Mendham High School Volleyball: Scholarship Fund

Tuesday, November 20

Volleyball Boosters of MHS Scholarship Program 

The Volleyball Boosters of MHS Committee created a Scholarship Fund in 2005, named the McAdam Family Volleyball Scholarship Fund at MHS, based on its initial endowment by the McAdam family. It is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible MHS volleyball team members to pursue additional training and experience outside of the regular high school season. It is recognized that there are various ways for players to obtain such training and experience, including Club participation and camp attendance, which require substantial financial commitment by families. The Booster Committee seeks to offer scholarship opportunities to players whose family financial limitations would prohibit pre-season summer camp or off-season involvement. The financial support would be intended to offset the cost and assist players who would not otherwise be able to participate in any pre-season summer camp or off-season activity. 

An applicant would be eligible for this scholarship grant if she: a) is on the roster of the Varsity, JV, or Freshmen team; b) has met all academic and conduct requirements; and c) has legitimate family financial need (such that a pre-season camp or an off-season activity would not otherwise be possible). There is no restriction on the number of successive years a scholarship may be requested.  

Scholarship grants of equal value will be awarded to as many applicants as possible, in an amount no less than $100 and no greater than $500. The grant amount for each year will be dependent on:  a) the amount of money in the Scholarship account; b) the number of applicants. The grant amount cannot exceed the actual cost of the program.                        
Grants can be used for any USVA Club or professionally operated summer camp. It may not be used for private lessons.  Payments would be made payable to the volleyball camp/club organization based on information provided by the applicant. It is then the responsibility of the recipient to deliver the payment to the program.  

The completed application form and accompanying letter(s) must be returned to the Coordinator when a grant is requested. These materials will be reviewed and compiled by the Coordinator, who will protect the confidentiality of the applicants. Only the information about the grant amount and number of recipients will be presented to the Booster Committee, which must approve all the grant payments.  Recipients will be notified as soon as possible. Each recipient will then be responsible for notifying the Coordinator of the payee for the grant at the appropriate time, and the check will be prepared and mailed to the recipient. The recipient is then responsible for making payment to the volleyball program. In the event that the recipient is unable to participate in her first choice program (i.e. Club), but is able to arrange for another experience (i.e. camp), the grant money can be allocated to the alternate program, upon approval of the Coordinator.

Program description-Rev: 11/19/12  

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Hallie J. Swerdlin
3 Cramer Drive
Chester, NJ  07930 
Contact @ 973-919-2745 or                                                                                               Application Form - Rev: 11/19/12