Medford National Little League: Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there on a sign Main Street that says "Thomas Whittle Fields"? 
On June 15, 1981, Thomas E. Whittle deeded 16.9 acres to MNLL.  

If I live outside of MNLL boundaries but want to play for Medford National what do I have to do?
Kids who once lived in our area and move are able to play for us as long as parents have 3 different proofs of old address.

For those who have never lived in our boundaries, they first need to ask the board for the league they live in to vote to release player andthen our board can accept out of area player.   We must have written board minutes from the league releasing the player.  All players who play with a release are not eligible for post season tournament play (All-Stars) unless approved by Western Region.  Western Region will only approve a waiver if it is based on hardship.

I live in East Medford/White City how do play for Little League?
Medford is divided into 2 leagues. The children who live in East Medford/White City play for Medford American Little League. The only way we can have a player who lives on east side (or any area outside our boundaries) play for us is to apply for a waiver.  

How do I sign-up for Medford American Little League?
MedfordAmerican Little League — For info visit

I live in Phoenix how do I sign up to play for Little League?
Contact:  Phoenix Talent Little League
360 Rogue River Pkwy

I live in Central Point how I sign up to play for Little League? 

For info on Central Point Little League: 

Where is Lost and Found located?
All Lost and found items are in the concession stand. Items left at the end of the season will be donated to equipment exhchange or discarded.    

Must my child have medical and dental insurance to be eligible to play?
If you do not have insurance, just write none on the form. Our insurance carrier asks for this so that if an injury occurs they can work with the injured players insurance company. It is not required to have insurance.

Why do I need to bring a birth certificate?
Birth Certificates are checked at registration to assure child is stated age. If you do not have one, we will sign you up, but if child plays in post season tournament games (All Stars), we must have a copy or child won't be allowed to play. This is also true if child plays competivtive soccer and many other sports. You may have heard about the Little League pitcher from New York who lied about age a few years ago and now it is required for all tournamnet play. We check them now so it reminds parents they need them and order them before June.

My Child tried out for Majors why wasn't I contacted after the draft about a team?
Major teams are formed on the draft date. Players who were not drafted are placed on a Minor team. 

My Child was evaluated for Minors why wasn't I contacted when the Minor Teams started?
Players who were not placed on a Minor team will be placed on a Rookie Team.

When will my child start practice?
Managers get their teams on different dates and then set practice times.
Dates managers get rosters (then they determine their practice times):

When does baseball season end?
The regular season ends in June. 

What equipment do I need to purchase?
Your child will need a glove and cleats. The League provides shirt and hat (visor for softball). Most teams try and coordiante sock and pant colors, but it is not required.  Little League players wear nonmetal cleats. Most stores carry only the nonmetal in youth sizes. Soccer cleats are okay to use for baseball. We will have a used equipment exchangeat sign-ups and are asking people to donate what they no longer use. No charge for items, free for others to take.

The League supplies each manager with team bats and team helmets which are shared amongst the team. Some parents choose to by their child a personal helmet. Many children also have their own bat so they can practice at home.

How many games per week do they play and what time are games?
Games schedules come out around the end of March for Majors & Minors and early April for the Rookie & T-ball teams. Teams are usually scheduled for 2 games a week except Majors have 3 games every other week. Once games start there are not a lot of practices because the fields are reserved for games. Game times vary on Saturdays, however Baseball and Softball games start at 5:30 on weeknights.

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