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Wed 6/10 star Board Meeting - Monthly 7:30 PM Village Hall - Massapequa Park
Sat 6/20 star Massapequa International Little League Bar-B-Q 12:00 PM Brady Park
After over 18 years on the board and 8 years of leadership, Mike DiTrani Steps down as President of Massapequa International Little League



Thank You Mike 

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose...............” It is getting to be that time of year, cooler weather, not that it ever became that warm this summer, shorter days, I always disliked that one, MLB playoff races and planning for the next Little League season. For the first time in eighteen years, technically, I will not be part of all that goes into making Massapequa International GREAT, the dedication, hard work and hours of planning of its Board Members and volunteers. As much as the 60th Anniversary season will be a special one it is time to move on. I informed my fellow members of the Board in July that I would not be returning for the 2015 season. I am pleased to let you know that the Board has elected John Gillespie to serve as your next President. John is a dedicated, extremely hard worker who values and desires to maintain and enhance the traditions long associated with the league. I am certain his desire, like mine, is to have International remain as one of the BEST Little Leagues on Long Island, yes I know it IS the best Little League on Long Island. I know I am going to assist John and the new Board in any way I can and would ask that all league members volunteer some time to do the same thing. As most of you know for me it has always been about the “family” of International, the kids and their families all as one in the best community on Long Island. The next few months are going to be VERY strange but in a way a welcome change. I would like to thank so many people that I am certain I would miss someone so lets put it this way, My thanks and appreciation to Little League headquarters, our own district administrator, Ed Felsch, all the Town, Village and school officials that I have worked with all these years. Very special thanks to the families of Tom Joachim and Charlie Saracino, men I not only considered mentors but most importantly friends. Also to all the Board members, both past and present and most importantly the kids and the families of Massapequa International for their help and ALL the unbelievable memories I am taking with me to my own new “season”. It has been one real great ride






































































Mike DiTrani 


Handout: MILL Winter Workouts



  Massapequa International Little League has made its leap to registering everyone online.  To get started, click on "Register Online".  December 31st will be the last day to register on-line before penalty.  Additional paperwork can be found by clicking 'Handouts' below.

On-Line Registration for 2015 is now open.

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Wednesday, August 6

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