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Sunday, February 5
2017 MYBA Spring Season



Certified Play-Off ROSTERS now posted for the 8U Coach Pitch-  9U Majors - 9U AAA - 9/10 AAA - 9/10 AA -10U-11U-11/12 AAA-12U-13U-14U Divisions - Players highlighted in RED are NOT eligible. Players highlighted in YELLOW have met their games participation requirement in a lower classification/division.


NO HITTING into the fences - Grapeland Batting cages are closed for renovations untill further notice.

NO ALCOHOL (including Parking Lots) and NO SMOKING in the park. 

All Coaches MUST have their MYBA ID's and have it worn and visible - No Exceptions  -  Coach Pitch Divisions maximum four (4) Coaches in the dugouts and field / All other Divisions maximum three (3) Coaches in the dugout and fields.

Additional Information: Alex Delgado 305) 710-3405   E-Mail MYBA2006@Aol.Com


preview Centerfield (Let's Go!)

High Five
Rep Jose Felix Diaz congratulating the kids
Friday, May 19
Championship Friday - Representative Jose Felix Diaz throws out First Pitch

Florida State Representative Jose Felix Diaz throws out the "First Pitch" on Championship Friday.  Representative Diaz has always been a staunch supporter of youth programs , and he is an alumni of one of our local youth baseball programs.  He  will be making a bid for the Florida Senate in District 40 this summer where he will continue to serve all the residents of our community.

Rep Diaz throwing the first pitch

Monday, May 22
2017 MYBA USSSA Summer Classic


May 31 - June 4, 2017   (Weekend After Memorial Day)

Now Sanctioned as a USSSA Qualifier Event! 

6U/7U/8U Coach Pitch $275 (Plus Pay at the Plate Umpires)

OPEN & AAA Divisions 8U/9U/10U/11U/12U   $300 (Plus Pay at the Plate Umpires) 

OPEN & AAA Divisions 13U/14U/   $325   (Plus Pay at the Plate Umpires)


6U/7U/8U Coach Pitch $25 Each -

8U Kid Pitch through 12U $35 Each

13U & 14U  $40 Each

Included in Team Fee 

*  Champion Rings (Each Player)

Runner-Up Rings (Each Player)

* Division MVP

* Game Baseballs 

Who's Coming?  as of  May 22nd, 2017 

6U Coach Pitch - LA Blue, Heavy Hitters, Line Drive, Team Miami, Miami Pirates, Braves Baseball, Bad News Bears,  Penciled in:

7U Coach Pitch - LA Blue, Miami Tigers, Team Miami, Miami Yankees Penciled in: Line Drive

8U Coach Pitch - LA Blue, Havana, Opalocka Hurricanes,Team Miami, Vipers, Nationals, Clemente Pirates Penciled in:  Miami Stars

8U Kid Pitch- PLO Bulldogs Red, Elite Squad Prime, PL Bulldogs White, Team Miami, Boston Sharks, Canes United, West Pine Cobras Penciled in:

9U - Miami Tigers, Havana, Pirates, Team Miami, PLO Bulldogs Red, Miami Lions Baseball, Hardball, Red Sox, Miami Cobras, Miami Warriors Penciled in: 

10U-  Kachi Ninjas, Chargers, Miami Sugar Kings, Bulldogs, Team Caribe, Gotham Knights, Team Miami,  Cubs Blue, Tamiami Marlins, King Sluggers, Hardball, Rebels, Clemente Pirates Penciled in: 

11U- LA Blue, Bombers, Kachi Power, Team Miami, Miami Warriors, Baseball Inc, Cubs Blue, Phenoms (10), Phantoms Penciled in: 

12U- LA Blue, SF Contenders, Kachi Warriors, Phenoms, Team Miami, Hardball, TNT Baseball, Clemente Pirates, Capitolio Cubs, All Stars, Phantoms  Penciled in:  Hardcore

13U- LA Blue, Team Miami, Key West, Miami Phenoms, Yankees, Team Caribe, Hialeah Yankees Penciled in: Belen Gold, Belen Blue 

14U- SF Contenders, Doral Dynasty, Miami Astros, Miami Thunder, Phantoms Penciled in


AGE-CUT OFF: May 1st, 2017 (Players age as of April 30th, 2017 is the players tournament age)

Limited to 8 Teams per age division
  • Three (3) Game Guarantee (Weather Permitting)
  • AGE-CUT OFF: May 1st, 2017


    FIRST - Read our rules, format and register for the tournament.

