Thursday, August 26

Several players that graduated from MHEA have received scholarships to play basketball in college. Scroll down to read more about them...

~ Tariq Lockhart #24: Scholarship at Western Washington University (NCAA D-II)
                            MHEA Career: 2007-2011 
                            Achievements: 1,000 point club, 1,000 rebounds, Homeschool All- American (2nd, & 3rd team)
~ Josh Brown #5: Scholarship at Urbana University (NCAA D-II) 
                            MHEA Career: 2005-2010 
                            Achievements: 2,000 point club, Homeschool All- American (1st, 2nd, & 3rd team)
~ Raven Phillips #23: Scholarship at Rend Lake Community College
                            MHEA Career: 2007-2010
                            Achievements: 1,000 point club and Homeschool All-American (2nd team) 
~Rebecca DeRidder #42: Scholarship at Hannibal-LaGrange College (NAIA)
                            MHEA Career: 2004-2010
                            Achievements: 1,000 Point Club, 1,000 Rebound Club, Homeschool All-American (3rd team)
~John Hudson #21: Scholarship at Northwest Community College---> Delta State (NCAA D-II) 
                            MHEA Career: 2005-2009
                            Achievements: 1,000 Point Club, 1,000 Rebounds Club, Homeschool All-American- 2nd team
~Nathan Guess: Scholarship at Victory University
                            MHEA Career: 2004-2008
~Joy Pierce #24: Scholarship at Blue Mountain College (NAIA)
                            MHEA Career: 2001-2007
                            Achievements: 2,000 Point Club
~Keith Tolliver: Scholarship at Union University (NAIA)
                            MHEA Career: 2002-2006
~Jana Pierce: Scholarship at Emmanuel College (NAIA)
                            MHEA Career: 1997-2001