Medford National Little League: Registration Information: 50-70 Baseball New for 2013!

50-70 Baseball New for 2013!

MNLL is proud to announce the introduction of 50-70 baseball for players league-age 11 to 13, will be coming to our league in 2013.

This is a new and exciting development in Little League competition that includes an expanded playing field and more open rules to help players transition to the larger (60-90) fields of middle school and high school competition. Little League fields feature 60 foot basepaths with 44 foot pitching distances. The expanded dimensions of 50-70 baseball provide an additional challenge of distance as well as allowing larger bats, base-stealing, and other traditional aspects of the game not allowed in regular Little League play.

It is generally recommended that leagues have a transition year to introduce 50/70. The board is considering several options including allowing players who are league age 12 to participate in both majors and 50/70 this year and then eliminate the majors division next year in favor of 50/70 for ages 11-13. This will improve the quality of play in the minors division and extend the Little League experience by one year. 

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