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06-28-17 10:18 AM
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Mark II Softball Team
Lloyde Nelson
., Illinois

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2016 Angie's Mark II Team & Groupies
Welcome to the Angie's Mark II Softball Team Website!


This site is the electronic home of the "Original" Mark II Softball Team--playing 12" slow-pitch softball for the Mark II Lounge since 1978!

The 2017 season "Marks" our 40th(!) season of summer softball fun sponsored by the Mark II Lounge!  We are once again playing in the Wednesday Night Mens' League at Evanston's Crown Park where, in 2016, Angie's Mark II finished the Regular Seaon with a 6-5 record (7th Place among the 12 team league) and went 1-1 in the Playoffs, for an overall record of 7-6. 

See the "Web Update" section below for the latest team news and narrative summaries of this summer's league play, etc.

Please explore all the areas of our site by clicking on one of the links in the pane to the left. Note that the "Handouts-Sheets" folder leads to our 2016 stats, boxscores and administrivia (Team Calendar, League Schedule & Rules and IWBYABs).  Other links in the "Handouts-Sheets" folder will lead to all the Mark II Softball Team historical stats from the 2016 "Stat Pack" as well as all the final stat "Sheets," weekly "Updates," etc for each individual summer league season since 2000.  

Note that the 2016 "Stat Pack" was distributed at our annual "Off-Season 'Conditioning' Meeting" on Thanksgiving Eve--if I didn't see you there that night (or, if you're Neal and you left your copy at the bar!?!) remind me and I'll give you your copy of the latest Stat Pack the next time I see you!   

For futher info, sign our "Guestbook" or send e-mail to:

See you out there

Lloyde Nelson, 5-4-17


Evanston Rainout Hotline: 847-448-0034 (then "40#")

Evanston Rainout Website: 

Follow Lloyde on Twitter: For timely and important updates, player availabilities, scores, etc, please sign up to be a follower on my Twitter account "@LloydeNelson"

Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Handout: Current Administrative--Schedule, Rules, Roster, etc

Monday, June 26
Mark II Current Web Update


Latest News...Last Updated: Monday, 6/26/17:


Upcoming Schedule:

Wednesday, 6/28: 8:00 vs Batmen (3-1-?) on Crown's West Diamond. Those of you with gray and/or no hair (plus me) need only hear the team name WTTW Channel 11, to understand the apparent metamorphosis that Batmen (nee Team Random) have undergone the last couple of years. In 2015 they debuted at Crown with an unimpressive regular season record of 3-8 (10th Place). While their 3 wins were over below .500 teams, the scores in their 8 losses revealed a sudden improvement mid-season--after their first 5 losses were all by slaughter, their last 3 were all by just 1 run. Last year, they continued that steady improvement, finished 5-6 (8th), then beat Milford Mudlarks in the first round of the Playoffs before they were eliminated by the eventual-Champions, Any Given Wednesday, 13-12. This year, they won 3 of their first 4 games, beating Milford Mudlarks (20-14), Sons of Pitches (15-10) and Glory Days (9-2), while falling only (to my knowledge) to 1st Place These Cats (28-15) with the result of their 6/21 game against Spiders not yet published. We were surprised by Batmen last year, as they beat us 7-5 in week 2, after we had had our way with them in 2015 (a 20-4 slaughter in 5 innings that included a 12-run 2nd inning). We shouldn't be surprised by their talent this year and it should be a good measuring stick for both teams as they look to establish themselves as a top-tier team while we look to get back to within sniffing distance of that level. Jonas is out (business travel) so Mark gets his first start of the season and, although Jeff is ready to play outfield, Tony A will also come out to AH and rotate around. Meanwhile, Bob B has been upgraded to probable so, we’re currently expecting: Mark, Joe H, Larry, Eric, Bob Se, Bob B, Jeff, Tony C, K-Mack, Shawn, Tony A and Neal.

