MadDog Wrestling Academy: Parent's Guide

Parent's Guide for Youth Wrestling
The following link is a Parent's Guide for Youth Wrestling
By Bill Campbell, Copyright 2001

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Handout: Parent's Guide for Youth Wrestling

Parent Participation
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Handout: Parent Participation

Parent Information
As you know, we have rules for the kids, but we also have rules for us big kids. As a parent of a MadDog wrestler, everyone is relying on you to abide by the following guidelines...

Refrain from any form of bad sportsmanship not only because its wrong, but especially because kids will pick up on this and learn bad habits. Therefore, no negative comments about other wrestlers, officials, etc. No excuses. Accept the outcome of every match even if you know mistakes were made.

Do not get wrapped up in winning and losing. Kids do poorly under pressure and they will feel pressured if they sense that you are more pleased with a win. Look for what went well and do not criticize.

Do not coach your child (on the edge of the mat) unless you are an approved MadDog Coach with an IKWF Coaching card. Not only is this not tolerated by our organization, it can lead to disciplinary action by the IKWF.

Help us with safety factors by watching for the following...

Chewing gum while wrestling that could lead to choking

Any clothing that has zippers, buttons, snaps or any metal objects

Any jewelry

Injuries or skin conditions that could put your child or others at risk

Long finger nails