( 14U ) Manassas Generals: Generals' News

Who are the Manassas Generals?
We are a competitive tournament level team based in Manassas, Virginia, with players from all over the Northern Virginia area. The Manassas Generals club is made up of players and parents who are tired of the same old way of doing things. Our goal is to make every player a better ballplayer, prepare the players for school teams, and, of course, winning ball games!

Thursday, March 23
School Ball Tryouts

Congrats to all of the Generals who made their school ball teams. Great job!!

Katelyn (Metz Middle)            
Aaron (Emmanuel)
Travis (Metz Middle)
Chris (Beville Middle)
Casey (Metz Middle)
John (Clarke County High)
Carlos (Stonewall Middle)
Chase (Flint Hill)
John-Austin (Bull Run Middle)
Alex (Emmanuel)