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06-24-16 10:10 AM
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Mark II Softball Team
Lloyde Nelson
., Illinois

Angie 1961-2015 RIP
Wecome to the Official Angie's Mark II Softball Team Website!

2015 Angie's Mark II Team

We mourn the loss of Angie, our dear friend, team's namesake and Mark II manager/bartender over our 38 seasons, who passed away 11/18/15, just after her 54th birthday and less than 4 months after her cancer diagnosis.

Angie’s outgoing personality, upbeat attitude and genuine camaraderie will be sorely missed by our players, groupies and fans with whom she cheered at the games and welcomed as friends back at the bar for so many great seasons.

Although the Mark II Lounge may now lack her physical presence, Angie's spiritual presence will fill that place and have its own special place in our hearts forever!

Thanks, Angie...we love you!

Angie's Mark II Softball Team    

This site is the electronic home of the "Original" Mark II Softball Team--playing 12" slow-pitch softball for the Mark II Lounge since 1978!

The 2016 season "Marks" our 39th season of summer softball fun sponsored by the Mark II Lounge!  We are once again playing in the Wednesday Night Mens' League at Evanston's Crown Park.  Playing in the same league in 2015, Angie's Mark II finished the Regular Seaon with a 6-5 record (5th Place among the 12 team league) and went 1-1 in the Playoffs, for an overall record of 7-6. 

See the "Web Update" section below for the latest team news and narrative summaries of this summer's league play, etc.

Please explore all the areas of our site by clicking on one of the links in the pane to the left. Note that the "Handouts-Sheets" folder leads to our 2016 stats, boxscores and administrivia (Team Calendar, League Schedule & Rules and IWBYABs).  Other links in the "Handouts-Sheets" folder will lead to all the Mark II Softball Team historical stats from the 2015 "Stat Pack" as well as all the final stat "Sheets," weekly "Updates," etc for each individual summer league season since 2000.    

For futher info, sign our "Guestbook" or send e-mail to:

See you out there!
Lloyde Nelson, 5-2-16  

Evanston Rainout Hotline: 847-859-7822 (ext 1199)

Follow Lloyde on Twitter: For timely and important updates, player availabilities, scores, etc, please sign up to be a follower on my Twitter account "@LloydeNelson"

2015 Angie's Mark II Team & Groupies

Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Handout: Current Administrative--Schedule, Roster, Financials & Rules

Friday, June 24
Mark II Current Web Update

Last Updated: Friday, 6/24/16:

Upcoming Schedule & Player Status:

Wednesday, 6/29: 6:45 at Advocates (6-0) on Crown's “East” Diamond.  Mort and sons, son-in-law, NU friends and law friends are a perfect 6-0 so far this season.  Shawn is not expected (arm). We're currently expecting all the regulars: Jonas, me, Mark, Eric, Larry, Bob B, Ryan, Bob Se, K-Mack, Jeff and Neal.

On Deck...Here's a link to the Game Summary and Boxscore for previous game(s) against our next opponent: 

Recent Results:


Wednesday, 6/22: Our game with Swingers (3-3) was cancelled due to the severe weather forecast.  Stay tuned for the makeup schedule information.


Wednesday, 6/15: 6/15: We lost a tough extra-inning game, falling to Swingers (now, 4-2) in 8 innings, by a low low score of 4-3. Our offense looked as lethargic as the weather (low 80s and high humidity at 8:00 PM) and we just couldn’t get it together for 6 pathetic does 0 runs on 3 hits & 2 walks in just 23 PAs in 6 innings sound?!? Fortunately, our pitching and defense (and perhaps the fact that both their leadoff, David Iannotti of Stone Ponies fame and cleanup, Brian Rowell of Mark II flash-and-dash fame were missing) held their Swingers “Lite” lineup to just 2 singletons over that same period and gave our offense a chance it hadn’t earned to earn a victory. Down 2-0, the offense, indeed, woke up briefly in the 7th with 2-to-tie (leadoff singles by Jonas and Ryan moved over and in on K-Mack’s 1-out 4-6 FC & Zave’s 2-out RBI-single). Tied 2-2, the defense then earned “extra time” (Ack: Larry) as Ryan’s 2-on/1-out 5U-3 DP snuffed out their 7th inning walkoff threat. Given an extra inning, Jeff then one-manned it around the bases in our 8th on his leadoff leg-single, tag-up-to-second on Bob B’s flyout and score from second, sliding, as their catcher dropped the ball after the tag on Bob Se’s 2-out “Seidenberg It” single. Hopeful that the slimmest of margins (3-2) would be enough, we found the old adage that the “first one’s the toughest one” to be painfully true as we couldn’t get an out on their first batter of the 8th (single up the middle), after which their second batter got an infield single, and an infield out and intentional walk later, yet another infield single with the bases now loaded not only tied it, but also allowed them to walk off sudden winners, 4-3. In the end, we stayed around long enough to make it a good game (for us) by tying it and even taking the lead, but they made it a great game (for them) with a come-from-behind walkoff win that dashed our hopes of stealing this one late. With the tough loss, our win-again-lose-again won-lost record has fallen to an even 3-3. For the boxscore, follow this link: or click on the "Handout: 2016 Boxscores" link on the bottom of this page or navigate to the "2016 Boxscores" category after opening the "Handouts--Sheets" folder in the pane on the left side of this page. 


