Americans: The American Way

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"Proud To Be An American"


Playing the game the American way means that a player is a winner. A winner who is an exceptional teammate, has fun playing and, who, at all times, respects the game of baseball; running out every grounder to the pitcher, every pop-up, hustling at all times and being unable to conceive of playing any other way. It means he is a team player who makes a full three month commitment to the Americans, shows up to games and shows up on time, practices like he plays, thinks ahead, has an idea and who never goes to the plate or the mound without a plan.


Playing the game the American way means a player is not intimidated by any situation he finds himself in on the field, that he sees those moments as the reason he plays the game, that he never backs down, gives in, or gives up. An Americans' ball player is expected to show the proper respect to umpires and opponents, as well as to the fans in attendance at games, and to represent the Americans with dignity both on and off the field.


If you're a player who would like to be considered for a roster spot on the Americans, or a coach looking to place a player in a summer league, please send an email to

The Melrose Americans' organization is committed to continuing a tradition of baseball excellence in the city of Melrose, Massachusetts. The Americans' goal is to win championships and to field a team that year in and year out will continue to make a night watching Intercity League baseball being played on beautiful Morelli Field a can't miss event for the many loyal families and fans who follow the team.