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APRIL 15TH -  Based upon today's rain, all practices for today and tomorrow are cancelled. Please stay off the fields to allow them to dry for our next set of games. Thank You

Click below to visit our new online store. Each sale helps Merrick Little League. Show up to the games wearing your gear !

9th Annual Robbie's Run 

The website www.robbielevinefoundation.org is now updated to include the online link to register, a printable registration form, and sponsor information. Please join us! You may also CLICK HERE for a registration form. 


Please join Merrick Little League for a night of fun !!

 (Curtis Granderson t-shirt night)

Friday, May 9th 2014 - Mets vs. Phillies - $42.00 each ticket

includes$12.00 gift card for food at stadium - Access to Ceasar's Club - Met's wristband  

Any questions, please contact Craig Levine: clldds@optonline.net