Meade County Archery: By-Laws

Friday, June 12

Meade County Archery Booster

By-Laws  September 2007  

Mission/Vision        The Mission of the Meade County Archery Boosters is to support our local NASP and 3D Archery programs and events so that the youth in our county will have a safe, fun, and competitive program in which to participate.  

Membership   The booster membership consists of parents and/or legal guardians of students (no more than two per child) active in the school’s archery program.  The county representative as well as each school’s head coach shall also be eligible for membership.  The school’s head coach will be recognized as the school’s representative and will be determined by the individual school. He/she may delegate an alternate representative. In order to be counted as a member and have voting privileges, you must fill out the form that will be sent home with your child/children at the beginning of the school year.  Parents that have not signed up by the first scheduled meeting of the new school year may do so at anytime, however, they cannot vote until the second scheduled meeting after their enrollment.  In addition, parents of new students that are enrolled after the beginning of the school year have thirty days after their child is enrolled to join or the above by-law applies. NO FEES WILL BE PAID TO BECOME A VOTING MEMBER


Election of Officers  The elected officers of the boosters include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The county representative, deteremined by the school staff, will also be considered an officer of the booster club.  Each elected officer will serve a one-year term. Initial election of officers will be held immediately following the implementation of by-laws. Subsequent elections will be held at the last general meeting of each school year.   Two consecutive unexplained absences by an officer from regularly scheduled meetings will be considered a resignation.  In the event that an office becomes vacant, the executive committee shall appoint a member to fill the position for the remainder of the term.  If the vacant position is the office of President, then the Vice-President will fill the position until the last booster meeting of the school year at which time a new President shall be elected. 

General Meetings  In order to hold a general meeting at least three of the five executive officers must be present. School representatives will be notified of meeting dates and times. If school is cancelled on the day of a scheduled meeting, the meeting will be cancelled. Any motion that has been properly presented during a meeting must receive a vote of approval from a majority of the attending members before it can be passed. Attending members will be required to sign in to determine majority. The motion and the vote will be accurately recorded in the minutes. Business is to be conducted according to the following standard rules of order:

a.)   The President or Vice-President shall call the meeting to order.

b)   The Secretary reads the minutes from the previous meeting. The presiding officer will ask for a motion and second to approve the minutes.

c)  The Treasurer will report all financial activity since the last meeting. This will include all account balances, allotments, and any other financial activity. The presiding officer will ask for a motion and second to approve the treasurer’s report. The Secretary will make this report part of the minutes.

d)   The county representative shall be given the opportunity to address the membership and discuss archery-related topics.

e)   Committee reports: committee reports are to be presented at this time by the chairperson of each committee.

f)   Old business: any unresolved or pending issues from previous meetings will be addressed at this time.

g)   New business: any new discussion or motions shall be presented at this time.

h)  Calendar of events: announce the date of the next booster meeting or any archery related event.

i)  The presiding officer will ask for a motion and second to adjourn the meeting.

j)   The President shall maintain copies of the minutes and Treasurer’s reports. 

Executive Meetings  Executive meetings will include only the officers of the booster club.  A meeting will be held prior to the scheduled booster meeting to prepare a list of topics that need to be brought before the membership.  It may also be necessary to have an executive meeting to discuss matters of special concern or matters that need immediate attention.  Minutes of these meetings are to be recorded and read at the next general meeting of the booster club. The executive committee may hold meetings with all school representatives. Minutes of these meetings are to be recorded and read at the next general meeting of the booster club. 

Committee Meetings  Committee meetings will be held to coordinate various booster activities.  The chairperson of each committee will be expected to report on committee activities at the next general booster meeting. 

Financial  The treasurer is required to maintain current and accurate records at all times.  All account activities and expenditures must be documented from general or executive meeting minutes by the Secretary. All allocations and expenditures shall be approved by the membership at a general meeting.  The Treasurer shall maintain a detailed account of disbursements and balances for each.   The executive committee will be allowed to approve, by majority vote, expenditures of up to $500.00 as required for unexpected or emergency expenses.  These expenditures must be reported at the next general meeting and entered into the minutes. Any disbursements of booster funds must meet the following criteria:

a.)  The expenditure must have been approved in a general meeting or by the executive committee.

b)  The Treasurer must be given a detailed receipt before a check can be issued Check SigningThe disbursement of funds from the booster account requires two signatures from elected officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer). Check signing authorization must be verified for new officers by sending a signed set of the minutes to the bank.  This is the responsibility of the Secretary. Fund RaisingFund raising events or activities held by individual schools or by the boosters shall be coordinated and approved by the executive committee prior to the event. 

Audit  The Treasurer’s records are to be audited before the end of each school year and anytime a new treasurer takes office.  An audit committee of two booster members, consisting of no more than one officer, shall be appointed by the executive committee and approved by the general membership or the boosters may elect to pay an outside bookkeeper/accountant to audit the books.  The audit committee will compare receipts, checkbook ledger, and the meeting minutes to ensure that all expenditures are in order and have been properly approved.  If everything is in order, the audit committee will sign the ledger in agreement.  If any discrepancies are found, they are to be documented and reported to the President immediately. An executive meeting must then be convened as soon as possible with the audit committee in attendance. 

By-Law Amendment Procedure   All proposed amendments to the by-laws are to be submitted in writing to the executive committee.         The executive committee will then review the amendment and decide whether to form a by-law committee or present it directly to the membership at the next two general meetings. After the second reading, if a motion and second  have been made to accept the amendment, the membership will take a vote. A two-thirds majority vote of attending membership is required to amend the by-laws.