Manchester Co-Ed Softball League: Welcome


 2014 season is upon us. You will find below the practice schedule for April.


Monday April 14th

Derryfield - AFLAC

Raco - Snowboard Jones


Tuesday April 15th

Derryfield - Salonas Bar and Grill

Raco - KTM/Z Clip


Wednesday April 16th

Derryfield - Sons of Rambo

Raco - WIld Rover/Puritan


Thursday April 17th

Both Fields Open


Monday April 21st

Derryfield - KTM/Z Clip

Raco - Salonas Bar and Grill


Tuesday April 22nd

Derryfield - Wild Rover / Puritan

Raco - Sons of Rambo


Wednesday April 23rd

Derryfield - Snowboard Jones

Raco - AFLAC


Thursday April 24th and Friday April 25th

Both FieldsOpen


Monday April 28th

Derryfield - Sons of Rambo

Raco - Wild Rover/ Puritan


Tuesday April 29th

Derryfield - Salonas Bar and Grill

Raco - Snowboard Jones


Wednesday April 30th

Derryfield - AFLAC

Raco - KTM


Thursday May 1st and Friday May 2nd

Both FieldsOpen





Expect rain, cold, crappy field conditions, lack of attendance, whatever, when practicing.  Teams are bound to lose a practice due to all this, so plan scrimmages, or grab an open field whenever you can to maximize your teams' practice time. 







League President: Rick Dionne ( (603-203-6175)

League Vice President:  Nathan Kersting ( (603-674-5938)