    SECOND -  Complete your Roster with USSSA.Com

    Once you pay the annual team fee and fill in the information you will then be sent your Team ID and Password to use to log in and complete your Team Roster with USSSA.Com 

    E-mail the Tournament Director at MYBA2006@Aol.Com and advise that the on-lineTeam Roster process has been completed.

    LASTLY - Prepare your Team Book with 2017 South Florida Championship Tournament  Roster and copy of Birth Certificates (Team book will be returned after last game).



    Contact in DADE Alex Delgado 305) 710-3405 

    e-mail MYBA2006@AOL.Com

    Handout: 2017 USSSA Baseball Qualifier

    Tuesday, May 9
    Thank you to CHOBANI for their support during the Spring 2017 Season

    Sanctioned USSSA League
    Tuesday, May 10
    2017 MYBA FALL League

    MYBA FALL 2017 for MAJORS and AAA Teams

    Now SANCTIONED by USSSA -  100 Points for participating

    Season Starts Wednesday, September 6, 2017  

    MANDATORY COACHES MEETING:  Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 7 PM, in the GRAPELAND PARK COMMUNITY CENTER (1550 NW 37 Ave, Miami, Fl. 33125)

     For additional information Call Alex Delgado 305) 710-3405 or email MYBA2006@Aol.Com 

    Deposit of $500 per team is due by August 8th, 2017 - Full Payment of League Fees are due prior to August 22nd, 2017. NO REFUNDS once the schedules are posted 

    DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Minimum $500 Deposit -Initial Rosters with Parental Authorization Release Forms and copies of Birth Documentation, along with Team Playing Calendar are due Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at the manadatory coaches meeting.

    League Fees

    6U 7U & 8U  Coach Pitch $1,395

    8U Kid Pitch /9U/10U/11U/12  $1,595

    13U/14U  $1,695

    May 1, 2018 Age Cut-Off  (Next Years Age Cut-off)

     Updated as:

    Be Part of the MYBA! The best facilities and most organized league in South Florida!  Where the Stars of tomorrow play today!   

    Who's Playing: To view who is playing click on the "Teams" on left menu Please note that Divisions with more than 12 teams may be split into AAA & Majors for Play-offs (unless the age division is already divided into a AAA & Majors).

    6U Coach Pitch---

    8U Coach Pitch--

    8U Kid Pitch--



    9/10 AAA ---



    11/12 AAA ---



    What you need to register!    NOTE (The league will schedule all games)
    A Check for Registration League Fee in the amount of $1,395 for 6U, 7U & 8U Coach Pitch, $1,595 for 8U Kids Pitch/9U/10U/11U/12U - $1,695 for 13U/14U

           Teams playing in the MYBA receive a $50 discount on the  
            2017 MYBA Thanksgiving CLASSIC 
    tournament fee.

    A Roster and TEAM Photo of Players. No Additions to Roster after October 8th, 2017.

    Submit Completed and Signed Parental Authorization/Release and  Parental Code of Ethics Forms with Copies Birth Certificates for all Rostered Players. They will be checked and kept in league file 

    Dates and Days YOU CAN / CAN NOT PLAY - Submit Your Calendar 

    League Rules. Download from the this web-site.

    Please download the Team Calendar and Registration Form & Flyer from the "Handout" below for this purpose. Please note dates & time of Home field availability.

    Registration Form, Roster Form, and Rules from this site.

    Click on Handout below to download REGISTRATION FORM & Fall 2017 CALENDAR

    If you have any questions, please call Alex Delgado at 305) 710-3405



    Saturday, May 20
    6U Coach Pitch - 2017 Spring Championship

    Latinoamericana Blue captures the 2017 MYBA Spring 6U Champ[ionship after defeating Team Miami 14 X 2 - Congratulation to all the teams for another great season of outstanding baseball, packed with a ton of fun.

    Latino Blue and Team Miami

    Thursday, May 18
    8U Majors - 2017 Spring Championships

    Latinoamericana Blue defeats Havana 1-0 in another great Championship Game with oustanding defense

    Latino Blue and Havana

    Thursday, May 18
    8U AAA - 2017 Spring Championships

    Miami Stars come back from a 8-2 defecit to defeat Latino White 9-8 and takes the 8U Coach Pitch AAAA Crown

    Miami Stars and Latino White

    Thursday, May 18
    9-10 AAA - 2017 Spring Championships

    Internbational defeats  Miami Fearless 9-1 for the 9-10 AAA 2017 Spring League Championship

    International and Miami Feraless

    Thursday, May 18
    10U Majors - 2017 Spring Championships

    Team Miami 9U plays up and shows they can play with the best - defeating the Gotham Knights 8-3 in the Championship Game of the 2017 MYBA Spring League

    Team Miami 9U and Gotham Knights

    Thursday, May 18
    11U Majors - 2017 Spring Championships

    The Miami Phenoms upsets the Floroida Bomber 10-0 in the finals of the 2017 MYBA Spring League play-offs.