The Last Time(s) We Played These Guys...Here’s a link to the Game Summary and Boxscore for previous game(s) against this week’s opponent (may open Word document directly or require you to download the Word file first, then open it with Word, depending on your operating system, browser and/or local settings):  


Recent Results:

Wednesday, 6/21: We pulled off a really really nice score-early / win-late victory over last year's champions, Any Given Wednesday, first establishing an early 6-2 lead and, after going scoreless for 4 innings, winning the 7th inning 5-0, to turn a 7-6 deficit into an 11-7 celebration. This was quite a satisfying comeback against a solid, veteran team (for most of whom we had a 3-year “Book”) who had beaten us in each of our 3 regular season encounters since our 2014 return to Crown. On the other hand, this was probably quite a blow for AGW as on the Longest Day Wednesday, they fell to 2-3 and may be learning that not only “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown,” but also, it may not be so easy to "embrace the target" (on their backs). Shakespeare and Maddon aside, we won our biggest game of the year because we hit well-enough early to grab that 6-2 lead and, even though our offense lost its way for 4 innings, our pitching and defense were both solid enough and fortunate enough to find a way to minimize all their rallies to keep us in the game giving us a nice chance to seixe the opportunity to win it. Granted they chipped away and got off the mat like champions in the blink of an eye when they turned our 2-out error into 2 unearned runs to claim a 7-6 lead after 6. But, we accepted the challenge and played a great one-inning game as we saved our best for last using 3 singles (Larry, Bob Se & Shawn’s game tying RBI), an uncharacteristic-for-Kevin-their-pitcher 3(!) walks (to Jonas, Joe H & K-Mack) and Neal’s Big Boy that’s-why-they-call-it-cleanup bases-loaded/bases clearing double & Tony A’s bases-loaded Security-Sac to hang a handful on the board (matching our second highest scoring inning this season). AGW couldn’t reverse all that Mo that we had built up by then, failing to rally in their half of the 7th and that was all she wrote (and me, too). Mr Salty (8+3+1+1) went to our three 3-fers: Bob Se, Shawn and Neal with Honorable Mention to Larry (2-for-3 and an SE) and Jonas (walking just 1 and getting the "W"). For the boxscore, follow this link: or click on the "Handout: 2017 Boxscores" link on the bottom of this page or navigate to the "2016 Boxscores" category after opening the "Handouts--Sheets" folder in the pane on the left side of this page.


Old News of Some Value:

From the 6/26/17 Update:


Mark II Moments:

Once again, a good crowd was in attendance (11 players & 2 Groupies) after just our second 6:45 game of the year (and first since the delayed Opening Night game against Swingers on 5/3). Rafaela handled the big crowd by herself and was a little challenged when faced with her first-ever Salty round (8 Salties, 3 Buttery Nipples, 1 Blue Moon and 1 Water in a Dirty Glass). She struggled a bit with the evenness of the “splash” of 151 and “dollop” of Tabasco, so we’re going to have to give her (lots) more opportunities to improve her consistency!

The Slugs recorded their second win of the season (like us, at 2-3) with just 3 players (Mike, Mike and new Adam) making it over to the bar to celebrate. Their wins have both come on weeks after postponements, so, with their “they-play-who-we-were-scheduled-to-play-last-week” schedule, they’ve now held service against the 0-fers and are looking at a “they’re going to be mad” (Ack: Peg), Any Given Wednesday team this week before we see them next week (our next, and last-scheduled 6:45 game).

As you may have noticed, a new Canine Groupie, made it out to the game. Wanting to get the name of Eric & Kate’s pet spelled correctly, Peg opined to me that it could be spelled either of two ways: “Wrigley” on days the Cubs had won, or Rigley on days where it had to go without the “W.”

Speaking (more) of Eric (like Peg’s family, you always talk behind the back about the relatives who aren’t there!)...We did the quick research, and found that Eric had achieved a “first” last game...his 4th inning leadoff walk was the first of his relatively-short 11 game career (and, possibly, the first, second and third pitches he’s ever taken?). Unfortunately, the walk ended ignominiously as Eric was eventually gunned down at the plate trying to score on Bob Se’s first-out flyout to leftcenter.

Thanks for Reading (reactions and feedback from Update readers & other trolls)...

