Manassas Park Pigtail Ponytail Softball League: Sponsors

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Re: Sponsorship of the Manassas Park Pigtail Ponytail Softball League (MPPPSL)

As Board member of the MPPPSL, I would like to present your company with a wonderful way to help our community by financially helping a local girl’s softball league. MPPPSL has been a part of Manassas Park community for over 40 plus years, helping teach young women, sportsmanship, team work, and help build the confidence of these young women that they will need as adults.

While the sponsorship is a tax deduction there are other added benefits. Sponsoring gives you both the great pride that you are helping a young girl to learn to be a part of a team as well as giving back to your community. Your sponsorship will help buy equipment, uniforms, pay for umpires and the cost to maintain the fields.

While the league tries not to turn any child away from playing it is getting harder due lack of financial sponsorships. Our league prides ourselves in helping many families with multiple children, and families that can’t afford the cost of the neighbor leagues, which can cost up to $180 for one child. The league does ask the girls to participle in fund raisers to help offset some of these costs. But with your help the league will be able to help more girls and families.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. If I may, I will phone your office in the next few days to arrange a convenient time to discuss the details of the proposed partnership.

Yours sincerely,

Ron Faircloth – President -571-242-2011
Anna Miller – Vice President - 703-853-6836
Manassas Park Pigtail Ponytail Softball League