From the Last Update (6/20):       


Mark II Moments:  

While we “enjoyed” the best weather of the year (low 80s albeit with pretty high humidity), we also had our fewest fans pass through the turnstiles. Just Groupies Jen and Liz endured this one from the fan stands. Although certainly not our best performance, particularly on offense, J&L both were firm in their opinion that this loss to a good team, walkoff fashion, was a much more entertaining contest to watch, just a week after that crazy Cardinal I.P. tooth-puller.     

The Slugs were out in full force last Wednesday—first time this year that a majority of both our teams were at the bar at the same time (they left last week before we arrived after our 9:15 marathon). Unfortunately, both teams were drowning our sorrows as they too lost a(nother) tough on, this time 4-1 to Batmen (who beat us 7-5). Not even two seasons removed from their 8-3 second place campaign in 2014, the Slugs are now 1-6 with a 5-run loss, two 1-run losses and now a 3-run loss and just a 10-run total scoring differential, having scored 50 while giving up just 60 (we’re 61-49, tilted by our Opening Day 21-5, 15-run margin). Pitcher/Outfielder Mike Schmidt (their “Schmidtty”) and a new Slug, Steve, lasted long enough to be the last Slugs standing and joined us at the “Seniors Table” while enjoying their final cold Falstaff (or two). 

Unfortunately The Slugs are also going to be suffering the loss of a valuable member of their family, literally. Rich’s son, Ben, has taken a job managing a micro-brewery in Colorado and will be leaving town before the end of June. Arguably, their best young player and hitter this side of Ross (who left town last year), Ben has also been a conduit for the influx of good young ETHS baseball players on The Slugs. We wish him well!   

Stella(!!!) was off last week (a vacation already?) so we were in the usual excellent care of Brie (sp?) pronounced like the cheese, who we hadn’t seen yet on Wednesdays this season. Still, a seasoned veteran (of a year or two) Brie knew how to get the Sox game on the TV (they won!?!), kept the tables replenished with beer and “packing materials,” served up a couple of nice hot pizzas with gar-leek (not only square-cut, but possibly a brand switch from Tombstone?) and, of course, how to let Bud out of the bottle.  

Maybe to help him forget that he made our last out of the night stranding Bob Se on third with the insurance run, Jonas instead spent a good portion of the night whining about not having received his free beer from successfully replying to the previous week’s Embedded IWBYAB... question. (On the other hand, I recall telling him “Don’t choke on it” that week and contend he was paid in full). Of course, one or both of us know that memory is the second thing to go. Speaking of Jonas, I did remember to follow up about whether his 5 assists in the Cardinal I.P game was a personal was not, but tied his PB. Jonas also had 5 assists way back in his sophomore year in our 11-7 win over Maccabeans on 5/8/00. I also found 6 games where he had 4 assists.

Mark II your calendars! We have just two early games left on the schedule and they should fit well with our usual late June/mid-July team activities. “Meat Night” is now planned for Wednesday, 7/13 after our 6:45 game against These Cats. We should make it to our house around 8:00 that night where Joe C will be cooking his meat! All players, alums, Groupies and fans are invited...please let Peg or me know if you and yours will be there this year, so we can get a count on the food and refreshments. This is a team fund-funded activity, so the meat and the refreshments will be provided at no extra cost. Also, please join us for our annual celebration of LN630—this year it’ll be #65—next Wednesday, 6/29, after our 6:45 game against Advocates at the Mark II.  