Only Jonas (of course) took a swing (and missed, of course) at last week’s Embedded IWBYAB...Asking how many years we typically played as many games in a single week (3 or 4) as we had for the first 8 weeks of this year (4), I was essentially asking how many years we played in the Sunday League at Proesel (since we almost always played two nights a week). From 1979-1990, the leagues at Rogers Park were 2-nights-a-week, Monday and Wednesday. Then in 1990, the Rogers Park people wanted to get more teams involved so they changed to separate leagues each night, but, until 1992, they didn’t want teams to play both nights. Thus, we played just one night a week in 1990 & 1991. Meanwhile, looking for more games each week, we started playing on Sundays at Proesel in 1991 (initially on Bob Se’s Daily Double team). We then had our Tony’s Mark II team in that league—where we often played double-headers—starting in 1992 and through 2011 (although I had a never-on-a-Sunday attitude about stats and didn’t start keeping them until the 1998 Sunday League). Since we stopped playing Sundays after 2011, we have never played in more than two leagues a week and, given our disappointment with/at Laramie, and with the demise of all the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday leagues at Crown, we’ve only played in one league a week since 2015. So, the answer was 20 seasons of playing 3 or 4 games a week...from 1992 (Sun/Mon/Tue) to 2011 (Sun/Tue/Thu) inclusive.

Heard from Jason (of course) who just wanted to compliment OBO for the moniker he hung on Ess back in 1985 (The Mark II Crawling Beat-Off) “which may be the absolute greatest name ever to be bestowed on anyone, ever” per an enthusiastic Jason. Don’t worry, Jason, I talked to OBO last week (who’s back home now) and I made sure he was informed of your compliment—he said something about the check being in the mail, as I recall.

Injury Report: Jeff says he’s “ready to rock and roll” this week, which I assume means he’s also ready to field, throw, hit, hit for power and run (recklessly). After an impressively-dedicated rehab including PT sessions, home exercises, bike riding, OTC drugs, etc, Bob B has declared himself as probable to return to the lineup this week. Bob’s 3-weeks-back weak back will be tested by the drive to the Sox-Yankees game tomorrow, but hopefully, he will still feel ready to play Wednesday. Incidentally, last Wednesday’s win “Marked” the first win by a Mark II team in a game in which neither Bob B nor I played since 7/14/1987 (when OBO debuted/closed his Mark II managerial career with an impressive 15-13 win over Block Steel, thanks to an 11(!)-run 6th inning)...actually, not really that impressive since I only missed 3 games between 7/14/87 and 5/17/17 and Bob B played in the other 2.

Shawn gets 12" but wants 14": Shawn used that Internet thing last week to make a couple of new purchases, a new designer-colors mitt and a pair of low-high-top cleats in a matching “not-that-there’s-anything-wrong- with-that” style and coordinating color. Before the game, Shawn was already having buyer’s remorse that he had bought the new mitt in a junior size (12”) and had, in fact, already ordered a 14” model to replace it. However, it turned out that he did so well in the game with the shortie (including 6 POs with 2 “!”s on defense, not to mention a Salty performance with the stick) that he was having second thoughts about the whole mitt return process and may go small. Meanwhile, it looks like he will keep the cleats, at least until they are eventually retired in his trophy case next to his “Silver 89” casual shoes (not that there was anything wrong with those, either).

Uniforms: They’re here and will be distributed before this week’s game, so dress accordingly. Please pay me $27.15 for each shirt you ordered ($5 more for our Big Big Boy and $10 more for our 3 Big Boy). I accept cash, checks, Pay Pal or Chase Pay.  Incidentally, besides the generic washing instructions on the shirt’s tag, I received a printed “Care Instructions” for the printed designs which among other things states: “Turn shirts inside out before washing...use cool or low dryer setting.”

“Best” wishes: Congratulations to Bob and Kathy Best on the occasion of their 40th(!) Wedding Anniversary yesterday, 6/25! Seems like just 40 years ago that a bunch of us young future Mark II players put on monkey suits and partied with the Bests and Bacons in Coldwater, MI...see the Mark II Photo of the week for evidence.

