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Spirituality Requirements

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

The MMR CYO program is a formal Catholic ministry in our parish, and the spiritual growth and well being of our participants is of paramount importance.  In keeping with our mission, all Catholic children must continue formal religious education training through the 8th grade in order to be eligible to participate in CYO athletics. All students in grades K-6 who are not attending a Catholic elementary school will be required to enroll in, and faithfully attend, MMR PREP classes in order to be eligible to participate in CYO athletics.  Students must satisfactorily complete all requirements to assure ongoing participation in CYO activities. For grades 7 and 8, students are required to participate in a parish based faith formation program. Our program requires attendance at two or more sessions before or during the sports season in which the child intends to participate. The child may elect to participate during their specific season or in advance. This requirement need only be met once during the academic calendar. If this requirement is not completed before or during the sports season in which the athlete participates, the CYO Board will be notified and discussion will be held with the athlete's coaches and parents to address how this requirement can be met, in order to avoid the athlete's suspension from participation in the sport. In addition, please note that if your child has not met all of the sacraments according to the sacramental schedule for MMR Parish, a separate series of sessions for youth/teens is available and must be completed to be eligible to participate in CYO sports. This series of sessions is often called “RCIA” (that is, the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). Please contact Nancy Franks at our PREP office at 215-412-2251for more information and to register for this class as the class is forming now.                 

Information about the sessions offered can be found on the MMR CYO website and on the MMR CYO calendar on the parish website. The MMR Youth Minister is the coordinator of this program. Details can be found be emailing                 

If you desire more information, please contact the CYO Board at 

Sincerely, The MMR CYO Board of Directors 


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