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Freshman Football Homecoming King Court
King- MJ Drake Jadon Gardner
Sophomore Football Homecoming King Court
King- Tyrik Walker Edgerrin Watson
Junior Football Homecoming King Court
Gabriel Kaeding King-Joshua Salandy
Senior Football Homecoming King Court
King- Artavious Allen Caleb Lawson
Freshman Cheerleading Homecoming Queen Court
Sophie Plummer Queen- Destini Slaughter
Sophomore Cheerleading Homecoming Queen Court
De’Nazia Davison Queen- Zaria Holden
Junior Cheerleading Homecoming Queen Court
Queen- Bobbie Lindsey Kiersten Ratcliff
Senior Cheerleading Homecoming Queen Court
Jaela Hickman Queen- Madison Wimpye

Congratulations to the following nominees who successfully completed the Homecoming Interview Process, as it was was a true interview!  Everyone should be really proud of all of the nominees!  Based upon their scores (out of the original nominees), these nominees scored the highest on their interview.  These nominees also now have the potential to be the 1st ever MAA Homecoming King and Queen! The actual King and Queen will be selected by the football players and cheerleaders!  The respective teams will vote for their King or Queen on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 during practice, so please make sure that your child is present to vote.   For the teams that have three nominees, the top two nominees (after the players & cheerleaders vote) will be the Homecoming Court that will participate in the Homecoming presentation on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 12 o'clock noon.  MAA has tried to keep the Homecoming King & Queen selection process as close to an actual High School process, with the utmost of integrity.  We would like to thank everyone who helped with the interviews, and all others for your patience and support throughout the process!  MAA Family, please invite your friends and family out to the event on the 29th!  We have a really special day planned! As you see the nominees, please congratulate them! 

Freshman Football Homecoming King Nominees


MJ Drake


Jadon Gardner




Sophomore Football Homecoming King Nominees


Tyrik Walker


Edgerrin Watson




Junior Football Homecoming King Nominees


Gabriel Kaeding

Cody McNeal

Joshua Salandy




Senior Football Homecoming King Nominees


Artavious Allen


Caleb Lawson




Freshman Cheer Homecoming Queen Nominees


Sophie Plummer


Destini Slaughter




Sophomore Cheer Homecoming Queen Nominees


De’Nazia Davison


Zaria Holden




Junior Cheer Homecoming Queen Nominees


Bobbie Lindsey


Kiersten Ratcliff




Senior Cheer Homecoming Queen Nominees


Jaela Hickman

Abby Jones

Madison Wimpye

Bob Jones Homecoming Parade
MAA will be participating in the Bob Jones Homecoming Parade on September 27, 2012.  Parade line up will be at 4:30 pm on Portal Lane in Madison and the parade will begin at 5:00 pm.  It is suggested that parents meet at a mutual spot like Publix on Old Madison Pike since it is not that far from Portal Lane around 4:00 pm for the kids to get on the truck that they will be riding on....Parents should then meet back at this mutual site to pick their kids up.  I would also suggest that parents are not to "drop" their child off and pick up later, as none of us are sure of the exact time-line of events.  The earlier the team gets in the parade line...the quicker their participation time will go!


Football.....Game jersey and shorts

Cheer....cheer uniform or cheer top and shorts....whatever Kim Lawson decides, please be uniform

Coaches/Team shirt

Parents....Madison Patriots shirt if possible


The teams will need to have a truck/flat bed to ride on.  Cheer may consider combining all teams if they can all fit on whatever vehicle is selected.
Permission slips....Team Moms will collect and turn their entire group's slips NLT 9/20/12....please DO NOT bring individual slips to the concession is difficult for us to keep up with the slips.  If a child does not have a permission slip, they ARE NOT to participate under any circumstances.  EACH participant needs a permission slip.  A "community" slip per family is unacceptable!
Parents should ensure that their child has eaten and is well hydrated for the parade.  The child may want to bring along a water bottle, etc.
Teams are welcome to throw candy, goody bags, etc.  A poster board/sign with the team name on it taped and/or balloons on the vehicle would be great!  Of course, Patriot spirit is expected!  Most of all, the kids should have fun! As a parade participant, each player/cheerleader is representing MAA.  The MAA Code of Conduct is also in effect.
Please review the parade safety policy located in the "Handouts" section before your child participates in the parade.

Handout: Parade Permission Slip

Homecoming King and Queen Rules

Candidate Qualifications

A.      All king candidates must be male in gender identity; likewise, all queen candidates must be female in gender identity.

B.      All candidates must be in good standing with MAA.

C.      All candidates must be currently registered as a participant with MAA.


Nominations for the 2012 MAA Homecoming King and Queen can be made online at (Homecoming 2012 tab) beginning on August 29- September 1, 2012.  Each player’s family has only one nomination.  This nomination should be for one player/cheerleader from their respective team/squad and does not necessarily have to be your actual player/cheerleader.  The coaches will receive four nominations each.  The coaches will receive a nomination form during practice.  Coach nominations should not be made online.  After nominations are completed, the top four “eligible” nominees from each team/squad will advance to the interview portion of the competition.  A nominee can decline the nomination.  In this case, the next eligible nominee will be selected.

Candidate Interview

A.     Each eligible nominee will be interviewed by a panel of at least one (1) MAA Board Member, one (1) football/cheer coach and one (1) parent.  Candidates will be asked a series of age appropriate questions and scored based on: Patriot spirit, enthusiasm & charm, work ethic, honesty, loyalty, integrity, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, respect, trust and commitment and demonstrated leadership abilities.  Academic achievement may also be considered.

B.      Interviews will take place on Tuesday, September 4 from 7:00– 8:00 PM in the equipment room located above the concession stand. 

C.      The final Homecoming Court will be announced on Thursday, September 6, 2012 on the MAA website. The number of candidates named to the court and advancing to the Football Player/Cheerleader Votes portion of the competition will be two (2). 

Football Player/Cheerleader Votes

A.     The winning candidates for Homecoming King and Queen will be determined by a vote of the respective football team and cheerleading squad.  In order to be listed on the ballot for Homecoming King and Queen, a candidate must successfully pass through the interview portion of the competition.

B.      Voting will take place Thursday, September 6. 

C.      Winners will be crowned at Half-Time of their Homecoming Football Game on Saturday, September 8, 2012.

Homecoming Volunteers Needed!!

We need EXTRA volunteers at the following stations to help ensure that our first annual Homecoming/MAA Day is a HUGE success!!

Face Painting Station

Swirl Art Station

Moon Bounce Station

Cotton Candy Station

Popcorn/Sno Cone Station  

Please contact Robin Drake ( or your Team Mom to volunteer!!  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Family Friends, etc. are also able to volunteer!

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