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Justin Hanson
Twin City (MN)Titans
Northern Region officer/Webmaster

Tuesday, May 22
2007 League Breakdown

Who's going with who?
Cowboys (11) 6.88%
Panthers (11) 6.88%
Raiders (10) 6.25%
Falcons (9) 5.63%
Patriots (7) 4.37%
Ravens (7) 4.37%
Titans (7) 4.37%
Jaguars (6) 3.75%
Broncos (6) 3.75%
Cardinals (6) 3.75%
Steelers (5) 3.12%
Colts (5) 3.12%
Jets (5) 3.12%
Lions (5) 3.12%
Chargers (4) 2.50%
Bears (4) 2.50%
Rams (4) 2.50%
Saints (4) 2.50%
Bucs (4) 2.50%
Packers (4) 2.50%
Chiefs (4) 2.50%
Dolphins (3) 1.83%
Seahawks (3) 1.83%
Bills (2) 1.25%
Bengals (2) 1.25%
Browns (1) 0.62%
49ers (1) 0.62%
Vikings (1) 0.62%
Texans (1) 0.62%

AFC (75) 46.88%/NFC (85) 53.12%

Saturday, May 19

The week 1 schedule was released Saturday night in Cleveland,Ohio as the league held a press conference that helped build hype for the 2007 season. More footage and details of the Cleveland weekend to come. All week one match-ups happen to be played out of division.
The complete League schedule will be released the Tuesday (5/22) @noon EST.

Bronx Bengals at Long Island Eagles (Kick off classic in Vegas)
Flint Falcons at Brooklyn Cardinals
Windy City Bucs at San Jose Jaguars
Broome County Jets at Racine Raiders
Twin City Titans at Central Arizona Bills
Wausua Panthers at Michiana Saints
California Dolphins at Long Island Ravens
Nebraska Bears at Hudson Valley Giants
Long Island Seahawks at Penn-Ohio Raiders
Vermont Ravens at Bellingham Eagles
Oregon Panthers at Mississippi Broncos
Albequerqe Titans at Eastside Seahawks
Pierce County Bengals at Texas Broncos
Berkeley Steelers at Snohomish County Vikings
Ohio Browns at Royal Oak Ravens
Akron Jaguars at Mile High Panthers
Ohio Cardinals at Tennessee Jaguars
Charleswood Broncos at Central Ohio Lions
Dallas Panthers at Sandy Creek Patriots
Oklahoma Eagles at North Texas Falcons
Cache Valley Bears at Fairport Packers
Missouri Jets at Orange Chiefs
Virginia Ravens at Witchita Cowboys
Elsinore Colts at West Hartford Chargers
South Jersey Jaguars at Modesto Raiders
Southern California Steelers at Plano Broncos
Ceres Cowboys at Macon County Colts
Bethlehem Raiders at Beacon House Falcons
Lehigh Valley Panthers at New Jersey Giants
Cleveland Lions at South Aukland Raiders
Southern Ohio Patriots at Manhattan Eagles
Lake County Steelers at Pooler Packers
Michigan at Carolina Eagles
Maryland Jaguars at Stigler Panthers
Columbus Ravens at Woonsocket Patriots
Bayou Raiders at Georgia Patriots
Louisville Ravens at West Rowan Falcons
Minnesota Eagles at Richfield Rams
Madison County Chiefs at West Carolina Redskins
Rochester Giants at Chicago Chargers
Manchester Bears at Summerlin Bucs
Pittsburgh Colts at Coconut Creek Cowboys
Jacksonville Raiders at Bakersfield Panthers
Davie Broncos at New York City Falcons
Oshkosh Eagles at Helena Titans
Tampa Bay Chargers at Treasure Valley Cowboys
Klein Jets at Kansas City Panthers
Mountain State Titans at Beacon Bears
East Haven Cowboys at Middletown Colts
Branford Patriots at North Kingstown Jaguars
Detroit Cardinals at Norwalk Saints
Wolcott Eagles at Anderson Redskins
Chestermere Chiefs at South Beach Seahawks
South Shore Packers at Mount Vernon Steelers
Montreal Titans at Raleigh Cowboys
Clarkston Chiefs at Ottawa Bucs
Cottage Hill Steelers at San Diego Patriots
North Carolina Saints at Memphis Raiders
Prattville Panthers at Hollywood Eagles
Madison Chargers at Middletown Ravens
Worcester Cowboys at Houston Colts
Graham Rams at Co-op City Cowboys
Princeton Packers at Sioux Falls Falcons
Boulder Saints at Wilmington Raiders
New Mexico Rams at Poughkeepsie Cardinals
Clear Lake Falcons at Texas Texans
Boston Cowboys at Morgan County Broncos
Bellingham Falcons at High Point Lions
Central Illinois Cardinals at Boston Patriots
Brockton Bucs at Orlando Cowboys
St.John Jets at Green Mountain Rams
Chicago Falcons at West Kendall Dolphins
Lansing Lions at East Anchorage Eagles
Sterling Heights Redskins at Hernando Eagles
Palermo Cardinals at Boca Jets
Munford Lions at Gulf Coast Raiders
Georgia Titans at Babylon Panthers
Palm City Dolphins at De Fajardo Giants
Westfield Cowboys at Orlando Panthers
Delaware Bills at Los Banos 49ers

