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07-23-14 08:15 AM
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Mark II Softball Team
Lloyde Nelson
., Illinois

2013 Meat Night
Wecome to the Official Mark II Softball Team Website!

2013 Pete's Mark II (Thursdays)--Team and Groupies

Electronic home of the "Original" Mark II Softball Team--playing softball for the Mark II Lounge since 1978!

Indeed, 2014 "Marks" our 37th season of playing softball sponsored by the Mark II Lounge!  This summer we have registered to play in two leagues--one as a "new" team and the other as a "returning" team.  As a new team, we will be returning to Evanston's Crown Park (where we last played in 2011) to play on Wednesdays (a day on which we last played in 2001).  Meanwhile, we are again playing at Skokie's Laramie Park on Thursdays.  

See the "Web Update" section below for more details about the summer leagues as well as the latest team news.

Please explore all the areas of our site by clicking on one of the links in the pane to the left. Note that the "Handouts-'Sheets'" folder leads to our 2013 stats, boxscores and administrivia (roster, rules, Team Calendar, etc) as well as all the historic stats from the 2013 "Stat Pack" and our final stat sheets, Updates, etc for each individual summer league season since 2000. 

For futher info, sign our "Guestbook" or send e-mail to:

See you out there!
Lloyde Nelson



Evanston's Crown Park (Wednesdays): Call 847-859-7822 x1199 (after 4:00 PM) or check online at or sign up at this online site to receive automated text or e-mail notifications.

Skokie's Laramie Park (Thursdays): Call 847-674-1500 x2196 (after 4:00 PM) or check Twitter's "@SkokieFields" account .


Follow LN on Twitter:

For timely and important updates, player availabilities, scores, etc, please sign up to be a follower on my Twitter account "@LloydeNelson"

2013 Angie's Mark II (Tuesdays)--Team and Groupies
Handout: 2014 Administrative: Roster, Calendar, Financials, Rules etc

Wednesday, July 23
Mark II Current Web Update

New News of High Value...        
Upcoming Schedule and Player Status:          


Wednesday League at Crown...Wednesday, 7/23: The playoffs start. As predicted, we get a quick rematch with #6 Kekambas (7-4) in the first round on Wednesday, 7/23 at 6:45 on Crown's Diamond #2 (on Lee). After we win that, we wouldn't play in round 2 until Wednesday, 7/30, at 6:45 vs #3 The Goodfellas (8-3) also on Diamond #2. The semi-finals follow at 8:00 and the Championship Game is at 9:15. We played tight competitive games against both Kekambas and The Goodfellas in the regular season, losing 15-11 and 6-5, respectively. Bob B is out with his broken thumb and Kevin C is out (business travel). All 8 of the other regulars are expected, although Bob Se may be hamstrung with his hamstring and Neal may still not be able to be back from his weak back he got almost a couple of weeks back. Fortunately, our regular subs, Jeff, Oron and Zave are all available and will play. We’re expecting: Jonas, Jeff, Mark, Zave, Larry, me, Tony A, Oron, K-Mack, Bob Se, Neal(?) and Schmidtty.
Thursday League at Laramie...Thursday, 7/24: The Playoffs begin...without us—we’re done at Laramie. The two division leaders will play for the Division Championship first at 7:00 and then all 6 of the teams that finished with .500 or better records will compete over the next two Thursdays for the League Championship. For full details of the match ups and times, Bob DeL released the schedules yesterday which I’ve now posted on our website.