Thanks for reading...Part 1: I heard from a vacationing-in-Florida Marty Ryg (huh...a retiree going to Florida in June...sounds like he could be looking for assisted living?!?). Anyway, Marty said that now that the pizza at the Mark II is being cut in squares, he will definitely be showing up at a game very soon. (Yeah, that’s all that was keeping him from making the drive in from and back home to Schaumburg)! I think Marty also mentioned something about his willingly and generously “sprinkling the infield” once or twice when he does show up!  

Thanks for reading...Part 2: I also heard from Kevin C who, surprisingly, says he should be ready to come off the D/L as soon as this week! (It’s a sure sign that Meat Night is right around the corner when we start hearing from “Mr Meat”)!  

Injury Report: Nothing new from Shawn...out indefinitely (and definitely this week). Eric pulled a hamstring last Monday in a doubleheader in his Waukegan league and had to sit out our Swingers game. He’s optimistic he will be OK for this week’s game and will know more after he tries it out tonight. Eric helped out last week by coaching third (where there was a definite dearth of business for him all night) and by assisting with the Scouting Report and in-game “Book” while we were in the field (thus helping to avoid some of the domestic strife that normally results from my yelling “Peg, what you got?” as each of their hitters comes to the plate).  

Money: Thanks to all 11 regulars for making this the last time you’ll see this paragraph in a 2016 Update! As always, regular attendance at the Mark II after our games would go a long way in reciprocating the generosity the Anton Family has shown toward our teams for 39 seasons! 

IWBYABIYATFPATMTTTM: I tried a new topic, WHIP, and got the cold shoulder from most of the players, apparently proving that no one gives a rat’s behind about stats that reflect pitching (or pitchers). The good news was that the indifference only cost me 3 of the 7 beers I was offering (including the JHFB), 2 to the cranky Bobs & 1 to Mark, before everyone gave up for the night. All the questions covered just the 30 games we’ve played at Crown Park since returning to the 2014 Wednesday Night League and pertained to the average WHIP (Walks-plus-Hits-per-Inning) for our pitchers and their pitchers ranked by opponent, year and our pitchers. (See today’s attachment for the complete game-by-game stats).  

(1A) Name 2 of the top 3 current 2016 teams against which our pitchers have their best (lowest) average WHIP. No one got that the 3 teams against which our pitchers have performed the best are Glory Days (2.25 average WHIP), Cardinal IP (2.36) and Batmen (2.42). 

(1B) Name 2 of the top 3 current 2016 teams against which our pitchers have their worst (highest) average WHIP. Mark nailed this one—2 of the 3 are no brainers: Milford Mudlarks (3.67 average WHIP), The Slugs (a bit of a surprise at 3.39) and Any Given Wednesday (3.32). 

(2A) Name 2 of the top 3 current 2016 teams against which our offense has its best (highest) average WHIP against the opponent’s pitcher(s). No one could figure out how to flip WHIP and see which opponent’s pitchers we feast on...if you think of it that way, it’s really not hard to come up with at least two of these: Cardinal IP (we have a whopping 4.80 average WHIP against their pitcher(s)), Advocates (surprisingly, we’ve done great against Mort as his average WHIP against us is our second best at 4.67) and Growlers/Unfinished Business (3.94).  

(2B) Name 2 of the top 3 current 2016 teams against which our offense has its worst (lowest) average WHIP against the opponent’s pitcher(s). Again, no one bothered to guess which teams bothered our offense the most and, again, 2 of the 3 were gimmes: Swingers (we have a lowly 1.92 average opponent WHIP against their pitcher(s)), Any Given Wednesday (no surprise second at 2.05) and The Slugs (2.5). 

(3A & 3B) Looking just at our 3 main pitchers (Jonas, Mark & Nate) rank them in the exact order by: (A) Average WHIP as a pitcher (lowest average WHIP/game to highest average WHIP/game) in all Crown Park games in which they pitched since 2014 and (B) In games they pitched, the average WHIP support they received from our offense (highest average WHIP/game to lowest average WHIP/game). I gave the freebies to the Grumpy Old Men (Bob B & Bob Sc), who rightfully suspected the trick(s) in this question, namely that Mark is going to come out the worst in both cases—gives up the highest average WHIP and gets the lowest WHIP support from his teammates—and that just left it to guess whether Nate or Jonas was 1 or 2 in both categories. The senior Seniors gave me a real hard time by refusing to name the #2 in each case (the ex-lawyer between them arguing it’s “got to be” assumed if they give me the first and third name). Despite his refusal to play the game my way, Bob B got the right order freebie for lowest-to-highest pitcher by his average WHIP (Jonas at 2.92; Nate at 3.17; and Mark at 3.35). And, despite his me-too refusal to play by my rules (“My beer, my rules!”), Bob Sc was awarded a freebie for the highest-to-lowest average WHIP support (Nate at 3.21; Jonas at 3.18; and Mark way below them at 2.26—you’re welcome, Mark). 