    Miami Phenoms and Florida Bombers

    Thursday, May 18
    11-12 AAA 2017 Spring Championships

    The Phantoms continued their dominance of the Doral Thunder defeating them 10-0 for the league CHAMPIONSHIP. The Phantoms defeated the talented Doral team all three meetings this season.

    Phantoms and Doral Thunder

    Thursday, May 18
    13U Majors - 2017 Spring Championships

    The Metros defeated the Explorers 5-0 in the Championship Game

    Metros and Explorers

    Thursday, May 18
    14U Majors - 2017 Spring Championships

    The SF Contenders demonstrated that hardwork pays off. After a slow start they continued to play as a team and improved all around winning the 2017 MYBA Spring League Championship defeating the Metropolitans 7-0

    SF Contenders

    Homerun Swing
    Tuesday, June 7


    If you are a registered team, and have some rule suggestions, please e-mail use your recommmendations to MYBA2006@AOL.COM

    Handout: MIAMI YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION: Rules & Regulations

    Blazing Ball
    Friday, June 24
    MYBA OFFICIAL Team Roster, Player Registration,Coaches Registration and Player Add/Drop Forms



    Click on "League Documents" on the left menu and the select and clik on the desired Handout or click on the "Handout" at the bottom of each section for the desirted forms..

    MYBA Official Team Roster - Player Registration and Add/Drop Form:

    The MYBA Official Team Roster Form MUST be completed with all information for each player (Player's Full Name, Date of Birth, Address, Parental/Guardian Authorization Siganature, and School Attended). Additionally, copies of each player's BIRTH CERTIFICATE & PARENTAL PARTICIPATION AUTHORIZATION FORM MUST be attached to the Roster Form.

    The COMPLETE package MUST be turned in to the LEAGUE COMMISSIONER prior to the teams first scheduled game.

    Players may be added to the Roster prior the Team's 4th scheduled league game in the MAJORS Division and prior to the Team's 10th scheduled league game in the AAA Division. The MYBA Player Add/Drop Form w/ copies of Birth Certificates and Parental Participation Authorization Form  for each player added MUST be submitted prior to the player elegibility approval.

    NOTE: Once a player plays in one league game with a team/organization, he may not quit and play with another team/organization in the same age group.

    Handout: MYBA Team Roster Player Registration Player Add/Drop Forms

    Friday, December 9
    MYBA SPRING Team Calendar and Registration Form


    Each TEAM MUST complete the FALL CALENDAR and TEAM REGISTRATION FORM. The Forms along with payment of League Fees MUST submitted Prior to January 17, 2017.

    Teams may block off up to a maximum of Ten (10) CAN NOT PLAY dates, with a maximum of Three (3) Saturdays blocked off. No dates may be blocked off for the Play-Off period of  May 11 - June 9, 2017. Regular Season games Will be scheduled two (2) Sundays a month. However, other Sundays Will be reserved for Rain Make-Up Dates. NO GAMES will be rescheduled (Only Rainouts). If a Team can not play as scheduled the game will be a FORFEIT.

    Handout: 2017 MYBA SPRING League Registration Form & Calendar

    Friday, December 9
    Miami Youth Baseball Association - Background Check and ID Card Policy and Procedures

    The MYBA requires mandatory Criminal Background Screening and Compulsory Use of ID Cards for all managers, coaches, instructors, umpires, staff, and volunteers. 

    Effective IMMEDIATELY  - NO ONE will be allowed in the Batting Cages, Dugouts, or Playing Fields without their ID CARDS hung on the outside of their shirts/tops. 


    BACKGROUNDS CHECKS All candidates for the above mentioned positions must sign a Release Form for Criminal History and National Sex Offender Registry Search which gives the MYBA the right to check criminal history, national sex offender registry search, verify social security number, and address history search. This work is executed directly, through Protect Youth Sports, and the secure URL at which all candidates can execute their MYBA Background Check request.

