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Tuesday, November 18
Proposed 2015 Pitching Regulations

1.  Minors divisions:  6 innings per week if two games are played, 9 innings per week if three games are played.  One day of rest required if more than two innings are pitched.

2.  Majors division:  9 innings per week with two games and 12 innings per week with three games.  One day of rest required if more than 3 innings pitched in a day.

3.  Seniors division:  No restrictions.

4. Little League rules must be followed during All-Stars.

MT1 District Lightning Policy

Montana District 1 Field Director and Scorekeepers Guide

Assistant District Administrator - Softball John Schmitz 406.860.9116
District Umpire-in-Chief Douglas Frank 406.861.3366
District Administrator Merle Peifer 406.672.6901