Recent Results:    

Thursday, 7/17: We found out the hard way that ours aren’t as big as theirs as Alkohaliks answered our satisfying albeit small 6-pack rally with their monstrous 10-spot response, reversing our 7-1 lead and coasting to a 19-8 slaughter in 5 innings. It was a nice feeling to run with the big boys early in this game and really nice to see our 7 hit/1 walk bat-around 2nd put a little fright in their night. But it was anything but nice, and quite a big fright, when they exploded for 10 runs in their 3rd on 9 singles, a double and a walk, changing our optimism to pessimism in just minutes. From there, trailing 11-7, it was all doom and gloom for us as we would scratch for just 1 run in three innings (1-6-0-1-0) while they would get to and achieve slaughter status with a pair of 4s (1-0-10-4-4). Once they got going, we could do little but watch the Alkohaliks drink us under the table with their offensive explosion. After a slow-for-them 2 hits in the first 2 innings, they floored us with 19 hits (including 4 doubles) and 2 walks in their final 3 innings. They scored their 19, high-efficiency style, with just 3(!) LOBs for the game, while we had our season-average of 10! For the boxscore click on the "Handout: 2014 Boxscores..." link on the bottom of this page or navigate to the "Boxscores..." category after opening the "Handouts--Sheets" folder in the pane on the left side of this page.
Wednesday, 7/16: The new young Kekambas team (now 7-4) roared out of the gate and held on nicely to beat us 15-11 in our final regular season game as we finished 2-9 and in next-to-last 11th Place. We struggled offensively and defensively early in this one as they got out to a too-easy 10-2 lead after just 3 innings. Although we settled down and started to get back in it a little (10-6 after 5, 13-11 after 6) the visitors kept us at bay late playing a little "catch us if you can"...and we couldn't. In the first 3 innings they sent 25 men to the plate and had 15 of their 25 hits--14 singles and an unexpected homer by their #6 hitter plus an SE that cost us an unearned run, and a(nother) failed "pickel" with 2 outs that turned into 2 more runs. Meanwhile, our wait-and-see offense wasn't worth waiting for (or seeing)--in our first 4 innings, we sent 21 men to the plate, but only 2 of them saw that plate after touching all the bases, our 7 hits and 2 walks turning into 7 LOBs. Our best efforts of the night then came in our 5th & 6th when we sent 9 men to the plate in each scoring 9 total runs on our 8 hits, 3 walks and an SE. But after putting up goose eggs in the 4th & 5th, Kekambas responded to the challenge with the above-mentioned end-game to end the game as we couldn't turn our lineup over in our do-or-die 7th ending the game with a GIDP...Ouch! The quip of the night was awarded to Larry who, observing the disparity in ages between the two teams was heard to opine that a team of their fathers would probably still be younger than our team! (Maybe, Larry, but do you think all 12 of their fathers are still playing softball)? For the boxscore click on the "Handout: 2014 Boxscores..." link on the bottom of this page or navigate to the "Boxscores..." category after opening the "Handouts--Sheets" folder in the pane on the left side of this page.     

Old News of Low(er) Value (from the 7/22 Update)... 


