Medford National Little League: Fundraisers: Become A 2014 Sponsor!

Become A 2014 Sponsor!

We are a non-profit league supporting 12 fields on 35 acres. Each year we rely exclusively on volunteers to maintain the fields and run the league. Our operating expenses each season exceed $40,000. Our budget must cover the following areas: utilities, building maintenance, uniforms, equipment, insurance, Little League dues, scholarships, and field maintenance. Our income consists of sign up fees, fundraisers, concession stand proceeds and sponsorships from businesses.

With our sponsors’ financial assistance, Medford National Little League has operated at our current location in West Medford for nearly 50 years! It is a wonderful opportunity to invest in the future of our children.

If you have any questions, or want further information on how you can support our Little League, please email: or


Thank you for your support!!!

                                                                                       ~Amy Bennett

                Medford National Little League/ Board Member/ Sponsorship Coordinator

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