depth this weekend had an impact.  Metro Boston finished 5-1 for the weekend and advances to the AAU Junior Nationals in Florida in late July.


According to Coach Mo, “We had a great run this weekend (5/9-10) with only eight (8) guys.  Five (5) of the players are new to the program and 4 of them are only sophomores.  Every week we continue to improve and the kids are starting to realize it.  We are not yet at the point we need to be and that is a good sign.  The kids know it and they are eager to work at it in order to get to that level.  We don’t want to peek early, especially with the run we have scheduled this summer (4 ‘live’ period events and camp).”


Coach Mo goes on to add, “People need to remember this, we were missing three of our post players and that impacted us in the championship game.  One (1) guy was home because of an injury (Sarkie Ampim), another kid couldn’t get out of prep school for the weekend (Milan Drecun), and the other guy has to finalize his paperwork (Ike Azatom).  If Ike played, I’m very confident the outcome would have been different.  We hung in and played hard despite the foul trouble.  I had 3 guys foul out and losing Mario (Monroe) early was the difference.  That left us with no post players.  He has to learn to not get into foul trouble.  He’s an emotional kid and plays hard, that is what I love of the kid.  He doesn’t back down from anyone.


As for Shabazz Napier, once again he has proven to be the best player in New England – Barr none, if not the Northeast.  He continues to improve and work hard on his game.  Brian (Grossman) has improved so much and I expect big things from this back court in the coming months.  He works just as hard as Shabazz as well as the other kids in this program and it is starting to show on the floor.  The other two guys are young: Ronny (Fernandez) and Carlin (Haymon) and they will need time to develop.  The experience they gain by playing at this level will definitely pay off for them.  They are learning a lot from the older guards and the alumni when they get a chance to come back to the gym. They need to continue gaining their confidence and continue to get stronger and better.  


As for the wings, Allen (Harris) is starting to come into his own and starting to understand the game and our system.  He has room for improvement and he knows it.  He has gotten better defensively but needs to take it up a notch and I expect him to do it.  He is definitely capable.  The two sophomores, Marcus (Grant) and Dimitry (Coronel) continue to improve and gain the confidence they need in order to succeed.  Marcus continues to advance his game.  Dimitry is also starting to get over his injuries and stepping up his game.  The younger guy, Roderick (Tyler) will improve and become key contributor to the team.  I can tell with the way he plays the game and handles himself.  He needs to get stronger and accustomed to this level of basketball.   We will work on that.”


Pool Play:

Metro Boston beat Warriors Blue

Metro Boston beat Fidelity House



Metro Boston beat MYCW

Metro Boston beat SECC


Metro Boston beat MAD

Championship Game

Metro Boston lost to BABC

Monday, April 13
Metro Boston Schedule for the Upcoming Spring

Dorchester, MA - Metro Boston is in the process of finalizing the Spring and Summer Schedule for 2009.

 As it currently stands the schedule will be as follows*:

April 17-19 Hall of Fame (CT)

April 24-26 Jam Fest (RI)

May 1-3 States - 16's*

May 8-10 States - 17's

May 15-17 Hall of Fame (MA)

May 22-24 Gymrat Challenge (NY)

May 30-31 Reebok Headliner Camp

More to come.....

(*) tenative as is stands today.

Tuesday, February 10
Shabazz Napier selected MOP of National Prep Invitational

Boston, MA - Shabazz Napier (Lawrence Academy) was chosen as the MOP (Most Outstanding Player) according to the MaxxPreps recruiting services during his participation of the National Prep Invitational held on the University of Rhode Island campus in Kingston, RI.

According to Coach Oscar Lopez, "Shabazz played well.  He distributed the ball, hit the open shots and stepped up for his team.  Unfortunately, on Sunday the lack of depth on his team caused them to lose the game.

What's great about Shabazz is he hates to lose and continues to work on his game.  He reminds me of the great point guards we've had in the organization in the past.  He has quite a list of schools showing serious interest in him and we expect big things from him this upcoming season for us."

According to the NPI site, Shabazz was selected to the "All Invitational Team".  He was 1 of 11 players selected from a numerous amount of student-athletes. 

Keep up the great work, Shabazz!  

We will be updating the try-out information in the coming week.

Tuesday, August 18
2008 Year In Review

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Saturday, January 5
2006 and 2007 Year In Review

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Wednesday, March 17
It's Official: A Member of the Reebok family!

Boston. MA - Metro Boston/Lena Park is officially a sponsored team by the Reebok Corporation starting in March 2004.

"This is great news for the program. I'm happy for the kids and all the volunteers. I'm hoping to have another big year. We've had a great showing at Try-outs so far and I hope to have a great team", stated coach Mo Vasquez.

Mo goes on to add, "I filled out the required paperwork and send it in. Now it is time to put the final touches on the teams and get ready for the upcoming season. We'll be as busy as we've ever been and I can't wait to start the season officially."