Schedules for the Playoffs in both Evanston and Skokie have been posted on our website.
Last Wednesday, two more “rookies” played in their first Mark II weekday summer game (David Allswang and Kolya Miller) bringing the total number of first-timers to 10 this year. Both guys had great debuts, David playing 2B and going 4-0-3-RBI with 6 Putouts & an Assist, while Kolya playing RC was 4-3-3-2 RBIs-2 (ground rule) doubles and a Putout. This season’s 10 first-timers sets an all-time “Mark” as our previous single-season high between 1984 and 2013 was 6 in 1999, and that was double any other season before or since. In fact, in those prior 30 seasons, we had a total of 56 first-timers for an average of just under 2 guys per season compared to 10 this season.
On Thursday, we welcomed back two recent alums, Cliff and Orville who played in their first games of the year for us. Both guys came through, too, Cliff playing SS and going 3-2-2-RBI with 2 Putouts and an Assist and Orville playing LC and chiming in with a nice 3-1-3 with 1 Putout.
Returning briefly to the subject of last week’s IWBYAB, both games last week set new season-low records for number of regulars who played—just 5 regulars on both Wednesday and Thursday. To supplement the regular dearth of regulars, a total of 28 different players have now played for us this year, 10 guys have played just one game, 1 guy played in 2 games, 2 guys in 4 games, 4 guys in 7-10 games, 5 guys in 11-15 games and 6 guys in 16-21 games. 
IWBYABIYATFPATMTTTM: LOBs have hurt us this year—we’re averaging 10 a game in both the Wednesday and Thursday leagues (that’s 1.6 men left on base per inning when you subtract the 16 innings we didn’t bat due to slaughters). That’s almost 2 LOBs/game worse than the combined average of our previous 30 leagues at Crown & Laramie. Leaving 10 on base per game isn’t so bad, if/when we’re scoring 15 runs, but it becomes a two-headed monster when our scoring is also down and, unfortunately, we’re scoring just 10.2 runs a game this year (9.2/game in our losses) vs our 30-league average of 12.4 runs/game. Even though our scorebooks don’t allow us to easily identify LOBs for each player in every PA, we can easily look at each player’s 2-out plate appearances with someone on base. So, putting that in the form of a question (and, per request, restricting it to positive stats) I asked who our best situational achievers were based on ranking players by how often they succeeded at getting on (kept the inning alive with a hit, walk or SE) in their PAs with 2-outs and runner(s) on base...
For the IWBYAB for Wednesday, I focused only on the Wednesday team and asked: (1) What is the Wednesday team’s OB% in PA situations with 2-out/men on (first to guess within 20 points)? It took a couple of painful rounds to realize that the OB% would probably be close to that of the team in all situations (.545). So, Schmidtty scored the freebie when he finally got within 20 points of the answer—our 2-out men-on OB% is .541 (on 59 successes in 109 opportunities). (2) For all our 109 Wednesday 2-out/men-on PAs, including failures and successes, what’s the average LOB/PA (first within 0.20)? Bob B eventually centered in on the answer, guessing a slightly-high 1 man left per 2-out/men-on PA, which was barely within the allowed tolerance of the actual number (0.83). (3) Name 2 of Wednesday’s top 3 players in OB% in 2-out/men on PAs (with a minimum of 5 such chances). The usual suspects guessed the usual suspects (Bob Se, Neal, Jonas, etc) but were surprised and ultimately stumped to find the top 3 were: K-Mack & Kevin C (both .800 OB% on 4 of 5) and me (.778 OB% on 7 of 9). (4) Similarly, name 2 of Wednesday’s best 3 in lowest average LOB per 2-out/men-on PA. This didn’t quite follow the OB%, with K-Mack still best at stranding just 0.2 LOB/PA, but Neal was second at 0.29 LOB/PA (albeit a 5th-best .714, 5 of 7 OB%) and I was still third at 0.33 LOB/PA. Not asked, but in case inquiring minds want to know, we stranded 91 men in those 50 failed PAs which thus resulted in third-outs, for an average of 1.82 guys left on base in those situations (with 1 LOB 18 times; 2 LOBs 23 times and bases loaded 9 times).
I pulled the “second verse (almost)...same as the first” trick again for the IWBYAB Thursday. However, with the only the sexagenarians in attendance and Bob B’s prostrate disdaining another beer, we just had to wait the usual extended time for Schmidtty to guess right on one of the 4 questions. So here are the questions and answers, one of which Schmidtty got a beer on which he didn’t choke...(1) What is the Thursday team’s OB% in PA situations with 2-out/men on (first to guess within 20 points)? Remarkably Thursday’s is just .00046 less than Wednesday’s and rounds to the same answer—our 2-out men-on OB% is .541 (on 53 successes in 98 opportunities). (2) For all our 98 Thursday 2-out/men-on PAs, including failures and successes, what’s the average LOB/PA (first within 0.20)? This time, Thursday’s was just .00184 better than Wednesday’s, both rounding to 0.83 left per 2-out/men-on PA. (3) Name 2 of Thursday’s top 3 players in OB% in 2-out/men on PAs (with a minimum of 5 such chances). The usual #1 suspect, Bob Se, was the answer on Thursday and, due to ties for third, any 2 of 5 names would have been correct: Bob Se #1 (OB% of 1.000 with 6 of 6); Larry #2 (.857 on 6 of 7); and Mark, K-Mack and Jeff tied for #3 (.500 on 6 of 12, 3 of 6 and 3 of 6, respectively). (4) Similarly, name 2 of Thursday’s best 3 in lowest average LOB per 2-out/men-on PA. This was just 3 guys as Jeff claimed sole possession of third: Bob Se #1 at an obvious 0.0 avg LOB, Larry #2 at 0.14 and Jeff #3 at 0.83. Not asked, but in case inquiring minds want to know, we stranded 82 men in those 45 failed PAs which thus resulted in third-outs, for an average of 1.82 guys (again, just 0.0022 more than Wednesday) left on base in those situations (with 1 LOB 16 times; 2 LOBs 21 times and bases loaded 8 times).