Meaty subject: Thanks for all the inquiries about “Meat Night” (Jen). Actually, given our ERD schedule, it’s a tough year to schedule the all-but-one-year annual event, so I’ve discussed it with Peg and had email exchanges with Joe “Meat” C and would like your input, please. Here are the facts/options (all subject to the Nelsons’ and Joe’s calendars too): (1) we only have 1 remaining scheduled 6:45 game: 7/5 vs The Slugs, but that’s next week and the Wednesday after the long Independence Day holiday, so you may be too full of meat / partying by then; if not 7/5 then (2) the following Wednesday, 7/12, would fit with the “traditional” timing (the week of the All-Star game), but we play an 8:00 game that night (if Cardinal IP hasn’t forfeited out of the league by then) OR (2B) we could schedule it on that Tuesday, 7/11 (the actual night of the All-Star game, but that’s not a Mark II playing night); noting that the (current) final two make up weeks, 7/19 & 7/26, are out because we play 9:15 games, then (3) we could wait until the league re-schedules our makeup against Sons of Pitches (probably a Tuesday or Thursday) and do it that night, but that was also an 8:00 game and is likely to be re-scheduled for 8:00; or (4) we could wait until the playoff schedule is determined and see if we are one of the 4 teams that draws (just) a 6:45 game on the first night of the playoffs; or (5) we could wait until the season is over and schedule it for someday in mid-to-late August as a season-wrap up; or (6) we could bag it completely this year. Let me know what you think, please.  

And, don’t forget to sign the card! Please join us at the Mark II after this week’s game as we will “Mark II” yet another LN630 (#66, “The SS FRA”).

Around the Park: We beat AGW and The Slugs beat Sons of Pitches, 20-18. Other than that... Aaargh! No word yet from Logan with last week’s results (and we’re still waiting to hear what ERD is going to do with the makeup schedule for the 6/14 games postponed by rain).

IWBYABIYATFPATMTTTM: We had fun with one I’ve done every couple of years when everyone starts complaining about all the rainouts. I asked each contestant to channel his/her inner-Tommy Skilling and provide answers (guesses) for the following questions about postponements we’ve had over the years (or at least, the last 15 years) whether they be due to weather, rain, field conditions, etc:

(1) Since 2002, rank our total postponements by month (ie, raw totals for all 5 months in order of most to least). I barely warmed up on this one (just one “Ehhhn!”) before 2017-IWBYAB-savant Joe H nailed it: May (28), June (16), July (12), April (7) and August (0). These provided few surprises; it was just a little difficult knowing where to put April (we get postponed a lot, but rarely have more than 1 game scheduled that month) and August (we rarely get postponed and rarely play more than a couple of weeks into the month).

(2) Since 2002, how many postponements have we had on (A) Tuesdays? (B) Wednesdays? Or (C) Thursdays? (For each day, first guess within 2). It was helpful to pay attention to the details in this one as anyone versed in Mark II history knows that 2002 is the year we first started playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays (instead of Mondays and Wednesdays), so all weather things being equal, our Tuesday and Thursday numbers would be higher than Wednesdays on which we only started playing again in 2014 (albeit the recent incompetence of ERD should be considered as adding unnecessarily to Wednesday postponements). It took the huddled masses a long time to get even one of these, but eventually (read: 42 rounds) Jonas(?!?) got Tuesdays (an exact guess of 25, leading EVERYONE to believe he once again cheated and looked at my answer sheet); Tony A got Wednesdays (a guess of 14 vs the actual 12, only after Bob B had answered (4) making it a lot easier for Tony to project Bob’s data into the fourth year); and Bob Sc got Thursdays (exactly 26, on, seemingly, his 26th guess).

(3) During the only 4 seasons (2008-2011) that we played at Crown on Tuesdays and Laramie on Thursdays, we had 26 postponements—what was the Crown-Laramie split? This took a while...and another while. Again, think like Tommy guys...wouldn’t you think that the days of the week with bad weather would likely be fairly evenly distributed? Could Crown’s incompetence be any worse than Laramie’s? So, why the guesses like 6 & 20 or 8 & 18 instead of starting at 13 & 13 and going from there? Anyway, proving that even a drunken squirrel occasionally finds a nut, Jen eventually got the only free-Loach beer of the night by finally hitting on the Bud Light combo—we had 12 of those 26 postponements at Crown and the other 14 were thus at Laramie.

(4) Now in our third season of just playing once a week at Crown, how many total postponements have we had? Bob B not only did Tony A a solid (eventually) by getting this one, but was impressive at reasoning out the answer. Bob knew that in both this season and last, the ERD allotted number of rainouts has/had been exceeded, 4 already this year (3 moved to the end of the regular season schedule and 1 TBA) and 4 last year (recalling that we played a Tuesday makeup after the 3 that were tacked on). So, Bob just had to guess how many postponements we had in 2015 and, guessing just 2, he got the coveted Bing! Bing! Bing! on his first try—10 total Wednesday postponements since we’ve become a once-a-week team.