    Note: Coaches that have an Approved Background that was submitted during the 2016 (Spring or Fall)  Seasons DO NOT need to have a new Backgruond for the 2017 Spring Season. 

    the URL to request and authorize YOUR background Check is:

    No other personal information (e.g. work history, financial, credit, etc.) is checked or researched. The company executing the Background Checks has agreed to such terms contractually, and confirms such annually.

    The company never forwards and individual's information to the league where no issues are discovered. In the event that negative information surfaces, the MYBA Screening Committee will review the information to determine the individuals eligibility to participate in the candidates applied for capacity with MYBA.

    All information is strictly confidential and will not be made public under any circumstances.

    COMPULSORY USE OF ID CARDS All candidates for the above mentioned positions must have their picture taken by the league in order to have an Official MYBA ID Card printed.  Pictures will be taken at Brothers to the Rescue Park on MYBA Game Days/Nights.

    All managers, coaches, instructors, umpires, staff, and volunteers MUST Wear their ID Cards while at the Parks, in the batting cages, dugouts, and playing fields.

    ID CARDS will not be issued without the completion of an approved Background Check 

    NO ONE will be allowed in the Batting Cages, Dugouts, or Playing Fields without their ID CARDS hung on the outside of their shirts/tops. 

    Lost of misplaced ID CARDS will be replaced at a Cost of $15 

    If a team does not have an eleigible/approved coach for a scheduled game, the game will be FORFEITED!

    Wednesday, August 1
    MYBA Parks and Locations with Directions

    MYBA Participating Parks and Locations with Directions
    For locations, address and directions to all playing facilities click on "Locations" on the menu at left. Scroll and select the park/field of choice. From here you can link to YAHOO.MAPIT by clicking on the "Compass Icon" next to the park address.

    Delgado Family with Mayor
    Saturday, February 5
    MYBA Baseball Commissioner Alex Delgado and his beautiful family with City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado.

    Mayor Tomas Regalado First Pitch
    Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and Commissioner Willy Gort throwing FIRST PITCH
    Saturday, February 5
    Mayor Regalado, Commissioner Gort with Alex Delgado & Ulpiano Puente of the MYBA

    Opening Day for the Miami Youth Baseball Association

    Opening Day was a success with a total of 28 games played. The MYBA had the honor of the City of Miami Mayor - Tomas Regalado, and City Commission Chairman Willy Gort throwing out the First Pitch. This season we have 81 teams and over 1,100 kids playing Americas' past-time.

    We would like to thank all the parents for their dedication, and a special thanks to the Mayor and City of Miami Commission for their continued support of our programs. It takes a true team effort in order to put together the best program possible for our kids.

    May the best teams win!


    Saturday, April 14
    Official Major League Baseball Rules - ( Web link click Here )

    Official Major League Rules.
    You can also link to Official Web-sites of Major League Teams and other baseball general information.

    Monday, August 20
    The NEW Grapeland Park Sports Complex is INAUGURATED


    City of Miami Commissioner Angel Gonzalez throws out the first pitch to Inaugurate the NEW Grapeland Park Sports Complex on Saturday, August 18th, 2007        We want to thank Commissioner Gonzalez for giving the youth of our community first class recreational facilities such as those now at Grapeland Park.

    At left is Commissioner Gonzalez throwing out the first pitch.

    Pictured below is Commissioner Gonzalez with some of the players representing the numerous teams the will be participating in the 2007 Fall MYBA Season


    Wednesday, May 4
    Miami Dade Commissioner Carlos Gimenez - Throws Out the First Pitch

    Miami-Dade Commissioner Carlos Gimenez throwing the first pitch

    Miami-Dade County Commissioner and former City Manager of the City of Miami, CARLOS GIMENEZ, threw out the first pitch this past Saturday, April 30th at the Grapeland Park Sports Complex. Commissioner Gimenez was instrumental as City Manager of the City of Miami in getting the bonds on the ballot, and approved by our residents, in order for us to be able to today enjoy the great recreation and sports complex at Grapeland Park. The complex includes the Water Park, Golf Course Clubhouse, Baseball Complex, and Community Center.

    In addition to being a strong supporter of the Miami Youth Baseball Association, Carlos has always been an advocate of recreation and sports, and the role they play in the development of our future leaders (our youth).

    The MYBA wishes Commissioner Gimenez the best in the upcoming Miami-Dade County Mayoral election on Tuesday, May 24th.

    Commissioner Gimenez enjoying himself at the MYBA ball park