MADDEN LEAGUE CLASS OF 2007.......................

. Chris Taylor
Flint (MI)Falcons

Scott Bohner
Racine (WI)Raiders
Gary Sheldon
Wausua (WI)Panthers (Great Lakes)
Justin Hanson
Twin City (MN)Titans (Great Lakes)

Gary Milwood
Windy City (IL)Bucs (Great Lakes)
Kevin Triphone
Morgan County (IL)Bucs (Chicagoland)
Darious Jackson (Madden Bowl I Champions)
Hudson Valley (NY)Giants (Long Island)
Greg Campbell
Long Island Ravens (Long Island)
Doug DeVoe
Bronx (NY)Bengals (Long Island)
Anthony Bunker
Brooklyn (NY)Cardinals (Long Island)
Dean Fitzmorris
Long Island Seahawks (Long Island)
 Clearance Smith
Bellingham (WA)Eagles (Hawaii)
Pat Butler
Oregon Panthers (Hawaii)
Ed Hinkly
Eastside (HI)Seahawks (Hawaii)
Justin Baines
Pierce County (WA)Bengals (Hawaii)
Roger Flynn
Oklahoma Eagles (Midwest)
Willie Davis
Clear Lake (IA)Falcons
Simeon Rodriguez (Madden Bowl VII Champion)
Dallas (TX)Panthers (Midwest)
Bo Adams
Helena (MT)Titans (West Texas)
Mel Heistand
Cache Valley (UT)Bears (Midwest)
Go to fullsize imageTroy Bailor
Lake County (IN)Steelers (Lakeshore)
Chris Blackshear
Worcester (MA)Cowboys (New England)
Ruben Costa
Woonsocket (RI)Patriots (New England)
ddJason Datino
Madison (CT)Chargers (New England)
Tyler Grogan
Brockton (MA)Bucs (Eastern)
Todd Hominik
Middletown (CT)Colts (New England)
Ryan Lyons (Madden Bowl V&VI Champion)
Elsinore (CA)Colts (West Coast)
Jason Oliver
San Jose (CA)Jaguars (West Coast)
Jeramiah Anderson
Modesto (CA)Raiders (West Coast)
Rob Haas
Southern California Steelers (West Coast)
Peter Woods
Penn-Ohio Raiders (Ohio  Valley)
Quintin Ross
Akron (OH)Jaguars (Ohio Valley)
John Tuszinski
Ohio Browns (Ohio Valley)
Byron Jargon

Sioux Falls (SD)Falcons (Oklahoma)
Isiah Freeman
Maryland Jaguars (Atlantic)
Chris Leahy
Ohio Cardinals (Ohio Valley)

OJ Powers
North Carolina Saints
Tebucky Jones
Palm City (FL)Dolphins (Southeast)
Frances Matthews
Georgia Patriots (Southeast)
Chris Brady
Bethlehem (PA)Raiders (Lakeshore)
Sterling Jackson
Lehigh Valley (PA)Panthers (Lakeshore)
Jamal Cross
Michiana (MI)Saints (Michigan)
Clarkston Chiefs Youth Football/Cheerleading/Pom PonAudrey Cruz
Clarkston (MI)Chiefs (Michigan)