(5) We’ve had games postponed due to rain, lightning, weather, field conditions, etc, but what unique event caused ONLY our 6/9/11 game at Laramie to be postponed? I strongly suspected that no one would legitimately get this one, yet everyone would recall the event once revealed. Indeed, the attempts to answer went from umps not showing/getting sick to carnivals on the field, but no one was close. To his credit, Jeff refused to accept the freebie after he had researched the answer on our website by going through the 2011 Updates (see that, Jonas?). Here’s the unique postponement as I described it in the Update dated 6/15/11:

Thursday, 6/9: Our game against Mourning Would was postponed by a “Twittergate” event—huh? The administrative nightmare that is Skokie continues! Only one guy from Mourning Would showed up for our 6:30 game, but we won’t get the forfeit win because of the complicity and administrative ineptness of SPD! It all started when an “All games are cancelled” notice was Tweeted by @SkokieFields around 12:45, even while the SPD Rainout Hotline continued to say that no decision had been made. Then, about 2:15 PM the Hotline was updated and again stated that no final decision had been made and would not be made until 4:00. At the same time the 12:45 Tweet was removed, but no explanation, correction or even a “Nevermind” Tweet of any kind was ever issued. Then, at 3:15 the Hotline message was again updated and declared the field was playable and all games were “on.” So, after waiting all day, with no direct SPD communication to the team captains (e-mail, Tweet or even an old-fashioned phone call), our 11 guys, Steve the ump, the SPD Field Supervisor and the one “Out-of-Office” guy from Mourning Would all relied on the Hotline and showed up to play (as did all the teams for the 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 games, incidentally, all of which were played). Even though ours was thus the only game where a team didn’t show up because of the short-lived Tweet, SPD will have to give Mourning Would a pass and re-schedule our game. I guess it was just our bad luck to play a team that apparently relied solely on the initial social network message. Their captain reportedly saw the Tweet before it was removed and sent an e-mail to all his guys telling them the game was canceled—and that was that. His mistake was not confirming same via the old-tech Hotline. On the other hand, I checked the Hotline—as apparently did the other 6 captains—and all 7 teams not named Mourning Would showed up to play. I wrote to Bob D about the issue Thursday night and he responded Monday. As expected, he wants to re-schedule the game due to “a big time error from our maintenance regarding the tweet, which we already discussed and cleared up for future references.” Stay tuned for further info on this and all the Skokie make ups—maybe Bob will Tweet the make up schedules!

(JHFB?) Including tonight, how many postponements have we had in the first 9 weeks of this week’s regular season schedule (warning: math required)? Jonas didn’t have to play my silly game to get his freebie and thus, didn’t have to do the required, albeit simple, math: 9 games scheduled – 2 wins – 3 losses = 4 postponements year-to-date.  

See you out there!

LN, 6-26-17


From the 4/22/17 Update 

The Bottom Line on Rainouts:


If the Evanston Hotline (847-448-0034, then “40#”) or the Evanston website, is not reporting that the games are postponed and you can’t reach me on either of my phone numbers and I have not sent out an e-mail or text and/or updated either our website or my @LloydeNelson Twitter account reporting a postponement, always assume we are playing & show up! (Every year we’re amazed and surprised at least once or twice when we’ve played even though it looked like we wouldn’t play right up until game time!) 


ERD Schedule & Rules--Review & Analyses:


2017 Schedule: The Wednesday Night League again has a full complement of 12 teams. That makes for a nice single-round 11 game regular season after which there will be the usual single-elimination all-teams-qualify two-week-long Playoffs, with the #1-#4 seeds getting a first round bye. We drew a 6 home-5 away schedule with a very odd mix—4 straight home games to open the season followed by 5 away games before a season-ending 2 game home-stand. We drew an OK split on the times, albeit, again, not in an orderly order with 3 games starting at 6:45 (weeks 2, 9 & 11), 4 at 8:00 (weeks 1,7, 8, & 10) and 4 at 9:15 (all 4 in a row, from weeks 3-6, i.e., the last 4 Wednesdays of May). Our Rivalry Games are week 5 (Advocates at 9:15) and week 11 (Slugs at 6:45). We don't play the "new" team until week 8, while facing teams that finished ahead of us in last year's standings early and often (weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 9). In terms of location, we will play 6 games on the “West” Diamond (formerly #1 or #4—the one on Dodge & Main) and 5 games on the “East” Diamond (formerly #2 and #3--is on Lee) in this "pattern": W-W-W-E-E-W-E-W-E-W-E (note that we alternate starting week 5).


