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Tuesday, February 26
Where are we staying for the Wenatchee Tournament?
The Marysville Mustangs will be staying at the Value Inn, March 28th through March 30th.  Weblink:

Tuesday, February 26
Note to Parents about Practice:
Practices will be starting on Tuesday, and will run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 5PM until dark. Projected time will be until 6:30 at the latest, until further notice. All practices will be at CedarCrest Middle.

Saturday, March 8

REMINDER:  We need bodies to help with the field maintenance:

Field day will start at 9:00AM on Saturday 3-8-2008 (AT CEDARCREST)             We need to get the following things done…. 1.)    Secure the bases in the right position (get the posts in them and plugs) 2.)    BUILD A MOUND (WE SO DESPARATELY NEED ONE BEFORE WE PLAY) 3.)    Pressure wash the dugouts…  We need to clean things out before we welcome people into play 4.)    Fix the hole in our dugout roof 5.) Pressure wash the backstop then paint the backstop 6.)Level out the infield and fill in any low spots…



Tuesday, February 19
Washington State Select Baseball League Website link


The new Washington State Select Baseball League website link is now availabe.  You'll be able to see valuable information for the Sandy Koufax division, our game schedule, field information and directions, standings, etc.  Feel free to browse around to get familiar.