Jeremey Keaton
Cleveland (OH)Lions (Lakeshore)

Anthony Trecker
Southern Ohio Patriots (Lakeshore)
Quincy Randle
Georgia Titans (Atlantic)
Jamal Mathis
Carolina Eagles (Atlantic)
Samari Rolle
Columbus (MD)Ravens (Atlantic)

Eric Mason
New Jersey Ravens (New York)
Mike Strizinski
Richfield (IL)Rams (Mid-American)
Matt Rice
Madison County (IL)Chiefs (Mid-American)
Tom Alexander
Central Ohio Lions (Ohio Valley)
John Anderson
Rochester (MN)Giants (Mid-American)
Ted Delano
Nebraska Bears (Mid-American)
Rashaad Hampton
Co-op City (NY)Cowboys (Empire)
Shane Hussar
Coconut Creek (FL)Cowboys (Southern States)
Kashon Minns
Jacksonville (FL)Raiders (Southern States)
Lamont Tuttle
Davie (FL)Broncos (Southern States)
Manuel Fernandez
De Fajardo (Puerto Rico)Giants (International)
Jason Berry
Bayou (LA)Raiders (Crossroads)
Jermaine Rogers
Tampa Bay (FL)Chargers (Crossroads)
Paul O'Rourke
Graham (TX)Rams (Oklahoma)
JETSJerry Gardner
Klein (TX)Jets
Neil Solomon
Mountain State (WV)Titans (Federal)
Ian Townsend
Chicago (IL)Chargers (Federal)
Aurthur King
Kansas City (MO)Panthers (Federal)
Corey Barrows
Treasure Valley (ND)Cowboys (Federal)
Jason Hollis
Babylon (NY)Panthers (Diamond)
Jerry Sacco
Manchester (NH)Bears (Northeast)
Shaun Dexter
Broome County (NY)Jets (Empire)
Steve Olsen
North Kingstown (RI)Jaguars (Northeast)
Kan Oscar
East Anchorage (AK)Eagles (International)
Clint Roberts
St.John (Ottawa)Jets (International)
Zach Stamos
Charleswood (Winnepeg)Broncos (Canadian)
Marc Thompson
Chestermere (Alberta) Chiefs (Canadian)
Rayshawn Link
Prattville (AL)Panthers (Mid-States)
Trevon Jackson
Virginia Ravens (Mason-Dixie)
James Faulk
Memphis (TN)Raiders (Mid-States)
Taj Daniels
Tennessee Jaguars (Mid-States)
Donovan Brookins
Cottage Hill (AL)Steelers (Mid-States)
Rodney Cephas
Beacon House (DC)Falcons (Mason-Dixie)
ffDoug Young (Madden Bowl IV Champion)
Branford (CT)Patriots (Connecticut)

Matt Weiner
West Hartford (CT)Chargers (Connecticut)

Mike Hominik (League President)
Middletown (CT)Ravens (Connecticut)

Dino Giordano
South Jersey Jaguars (Connecticut)
fffffBrian Carty
Hollywood (CA)Eagles (Connecticut)
Kahlen London
Minnesota Eagles (Federal)
Jason Furgeson
Macon County (TN)Colts (Mid-States)

Larry Woods
California Dolphins (California)
Tyler Langdon
Bakersfield (CA)Panthers (California)
John Gillam
San Diego (CA)Patriots (California)
Kevin O'Connor
Stigler (OK)Panthers (Oklahoma)
Quandrell Harrison
Plano (TX)Broncos (Oklahoma)
Billy Norman
Houston (TX)Colts (West Texas)
Rich Stevens
Ottawa Bucs (Canadian)
Hakeem Smith
Orlando (FL)Panthers (Southeast)

John Mobley
Beacon (NY)Bears (Empire)
Irvin Sanders
Long Island Eagles (Empire)

Charles Wilson
New York City Falcons (Empire)
Jamiel Rich
Orlando (FL)Cowboys (Sunshine)

Kyle Pooler (League Vice President)
Mile High (CO)Panthers (Northwest)
Jeff Stahl
Boulder (CO)Saints (Northwest)