2017 Teams: Ten of our 11 opponents are returning teams with just one team gone from last year (Growlers, after a 2-year 3-19 & 0-2 "run"). The one "new" team has the same moniker, Sons of Pitches, that was used last year at Laramie by captain David Ianotti (who captioned Stone Ponies and Wrecking Crew when we played there), but it must be just a coincidence as Jeff has confirmed that David will still be playing with Swingers. The known returning teams and our career Crown Park records against them (regular season & playoffs, if applicable) are: Any Given Thursday, who strangely are listed as "Thursday," not Wednesday(!?!) this year (0-1 last year; 0-3 since 2014 on Wednesdays, 4-2 & 1-0 between 2002-2007 on Thursdays and 2-0 & 1-0 in 1998 as Dinosaurs & Enemies or Wolves); Advocates (0-1 last year; 2-1 since 2014 and 3-2-1 & 1-0 between 2002-2007 at Crown); The Slugs (1-0 & 1-0 last year; 1-2 & 1-0 since 2014 and 5-0 & 2-0 between 2002-2006); Milford Mudlarks (1-0 last year; 1-2 & 0-1 since 2014 and 2-0 & 0-0 in 2003-2004); Glory Days (1-0 last year; 2-1 since 2014 ); Spiders (1-0 last year; 2-1 since 2014); Swingers (0-1 last year; 0-3 since 2014); Cardinal I.P. (1-0 last year; 2-0 since 2014); Batmen (0-1 last year; 1-1 since 2015 when they played as Team Random); and, finally, These Cats (0-1 & 0-1 last year; 0-2 & 0-1 since 2015 when they played as The Chronicles).


2017 Rules: After many many years with League Supervisors patching the ERD Rules together such that it had become disorganized and 6 pages long, Ray and Logan did an almost complete re-write/re-format of the Rules this year and got it down to 3 disorganized pages. Every player is encourage to read this year's version (attached, and previously sent to the players and, as always, posted on our website). Here are the highlights of the new or significantly changed rules:

-General League Rules:

(2) Changed: Rosters are due 5/26.

(4) New: Teams may "'borrow' another player" from a non-playing team, if approved by the opposing captain (in the regular season only).

(5) Changed: 5 minute grace period after start time of each game before a forfeit is called.

-Playing Regulations:

(1) Changed: Minimum of 8 players required to start/finish.

(3) Changed: Pitcher is allowed 5 warm-up pitches in 1st & just 2 in each inning thereafter--any others will be called a ball (but NO rule about infield warm-ups?!?).

(4) All New (READ IT!): Those wanting a courtesy runner must remind the ump before each at bat and, any/all hits by those batters will be limited to a single!

(7) Point of emphasis: The 70-minute rule will be enforced by the ump.

(8) New: Tie-breaker rule: If the game is tied, a runner will be placed on second base at the the start of any extra innings (or innings after the 70-minute rule).

(9) Changed: Slaughter rule now applies to all tournament games, too.


Pretty much the same, but the punishment for using an illegal bat has been changed (ejection for player only, not captain); league suspension of player only (not captain) for second offense.

-Player Conduct:

Tougher on the use of profane/obscene language "even casual" by anyone/everyone.


Clarified, cleaned up and eliminated or reduced onerous requirements about timing and money.


Added; overly-wordy definition of "3 forfeits and you're out" rule; request to notify ERD & opposing captain if you know you have to forfeit; no refund given.

-Dugouts/Field Expectations:

I couldn't find anything that was changed significantly but scorekeepers are apparently not included in allowed dugout personnel (while dogs apparently are allowed anywhere?!?).


I couldn't find anything that was changed significantly (except I won my case that fewest total defensive runs allowed should be the #3 tie-breaker before most total runs scored, so teams aren't encouraged to run up the scores).


ERD claims total control "to manage the softball program as it deems appropriate"; suspended game now less than 4-1/2 or 5 innings and "official game" now at least 4-1/2 or 5 innings.