See you out there!

LN, 7-22-14    
Reviews of League Schedules & Teams (from April Updates)...
ERD Schedule & Teams--Review & Analyses:

Review of the Crown Wednesday Schedule:This is the first time in many years that the Wednesday Night League has had a full complement of 12 teams--7 of last year's 8 teams and 5 "new" teams.  That makes for a nice single-round 11 game regular season after which there will be single-elimination all-teams-qualify Playoffs, with the #1-#4 seeds getting a first round bye.  We drew a 6 home-5 away schedule with a good mix--never more than 2 in a row at home or away.  We also drew a nice split on the times 4 each 6:15 & 8:00 games (no 6:15 games in the last 4 weeks when it will be warmer and sunnier) and just 3 games at 9:15 (really just 2 after the Opener for which we requested a late time to accommodate Jonas & Bob B). 


Review of the Crown Wednesday Teams: The new teams are: Glory Days (don't recognize the name nor the captain, Mike Hart), Kekambas (a new team apparently of ETHS baseball young alums, formed by last year's Slugs' rookie phenom, Richie Foreman), The Goodfellas (don't recognize the name nor the captain, Adam Setzke), Unfinished Business (don't recognize the name nor the captain, Adam Zaffaroni) and us (the last time we played at Crown was the Tuesday night league in 2011 after having moved our Thursday team from Crown to Laramie after the 2007 season, while the last time we played on Wednesdays was 2001 at Crown).  Of the 8 returning teams we have a "book" (albeit an old "book") on several: Advocates (we are 3-2-1 & 1-0 between 2002-2007); The Slugs (5-0 & 1-0 between 2002-2006); Any Given "Day-of-the-Week" (4-2 & 1-0 between 2002-2007 as Any Given Thursday and 2-0 & 1-0 in 1998 as Dinosaurs & Enemies); and Milford Mudlarks (2-0 & 0-0 in 2003-2004).  That leaves Swingers (6-5 last year under Michael 'Mikey' Jeffrey, AKA Nevin's/Tommy Nevin's), Spiders (3-8 last year under Michael Sage) and Cardinal IP (1-10 last year under Chris Mulkey) as the returning teams against whom we have no "book" (but some Slugs' Subs experience).


