Minersville Youth Football Association, Inc.: 2017 Early Registration

2017 Early Bird Registration Forms (MYFA, Tri County, and Code of Conduct)
Concession Stand Schedule

Concession Stand Schedule

Concession Stand ScheduleConcession Stand Schedule

Additional Info for 2017

This handout has some extra information for registrants regarding the 2017 Season. Please feel free to print and keep this for planning/informational purposes.

2017 Additional Information2017 Additional Information

2017 Game Schedule2017 Game Schedule

2017 MYFA Registration Form

Please complete the 2017 Registration Form and also the Tri County form for registration. We also need a copy of the birth certificate.

2017 Registration Form2017 Registration Form

2017 Tri County Registration Form

Please complete this form and bring it to the Early Bird Registration on 4/11/17.

This will also be the Tri-County form for 2017 Regular Registration.

2017 Tri County Registration Form2017 Tri County Registration Form

2017 Parent and Player Conduct Agreement

Please CAREFULLY read and sign this form and bring it with you on the first day of practice. We only need the LAST page.

2017 Code of Conduct2017 Code of Conduct