Martinsburg Little League: Fall Ball

Seacond Season Baseball

Martinsburg Little League
Second Season Baseball

Early August - Early October, 2014

Age groups as of April 30, 2014

  • 5 - 7 Machine Pitch (5 year olds must have completed a season of Tee Ball)
  • 6 - 8 Minor Division
  • 8 - 11 Major Division
  • 11-12 Intermediate Division
  • 12 - 13 Junior Division
Forms and money must be received by July 10, 2014

Late forms could cause child to be put on waiting list.
Both forms need to be filled out and signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian.
You can fill out and print both applications by clicking the links below.

Application To Play
Medical Release Form

$35.00 Participation Fee

Make checks payable to Martinsburg Little League.

For additional information call 267-7359 or email

Mail completed forms to:

Second Season Baseball
PO Box 1162
Martinsburg, WV 25402-1162

Applications not mailed to this address will not be accepted.

Second Season Rules and Guidelines

Please remember the Second Season is strictly for training and development and not geared towards winning. What we are trying to accomplish with this league is to build skill levels and improve each player’s overall ability and knowledge of the game. Sportsmanship and discipline both on and off the field are expected and must be practiced. The object of this league is to play and teach as much baseball as possible to prepare for next spring. Please keep those thoughts in mind when dealing with each player, each parent and each opposing team. Let’s make this season the best one yet. Good luck, be safe and have fun.

  1. Divisions for Second Season will be as follows. Rookie Division ages 5-7. Minor Division ages 6-8. Major Division ages 8-11. Junior Division ages 12-13. Ages will be as of April 30 of the current year. Five-year olds must have completed a season of Tee Ball before participating in machine pitch.

  2. Every player on a team roster will participate in each game for a minimum of nine defensive outs and bat at least one time. To accomplish this, players should not sit on the bench for more than one inning at a time. If a player is on the bench this inning, he/she should play the field the next inning. In a four inning game players need to play at least six defensive outs.

  3. Batting order will be by a rotation basis. All players on the team roster will bat before returning to the top of the batting order. Special pitch runners may not be used in Second Season as all players are in the batting order at all times.

  4. Home team will be responsible for providing umpires.

  5. The ten-run mercy rule (4.01e) will not be in effect for Second Season. There will be a five-run per inning limit.

  6. Pitchers in the Major and Minor Divisions may pitch no more than six outs or 40 pitches per game, whichever comes first. In the Junior Division pitchers may pitch no more than nine outs or 60 pitches per game, whichever comes first. Rest for the pitchers will follow regular season rules; 1-20 pitches – no rest required, 21-40 pitches – one day of rest required, 41-60 pitches – two days of rest required, 61 or more pitches – three days of rest required. If a pitcher reaches his maximum pitch count in the middle of a batter, he/she may finish the batter but must observe the required rest for whatever the final pitch total is.

  7. Rookie Division may use a fourth outfielder. This is not an extra infielder. Outfielders must be at least 25 feet behind the bases.

  8. Bases on balls should not be issued in Rookie Division. Three strikes or five total pitches will be considered an out. A foul ball can not be counted as the last pitch.

  9. No inning should begin after 8:30 p.m. on a school night in Major, Minor or Rookie Divisions or after 9:00 p.m. in Junior Division. Six innings should be played in all divisions (seven for Junior Division) when possible. An inning begins the moment the third out of the previous inning is made.

  10. Defensive coaches may be used in Rookie Division. One coach may be in the outfield grass, not in the infield. One offensive coach will be on the mound to feed the pitching machine. Two adults may still coach the bases offensively provided there is still one adult in the dugout at all times. Teams in Rookie Division would be allowed four adults in the dugout to accommodate this.

  11. No player may play a single position more than twice in a game in Rookie or Minor Divisions. It is highly encouraged that all players be given an opportunity to play infield and outfield at least once during the game.

  12. Stealing bases is not permitted in Rookie Division. Bunting is not permitted in Rookie Division and the infield fly rule will not be enforced in Rookie Division. The child pitcher must remain in the pitching circle until the ball crosses the plate.

  13. A team not having enough ball players should try first to borrow the needed player(s) from their opponent, not from another team not involved in the game. Players that are borrowed should not pitch.

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