SPD Schedule & Teams--Review & Analyses: 
Review of the Laramie Thursday Schedule:  The league structure remains the same—2 divisions of 4 teams with a 10 game schedule in which you play each of the teams in your own division twice and each of the teams in the other division once.  To qualify for the playoffs a team must finish at .500 or above (or finish as a division winner even if below .500).  We drew a 5 home-5 away schedule, as expected, but unexpected is the fact that we’re the home team twice against division foe Alkohaliks (it should obviously be home-and-away) and we’re the away team for 3 of our 4  “crossover” games against the other division (it should be 2-2).  Given the crossover games are weeks 4-7, this makes for a streaky schedule: A-H-H-H-A-A-A-A-H-H.  The times are pretty nicely distributed (2 at 6:30; 3 at 7:30; 3 at 8:30; 2 at 9:30) and somewhat easy to remember after week 1’s 8:30 start: starting with week 2’s 7:30 game, the times go up the ladder (7:30, 8:30, 9:30) then back and up again (6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30) and again (6:30, 7:30).  Finally, note that there are no games scheduled on Thursday, July 3rd and that, unless there are fewer than 4 games lost to rainouts during the entire regular season schedule, the season will undoubtedly extend into August as just one Thursday night has been set aside for any/all make up games (7/17) and the overly-complicated/unpredictable league and division playoffs are then expected to take 2 Thursdays to complete.     
Review of the Laramie Thursday Teams: At least 5 of the 7 other teams are returning teams, including all 3 in our division: Alkohaliks (8-2 & 0-1 on Thursdays last year; we’re 0-5 lifetime against them); Stone Ponies (4-6 on Thursdays last year; we’re 9-3 lifetime); and Yellowstone (6-4 & 2-0 League Champions last year; we’re 2-3 lifetime).  There are at least 2 returning teams in the other division: Chicago Akkadians (9-1 & 1-1 Division Champions last year; we’re 3-5 lifetime) and Master Batters (6-4 & 1-2 last year; we’re 5-7 lifetime).  The other 2 teams are: Savages (which may be a new name for the Gamecocks, AKA No Glove/No Love, who, although now captained by Mike Valentine, were previously captained by Jerome Savage) and Trek Freight, apparently a new new team captained by Joseph Bastian.    
ERD & SPD Rules:  I'll go into the differences between the 2 parks in a later Update.  It would be a good idea, however, for everyone to review the Evanston and Skokie Rules--downloaded on this website: follow the "Handout: 2013 Administrative..." link on this page (just under the third picture) or click on the "Handouts--'Sheets'" link in the left pane above and find/open the "Rules..." file(s).  The most important from a player perspective include: unlimited vs limited arc; "floating" pitcher's mound; illegal bats (see the ASA website, a link to which is available on our website); limit of 2 courtesy runners; foul third strike is dead or alive; no "fake" tags; the lightning policy; etc.   
Rainouts and Communications (from April Updates)...


Evanston's Rainout Hotline is 847-859-7822 x1199.  Evanston also has a Rainout Status on their ERD softball page (  And, new this year, you can sign up to receive an automatic rainout notification text message and/or e-mail message if/when ERD issues an update--sign up for this on the above mentioned softball page (top right). 


Skokie’s Rainout Hotline number is 847-674-1500 x2196.  Although Skokie does not update rainout status on their softball page of their website, Skokie and I do use Twitter accounts for this purpose ( and (, respectively. 


The games are always on...until they're officially off!  Note that rainout information is not generally posted/updated until after 4:00 PM and may not be posted until right around gametime, so never assume a game is canceled.  These accounts and the Rainout Hotline numbers are listed on the bottom of the Team Calendar and the Team Roster and all are also available on our website Home Page ( bottom line on rainouts:  If the Hotline is not reporting that the games are postponed and you can’t reach me and I have not sent out an e-mail and/or updated our website and/or the Twitter accounts are not reporting a rainout or postponement, always assume we are playing & show up!  (Every year we’re amazed and surprised at least once or twice when we’ve played even though it looked like we wouldn’t play right up until game time)!


Tweets: Yes, I am a twit who tweets...but only Mark II Softball Team matters, I promise!  So, if you're a twit, please become one of my followers so you can receive game status changes, field condition updates, etc promptly (and in less than, or equal to, 140 characters)!  My Twitter account is @LloydeNelson (  As I intend to use this account only to communicate to the team and not as a dialog with me, please do not use the "Reply to:" capability of Twitter as I am very unlikely to promptly review any replies--I still prefer either a phone call or an e-mail reply (in that order) if/when you have new news about your availability, etc.  Finally, our Website has links to both my Twitter account and SPD's.


Handout: 2014 Boxscores--July

Mark II Softball Team
Mark II Softball Team
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