(JHFB?) A mumbly, “doom-and-gloom” old pitcher (let’s call him, “Jonas”) Walks 4 and gives up 17 Hits in 7 Innings Pitched in a game...What’s his WHIP for that game? Jonas, still grumbling about the beer he forgot that he drank a week earlier (without choking), refused to play the math game with me for his freebie this week(or couldn’t do it?!?). Anyway, since WHIP = (W + H) / IP, old MD would have a WHIP = (4+17)/7 = 3.00.


See you out there!
LN, 6-20-16

Old News of (Mostly) High Value (from previous Updates):

Missing a game: If/when you know that you’ll miss game(s) due to a vacation or schedule conflict, please make sure I record those dates on my calendar. The sooner I know, the easier it is for me to plan and get a sub.

ERD Schedule & Rules--Review & An alyses:


Schedule:  The Wednesday Night League again has a full complement of 12 teams.  That makes for a nice single-round 11 game regular season after which there will be single-elimination all-teams-qualify two-week-long Playoffs, with the #1-#4 seeds getting a first round bye.  We drew a 5 home-6 away schedule with a very odd mix—5 straight home games to open the season followed by 6 away games.  We drew a nice split on the times with 5 games starting at 6:45, 4 at 8:00 and just 2 at 9:15 (weeks 5 & 7).  Our Rivalry Games are week 5 (Slugs at 9:15) and week 10 (Advocates at 6:45).  The new regime has apparently made its “Mark” by dropping the numbers from the diamonds and using the compas s for simplicity.  So, we now will play 6 games on the “West” Diamond (formerly #1 or #4—the one on Dodge & Main) and 5 games on the “East” Diamond (formerly #2 and #3--is on Lee).  Not much of a pattern this year: E-W-W-W-E-W-W-E-W-E-E.


Teams: Assuming The Chronicles are indeed returning as These Cats, all 11 teams are “retuning teams” (albeit one was last seen in 2014).  That team, Cardinal IP, against whom we were 1-0 in 2014, returns and replaces last year’s last place Dark Knights (1-0 & 1-0).  Unless they pull a WTTW Channel 11 on us (ask Mark), Cardinal IP is likely to replace Dark Knights in the standings, too, as both were 1-10 in their previous Crown League seasons.  (We should know more before our week 7 late game against them).  So, that means the returning teams and our career Crown Park records against them (regular season & playoffs, if applicable) are: Any Given Wednesday (0-1 last year; 0-2 since 2014 as Wednesdays, 4-2 & 1-0 between 2002-2007 as Thursdays and 2-0 & 1-0 in 1998 as Dinosaurs & Enemies); Advocates (1-0 last year; 2-0 since 2014 and 3-2-1 & 1-0 between 2002-2007); The Slugs (0-1 last year; 0-2 since 2014 and 5-0 & 1-0 between 2002-2006); Milford Mudlarks (0-1 & 0-1 last year; 0-2 & 0-1 since 2014 and 2-0 & 0-0 in 2003-2004); Glory Days (1-0 last year; 1-1 since 2014 ); Spiders (1-0 last year; 1-1 since 2014); Growlers (1-0 last year), Batmen (1-0 last year as Te am Random), Swingers, who apparently dropped the Smylie Brothers affiliation this year (0-1 last year; 0-2 since 2014) and finally, These Cats (0-1 last year) assuming they played as The Chronicles.


Rules:  I did a side-by-side comparison of the 2016 & 2015 ERD Rules.  It appears they are identical EXCEPT that Rule 9, Sec 3 has been eliminated. That’s the rule that allowed the pitcher to pitch from anywhere up to 6’ (straight) behind the rubber.  Jonas, before you go all Mumbles Doomsday about this, let me check with Ray as to whether this omission was intentional and why—hard to believe ERD would take away a rule just put in as a safety improvement.  That aside, it would be a good idea for everyone to review the Evanston Rules (attached) before we start playing.  The most important from a player perspective include: unlimited arc; illegal bats (see the ASA website, a link to which is available on our website); limit of 2 courtesy runners; foul third strike is dead; no "fake" tags; the lightning policy; etc.




