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Thursday, July 19
Common asked Questions & Information

WHAT IS NASP?  --The National Archery in the Schools Program provides international-style target archery instruction to students in 4th through 12th grades as part of an in-school curriculum.  These shcools may then form after school programs.

Kentucky initiated the NASP in 2002 with 22 schools participating.  With the program's overwhelming success, other states began to adopt the program as well.  Currently, 46 states and three additional countries have implemented the program in their schools.

The benefits from participating in archery are endless.  Gaining the knowledge of a life-long sport is secondary to learning teamwork, self-dicipline, and a sense of accomplishment.  Every student has the ability to be involved in archery reguardless of size or gender.

SAFETY -- Safety is the foremost priority of the program.  Students are required to strictly follow all safety and behavior rules.  There will be no exceptions to these rules.  All NASP coaches have attended training and have received BAI certification.

EQUIPMENT -- The NASP requires schools to use the Mathews Genesis bow (not the pro or a mini) and offcial Genesis arrows.  This equipment has a universal fit and can be used at any age level.  Although the school will provide all the necessary equipment for a student to participate,  the eaquipment may not be taken home from school.

If at some point you choose to purchase a personal bow, several local shops carry this modeland the offcial arrows.  Other items that you may want to purchase (but are not required) are a soft bow case or an arm guard.  Bows must be placed in soft cases (no arrows) for bus transportation to and from school.

TOURNAMENTS -- All shooters may compete in any in county competition or similar tournament sponsored by other archery clubs where students only register as individuals.  However, the traveling team will consist of 24 shooters.  These shooters will compete in regional, state, and national tournaments, depending on how far the team advances.  Registration fees vary from $5.00 at county competitions to approximately $20.00 at the National level.  Students will also be required to bring money for meals if the team travels outside the couonty. 

Competition schedules for 2012 / 2013 have been set as follows:

In-County Tournament(s) - TBA

Region - TBA

State - TBA

Nationals - TBA

Worlds - TBA


Practice times will vary from school to school and if submitted by coaches will appear on website by school & Location.