Steve Pularski
Snohomish County (WA)Vikings (Hawaii)
Al Countryman
South Shore (Ontario)Packers (Canadian)
dddddddddJustin Price
Oshkosh (WI)Eagles
Donald Willis
Boston (MA)Cowboys (Eastern)
Reggie Claiborne
Bellingham (MA)Falcons (Eastern)
Ellis Hobbs
Boston (MA)Patriots (Eastern)
Tom Schneider
Green Mountain (VT)Rams (Eastern)

jkhhjbAmman Cloke
Munford (AL)Lions (Mason-Dixie)

bMelvin Porter
Berkeley (CA)Steelers (California)
cereRico Williams
Ceres (CA) Cowboys (West Coast)

lbJosh Dupuis
Los Banos (CA)49ers (California)
noJon Williams
Norwalk (CT)Saints (Northeast)
ewqrasdfcfJeff Hudson
Orange (CT) Chiefs (Northeast)
woErrol Maurice
Wolcott (CT) Eagles (Northeast)
wiklmJay Kemp
Wilmington (DE) Raiders (Mason Dixie)
boChris McVey
Boca (FL)Jets (Sunshine)
South Beach Youth Football Association SeahawksKC Armstrong
South Beach (FL)Seahawks (Sunshine)

wkJoe Beason
West Kendall (FL) Dolphins (Sunshine)
John Murphy
Raleigh (NC)Cowboys (Southern)
poolerPete Sabo
Pooler (GA) Packers (Southern)
ssDarren Pace
Sandy Creek (GA) Patriots (Southern)
Central Illinios CardinalsRandall Galen
Central Illinois Cardinals (Northern)
ChicagoJohn Schnur
Chicago (IL)Falcons (Northern)
Click image for larger version - Name: East_Haven_Cowboys_2.JPG, Views: 0, Size: 19.66 KBRyan Clough
East Haven (CT)Cowboys (Northeast)
LansingDave Fountain
Lansing (MI)Lions (Northern)
wJason Spencer
Wichita (KS)Cowboys (Midwest)
lrJustin Carey
Louisville (KY)Ravens (Crossroads)
Gulf CoastCraig Wolin
Gulf Coast (LA)Raiders (West Texas)
westAdam Tussey
Westfield (MA)Cowboys (Diamond)

asdJason Stevens
Royal Oak (MI)Ravens (Michigan)
shNoah Gauthier
Sterling Heights (MI) Redskins (Michigan)
detDarein Jervis
Detroit (MI)Cardinals (Michigan)
MiamiMichael Wallace
Mississippi Broncos (Mason-Dixie)
misssJason Kravet
Missouri Jets (Midwest)

alJustin Silverman
Albuquerque (NM)Titans (Crossroads)
NM Rams
Jim Sweetman
New Mexico Rams (Northwest)
Robert Andrews
Manhattan (NY)Eagles (New York)

mnnDon Ford
Mount Vernon (NY)Steelers (New York)

cardsMarc Pallozzi
Poughkeepsie (NY) Cardinals (New York)
dcfAlex Hughes
Summerin (NV) Bucs (Mid-American)
hpDuncan Fuentes
High Point (NC) Lions (Southern)

wcIlijah Jenkins
Western Carolina Redskins (Southern States)
sdfdsCharles Kelley
West Rowan (NC)Falcons (Atlantic)
PitttCorey Wright
Pittsburgh (PA)Colts (Diamond)

andersonMike McKinney
Anderson (SC)Redskins (Southern)
ppKevin Eisler
Princeton (NJ)Packers (Diamond)
nt falconsScott Stewart
North Texas Falcons (West Texas)
texLincoln Beeler
Texas Broncos (West Texas)
kjhkjbLance Cuhna
Texas Chargers (West Texas)
TexasJarod Rush
Texas Texans (West Texas)
sdfsdJeff Donahue
Vermont Ravens (New England)

palmNadir Pearson
Palermo (Italy) Cardinals (International)
fffMaurice Edwards
Montreal (Quebec) Titans (Canada)
dddChris Glenn
Michigan Titans (Michigan)
ffStanley Clayton
Hernando (FL)Eagles (Sunshine)


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