Mavericks Baseball Club II: My Site News

Friday, September 14
Mavericks Pride

The true definition of Maverick is: Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence.

As Mavericks we will learn to believe in ourselves and our teammates. 

Billy Martin: Inspirational Quotes for Sports
There's nothing greater in the world than when somebody on the team does something good, and everybody gathers around to pat him on the back.

Saturday, October 25
Ramm-it donates $500.00 to the Mavericks
The Mavericks would like to thank Debra Hagan Owner of Ramm-it for the donation to the team.

Saturday, October 25
Ameripro Service Systems, Inc. Sponsors Henderson Mavericks
Thank you to Nanette Bonderson for the generous contribution to the Team!

Saturday, October 25
Sierra Designs, Inc. donates $250.00 to The Mavericks
The Team would like to thank Richard Walsh, President of Sierra Designs, Inc. for the donation

Friday, August 1
Quality Mechanical donates $1000.00 for new Maverick uniforms
The Mavericks would like to give a big thank you to Quality Mechanical for the generosity they displayed.  The boys all look great in the new uniforms sponsored by Quality!!!!!

Friday, September 14
Mac's Delivery Service donated $400.00
The Mavericks would like to thank Mac's Delivery Service of Las Vegas for sponsoring the team to play in the 2007 Fall HBA league

Friday, September 14
Rebar Machine donates $450.00
Dave and Nicki Green, Logan's Parents donated $450.00 to help us get started.  Please allow me to speak for everyone to give you a big THANK YOU!!!


Wednesday, September 26

Sunday, February 28
Mav's Take Championship in Havisu AZ!!!!
Solid Defense, good hitting and outstanding pitching lead to 4 straight wins to muscle out all other teams in a first place win!!!  Great job boys...

Sunday, June 7
Maveircks are the '09 Sunrise to Sunset IV Champs!
The team played awsome!  Pitching was outstanding, the bats were white hot and combined with nearly flawless defence the team won it all.

Sunday, April 19
Mav's are '09 Sunrise to Sunset I Finalist
The Team played well but came up just a little short of winning it all. 

Friday, August 8
Mavericks finish 4th over all in the '08 Color Country Classic
A strong start to the Team and congratz for a good start to our 2008 Tournament season.  With the team still getting to know each other the boys and parents should be pround.

Tuesday, November 13
Maverick's Finish 2nd in Championship
It was a great '07 Fall season for the team.  All goals were met and the Maverick played to a tough 1 run loss but still finished 2nd in a 12 division.  Great job!!!

Tuesday, November 6
Maverick's Take 3rd place in "07 Fall Extravaganza UT!!!

Great Job for the 1st tournament.  3rd is a great start and the team should be proud.  Everyone played well and helped us to one victory or another.