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Junior League (13-14)
The Junior Division is for children age 13 & 14. In Junior League the goal is to further develop each players ability in preparation for High School. The number of teams varies from year to year. Home games will be played at Everly Park with some travel for Inter-league play between our partner communities of Colchester, Bushnell, and Good Hope and perhaps a few others to be determined. Practices are determined by the coach and usually begin in April and are scattered throughout the season as the coach sees fit. The regular season usually begins in late May or first week of June and may go through mid July. This age group is eligible for potential Tournament/Traveling Baseball for an additional fee. * See Tournament/Travel Ball

Minor League (9-10)
Minor League is for children who will be 9 & 10 years old by December 31st of this year. Children who are 10 but do not turn 11 until after April 30th will also participate in this league. Most games will be played at Patton Park upper diamonds with some scheduled potentially in our neighboring partners Colchester, Bushnell and Good Hope. The regular season begins toward the end of May or first week of June. Games are usually scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Rain outs and the number of teams may change this plan. Practices are determined by the coach and usually begin sometime in April.
The focus of the Minor league is to further develop individual skills and understanding of the game with an emphasis on sportsmanship. Teams are divided as equally as possible overseen by a committee of board members. Basis for this division is primarily based on the results from the Skills Evaluation held in late March. It is highly recommended that every child in this age group participate in the Skills Evaluation.

Intermediate League (11-12)
Intermediate League is for players ages 11 and 12 by April 30th of this year. The focus of this league is more competitive in nature. The rules more closely mirror High School baseball and beyond. Most games will be played at Patton Park upper diamonds with some scheduled potentially in our neighboring partners Colchester, Bushnell and Good Hope. All 11 and 12 year old children will play in this league unless an exemption has been requested in writing and approved by the District administrator. Teams are selected via draft by our volunteer coaches in accordance with Little League regulations. Participation in the Skills Evaluation held in late March is recommended and encouraged for all children in this age group.
Practices are determined by the coach and normally begin in early April with the regular season beginning in late May or perhaps 1st week of June.
The regular season usually consist of 3 games a week scheduled Mon, Wed, & Fri evenings with a chance of rainouts being rescheduled for Saturdays. This age group is eligible for potential Tournament/Traveling Baseball for an additional fee. *see Travel/Tournament Ball.

Macomb Little League
The Macomb Little League is a chartered member of Little League International since 1983. Macomb Little League is governed by the official rules and regulations set forth in the Little League handbook with some local modifications as allowed by LL standards. The season for the Macomb Little League usually begins in early May with practice beginning in April with the season ending in Late June. Macomb Little League is overseen by a volunteer board. Coaches within the Macomb Little League are volunteer per Little League rules a background check will be run on each coach. The goal of the Macomb Little League is to provide a safe and enjoyable opportunity for Macomb Children to learn the fundamental skills and understanding of baseball. The competitive nature of the game will grow as the children progress through the different divisions. The descriptions of the below divisions will apply to all participants. Exceptions to the below criteria may be made for children with disabilities on a case by case basis with the safety and enjoyment of the child as the primary goal. Contact us with any specific questions you may have

Coach Pitch (5-6)
Coach Pitch is an introductory league designed to give the players a very basic level of instruction on just a few of the skills as well as an introduction to positions and base running. It is all about having fun! Coach Pitch is a short season usually consisting of about 10 games between Mid or Late May and the end of June. Coach pitch is a hybrid league for children ages 5-6 by December 31st of this year. Each batter will get a few opportunities to swing at a pitched ball from his/her coach. If the player does not make contact, a Tee is placed for the batter to put the ball in play. This league is purely instructional and entirely devoted to player development and fun!

Pee Wee (7-8)
The Macomb Pee Wee league is a machine pitch league for children who have reached the age of 7 or 8 by December 31st of this year. The main focus of this league is to develop some fundamental baseball skills, a basic understanding of the game, as well as an emphasis on sportsmanship and having fun.
The Pee Wee League (7-8) usually begins play in early May and ends around Heritage days the last week of June.
Once the season begins, usually the teams play about 2 or 3 games each week depending on the number of teams.
Most of the games are Mon - Fri evenings, at the lower Ball Diamonds by the pond, beginning at 5pm however, depending on the number of teams or rain outs some games may be scheduled for Saturdays. Prior to the beginning of the season coaches will determine when practices are so they could be any day of the week. Practices during the season are immediately prior to games for 1 hour.
So, if your son/daughter have a game at 5pm they would show up ready to practice at 4pm. and be done by 6pm. If the game is at 6pm, practice would be at 5pm and heading home at 7pm.

Tournament/Travel Baseball
The MLLA offers Tournament/Traveling Baseball for 11-14 age groups. Travel Ball may consist of several 3-5 game tournaments throughout the season. This is in addition to the local regular season and is completely optional.

These tournaments will involve travel and other expenses and time that typically go along with Tournament play, i.e. weekends away, gas, and lodging in some cases. These Tournaments have not been confirmed at this time specific dates, locations, and times are TBD. All players execpt those in High School Baseball will be required to participate in the Local League in order to participate in Travel Ball.

In addition because of the additional cost to participate in Tournament play (Tournament Team Fees) there will be an additional cost to parents per child participating in addition to the current Little League Regular Season Fee.

League Age
Little League is integrating a new date for league age determination. For all children born before January 1, 2006 the league age date has not changed the child's age as of April 30th wll determine the league of participation.

For children born after January 1, 2006 the league age cut off date is December 31st.

**Exception: The board realizes that some children may benefit from participation in coach pitch for their safety. As parents of the 6 year old (league age 7) you know your child best. If you feel participation in the coach pitch league would be safer, no problem please let us know via email to the league email and we will make the accommodation.

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