Rain: Evanston's Rainout Hotline is 847-859-7822 x1199.  Evanston also has a Rainout Status on their ERD softball page (  And--this is a great convenience(!)--you can sign up to receive an automatic rainout notification text message and/or e-mail message if/when ERD issues an update--sign up for this on the above mentioned softball page (top right).  Note that rainout information is not generally posted/updated until after 4:00 PM and may not be posted until right around game time, so never assume a game is canceled.  These accounts and the Rainout Hotline numbers are listed on the bottom of the Team Calendar and the Team Roster and all are also available on our website Home Page (  The bottom line on rainouts:  If the Hotline is not reporting that the games are postponed and you can’t reach me and I have not sent out an e-mail and/or updated our website and/or my Twitter account is not reporting a rainout or postponement, always assume we are playing & show up!  (Every year we’re amazed and surprised at least once or twice when we’ve played even though it looked like we wouldn’t play right up until game time)!


Tweets: Yes, I am a twit who tweets...but only Mark II Softball Team matters, I promise!  So, if you're a twit, please become one of my followers(I’m up to 19!) so you can receive game status changes, field condition updates, etc promptly (and in less than, or equal to, 140 characters)!  My Twitter account is @LloydeNelson (  As I use this account only to communicate to the team and not as a dialog with me, please do not use the "Reply to:" capability of Twitter as I am very unlikely to promptly review any replies--I still prefer either a phone call or an e-mail/text reply if/when you have new news about your availability, etc.  Finally, our Website also has a link to my Twitter account (in case you've forgotten my name, or--more likely--can't spell it).

A Tribute to Angie from Bob B, 11/18/15:

To the Mark II Softball Team Family,

A little bit of all of us died today.  And it’s hard to imagine the sun will be able to shine as brightly again .

Angie loved life more than anyone we’ve ever known.  She’s the most optimistic person we’ve ever known.

Angie started working at the Mark II before our softball team was even an idea.  Back in the 70’s, Lloyde and the other Shure Brothers gang (OBO, Marty, Russ, Wally, Gary, Schmidtty, etc. etc.) hung out at the Mark after work and after their company softball games, and the Mark II camaraderie was what spawned the Mark II softball team.  Angie was always there.  No one took fewer vacations than Angie.  She acted like working behind the bar was a vacation.  She worked at the Mark six days a week, and during the baseball season, she spent her day off — Saturday — working the mob scene at Mullen’s in Wrigleyville.  She spread joy wherever she went.  And she bragged about our team all the time.  I still remember the night she introduced Lloyde and me to Joe Hudek, shortly after we had won our first championship.  Joe (a former college ballplayer who became one of our best players ever) acted like we had reeled off a dozen titles in a row, and he politely requested a tryout.  He had been listening to Angie.  And in those few years we had losing records, Angie focused on all the championships we had won.  To her, we were champions every time we walked into the Mark.

It’s been difficult to process how suddenly and rapidly Angie fell ill and died, especially since it basically happened in the short time period since our season ended.  Lloyde got word last week that Angie was in Evanston Hospital, and he and Peg and I had a chance to visit her last Thursday.  She was weak, not just due to the cancer but also an infection that had set in, but she was cheerful and optimistic as always, talking about going home the following day.  She enjoyed talking about the great run the Cubs had during the playoffs and their prospects for winning the World Series next season.  A misguided well-wisher had brought her a White Sox pennant, which I dutifully removed Thursday morning, and which Lloyde and Peg replaced with flowers and some Cub paraphernalia Thursday afternoon.  I also advised her that I had obtained a liquor license and was arranging for a juke box to be installed in her room that afternoon, so she’d better be ready to start serving drinks.  Her daughter Steff was at her side, as she had been throughout the illness, so she was designated as bouncer.  Spirits were high.  Death was nowhere in sight.  Right until the end, Angie never changed, a lesson for us all.

I can’t even imagine what it will be like to walk into the Mark and not see Angie.  But I know she’ll be there.  God bless us all.

Bob B, 11/18/15

Handout: 2016 Boxscores

Mark II Softball Team
Mark II Softball Team
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