MPSC-Patriots: How to Join

Wednesday, August 15
So, you think you'd like to swim with us?


Current eligibility requirements
Dependent of an active duty military member?  Eligible
Dependent of a retired military member?  Eligible
Dependent of an Active Reserve/Guard member?  Eligible
Dependent of a Department of Defense civilian employee?   Eligible
Dependent of a Government contractor assigned to Ft Meade?                 

We are not a "try out" club, nor do we have a restricted membership (other than that DoD connection); however, a swimmer should be evaluated/assessed by a coach BEFORE committing funds towards team registration. Swimmer evaluations, or assessments, consist of the prospective swimmer demonstrating proper breathing technique while performing one of the four (4) competitive strokes--freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke, or butterfly--for 25 meters. 

 Joining the Meade Patriots Swim Club is a 2-Step Process

Step 1: Register your swimmer(s) with CYSS. This is a separate fee and action from the team registration costs. CYSS Parent Central Services is located at 1900 Reece Road, just outside the Reece Road vehicular gate. The phone number there is 301-677-1149/1156/1104; and their hours of operation are: Walk in hours: 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., and Limited Appointment hours: 1:30-5:30 p.m. (last appointment at 5:30 pm) (On-line registration may also be available at .)

Per CYSS, eligibility to participate is “open to all CYSS youth whose parents are: active and retired military personnel, or DoD Civilian personnel working on Fort George G. Meade or the National Security Agency and their contractors.” No proof of CYSS registration. No practicing. No swimming. No kidding. No exceptions.

 Step 2We will begin holding team registration for the coming season on the Gaffney Fitness Center’s pool deck on the week of 27 August for returning and experienced swimmers on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There will be someone at the pool (board member or “veteran” swim parent) from 6pm-7:30pm on each of those 3 nights.

New swimmers should come the week of 10 September on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights at 6 pm. 

Download and fill out the forms, take applicable ones to Youth Services, and bring the rest to us at the pool -- during the regular swim season (September thru April). Forms are available on the Handouts page.

Prospective swimmers should bring goggles and suit, swim cap if female (or male with long hair), and be ready to swim at the evaluation.  All swimmers must be registered with the Fort Meade Child, Youth and Student Services (CYSS) Organization; have a birth certificate and current sports physical on file with CYSS and must remain current for the duration of the swim season; and, all swimmers must pay applicable CYSS and team fees and dues.

Fees due the at time of registration:

One-time, manadatory USA Swimming insurance fee = $72.00 (per swimmer)

First month's practice/training dues (the amount will depend on which color-coded group your swimmer is in—according to the following breakdown)

  • Red Group (novice/8 year olds & under; 3x wk/45 mins) = $50.00 per month
  • White Group (intermediate experience; ages 9-15 yrs (generally), with prior winter competitive experience; some coaches’ exceptions; 3x wk/60min) = $52.50 per month
  • Blue Group (most advanced swimmer practice group; coaches’ recommendation only – but, generally 13+) 5xwk/1.5 hr = $65.00 per month
Dues are monthly fees associated with the training sets and will be due NLT the 5th of every month through April 2013.

Please contact Charles Belo ( regarding any questions you might have.