Martinsburg Little League: Battle At The Burg

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Martinsburg Little League Baseball Association presents the

James Gall, Sr. Memorial
9th Annual
Battle at the Burg
July 11 - July 17, 2014   
7-9 Year Old All Stars

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Cost: $250/Team (additional fee will apply if not affiliated with Little League Baseball for insurance purposes)

Format: To be determined by number of teams. Each team is guaranteed to play three game. 

Tournament Director:
Mike Casteel – 304-707-1846 or Tony Gall – 304-839-2394
Entry Deadline: June 15, 2014
  • Interested teams must complete the registration process including payment by entry deadline.
  • Payment must be received in full to guarantee a spot in the tournament field.
  • Make checks payable to Martinsburg Little League.
  • All games will be played at Martinsburg Little League Oatesdale Park.
  • Please make payment online or mail checks to:
2014 Ninth Annual Battle At The Burg
Martinsburg Little League c/o
Mike Casteel
55 Sopwith Way
Martinsburg, WV 25405


Tournament Dates: July 11-17, 2014 Cost: $250/Team

Tournament Director: Mike Casteel – 304-707-1846 – or Tony Gall – 304-839-2394

Age Requirements:
Eligible players must be:
9 & Under – Must not turn 10 prior to May 1st , 2012 and must not have made the Major Division 9 &10 year old All Star Team

Roster: Each team will have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15 players. NO MORE THAN FIVE (5) NINE YEAR OLD PLAYERS MAY BE ON A TEAM. Each team must submit a roster with tournament registration materials. Coaches are required to register their teams at least 30 minutes prior to their first game. Registering coaches must provide a completed roster including name, uniform number and age with date of birth – INCLUDING an accompanying copy of the player’s birth certificate. Please have a copy of each players birth certificates available on first day of tournament.

Schedule will be available the Saturday prior to the first day of the tournament. All head coaches will be contacted at the completion of the scheduling process. Schedules and brackets will be posted outside the concession stand.

Substitutions & Batting Lineups:
Free substitution. Batting lineup equals the number of players in attendance.

Each team shall have a maximum of three coaches. Coaches and base coaches will coach from foul territory in the general area of the dugout only.

1st, 2nd Place Individual Trophies  

Home Team: Home team will be decided by the flip of a coin prior to each game. A representative from each team must be present during the toss. Coin toss will be administered by the tournament director or the head umpire on the field.

Visiting Team: The visiting team will be required to supply a volunteer to do the announcing for that game from the pressbox.

Scorekeepers: The team, designated as the home team, will be required to supply an official scorekeeper to maintain the official scorebook. The official scorekeeper must be in the press box during play.

Tiebreakers will be determined by:               
1. Best Record               
2. Head-to-Head Competition               
3. Fewest Defensive runs allowed for the entire tournament               
4. Coin Flip  

Completed Game: All games will be 2 hours in length. An inning beginning after 1.5 hours of play will be called last inning. No new inning will start after the time limit has expired. Exceptions:       

  1. Games tied after the allotted time has expired will be played until a winner is decided during the elimination portion of the tournament.
  2. Games called due to weather will be completed. The tournament director will modify the tournament schedule to assure that all games are completed.  

Head Umpire: The home plate umpire is the head umpire in charge of the game. All conflicts will be resolved with the head umpire having the final say.

Protests: Coaches must inform the home plate umpire of the protest immediately after the alleged infraction. Play will be suspended until the protest is resolved. The decision of the tournament director, in concurrence with the umpire shall be final. Judgment calls cannot be protested.

Conduct: If the conduct of a coach, player, parent or fan is such that it is demeaning, UN-sportsmanlike, or profane, the umpire will eject them from the ballpark for the remainder of the day. Failure of the ejected individual to leave will result in a forfeit by the offending team.

ABSOLUTELY NO COOLERS ARE ALLOWED (Ice Cold water will be available for the teams in each dugout) Please make sure everyone who plans on attending the tournament is aware of this as they will be denied entry if they have a cooler. Please encourage your team fans to visit our concession stand during the tournament.

NO alcoholic beverages and NO tobacco products are allowed in the Sports Complex.  

Playing Rules:  

  1. The standard game is six (6) innings in length.  
  2. 2:00 time limit. No inning will start after two hours from start time.  
  3. Runs are limited to six (6) runs per side for the first five (5) innings. In the sixth (6), or last inning to be played as called by umpire due to time constraints, and during any extra innings runs will be unlimited. Ten (10) run mercy rule will be in effect after four complete innings of play. An inning beginning after 1.5 hours of play will be called last inning.
  4. Teams may play up to nine (9) players in the field. The entire roster will bat except for injury or illness. A player that is removed from the lineup due to injury or illness will not be allowed to return to that game. The removed player is allowed to play in any subsequent games. An out will NOT be assessed for any player removed from the roster due to an injury or illness.
  5. No additions to the game roster will be allowed after the start of the game.  
  6. A game shall be forfeited unless a team can field a minimum of eight players.  
  7. Free substitution  
  8. All Little League regular season pitching rules will apply. Pitching affidavits will be issued and will be maintained by the tournament committee. Each manager is responsible to review and sign the affidavit after every game.
  9. Stealing bases is allowed but the runner may not leave their occupied base before the ball crosses the plate. This includes stealing Home.  
  10. Bunting is allowed.  
  11. A player may not advance to first base on a dropped third strike  
  12. Each player must play a minimum of 2 innings in the field. If a game is called due to the mercy rule before a player has their 2 innings of field play, that player must start the next game and play for four consecutive innings before being substituted.  
  13. These rules will be in effect unless updated an officially given to each team prior to the start of the tournament.  

Visit us on the web at All tournament information will be kept up to date on the website. Game times will be posted a minimum of 1 week before start of tournament. Standings will be updated daily.  

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