-Lightning Policy:

A total cut-and-paste from previous editions.

-Somewhat important rules that now seem to be missing (may be covered by ASA or posted rules--we will have to assume they remain in force and/or cover with the umps):

No infield warm-ups after the first inning rule?

Extra player (EP or DH) and roster batting rules?

Free substitution rule?

Fake tag rule?

Slide/collision avoidance rule?

Advancing on 2-strike foul ball rule?

Pitcher's rubber extended back 6' rule?

No dogs in park rule??? (There's hope for Hope)!




New blood: Tony 'TC' Christiansen is not just new blood, he's blood, period. We've invited the son of our team's namesake to come out from behind his family's bar on Wednesday nights and see what he can contribute to the team named in his mother's honor! Tony played hardball in his school days and had the ubiquitous "cup of coffee" with Jeff and Ryan's Laramie Fall League team.


Missing a game: If/when you know that you’ll miss game(s) due to a vacation or schedule conflict, please make sure I record those dates on my calendar. The sooner I know, the easier it is for me to plan and get subs. 


Tweets: Yes, I am a twit who tweets...but only Mark II Softball Team matters, I promise! So, if you're a twit, please become one of my followers (I’m up to 23!) so you can receive game status changes, field condition updates, etc promptly (and in less than, or equal to, 140 characters)! My Twitter account is @LloydeNelson ( As I use this account only to communicate to the team and not as a dialog with me, please do not use the "Reply to:" capability of Twitter as I am very unlikely to promptly review any replies--I still prefer either a phone call or an e-mail/text reply if/when you have new news about your availability, etc. Finally, our Website also has a link to my Twitter account (in case you've forgotten my name, or--more likely--can't spell it).

See you out there!

LN, 4/22/17 (Updated 4/29/17 & 5/30/17)


A Tribute to Angie from Bob B, 11/18/15:

To the Mark II Softball Team Family,

A little bit of all of us died today.  And it’s hard to imagine the sun will be able to shine as brightly again .

Angie loved life more than anyone we’ve ever known.  She’s the most optimistic person we’ve ever known.

Angie started working at the Mark II before our softball team was even an idea.  Back in the 70’s, Lloyde and the other Shure Brothers gang (OBO, Marty, Russ, Wally, Gary, Schmidtty, etc. etc.) hung out at the Mark after work and after their company softball games, and the Mark II camaraderie was what spawned the Mark II softball team.  Angie was always there.  No one took fewer vacations than Angie.  She acted like working behind the bar was a vacation.  She worked at the Mark six days a week, and during the baseball season, she spent her day off — Saturday — working the mob scene at Mullen’s in Wrigleyville.  She spread joy wherever she went.  And she bragged about our team all the time.  I still remember the night she introduced Lloyde and me to Joe Hudek, shortly after we had won our first championship.  Joe (a former college ballplayer who became one of our best players ever) acted like we had reeled off a dozen titles in a row, and he politely requested a tryout.  He had been listening to Angie.  And in those few years we had losing records, Angie focused on all the championships we had won.  To her, we were champions every time we walked into the Mark.

It’s been difficult to process how suddenly and rapidly Angie fell ill and died, especially since it basically happened in the short time period since our season ended.  Lloyde got word last week that Angie was in Evanston Hospital, and he and Peg and I had a chance to visit her last Thursday.  She was weak, not just due to the cancer but also an infection that had set in, but she was cheerful and optimistic as always, talking about going home the following day.  She enjoyed talking about the great run the Cubs had during the playoffs and their prospects for winning the World Series next season.  A misguided well-wisher had brought her a White Sox pennant, which I dutifully removed Thursday morning, and which Lloyde and Peg replaced with flowers and some Cub paraphernalia Thursday afternoon.  I also advised her that I had obtained a liquor license and was arranging for a juke box to be installed in her room that afternoon, so she’d better be ready to start serving drinks.  Her daughter Steff was at her side, as she had been throughout the illness, so she was designated as bouncer.  Spirits were high.  Death was nowhere in sight.  Right until the end, Angie never changed, a lesson for us all.

I can’t even imagine what it will be like to walk into the Mark and not see Angie.  But I know she’ll be there.  God bless us all.

Bob B, 11/18/15

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Mark II Softball Team
Mark II Softball Team
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